Festival of Lust, vol. 1

Festival of Lust, vol. 1

Lisa bought her ticket for the Festival of Lust the day they went of sale, some eight months ago. It was going to be her reward to work towards during her final year at university. Four years of hard work and less than two weeks ago she submitted her last assignment. Now it was time for real life to begin. ‘But let’s have some fun first’ she told herself as she got off the bus at the festival gates.

She had friends that were going to come with her this weekend, and they had agreed this would be their final hurrah. But life came fast for some of them. Katie was the last to cancel, just on Wednesday. She got offered a job in London and had her bags packed and train ticket bought before she could bring herself to tell Lisa.

She was here on her own, but there was plenty of fun to be had when you're alone. Lisa knew all too well about having to have fun on your own. School had become too busy to even think about a relationship this year. At the Festival of Lust she would have one last great party before starting her new life. Her new life back home, working with her mum.

It was enough to make anyone a little crazy. Watching friends getting great jobs in far off places and leaving her back at home.

So far as Lisa had seen, the Festival of Lust had lived up to its name. Everywhere she looked she could see complete strangers getting straight down to business. Many of them didn’t even bother going back to their tents, drawing crowds to watch as they would explore each other's bodies. Just this morning she had seen a woman sucking off two guys simultaneously. That's exactly what she had hoped for this weekend. One last great sexual experience before leaving uni life behind her.

Over the first two days Lisa did have her share of snogs, but nothing that would grant her the satisfaction of knowing she had tried something new. The closest she had gotten to getting any satisfaction herself was from a guy who had disappeared into the crowd as soon as he had cum on her short black pencil skirt when she wanked him off. She now spent the majority of the walking around with some assholes cum stain on the front of her skirt. It hadn't helped to attract new prospects to her cause.

A loud roar erupted from the crowd as the headlining act for day 2 finished their set and made to leave the stage. A buzz filled the air and people started to move away from the main stage towards the campsite. Mostly in pairs, but not Lisa. It seemed like she would be spending a second night alone in her tent.

She stopped at the last bar that was still serving, ordering two gin and tonics. She drank the first down in two sips, leaving the plastic cup on the bar. Looking around for any final prospects, but only the other, understandably, rejected batch remained. Sighing she sipped on her second drink as she headed to the campsite.

As she made he way she passed a couple of groups of people, obviously watching a display fueled by alcohol and hormones of other festival goers. After passing third such crowd, the idea came to her. If she couldn't get a guy on his own for the night, maybe she could take her pick from a group that want her

Stopping short of the gateway to the campsite, she slowly began to undress. She lifted the vest she had worn off over her head,she had opted for no bra today. She unzipped the black skirt that still had that large cum stain on it. As she did, sure enough a few people had watched her as they passed. Now down to just the blue panties she had on all day she slid them down, putting them in the hand of a passing man who didn’t recognize what she was handing him until he had walked on a few steps. That must have been his girlfriend with him, she didn't look impressed that he was holding another girls underwear

Kneeling down she felt the festival mud coat her knees, but a festival grounds in no place to worry about cleanliness. She slowly licked two fingers on her right hand, her tongue circling them as she held eye contact with any guy who looked her way. When she was sufficiently satisfied with how wet her fingers had become she let them slowly glide down her chest, her stomach, past her waistline, finally finding her pussy. Moving them back and forth, one finger on each side of her clit a soft moan as allowed to leave her lips..

She looked around and found that sure enough a couple of people were stopping to watch her little performance. She was a little nervous, she had never masturbated In front of a boyfriend before. And now here she was willing to do it with amass of strangers watching her every motion.

She looked eyes with one man, a couple of years older than her but still very attractive she smiled. 'I think I've found my target' she thought to herself. A louder moan leaving her lips this time. One finger slid its way into her tight pussy. Being alone with yourself can be so much fun, but being alone with her audience was proving so much better

Lisa licked her lips watching the older man, noticing the growing bulge in the front of his shorts. Her little show was becoming popular. Closing her eyes her second finger entered her pussy, both pushing deeper into her. 'I'll just get to my climax, than claim my prize' she thought. Her breathing intensified when she felt something warm touch her cheek.

