A Business Woman Gets In Way Over Her Head Chapter two

A Business Woman Gets In Way Over Her Head Chapter two

A Business Woman Gets In Way Over Her Head Chapter two

The Sheriff

Apparently this so called sheriff had brought other young women to this secluded place before, the look on his face had changed from a lustful man, to one possessed with the intent on having his way with me! He helped me up and out of the water, dried my feet and helped me back into my heels. I was able for the first time to get a good look at his manliness? The shock and awe left me stunned!.. OMG! It was huge, but this had not fully registered? It was erect but I would find out later not near fully erect! I thought my bastard boyfriend had a large cock, but his paled in more ways than one by comparison!

That evening it was warm and quite pleasant even at this time of the morning, I was flush, and took little to towel off the rest of the water. Not far away were some of the old spa buildings abandon and falling apart in disarray, graffiti was all over the place ? The feeling of being naked with my hands cuffed and this older black man leading me on a leash into one of these broken down and deserted buildings, and him with his enormous cock wagging about left my formerly innocent young mind filled with bazaar thoughts of abduction sexual abuse and all the things a naive young girl could conceive in the way, of how a woman, me could be used for nasty abusive sex, the thought only tightened my moist pussy folds and my body started to betray me with sinful anticipation I could not believe, much less control?

We ended up in what was left of this big room with no roof, and the moon now full illuminated the place, almost as if it was day time. Then said to me you will do exactly as your told, do you understand?

He pulled my head back harshly by my blond hair and said quite loudly again “Do You Understand?” I nodded afraid to say anything as he guided me towards an old chair out in the middle and said, this isn't a game? I was scared to death my heart was pounding not sure what to say, as he unlocked my cuffs tuned me around and forced me to sit, then told me to keep my mouth shut and my hands behind my head?

My wrists after being hand cuffed were numb and just beginning to have some feeling as I obediently raised them and did what I was told! He said walking around talking as if he was a stern head master at an all girls school and I was a student that could never measure up or had committed the most unacceptable infraction at this school! He had a short nasty looking switch with a flat leather piece laced over the end and kept smacking his palm with a loud pop! And said, I am going to give you sexual and humiliating abuse with my big black cock the likes of which you will never forget, and trust me you will only end up wanting more? He grabbed my face and squeezed my mouth pooching my lips out grotesquely, I thought he was going to slap me, only to rub my face with the back of his hand almost lovingly?...Then stepped back and with no warning hit the chair hard right between my naked thighs and only inches from my dripping over sensitive pink little pussy splattering the wetness! This had my legs instantly wide open exposing my labia even more?

Then with me holding my hands behind my head his hands started exploring, first my naked breasts fat little nipples and stomach, then pulled me up by them and had me stand producing what appeared to a very sharp knife out of what seemed thin air, placed his one arm around my back and the other used the knife point to trace around my breasts and poke my nipples, I was breathless and knew if I moved much at all the sharp point would pierce the skin, the feeling was erotically terrifying, he turned me around had me bend over and place my hands on the chair? Then slapped my naked thighs up high with the switch telling me to spread my legs, wide?

Then apparently down on his haunches again used the sharp knife to trace around my soft round fair skinned buttocks, and drew the sharp blade barely across my wet hanging and stimulated under lips, I stiffened my legs, and pointed my toes in trying open myself up as wide as possible and give the sharp blade as much room to explore, I gasped as the sharp blade pricked my most intimate clitoral flesh, leaving my heart pounding and me quivering in fright!

He had switched hands as his other was rubbing the upper inside of my thigh and then rolled it over where the back of his hand was perversely rubbing my pussy folds that had me raised up even higher on the very tips of my toes! The touch and feeling, one I had no idea existed was so erotic and perversely stimulating, the warm water of the hot springs, the cool night air had me so sensitive and excited I could hardly stand it! Occasionally he would say things in a nasty vulgar way like dumb cunt, you know you want this? Only a stupid little sex slut like you would submit to this kind of perverted sex play? My imagination was doing sinful fruit loops trying to conjure up what kind of perverted sex he was talking about and what I was in for?

I had a death grip on the chair and my heels as wide and as far apart as possible, still up on my toes as the back of his hand along with his knuckles continued to lift and rub this most sensitive hanging flesh and intimate place, then OMG! He stopped, ...pulling his hand free, I said No, please no before I could stop myself,... as I did not want this incredible touch and feeling to end! In only moments he with one hand started kneading my bare exposed bottom then stepped away for a second? Then felt I was being poked in my dripping wet pussy folds apparently it was the leather end of the switch as he twisted around several times wetting and soaking the leather? After which I heard the wisp and felt the thin spray of the wet leather zing through the cool night air and caress my bare bottom with a nasty sting, I yelped being caught totally by surprise and off guard, it wasn't all that hard or hurtful that is, at first? But steady, and actually was more stimulating than I could ever have imagined, as he whacked first one buttock followed by rubbing the spot with his hand, before doing exactly the same with the other, Whack,....Whack,... Whack, and Whack!....

