Ubering a Married Couple_(1)

Ubering a Married Couple_(1)

I had one couple that I had picked up at a bar in Gettysburg and I had to drive them to Harrisburg where they lived, which was about 30 miles away. They were already all over themselves kissing and him playing with her tits (yes, the rear view mirror can be used for more than checking out if they're are any cops coming up behind you). After they unlocked their lips long enough, we got talking about girls we picked up at bars back in the day (now, I'm not much into the bar scene, I don't even drink; but I couldn't let Mr. Stud with his large breasted wife and tight ass one up me, so I did a little judicious story telling). He was telling me how he met his wife and how they met at a bar and he took her out and fucked her in his Honda Civic. (I can't even imagine the contortions that a six foot tall guy had to get in to be able to fuck this girl in a Honda Civic, so he must have been telling his own judicious story).

Anyway, his little wifey is just sitting there and making eye contact with me via the mirror, running her tongue over her lips, every time I made eye contact with her. She is staring at me in the mirror and with her left hand, I see her reach over and unzip his pants. With all his story telling about past romantic liaisons and the hot women this guy had bed, I'm expecting a John Holmes size dick to come popping out of this guys pants. Imagine my surprise when out pops this little dick. Now I'm not one to judge a man by his size or lack thereof, but the image this guy was portraying and his really hot looking wife, I was not expecting a 4" cock and he was hard. It took all I had not to bust out laughing. I felt sorry for the Missus, but she seemed content as she winks at me and leans over and begins giving her husband a blow job.

I look in the mirror at him and he's all smiles and winks at me. I'm starting to think that maybe I should have vacuumed the van out better because they're appears to be a lot of dust floating around back there for all the blinking and winking going on.

Usually, I don't allow any sex to occur when I'm driving, especially when I'm driving 70+ miles an hour down the freeway. But she seemed to be really into it and I noticed the guy had slipped her tits out and was actively fondling them. Well, I don't know about you all, but it is pretty hard to drive when your dick his hardening, but it's hardening off center and I'm trying to straighten the thing out so it doesn't punch a hole in my pocket.

She must have seen my predicament, because before I knew it, she was on the floor in front of the guy and her other hand came around the back of my seat and she's rubbing my cock through my pants. I look back at the guy to see if he's noticed his wife's hand absent from her ministrations on his little cock and he winks at me again. (I definitely am going to have to get this van vacuumed).

I notice on the GPS that we're only about 2 miles from their destination and this guy blows his load (by evidence of the guy yelling almost in my ear "I'm coming Delores, swallow it all". (I'm wondering how much cum I'm going to have to clean up off the floor or seat). Delores, sits up, turns around towards the front of the van, she asks if she could get in the front seat (yes, she still has her hand on my cock). I look back at the guy and yes, he winks at me again. I say "sure, hop on up here".

Now she's wearing this tight black mini-skirt, her boobs are hanging out of her blouse and she maneuvers herself pretty good in getting in the front seat. I then notice Delores is not wearing any panties and she gives me a pretty good shot of her pussy as she climbs between the front seats and plants her ass in the passenger seat. (I'm now wondering if I'm going to have to clean the pussy juice off the passenger seat as well as the cum off the back floor and seat. Yes, I try to keep my van spotless, more tips for a clean van... Always the shrewd business man I am).

She looks over at me, while she's actively rubbing my cock and then with her other hand, she wipes off a bit of cum that was around her mouth and sucks on that finger. (I'm surprised that I haven't rear ended someone or run off the road in the ditch since all the winking, rear view viewing and watching her and not the road. Goes to show you what an expert Uber driver is capable of).

As I turn into their driveway and come to a stop, the wife looks back at her husband and yes, he winks at her and she proceeds to move closer to me. I put the van into park as she unzips my pants and reaches in and brings out my cock and starts giving me a blow job right there in broad daylight in their driveway. I notice her head is kind of smashed up against the steering wheel, so I hit the electric seat to give her some more room to operate. I kind of have forgotten that Mr. Husband is in the backseat until he gives a bit of a yelp and hops out of his seat. I guess I maneuvered a little too far back. He slides over in her vacated seat makes eye contact in the mirror (thankfully no winking) and starts stroking his cock.

