Unfatomable fantasies I - Rape of Amelia and Yen Yi (Part 1)

Unfatomable fantasies I - Rape of Amelia and Yen Yi (Part 1)

Read this story it takes you on a fantasy gang rape of two underage girls through their eyes! Read how they tackle their emotional feelings on what they are asked to do. NO gore nor lousy grammar. The story should have sufficient descriptions to allow you to picture what actually happens, step-by-step. No exaggerations as I did my best to imagined what it situation would turn out in real life to make it as realistic as possible. I think you would have a good time. Enjoy and thanks for reading.


Knock on the door. "Enter." The double doors opened and a tall figure dressed in black stepped into the dark office. He moved to towards the mahogany desk when the leather armchair swung round and he was facing a man in his 30s, with jet black eyes and sandy hair. The man's emotionless face broke into a grin. "Ah, Desmond! What brings you here?" Desmond's face was passive. "I've got a client. He wants a job done. Its a big one Mr. V ." He removed his shades and heaved his briefcase and opened it on the desk, pulling out a handful of documents and passed them to Mr. V. "Really D, we've known each other for years! Just George to you. Haha. Now let's see.." George accepted the documents and screened through them, his lips pursing into an amused reaction. "He wants to pay this much for a couple of schoolgirls? It's done! Call the boys and make the preparations, this is easy money, not that I'll need it. But its just we haven't got a schoolgirl gig in awhile. He does know about our terms right? What's wrong?" He had just caught Desmond's expression and his face fell. "Oh, there's a catch to it right? Give it to me. Quick." Desmond sighed, pulling out a few photos from his coat. "Well, its not that easy. Firstly, this are not just any schoolgirls, they are Chinese-" "So wha-?" "From Singapore." "Oh..." Every guy in the business knew that Singapore was where no shit was tolerated and kidnapping held the death sentence. "Plus, the girls are underage.15." "Shit. He wants 2?" "Yea. But it’s 20 million. US." Mr.V's face was in his hands. He groaned. "Kidnap. Underage. Singapore." He mumbled through his hands. "Who would take on such a job?!" "I know who would." George's face sprung up. "And they have a pretty good idea how." "Tell me.”Desmond told him. After awhile, he said, "Do it."

Chapter 1: Unexpected Arrivals

Amelia Yang and Yen Yi were arguably the best looking girls in Sec 4. (or 10th grade) It was not because they had the biggest breasts, or the sexiest legs, but because they looked so innocent and made looking cool seem so easy. But they weren’t flat or skeletal either, they looked just nice for their age, and both had a pretty face. Things were different in Singapore than in the States, hard-to-get was a trend here. Yes, both Amelia and Yen Yi were the best there was in cock-teasing. They didn’t dress scantily, nor did they act slutty or bitchy, just being their normal selves made them desirable. Nearly all the guys in school were dying to see what lay beyond their skirts or shorts; they never once let anyone chance an upskirt. Best part was, they were not too aware of this phenomenon, and they were in the top class.

Well, today was different from any other day. But it was similar in many aspects. They had just finished their end of year exams and were on their way to hang out with a bunch of their friends, namely a group of ten guys. Surrounded by their usual gang of admirers, all was well as they crossed the school parade square out the main gate when they noticed a black unmarked sedan with darkened windows, as well as two armoured vehicles parked outside the school gate, emblazoned with the two block letters ‘UN’.

“Mr. Lo, we are going to need you to announce this.” The principal of Chinese Imperial High has never had such company in his office before. Four UN soldiers, each dressed in battle fatigues with a neck guard covering the bottom half of their faces, stood around his office. Their leader, who had introduced himself as Lieutenant Taylor, and his group and entered his office 15 minutes ago and informed him that two of his students, prized students in fact, had been investigated to be the target of a terrorist attack and hence needed to be secured immediately.” He had been skeptical at first, but changed his mind when he heard terms like “national security” and ”top secret”. Mr. Lo was then overwhelmed with excitement. This episode could earn him a few recommendations, bringing him up a few levels in the ministry. This was it, he thought gleefully to himself. “Sir? The announcement..?” Lieutenant Taylor pointed at the document in his outstretched hand. “Oh yes..of course.” Mr. Lo, snapped out of his trance and mumbled sheepishly.