I could not see the results but could feel the red swelling of welts starting to form on the white skin of my bare bottom, from the harsher, and harsher wet leather switch! My breasts and body would jerk jump and giggle with each harder and harder whack!

I was not tied at all, and could have easily moved away any time or could have altered my exposed sinful nakedness? But with the appeal to see how much I could take did not even try, staying right there willingly submitting to his perverted sexual abuse, actually I started to crave being abused like this, even arching my bare bottom and tender pussy up to meet each stinging whack?

His soothing voice kept a steady drone of nasty insults, me so young and naive, as my incredibly stimulated body along with my mind responded to all he said like some sort of sexual brain washing, and my senses accepted the fact that I truly was beginning to be exactly that, an excepting willing black cock slut, the vocal degradation continued with him saying you know you like it, and you do want it don't you? My body was talking for my mind as I said want what? He said in most casual condescending way?

Cock, Black Cock, Big Black Cocks, this is what you want, isn't it, come on say it! My mind wanted to say no but again my oversexed stimulated body still doing the talking first said yes, OMG! Yes, then as my mind caught up to words said no! I was unsure of everything, and mixed up as he said you know you do, you want to kiss it, to suck on it, you want it in you, you want face and throat fucking, you want a big black cock in that that tight pink little asshole of yours and I know you do,.... say it?

But,.... I know what you really want and that is black cock, I saw you looking at mine in wonder as to how it will fit in that almost virgin little tight little pussy of yours, you are wondering, I know you are? If I can get it all the way up into a little virgin slut, aren't you? I was getting more aroused all the time from this vocal sinful brainwashing and the steady switching on my bare buttocks, as the words of yes and no uncertainly left my lips until all I could say at the last, was yes, yes OMG Yes that is exactly what I want! Please more, more....., harder ! I could not believe the words I was saying were coming from me, but they were? OMG! I am a slut!

The switching became more harsh stinging and intense towards the end as his target was my wet sensitive pussy and swollen clit ,...to where I tried to move my bottom forward and pull away I jerked and jiggled as last nasty cracks of the wet leather switch really stung, before he stopped altogether, my head had been thrown back several times as I arched and bucked from these last nasty stinging whacks right on the very tip of my totally exposed clitoral flesh and bent over even farther to give him a better target still hanging tightly onto the chair now with my forearms and elbows against it!

I was shuddering and shaking in tears as he grabbed my blond hair with his hand and pulled my head back and up forcefully, then with a knowing voice said I knew it, you are a slutty little black cock whore, and one that will,.... when I’m done with you crave an worship not only mine but every other black man you will ever meet, especially his cock, and I can assure you there will be many! The next thing I knew he had what I thought was another kind of switch they were some green leafy stocks of nature, the kind that grow wild around these hot springs that had replaced the nasty leather switch, the cool green leaves were quite soothing as he first rubbed them back and forth up between my open naked legs but this feeling slowly started change, as I realized they were nettles! OMG! It was as if very tiny pins and needles were pricking me in my most sensitive sexual places, as he gave me several harsh upper cuts in between my open legs then pulled me up turned me around to face him, and screamed at me to, put my hands behind my head!

Once around his hands and fingers along with one of the dark green leafs were in my pussy lips as he wrapped one around my now swollen clit and squeezed the green juices into the open pores of this so stimulated clitoral flesh, little goose bumps formed everywhere and my eyes watered as the green nettles from the switching came it contact with my unprotected naked skin. This produce incredible feelings directly to the most sensitive place of my sexual nerve endings, my clit! I resign myself to this helpless torture only to have my eyes widen and this perverted thought abruptly stop? It was like my inner thighs and clit are burning, or dozens of fire ants have stung me all over my genitals! Finally the last of the half dozen or so green leafy stalks slowly leave my pussy , I gasp for breath helplessly moaning groaning and twisting in the cool breeze, that does afford me little, very little but at least some sadistic relief!