Someone was slapping her cheek with their hard dick. She hadn’t noticed this guy jerking beside her. She looked up at him for a second before opening her mouth wide and welcoming him inside. What was she doing,this wasn't part of the plan.

He was so hard and tasted delicious. Was it really that long since she had tasted cock. She grabbed hold of the base of his dick rubbing him firmly. Her lips locked around him and her tongue slid up and down with her movement, tickling the underside of his dick. It could not have been more than a minute before the man pulled out of her mouth, shooting his cum in her hair.

She released his dick, and without a word he walked away from her. For the second time today a man can cum on her and then left her with the damage.

Looking at the older man she had previously been checking out. Wiping wet mud across each of her nipples she mouthed towards him ‘your turn’. The man didn’t wait for a second invitation, immediately grabbing hold of her hair and pushing his dick deep into her mouth. He was smaller than the first guy, but he definitely knew what he wanted to do with Lisa. His cock was driving in and out of her mouth. She glanced up at him but he had his eyes closed.

Another man approached. He was already completely naked. ‘When did that happen’ Lisa asked herself but with one cock still in her mouth she grabbed hold of the new arrival and wanked him with a loose but fast jerk. Cum shot from both men almost simultaneously. One filling her mouth, another on her cheek. An older woman stepped forward and licked the cum off her cheek before leaving with the third guy in tow. 'She must be with him'. Lisa thought there was something sexy about a woman watching her partner cum on another girl.

Quickly a line was forming around her, as she held a cock in each hand and would alternate sucking them. She quickly lost count of how many guys she had tasted. Large cocks, small cocks, white and black guys. It didn’t matter to her, she was eating as much cum as she could get. She was definitely having that 'great sexual experience' she was aiming for at the start of the festival.

She looked around her as a circle of men jerked off watching her. Even a few women were watching. She could see one woman guiding her partner's hand between her thighs as she locked eyes with Lisa. The two women smiled at each other.

‘I want to fuck you’ she heard whispered in her ear. Lisa looked at the young guy who had spoken. he must have only been 18 or 19, he looked nervously at her. Could he be a virgin? Lisa smiled and without replying laid herself down in the mud spreading her legs wide, her knees held high. The guy kneeled before her, his dick was thick and as his penetrated her she felt a slight pain. After a few second of him rubbing it in and out she was becoming more comfortable with it.

The young man put his hands on her breasts and slowly slid in and out of her pussy. Lisa felt her insides warm as she took the first cock she had in months.

He grabbed hold of her shoulders and his rhythm became intense. With a loud grunt she could feel his cock erupt inside her pussy. The guy left his cock in her for a few seconds after cumming. Leaning forward to kiss her cum soaked lips. He whispered a stuttered thank you as he pulled his limo penis out of her. As he stood up he smiled at her but was moved aside by another man who was soon on top of Lisa, cock leading the way as he penetrated her with force.

She wasn’t expecting it but it felt good to be fucked with another guys cum acting as lube for this man. It didn't take long for a second load to be dripping out of her.

Lisa was breathing heavy, looking at all the me around her who were now thinking of abusing her pussy over and over. A large built black man approached her next. Grabbing hold of Lisa in a swift motion she was rolled over, now chest down in the mud. His cock was then burying itself into her vagina, she looked over her shoulder to look at the man, his face was so emotionless as she felt a Sharpe pain as he slapped her ass. She bit her lip holding in a scream. But couldn't hold it back as the second slap came, or the third. Fortunately as the fourth smack came she could feel the cum spraying inside her body and he pulled out, soon replaced by another.