“Er-hemm! Students! May I have your attention please. This is the principal Mr. Lo speaking. May these two students Amelia Yang and Yen Yi from 4A please report to my office now? There is a matter of importance of which needs to discuss in private. Thank you.”

Amelia was puzzled. Yen Yi turned to her, “Were we in any contest recently?” Amelia shook her head. Then they shrugged and turned to tell the boys, completely missing their utter look of disappointment and made their way to the office.

“Maybe it’s a scholarship lol. Or maybe something stupid like the best student award. Chee Lin always exaggerates matters, makes him feel important I think.” Yen Yi laughed and rapped at the door. They were surprised when a soldier opened the door to let them in. “There you are girls.” “Good Morning Mr. Lo” the duo chanted. “Yes yes, have a seat.” “This is Lieutenant er-“ “Taylor.” completed the lieutenant. “Ah yes, well anyway he has some important news for you.” The lieutenant nodded and said, “As you can see,” he jabbed at his UN armband. “that we are from the UN. Yes, you’re probably wondering why we are here in your school. That is because our intelligence shows that you two are the targets of an international terrorist group, which gets its financing from doing dirty jobs like kidnapping, rape, assassinations and so on. So far, their operations are difficult to track and all of their victims have never been found. Lucky for you, our recent raid at a terrorist hideout has gotten us information on some of their plans, of which one of them mentioned you two.” The two girls sat there. Fazed. “So what are you going to do?” “We have two options for you. You can come with us, your parents will be informed and we will hide you until this crisis tides over.” “Or-?” “Or we can leave you alone and you can take your chances with luck. So what will it be?” Stupid question.

The two girls were walked out of the gates to the vehicles waiting there. Taylor said, motioning to the sedan, “You girls go in here. And we’ll be in the humvees up front and back, just in case. Evan here will be the driver and Miss Romina be guiding you until we reach headquarters.” He opened the door and they slid inside.

The leather was flawlessly smooth and comfortable and the air-conditioning hit them like a blast of cool relief from Singapore’s hot weather. “Wa, this is cool!” Amelia commented. “Yes it is, isn’t it?” A lady from in the front had turned around to speak to them. “I get to ride it everyday.” “Really? That’s so cool, bet your job rocks!” Amelia returned. “Nah. Its cool initially, government stuff and all. Then the paperwork and long hours gets to you and you’re like ughh.” They all laughed as the car began to move. “Anyway, I’m Miss Romina, but you girls can just call me Elise. My job today is to make it less scary for you all until we reach headquarters, then after bringing you in, you’re on your own! Haha.” Yen Yi spoke up this time. “Why’s that?” Elise said, Um…well it’s because..” in a sheepish voice she said. “don’t have the clearance for it.” Then she reverted to her normal voice. “I only know enough to know that you girls need to get to headquarters for protection, but I’m not allowed to see.” She looked slightly gloomy. Amelia saw this and joked, “Maybe they’ll tape it for you!” Elise gave a smile, “Yea, maybe they would.” And they all laughed again.

Outside, in the front humvee, Lieutenant Taylor dialed a number on his cell. “Hello?” replied a gruff voice. “We got them. Prepare the clients.” Click.

Chapter 2: 101 guys

The car came to a stop. The girls looked out of the window; they were in some sort of basement carpark. The driver opened the door and the girls got out. The two looked around the place as the rest of the soldiers and Elise got out of their vehicles. “This is it?” Amelia asked, surveying the empty carpark. “No, follow me.” Said Elise. They did and followed her to a little elevator. Elise pressed the button. The other soldiers started up the stairs. “Where are they going?” Yen Yi asked. Elise shrugged, “Dunno, probably scouting somewhere, anyway the lift isn’t big enough for all of us. Come in.” The lift had arrived.