I can feel my heart that has been rapidly beating start to slow, just as I am barely able to withstand the last of this most nasty abuse? I feel him playing with my over swollen labia lips and clit the burning prickly sensation is slowly replaced by sadistic stimulation as fingers manipulate and squeeze harshly my tortured clit and pussy folds, OMG! I cannot believe that I have gone from painful abusive torture one minute to that of incredible nettle enhanced erotic stimulation the next, as more and more,.. the unrelenting fingers find the place that needs the most attention! This was making my blood pump and I can hear my heart start to pound again in my ears, as the muscles in my naked swollen pubic mound tighten an contract uncontrollably, and the sexual nerve endings of my clit act as though someone is continuously smearing some sort of burning sexual stimulant all over my nakedness? This has left me totally helpless to any thought or rational resistance.....

I was just a young shapely blond blue eyed girl so naively stupid and impressionable at this age having no idea of what a normal physical sexual relationship with a man, much less torrid sexual submission, and abuse as this was, my sex education. Because he knew I was so young, this pervert made me feel undeserving of his attention, and forced me down on my knees making me crawl around on this dirty floor while he commanded me to beg for his cock and when he decided I was worthy of it, he would rub the tip of his big black cock that had been oozing cum against my lips then slap it against my face, finally letting me taste it after awhile. I was so humiliated and fucked up but also incredibly turned on sexed up, and this erotic abusive humiliating treatment for a young girl like me to experience only reinforced, my desire to be exactly what he was conditioning me to be?. A“Black Cock Whore”!
Someone like me who is already predisposed to be submissive was so easily placed in this mental state by simultaneously turning me on physically while abusing and humiliating me verbally all at the same time.

The verbal humiliation insults, stupid worthless little cunt which I certainly was, along with degrading names of slut bitch whore, and the racial ethnic slurs of little white pussy's need big black cocks, then add disparaging remarks about such a tight virgin like white pussy, one that needs to be stretched wide open and wrecked with monster black cock's!

The vocal part was intimidating enough, but the physical abuse and humiliation was and would be even more profound? As he would end up ejaculating and cum all over me numerous times, especially in my face, then make me lick cum and deep throat his enormous cock, then worship the thing and kiss it like it was some sort of godlike phallic symbol! It seemed like the more nasty abusive and degrading things got, I could not believe the more it excited me, to the point I wanted and craved the naked submissive humiliation of it, even more!
He disciplined me, the spankings the whippings with me willingly restraining myself, with all aspects of BDSM the collar and leash along with the nasty sadistic green leafed nettle torture of my clit made me delirious and begging for more of the same, only to be denied in the up and down roller coaster of sexual pleasure abuse and humiliation. I had scrambled around naked wearing only heels with a collar and him holding the leash, like a naked female acting like an over sexed animal during mating season moaning yelping and begging for his big black cock!

Still on all fours he led me back to the chair, and sat down this left his dick sticking straight up easily 10” in the air, then with the leash pulled me towards him on my knees and with sinful delight said lets see what you can really do? I think he was just testing getting me ready and sexed up for his big black dick, and said, keep your hands behind your back and lets see how far and deep you can gorge yourself on my cock? No sooner had I placed my hands obediently behind my back his hand was on the back of my head forcefully guiding my lips over and onto this humungous swollen dick head?
Then forced me helplessly to deep throat it farther and farther, I was gagging and choking with mucus drool and saliva along with my eyes that were watering, when he jammed my head down again and again a little farther each time, and finally holding me there with my nose against his kinky pubic hair for what seemed like an eternity! I knew he was going to cum, and when he did, I was literally blown away, at first I thought I was going to drown? It filled up my throat then my mouth to where my cheeks bulged out like a squirrel , and the second ejaculation burst out my lips and nose, the only way I could get any relief was by swallowing and choking down as much of the warm sicking slimy cum as possible! Satisfied with this nasty abuse he jerked me up and told me to put my hands behind my head, again!

Then said ride it and jam that pink little virgin like pussy down on me as far as you can! My pussy was wanting and needed it so bad , I tried bending my knees and spreading my legs, unable to see only feel the big black dick head as I hovered over the up turned thing? Was able to guide it into my tight little opening, then let the full weight of my 110# lbs help impale me this tiny blond girl on his hard black meat, getting me ready for the reality of more hard black cock! I could not believe it was all the way in, now sitting firmly impaled on his cock with my hands behind my head, and my heels on the ground trying my best to force my pussy against him, when he grabbed my fat nipples and stood up! OMG! All I could think to do was place my arms around his neck, as he continued to twist and pull my nipples as sadistically as possible and started humping me, wham, wham, wham, with incredible fury! He was hurting me, I never imagined in my life what incredible pain and sexual pleasure a young stupid girl like me could stand, but like many young girls that experience sex for the first time go bug fuck and only seem to want it more, this and this alone was exactly what was happening to me!....