I got a lesson in masturbating at that point. Guys with small dicks don't use their hand to complete the up and down movement, they use 2 fingers like you would do when you make the "OK" sign. Well, he seemed content and his wife was slurping and sucking on the head of my cock. I guess only having a small cock to suck, she wasn't used to the idea of putting any more into her mouth than that, so I decided that she needed some instruction. So I pushed her head down so that she took all of me into her mouth. She started gagging, but didn't stop. She was very adept with her tongue and she was really getting into it.

After a couple of minutes, Mr. Husband relieved himself (yes, I was going to have clean off cum, that's for sure) and reaches over the back seat and begins playing with Delores' pussy. She really started going up and down on my shaft at this point and I felt myself nearing release. I mention this fact (with a series of grunts and moans) to Delores and she puts her hand around my shaft, releases my cock with her mouth and strokes my load as it shot all over her face and dripped down onto her tits. She arched her back as I guess her husband's ministrations had worked on her and she let's out a moan of her own (yes, definitely going to have to go to the car wash before I pick up my next Uber rider).

Delores looks up at me, wipes off her face and sucks on that finger and then goes to sit down in the passenger seat. I've got to say at this point, that Mr. Husband is still hard and I'm thinking small cocks must have a quick recovery time as Delores positions herself over her husband and Mr. Husband guides his cock into her pussy. I look at him and then down at where his cock would be and he smiles at me and says "Viagra". Well, that explained it. Fortunately for me since I don't like taking even aspirin, I don't need any Viagra and then Delores looked at my already hardening cock as she's riding up and down (well, not really up and down, because how much movement does it take to ride a 4" cock, but she seems content enough) and reaches over and begins stroking my cock.

Mr. Husband finds the seat control and lays back his seat. Delores is gyrating her hips, they are both moaning and I lean out of my seat and start sucking on her nipples and rubbing her breasts. I looked down at his cock and I was right, it's not really going in and out of her pussy, but rather she's maneuvering her hips to create friction and pleasure. I decided to help her out a bit and reach down and start playing with her clit. Which at the moment I touched her clit, she arches her back and let's out a healthy moan and I see her pussy juices oozing out of her pussy around her husbands cock and onto my seat (yeah, I know).

Well, after about a couple more minutes of gyrations on her part, the husband lets out a gasp and Delores releases her grip on my cock and I quit my stimulation or her clit as well. She opens up the door and climbs out and the husband follows. They both look into the van at me, I'm still rock hard and standing at attention. Delores looks up at her husband (I think they had some kind of telepathy going on and I'm not sure they were entirely human, might be why they didn't have any problems in that Honda, nor was he using Viagra... I mean c'mon 3 times in less than an hour from such a small cock?)

They came to some sort of mind agreeing agreement and Delores says to me "Stan, why don't you come inside for a bit. Well. her tits are still hanging out (well, not so much hanging out as standing straight out. nipples hard (alien for sure) and I'm thinking sure why not. As I agree they both winked at me (must be dust around here too).

They open up the front door and Delores takes my hand and leads me towards the back of the house. The husband disappeared somewhere (actually, I was looking at her ass and boobs to really notice where the husband took off to). She leads me back to the bedroom and once we got inside, my mouth about hit the floor. There were mirrors everywhere, on the ceiling, behind the bed on all sides. I looked down half expecting there to be mirrors on the floor, but no, just carpet.

She turns around and drops her mini-skirt and then removes her top. I gotta tell you she was built like a brick shit house (why in the world would anyone consider a shit house even a brick one a good thing?). She comes over to me removes my shirt, drops to her knees and takes off my pants and proceeds to sucking on my cock. She slides her hand up and down my shaft and once again is only paying lip and tongue attention to my head. As I grab the back of her head, she must have remembered my earlier lesson and takes most of my cock into her mouth. No gagging. She is sucking my cock with such fervency that I almost expected it to make a popping noise as she slides her head upward and my cock popped out of her mouth. I have saliva dripping of my cock and she starts stroking me and going back down on me.

At this point, I reach down and motion for her to stand up. I maneuver her over to the bed and lay her down on the bed with her body on the bed and her head hanging over the side of the bed. I then position myself and put my cock in her mouth and push my cock into her mouth and down into her throat. She doesn't gag and I proceed to head fuck her. She starts rubbing her tits and her other hand is playing with her pussy. What a sight those breasts and nipples make standing straight up. I couldn't contain myself and shot my load straight down her throat.