They stepped into the small compartment. There were three buttons, B1, G, 1, 2. “Aren’t headquarters usually deep in the basement?” Amelia quipped. Elise smiled, “Yes, it is.” “But then why-?” Elise just smiled and said into a collar mike, “They’re here, lower the lift.” A pause, then the lift began to sink and alarming rate. The two girls were caught by surprise and held onto each other for balance. The lift continued sinking for half a minute, its lights flickering occasionally. Then, finally, it came to a stop. But the door did no open. The two turned to Elise. She took out two blindfolds and said, “Well girls, the following area unfortunately is restricted, where you’ll are not authorized to see and thus we have to blindfold you throughout this sector. It will be a minute’s walk, tops. You may only remove the blindfold when told to, here you do as you’re told as far as possible, understood?” Quick nods. Elise proceeded to blindfold the duo and then spoke into her mike again and the door opened. The girls were led by Elise through a series of winding paths, occasionally hearing weird sounds like gas hissing, electronic whining and something that sounded like a scream. Finally, they stopped. Amelia reached for the blindfold. “No! Wait. From here on, I can’t proceed, someone else will be here to er..take care of you. Remove the blindfolds only when told. Ok go in, I hope you enjoy your stay.” The girls heard a metallic grinding as the door in front of them opened. A voice said, “Step in. Get away from the doors.”

“I’m real sorry with all this secrecy but our current projects are, rather sensitive material and cannot be viewed by the public. Don’t fret, those cloths on you need stay on only awhile more.” A pause, then he continued. “Amelia and Yen Yi, from here, you will be brought to a room where you will be asked to do some things. It would be good if you did them with full enthusiasm and honesty. Inside the rooms, when the door shuts, you may remove your blindfolds. Ok my dears, this way.” And he led them a short distance and said, “In here.” He opened the doors and they walked in and he shut it behind them. Amelia and Yen Yi pulled off their blindfolds. Amelia said - “Oh, that was just so wei- Oh my go-…” They were standing in a large carpeted room surrounded by a circle of nearly 90 men donning ski masks. Naked men. All but one had number tags. That one was aiming a pistol at them.

Elise opened the door and entered a dark room full of monitor screens. The two men sitting at the screens turned. “Ah Eliza, just in time. Their about to start. With pretty girls too. It’s a long time since I’ve seen underage stuff; all the porn sites give pro shit. This ought to be good.” Eliza gave a malevolent grin. “Well then, you’d love the part coming up next as you see what Viktor tells them to do. She said, tapping the monitor at the man in the circle aiming a pistol at the two stunned girls.

“Ahh. Girls, we’ve been waiting for you. All 91 of us.” The man said with a slight Russian accent. “W-What’s this? I thought you were the UN?” Amelia managed to quip. “AHAHA. You girls are so gullible ja? Your principal was the biggest fool. One sniff of promotion and he becomes a mindless hound. This my dears, was an elaborate set-up, just for you 2.” “But you would be found out!” Yen Yi shouted, clutching Amelia closely. “Wrong again. Didn’t you remember what Lieutenant Taylor said? We never get caught. The only link would be your pathetic principal. And that wouldn’t be a problem as we have sent people to deal with him.” The girls were petrified. “Now, enough chit-chat. Would you girls be so nice as to take off your clothes?” Victor raised his gun. “Now.”

The girls looked at each other, tears welling in their eyes. They weren’t stupid, they knew what was coming. And no one knew where they were. Gunshot. They both yelped. A smoking whole lay in the carpet in between the two of them. “Undress, slowly.” With no choice, the girls complied.

