Girl and the Dark Castle - chapter 21

Girl and the Dark Castle - chapter 21

Chapter 21 - The Body

Sam walked in and found Sweetheart laying on top of Mistress Kay. Their bodies intertwined. Arms and legs wrapped together.

Sam stood at the door just wondering what happened in this room. “Excuse me Mistress Kay. It is time that I took this little girl to the next member.” The two ladies moved and started to awake.

She was slowly getting up. Making her way over to the chair she left her rope on. Seeing the way she moved, Sam knew her body was running on empty. Would the next board member finally break her.

She took the used woman by her arm and led her out the door and down the hallway. It was only a short walk to the next room, but the way she was moving it felt like forever.

Sam knocked and a man stood at the door as it opened.

“My god, just look at her. She has used something awful.” His hand takes her chin, and he looks into her eyes. “Don’t worry little one. You get some down time now. All you will have to do is lay and wait for the different sensation.” He led her into his room a few steps. “Thank you, Sam,” he said as he closed the door. He took her hand, and they went further into the room.

“Let’s take your robe off first, little one.” He gently removed it from her shoulders and placed it on the workbench. He directed her naked form to a table of some sort in the middle of the room. It was not really a table but plastic strips. One long one in the middle, two making a V at the end and two more in the middle just off the main one. At the bottom was one that pushed up from the flat plastic and looked to have a cushion.

“Here we have a table you will climb up on.” She looked at him with confusion in her eyes until he turned her around. Her body rested on the long piece in the middle. The cool plastic felt wonderful on her skin.

Then he walked down into the V and helped her legs onto the lower part of the frame. She could feel the straps work around her ankles. Then another set was strapped just below the knee and another mid-thigh. Next he worked his way over to her right side and draped the strap around her waist, just below her boobs and then under the arms just above there exposed chest. Then he worked the straps on her arms. First doing her wrist, then at her elbow and finally her upper arm. He moved the other side and strapped her other arm in. Then he finished with her upper body.

She did not even fight or even question what was going on. Her body is so beat and her mind is kind of in a fog.

“Now that you are all tied up, let me tell you what is going to happen. Your trapped body will be exposed to many different sensations. Some will be pleasurable and some not. You may cum at any time if you are finding it enjoyable. If you want me to stop, you will need to squeeze both hands into a fist like this.” Raising his hand, he squeezed it tightly quickly over and over. “Do you understand?”

She nodded and said, “yes Sir.”

“Then let’s get started.” He walked over to the table, and she heard noises as he grabbed what he was looking for. His footsteps coming back to her. The little butterflies started then. What was going to happen. She is trapped on this table. What did he have in plan? Not knowing made it so much more exciting. Her mind started to clear a bit.

Then he commanded her to open her mouth. She did without any hesitation. He placed a gag into her mouth. Not the ball gag she was used to, but one that crossed over her mouth, making her bite down on it. He then tied it tight around her head.

“Being tied and gagged are not the only things that you will lose.” He next pulled a blindfold from his back pocket and laid it over her eyes. The strap made it tight.

At this point she has lost most of her feeling of touch, lost her ability to speak and now her sight is gone. “You are doing so well so far. I have had some subjects that would freak out about now. Is it because you're a good subject or because the others used you so much that your fight is gone. It doesn't really matter. One more thing,” he said as she felt the headphones slide down into her ears.

New Age music played softly in her ears. It was calming and her body relaxed a bit. Then his voice came over the headphones. “Can you hear me? If you can give me a peace sign with your fingers.” She did and raised her fingers into the sign. “Good now, let's really begin.”

She thought the table moved but she was just unable to tell. Then she felt a warm breeze under her. One like at a beach on a summer day. Just as a storm is ready to blow in. She liked the feel of the breeze on her skin. Relaxing her more.

But soon the pleasure of the breeze was replaced. Tiny drops dropped onto her body. At first, she thought it was rain drops, but quickly she knew that was not the case. These tiny drops carried fire in them. Each one was a hot string on her body. Hitting her more sensitive areas were downright painful. The pain was over quickly as spots became solid, encasing her. As quickly as it started the drops ended leaving behind its hard shell.

She could not tell how long she laid there. Her body enjoyed the heat still coming from the drops. That is when she realized the breeze was gone. Then a warm cloth was put over her tits and a second one on her pussy. There was pressure applied to these. He must be rubbing them, she thought. The warmth from them started to do things to her body.

Once she started moaning and her body tried wiggling the clothes were removed. Her body was building to that amazing feeling she so much loved. So much needed. She could feel the drool now escaping from the corners of the gag and running down her cheek. Her mind was in a lazy cloud.