Then out of the blue this so called lawman asks me a question? You love this don't you? His words were all it took along with my stimulating sexual abuse. Then the orgasm that swept through me came as a complete surprise!.. I felt the surge of pleasure tension and incredible energy as my pubic muscles tightened, tightened, and tightened with my arms around his neck, and me impaled on the end of his enormous black cock, I was able to look directly into his eyes and see only perverse sexual pleasure, knowing that this was totally caused by a submissive blond slut like me!

But is was not over yet my naked body squirmed and twisted, as another hot orgasm rushed and squeezed out from my naked racked and tortured being. I gurgled and gasped!. The painful feeling and sexual pleasure for a young almost virgin was awful by then, but it didn't seem to matter much at all now! As this orgasm then screamed along my nervous system and shook me like a blast of warm leaves fluttering around in a summer thunder storm leaving me limp like a warm wet well used naive little cunt!......

I was lifeless, drifting, dazed my bare whipped bottom and green stained clit still buzzing as he kept twisting and pulling on my nipples vulgarly until I thought he might twist them off! This strange black lawman called me a dirty little black cock whore! OMG I made no attempt to deny this comment as I certainly was, as this orgasm was sooo incredibly gooood , and satisfying the best of the best in humiliating torture and abuse!.

I hung there helplessly with my arms around his neck trying to hold my pussy against him as tight as possible thinking once more nothing could be more pleasurable abusive, or humiliating, but I am wrong? Then it is he, that has exploded and my insides are flooded with an enormous amount of warm cum, followed by another helplessly abused climax on my part that leaves me hanging dripping and impaled helplessly on this black thing of beauty!
The warm satisfying feeling and after glow of incredible sex is what I want, and now is everything I want? It is so wonderful and powerful, something I do not wish to end! As he, this sadist finally lets me down, eases out and pulls free, the sloppy sucking sound of hard black cock meat in a young girl used so deep in soft intimate female flesh parting is heard, I react with the pleading word "Nooooo"! Please, “No”!

But my pleas are purposely ignored leaving me naked and helplessly used! Nothing lasts forever, and I did not want this brutal fucking to end, but it is not quite over?
He has grabbed my breasts firmly holding me up on my unsteady legs! It is all I can do to stand after being so horribly used, abused and spent! He tells me to close my eyes and not open them. He has me sit on the chair, I hear him leave wondering what I am in for next? My thighs pubic area still trembling with the warm prickly glow of nettle enhanced pleasurable abuse with sexual relief slowly waning!

I sit there dutifully, as a willing stupid little whore, he has returned with several things? I am naked well used leaking incredible amounts of cum, his and mine dripping onto the chair, and me wearing only a collar leash and heels. Duct tape is stuck over my eyes, and my wrists are also duct taped behind my back, and one more small sadistic detail is left to do again? Naked and unable to see he is apparently down on his knees and has pushed my thighs apart that has opened me up wide, my abused clit is swollen and throbbing when he takes another green leafy nettle and first sticks it up inside my cum filled pussy then works it back and forth several times, and again squeezes the green juicy leaf harshly around my swollen clitoral flesh grinding it in with sadistic force, I cannot believe what is happening, as he jerks me up and starts pulling me by the leash back out of the run down building and along the trail, it seems farther than before as the prickly nettles start to do their thing!

The sensation of wanting has started to return even in the deep depths of my well used vaginal tunnel, and with the green leaf abuse of my clitoris,...this need for attention and the goose bumps has, as time passes returned with sadistic vengeance!......
I cannot help myself as the desire and wanting quickly becomes over powering, I start to beg with renewed interest for relief! Please OMFG! Pleeeeeeeeeeeze stick something up me, whip me, whip my pussy, my clit, anything help me! My pubic mound still swollen red is itching burning wanting and my cunt and clit is on fire, as I helplessly and shamelessly beg and plead for some sort of sexual abuse to re leave this incredible insatiable wanting! Now barely able to stand . I hop and prance around in distress like a young girl that desperately needs to go “Pee”quite badly, but peeing will not resolve my nasty burning predicament !

I hear the door open and I am forced into the back of the Sheriffs car, still naked and duct taped, he asks me where I live? OMG! I am not sure what to say, afraid to tell him? Then says you better tell me, or I will dump you back at the park! The nettle itching and burning has become almost intolerable more than I can stand, as I finally blurt out the address, it is at least 4:00 am in the morning? As the car drives off, I am wondering in genital agony how this prom date and now this naked sinful abuse will end? My parents are gone, and will not be home for several days, there is an alley behind my house and my bedroom is at the back. Apparently I suspect he knows quite a bit more about me than I first believed ?