Amelia slowly undid a button, and then another, tears flowing down her cheeks. By now her chest area could be seen and her white lace bra peeked out from behind her blouse. She could see a few penises starting to erect around her. Yen Yi then began to undo a shirt. Amelia finished unbuttoning her blouse, her bra and curves visible between the blouse’s vertical opening. She hesitated as Yen Yi also finished unbuttoning her blouse, revealing a black training bra. “The skirts too. Please.” Victor added the last with a grin. His dick was not hard, yet. “Now.” He raised his pistol again. Amelia’s fingers trembled as she undid her skirt. The buckle came off, and she clutched her loose skirt for a moment before grudgingly letting it drop, revealing abit of her white panties behind her long blouse. Yen Yi began to sob as she unbuckled her skirt and let is fall down to the floor, revealing sports shorts underneath. “Conservative type huh? I like your type. Remove them please.” Yen Yi began sobbing quite audibly now. She hooked her thumbs into the shorts and pulled them down slowly to her ankles. Her tight cotton panties could be seen now, better than Amelia’s as Yen Yi’s blouse was shorter and could not cover it. More penises erected and she could see one twitch as she pulled down her pants. “Finish removing your blouses.” Crying, both girls stretched the two button sides of their blouses open, off their shoulders and off their wrists, fully revealing their bras, curves and panties. Yen Yi’s tight panties were stretched so tight it molded very tightly against her pussy, showing off her pussy mound and slit. More penises erected, not Victor’s. Yen Yi’s legs instinctively criss-crossed, covering her genital area with her ties. “Ah, very good girls. Now, the undergarments as well.” Amelia slowly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, and with a loud sob, let it fall to the ground, revealing two firm medium sized breasts, smaller than an adult’s but better than the average teen’s. She then pinched the two sides of her panty and pulled it down to her ankles, where it lay crumpled. Her hairy pussy was fully exposed now and her hands quickly sprang up to cover her mound and breasts. Not before a few more dicks erected and twitched. “Yen Yi, we’re waiting for you.” “P-Pleass..e, don’t make me.” Yen Yi whimpered. Another gunshot. This time missing her toe by an inch. Yen Yi flinched and her eye lids squeezed shut, forcing out more tears. Then slowly, she undid one strap of her bra, making it loosen abit. Then squeezing more tears with her eyelids, she undid the second strap, causing the bra to slacken and fall off her breasts. Her breasts were smaller than Amelia’s, resembles two slightly raised humps on her chest, but somehow, they had their own attractiveness to them. All dicks were fully erect now. Except Victor’s, which was beginning to twitch. Her vision blurred with tears, Yen Yi, slowly rolled down her panties into a crumpled white ring around her ankles. Hers was hairy too, but the hair was less dense and thus those nearer to her could see her slit. Many dicks twitched. Hard. Victor’s dick was red hard now. He gave it a pat. “Ahh, that was great. Thank you girls.”

Chapter 3: Coin toss

The two girls were now shivering in the cold of the air-conditioning and were doing their best to protect what’s left of their modesty with their hands. Victor noticed their behaviour and chuckled. “Cold? Don’t worry; you’ll be warmed up soon enough. But first, let me formally explain why you are here now that we’re all appropriately attired.” He surveyed the circle. “These men here, excluding me, have each paid approximately $US200,000 just to participate in today’s event. What are the rules? Allow me to explain, but first we need to prepare something” Four women, dressed in white coats came into the room with a small box of equipment. A projection screen lowered and displayed a counter with a display divided in three columns, labeled O/V/A respectively. “This is a randomizer, when I click the randomize, three random numbers will appear in the columns. The guys with their numbers random will be the first group. ‘O’ stands for oral, ‘V’ stands for vaginal, and ‘A’ stands for anal. The man in the ‘O’ column will go first and you are going service that person. Yen Yi and Amelia cringed, tears still flowing over the dried ones. The man in the ‘V’ column will then have your pussy and then afterward ‘A’ guy gets your ass. Meanwhile, the 2 other guys are free to touch you; so long they don’t obstruct the turn player. The two girls whimpered in fear. “But we’ve advised them against it as it might result in accidental cumming, spoiling their fun. Now, let’s head this way.”

The circle broke up and the two girls saw two quilted elevated platforms propped at an angle. The 4 nurses held Amelia by her armpits and hauled her on the bed-like platform. Three nurses then held her by her arms and her legs wide open and one put on a rubber glove and with two fingers brushed aside Amelia’s vaginal hair and stretched open her vulva, peering inside. Amelia squirmed. The nurse looked up towards Victor. “She’s virgin.” “Good. Next.” The nurses then let go of Amelia and heaved a struggling Yen Yi on the platform and pinned her with her legs open. The lead nurse again peered into her vagina and saw the pink membrane intact. She then released the vulva and said, “Hmm, this is a young one. She’s virgin too.” Yen Yi started crying again. “Thank you Margaret, proceed please, clients are getting restless.” The nurses then began heating a piece of what resembled tape and one nurse wiped Yen Yi‘s pussy with an alcohol wipe who squirmed again. The nurse then applied the tape gently onto her vagina. Yen Yi was not stupid, she knew what was happening and started struggling. But the nurses held her hands firm and her legs wide open. Victor said, “Our clients specifically requested you to be de-haired, and we must oblige, besides, I agree with them.” Margaret then ripped of the tape, tearing off all of Yen Yi’s pubic hair. She screamed. The force of the waxing had made her now bald pussy look a little red now. The screaming subsided when Margaret dabbed the mound with a cool swab again. “Good good! Now Amelia.” Amelia tried to run but she was caught and pressed onto the soft platform, pinned with her legs spread apart. Since she had a thicker bush, her waxing was more painful, so when Margaret ripped off the tape, she screamed for a longer time.