That all stopped in a moment. She could feel the table lower. One quick smooth motion. The first thing she felt was the wet. Her body was lower into water, she thought. Then the cold hit her. Her body started to shake. The water was freezing. She felt tiny cubes hit her body from time to time. They must be ice cubes, her mind raced. Her body went from pleasure to being uncomfortable to being almost painful. How quickly she lost her horniness.

And then it was over. Her body was raised. The excess water dripped from it. She was not freezing anymore, only cold. And that did not last for long. Her body felt a dry heat hitting it from above and each side. She did not know what it was, but the warmth was welcome. Her breathing started to become normal again. Her heart rates came down.

As she started to rest a small cool metal object was laid on her tummy. Nothing was done with it. It just sat for a time. The coolest of the metal was stolen by her skin. Then it was picked up. She felt tiny pins on her tummy. Then the pins rolled up her body to her exposed trapped tits. As the tiny pins raced up her, there was a moment the little bit of pain was gone as it worked it’s way over the strap. Then the wheel rolled along her tits. First in motion around the nipple. The pins send that little idea of pain. She found her body liked it. Then the pins rolled over her semi hard nipples. From the moans her body let escape she was enjoying this. Just as her heart started to race and her breathing got heavy, she felt herself getting lowered.

Once again, the cold water raced over her body. The shock was not as bad the second time, but she still was freezing. She hoped to be raised quickly but that was not in the cards. Her body took in the cold. Soon her heart was racing again but not from pleasure. Her fight or flight instinct kicked in and she wanted to get the hell out of there. The problem was there was no place to go.

His hand touched the cheek on her face. Just with that one motion her body started to relax. She let the cold-water in. Letting it soften her firing nerves. When her body relaxed, she was pulled out of the water.

This time the heat did not come. The water slowly let go of her skin, but her body stayed moist. It was not long until she felt the next feeling along her body. There was a light tap on her left breast. The item was hard and stiff. The impact was not hard to hurt but more just to feel the object. Then impact on her right breast. This object felt like the same mass but softer and flexible. Again, no pain but just the feeling. The two items hit her again this time at the same time. The feelings were different but the same. Then the two objects were used all along her body. Not enough to really hurt but made just a hint of redness on her pale skin. At the bottom of the feet there was a harder smack, which she jumped from.

As the pain ran through her body another feeling took over at the soles of her feet. Something light and soft tickled them. Her body quickly let go over the pain and was in another fight. Strapped down, her body was stuck to take the feather, that's what she thought it was. This feather tickling up and down her body. This feeling she hated. Never like being tickled.

It was over and her body started to relax again. Then she was dropped again into the freezing water. She was only in it for a few moments. The radiating heat hit her body again. Then the warm clothes played with her pussy and tits. The quick back and forth had her body on overdrive. She was ready to cum. Her body made it to the edge. Before it could happen, she was back in the water.

Back into the dry heat. More warm clothes. As he rubbed them into her it felt different. The cream was warm like the other, but it felt different on her skin. It did not matter cause the warmth built on her skin. Her body enjoyed being touched again. She purred into her gag. More and more she drooled. The warmth on her then started to change. It tingled and then started to burn. Not a fire burn but something she did not like. As her body tried to twist away from his clothed hands her mind remembered where she felt this before. It was the day she pulled her muscle and she put that pain cream on it. It had the same tingling burn. Then the burn was not a pain anymore but something else. She could not say she liked it, but she didn’t dislike it.

The feeling got stronger as he continued to rub her. She felt herself coming to the edge again. She was ready to be pulled back but this time she was able to get past it. Her body started to shake as her orgasm was released. It was not as strong as others she had that day but it still made her pant. Just as she was coming down she was back in the water. Removing all of the pleasure.

Over and over her body was made to experience new things. Some she loved and others she hated. The whole time she was learning, she was having her body trained. Then the headphones were removed. “I hope you enjoyed your time with me,” he questioned as the blindfold came off.

She tried to speak, but the gag made her words a mess. “Give me a second to remove the gag and then you can tell me what is on your mind.” The gag was slowly removed and she worked her mouth around. Being held open for so long had it locked into place.

“I have never had an experience like that, thank you,” she replied softly. “Let’s get you off the table and get you something to drink and eat. You have about 30 minutes to rest and relax before you go to that brute.”

He worked in silence as he got her off the table. As she flexed her arms and legs he came back with her robe. He led her over to a small table with two chairs. “Eat and drink as much as you like. I will leave you in peace now. My door is always open for you,” he smiled. He turned and walked away, giving her a small wave as he closed the rear door.

Next is the last board member, but he was a mean man. She wondered if she could make it past him.

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