Once the car comes to a stop the back door opens and he helps me out, thankfully there are big hedges on either side of our house and the neighbors live some distance away. I hear dogs barking in the distance as he says Faryl I know where you live and will give you a call, as my new “Black Cock Whore” I know you will be wanting more of the same very soon? Then put the prom dress over my head and partially cut the duct tape on my wrists and left me there!

I hear the car drive off, it took me a while to twist and free my wrists from the tape an even longer to get it off my eyes, but the burning itching and tingling sensation with arousing goose bumps all over my pubes, needed immediate attention!
I was naked laying on my back quivering in the dew covered grass of that morning in our back yard as my fingers raced to my pubic mound slit and clit! I desperately rubbed the offending flesh trying to stem the itching burning aroused feeling in hopes of some relief! I had never touched myself down their like this before, but my aggressive attempt only seemed to make the feeling worse!
I finally rolled over onto my knees grabbed the dress got up trying to cover my nakedness and headed for my bedroom window, I was able to pop the screen off thankfully it was not locked, was barely able to raise the window at first, then getting it open enough to where I could clamber in, once inside it was a beeline to the shower, and hot soapy water, I do not know how long I was in there, but the hot soapy water did not seem to help at all, apparently warm water with baking soda in the tub was the best as I laid there finally with some relief reflecting on my prom date, and the black nasty sheriff that had so abused me, all I could think of was me, an innocent young hi school girl only a day ago, that was now a submissive Black Cock Whore!

It was all I could do to keep my fingers away from genitals, and especially my clit, as the more I wanted to rub the worse it throbbed ! Finally once out of the tub calamine lotion, and lots of it restored my inching aroused senses back to some sort of normal, but I would never be normal again? Then OMG! It dawned on me, what if I got pregnant, from this bastard, or heaven forbid knocked up with a black baby, something I had never even contemplated a day ago?

My parents were gone on business and would not be home for several days, this gave me more time to ponder all that had happened that night, as several weeks went by, then my breasts hurting when I finally realized, and with relief my time of the month had come, at least I’m not pregnant! That’s a good thing! But then sinfully like a true black cock slut, one that had gambled playing a game of unprotected sex, and won, but barely, and the aroused excitement of doing so, was every bit as stimulating as a good black lipped pussy sucking to orgasm!

Being from a small town where most knew each other I was terrified. At first I did not want to attend the graduation ceremony and all of the humiliation I assumed would go with it. My grades were straight A and my graduation was only a formality, I had already been accepted to college, but to see this bastard my prom date and the knowing look he was sure to give me along with what I assumed he would tell everyone made me hesitant to attend. My parents would never understand why I had not and was so reluctant, I really had no choice. But several other things kept popping into my naive young mind, every time the phone would ring, I would jump? OMG! Was it him this nasty sheriff wanting me to meet him naked in the park or some other dark alley or place? I tried to tell myself and convince me I wouldn't, but deep down I knew I would?

A young woman like me that has enjoyed incredible nasty humiliating abusive sex reinforced by thoughts feelings and mind boggling orgasms is wrecked for life, especially from trying to experience normal vanilla missionary sex, and a life, with a ho hum spouse! This was a place I could never be expected to go or be part of, and I knew it. Coupled with harsh BDSM and a large black cock, the thought of which only left my pussy wet and my clit throbbing, OMG! He was right I really was a Black Cock Whore!

The graduation was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My prom date bastard, only looked at me in a strange way, the implication was not to say anything to anyone about what had happened? But what was much more interesting, was the young red head freckled face boy, my age that had cummed in my face that night in the park, and I sucked on his little white weenie actually asked me for a date! So apparently all I had assumed was not lost on the fateful evening! But the time before college was a bit disappointing, as I never did get a call from the black big dicked sheriff?

Once I was in college I heard that a black man posing as a sheriff, had been arrested in another town near where I lived. Apparently he had bought a surplus sheriffs car and uniforms, and the badge number 714 and the name tag J Friday were all bogus as both were from an old TV show called Drag Net! I am sure he was the same one that had so abused me, brainwashed my physique and led me into interracial abusive and submissive sex ? In some ways I felt sorry for him, but College and my new found love for nasty interracial sex was about to raise its appealing Black Head, if you know what I mean? So you see now why I could never tell anyone what had happened that night!

Continued in Chapter Three College

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