The nurses left and the girls just lay on the platform, paralyzed by the pain. After a minute, Victor spoke. “Before the randoming starts, there’s a few more things. Both you girls will be separated. So you each share half the guys here. But only 90 lucky fellows will get a chance tonight, the rest will have to wait till next time. So, you girls can only stop after 15 groups are done with you each. Also, to start things off, there will be a coin toss. I get to pop the cherry of the loser. Fun eh? And there’s one rule, any biting and you get shot. Understood? Let’s start.” He gave another evil grin.

“Heads for Amelia, tails for Yen Yi. Hmm.” Victor said, a coin in his hand. Let’s make it more fun, we’ll let Yen Yi toss the coin.” He pulled both girls to sitting position and pressed the coin into Yen Yi’s trembling hands. “Toss it honey. Hehehe. Just throw it anywhere.” Fumbling, Yen Yi dropped the coin. It bounced onto the floor and roll out of the circle. Victor turned to the men, “Get it. And we can begin.” He gave Yen Yi a lecherous grin that made her shiver even more. Yen Yi was terrified, she closed her eyes and prayed hard for a heads. She had never seen a penis before but Victor’s penis was bigger than her imagination had ever thought a penis could be. She knew if that thing went into her, it would hurt.

Amelia too prayed for a tails. She had seen her elder brother’s penis before by accident when she was younger but his penis was nowhere as big as the twitching one she saw before her right now. Just the thought of it going into her was scary. Two girls were praying hard not to lose when a man shouted. “I got it!” Victor turned, “Heads, or tails?”

Looking at the coin, the man said, “Tails!”

Chapter 4: 45

Victor looked infuriated. “Very well, after I do Amelia, we shall begin.” Amelia was wide-eyed in fear and tried to back away, but Victor held her by her ankles and pulled her in front of his dick. He used his thumb and stroked her clit, sending many fuzzy feelings of uncomfortable warmth through her body. He then pressed his cock tip against her vulva. Amelia sat up and tried to push him away, but he swatted her hands away and forced her down and clutched her by her breasts. He squeezed and Amelia start struggling, then slowly, he pushed his cock abit harder and the lips of Amelia’s pussy spread open to enfold around the invading digit. Her struggles became harder. He bent over her and kissed her nipples, making them erect. She was frantic now; she could feel the penis going deeper into her.

It touched her hymen. Victor rubbed his dick against it. He felt very horny now. Then he tightened his grip around Amelia’s breasts and thrust his whole hip against her crotch with tremendous force. The might of the thrust was too much for Amelia’s thin membrane and it tore, letting in the invading penis to roam into the confines of her it had failed to defend. Her eyes widened further and she let out an audible gasp, her hand instinctively grabbing onto Victors back, it took her a full second to realized her most private confines had been breached by an intruder for the first time, it moving in and out of her, rubbing against her insides, her body sending her the most disgusting warmth she ever felt, causing her to moan.

Yen Yi watched in horror as the penis suddenly sank deep into her best friend’s private part, a trickle of blood flowing from it. She watched as a man two times Amelia’s size was pressed atop of her, and watched as Amelia began to moan, as though savouring a massage. She began to wonder, “Perhaps sex had hypnotic effects?” and she began to fear her turn.

Amelia’s body was now beginning to betray her. She could feel her part’s muscles embracing the invader, squeezing it, as though egging it on. She felt so helpless and dirty. The penis was now increasing in speed; the friction it caused was giving her pain. She began to gasp, “Uh! Uh! Ow! Uh! Uhhhhhhh…!” as though there was magic, her vagina started secreting fluids and Amelia could feel an increasing feeling of inexplicable warmth. Victor was pounding hard now. His face was red and his muscled form tensed as he gripped onto his prey, pounding her in her whole. He could feel it now. He picked up the pace.