With her pussy now full of multiple loads and a new guy entering her, another dick was presented for her to suck. She felt both men thrust into both ends of her body. Lisa was losing sense of what was really happening. Her intention was to impress someone by stripping off and finding someone to spend the night with, and now she was becoming the festival cum dump.

She felt a shot spray over her back. ‘How many is that now?’ she thought to herself as another cum shot was sprayed over her ass. They were coming so fast now, and from all directions.

Someone else walked up to the front of her. She prepared to be presented with another hard cock, but this person just seemed to wait. It wasn’t another man coming to get sucked, a girl lifted her dress up over her waist and moved to squat in front of her. Lisa had never tasted a woman before, but tonight was proving a night for experiencing new behaviours.

'Do you mind?' the girl asked her with a look combining sexual frustration and concern. Worrying that Lisa would turn her away.

Lisa gave her a smile and bit her lip. 'I'd be happy to'

As this girl got herself into position, Lisa looked up at her dyed green hair and bright blue eyes smiling up at her, shaking back and forth from her pussy still being used by a man with a relatively small cock, but this guy had stuck a finger in her ass.

She had definitely felt him put it in but she didn't really process it in her mind. The man was thrusting slowly, pushing his finger in and out at speed. He clearly didn’t know what he was doing but fortunately he was quick to cum as well.

Lisa leaned forward getting her first taste of the girls pussy. It was better than she expected. Leaning into it, letting her body move her tongue for her as she was rocked back and forth. Finding the gorgeous green haired girls clit, Lisa slowly started to tickle it with her tongue.

The girl was moaning quietly, enjoying Lisa’s first time eating a pussy. On a few occasions she had fantasized about being in a gang bang, but never thought she could go ahead with it. Nevermind enjoy another girl feeding her pussy at the same time.

Moaning and licking up and down her clit Lisa glanced up at the girl, her eyes were closed and head tilted back. She definitely was enjoying it. She felt a flush of pride in that. A guy was trying to get the green haired girl to suck him off but she just pushed him aside enjoying Lisa’s attention to her body. Lisa was filled with more confidence knowing this girl wasn’t joining her to share in her attention, but rather to be pleasured by her like all the men had been.

Lisa reached up grabbing the skirt of the girls dress, getting a better hold of her. Her tongue tasted every inch of her pussy. Down along one thigh, up the other, tasting her juices directly from the source. Lisa's tongue returned to her clitoris and sucking it into her mouth once more. The girl shuddered and Lisa could her soft groans coming from the above her. She took a tighter grip of her clit with her lips, sucking it softly while her tongue flicked it up and down. Up and down. Breathing intensified from both women. ‘She’s close’ Lisa thought to herself. She moans lightly, giving a small vibration to the girls clit.

That was enough, she could feel the wave take hold of the green hair girl, she was shaking as Lisa continued to suck her clit. The girl collapsed backwards as her orgasm subsided and Lisa did the same on top of her. She wasn’t sure when but at some point guys had stopped fucking her and the pair were now surrounded by a group of people just watching them. Some were very enticed, others having casual conversation while the two girls lay in the mud. As if it was a normal occurrence to watch two girls rolling in a muddy field eating each other out.

Sliding up the other girl's body to meet her face she gave her a soft kiss. ‘Lisa’ she whispered.

The green haired girl smiled at her, ‘Cleo’ she responded looking at the mass of people around them. ‘Maybe we could go… to my tent’ she looked as though she worried she might offend Lisa.

Lisa leaned in giving her a kiss ‘Is it far? I don’t seem to have any clothes anymore’ Lisa festered to the heap of fabric that had been trampled in the ground by the repeated me stepping on them to get to her body.

Cleo giggled lightly and the pair helped each other to their feet. A couple of guys tried to approach them, but Lisa took Cleo’s hand when she presented it to her and let her lead her away.

Lisa had come to the festival hoping to have her last great sexual experience as a college student, and she definitely had one, and was hopefully going to have a couple more before the sun rises on Cleo’s tent.

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