As I pull out she looks up at me and says "please me". (What's a guy supposed to do in this situation) I get up on the bed position her on the bed and begin licking her pussy. Up an down slowly with my tongue I lick her clit and pussy. I use my fingers and spread open that pink wonder and insert one finger into her pussy. I'm not surprised to find it as tight as a virgin. I taste her cum as she oozes, she is actively moaning, arching her back and moving all over the bed. I look at the mirror behind the bed and I can see her tits and I can see myself as I continue eating her luscious pussy. (which I must say is a huge turn on and I might have to invest in some mirrors myself.

As she climaxes, I climb up between her legs and (yes, yes can read minds) she says, we don't need a condom. So, I position myself and ease the head of my cock inside her pussy. she moans and as I slowly enter, she is so wet and it is so tight it takes all my concentration not to lose my load right then and there. Damn her pussy is so tight, so wet, so hot. I start fucking her with slow motions. Her mouth is open and panting. She's raking her nails gently down my back as I continue pumping her. She screams my name as I feel her pussy oozing cum in an orgasm.

I roll her over and take her doggy style, I wanted some more playtime with those wonderful tits. As I'm pinching her nipples and caressing her breasts I continue slowly humping her pussy. Then I start taking long strokes, pulling myself almost all the way out and then slamming it back in. She screams, I see her fists clench the covers, she arches her back and moans and moans. We keep that up and then I start hearing this clicking sound. At first I thought it was the bed creaking. So, I stopped for a second, but there was the clicking again and I'm thinking "crap, they are aliens and she's communicating with the mothership". But, no as I turn around, Mr. Husband has 2 tripods set up and video taping (I see the red light on) and snapping pictures as I fuck his wife.

Well, I'm not that big of a fan of having my picture taken. Like I said I'm not the most handsomest guy in the world, but there was something seductive about banging a guys wife while he's filming and taking pictures. I flip his wife over, (How we maintained penetration, I don't know other than my suspicion that's she's an alien) and put her on top of me in a reverse cowboy position. She just sits there, so I put my hands down on her hips and start moving her up and down on top of me. She's a quick learner so she starts getting into it herself humping my cock and as she is only making short strokes. I hold her again on her hips and lift her almost all the way up so that only my head is in her pussy and then back down again. Over and over I show her this. Then she get's the idea to put her feet on my thighs and she completes the maneuver on her own (She's a very quick study). I feel her wetness dripping on my legs. We are both moaning at this point (and I'm hoping the husband has another couple of micro-discs, because his taping is really turning on the wife and me for that matter).

I know from past experiences that once I shoot one load I can go for a long time before the next ones comes. But the tightness and the extreme wetness of her pussy is just too much for me. I let out a loud moan as I shoot my load up inside her pussy. She cums almost the same time as me. but she keeps humping me. I don't even go limp. I continue banging her and she's banging me. I lay her down on her side and proceed to fuck her from behind on our sides. I lift up her leg so that I can get even further into her. She moans and I feel her cum again.

At this point, I guess the husband got tired of clicking away and he comes over and puts his cock in her mouth. She's gyrating her hips with me and sucking on her husband's cock. We go at this for several more mintues and then I see him arch his back and he cums in her mouth. I'm no way near done, but I feel her slow down in her gyrations. She's still pretty wet, but we've been going at for sometime now. As she stops moving, I sense she is done. Her husband had gone over and sat down and was just watching us. I pull out of her pussy and it did make a little popping sound like a cork out of a bottle. I'm still rock hard. Her husband sees this and he comes over to the bed. He kneels down and I'm thinking to myself that he wants to suck me off. I guess these dang aliens have infected me with their telepathy and so I mind speak to him, that no, I don't play that way. So, he looks at me, looks at my cock and back at me, sighs and goes over and sits at the head of the bed.

He gathered up his wife in his arms and as they lay there softly stroking each others bodies, I stand up. My cock has realized fun and games are over and starts to soften. Delores and her husband look over at me and both of them smile and say that I was the best Uber driver they've ever encountered and that if I have a business card could I leave it on the table. I take the clue and get dressed as I go to leave, I saw them both laying in each others arms and as I look over at the camera's they both look at me and in unison say "No, we only tape for our own amusement. You don't have to worry at all"

Yes, they are aliens...

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