Amelia knew it would happen anytime now, she studied it in biology, she never ever imagined it would happen so quickly in her life. She knew Victor was going to ‘ejaculate’ any moment. Sure enough, the penis began moving faster and Amelia’s groaning grew more erotic even though she didn’t realize. “Uhhh…uhhhh.uhhhh.uhuhuhuh!” Victor began to tense more. Then with a final burst of strength, he raped Amelia as hard as he could. Amelia felt her ‘part’ burning and yet it embraced the enemy, egging it on to explode. Then suddenly, Victor became rigid and said “I’m cumming!” and Amelia felt the penis swell up inside her and then it exploded. Gushes and gushes of warm liquid squirted into her. Sticking to the walls of her womb, she could feel the penis’ pumping movement, spilling more liquid into her. Victor exhaled deeply. “Ahh! Yes..ahh.” Then at last, the penis shrank abit and was withdrawn. Amelia felt the liquid oozing out of the lips of her ‘part’ pooling onto the cushion. She began to cry, both from the shame and pain in her vagina.

Fear stabbed at Yen Yi as she stared transfixed at her friend’s pathetic form after her rape. Her limp body oozing out a white liquid, her ‘part’ inflamed. “Now!” Victor said, wiping the excess cum on Amelia’s pussy. “We can begin! Hit the randomizer for Yen Yi!” The counter started flickering, Yen Yi and the other men turned to look at the screen. Yen Yi watched in fear as the number 2/34/100 appeared on the screen. “2! 34! 100! Guys, step forward.” A big hulking male negro, and a white bony man and a fat man stood forward. “May I know who ‘2’ is?” To her terror, the fat man raised his hand. “You may proceed. Have fun.” Yen Yi was wrenched from her platform into kneeling position on the floor. Mr. 2 then thrust his dick at her. “Suck it.” She shook her head and turned away. He then grabbed her by her ponytail and pressed her lips against his short dick. Yen Yi resisted the man and tried to shake her head away. Then the bony guy reached down and pinched her hard on her nipple, making her gasp in surprise. The fat guy then took the chance and shoved his cock into her mouth.

It was the most disgusting and humiliating experience for her. Mr. 2’s penis was disgusting to taste and his hair was all in her face. She could smell his odour as his penis went in and out of her mouth. The man then held her head with two hands and thrust her head in a to and fro motion. The dick was not long enough to choke her but I was gross nonetheless and after awhile, fat guy started to groan. Yen Yi was terrorized to feel the penis in her mouth expanding, then her tongue brushed it by accident and it twitched, blowing warm salty goo onto her tongue and down her throat. Now, she gagged and cough, the cum flowing out of her mouth. Victor said, “You better drink up Yen Yi, because that’s all you be drinking or eating for the next half a day. Hehe.” The fat man exhaled and pulled his cock out. “Lick it up!” Yen Yi was stunned at the order. “Now.” The thin guy pinched her again and she complied. Gingerly, she stuck out her sticky tongue and licked the tip of his penis, taking in the disgusting fluid. When he was done, he said. Grinning. “Swallow it.” Yen Yi cried again. Sobbing, she took a deep breath, and swallowed.

“Now, we roll for Amelia.” The counter flickered and three more guys stood forth and went to grasp the limp Amelia and forced a dick into her limp mouth, waking her from her trance. Amelia felt the long digit intrude deep into her throat and choke her. She could not breathe. Just as she was about to suffocate, the cock came out, she took a breath and it went in again. Finally, the cock exploded in her mouth and she choked. After being forced to swallow as well, she was on the bed again and another fat man mounted her helpless body.

Yen Yi screamed and kick as the bony man and the negro lifted her on the table. Yen Yi cried as she saw the bony man that was about to take her virginity. She had always pictured the moment to be with her special guy. Not some thin rich nerd. The negro pinned her down by her small breasts and bony guy spread her legs. She screamed and had her mouth stuffed with the fat man’s dick. Mr. 34 positioned his dick at her vulva, he pushed a little, spreading her vulva open and went deeper. The penis touched her hymen. Yen Yi begged the man, teary-eyed, “P-p-please don’ rape me. Ple-ase.” The lines of semen in her mouth muffling her words. The man looked at her, than with an evil grin, thrust in his hip.

Her hymen broke in a sharp burst of pain and the penis slid into Yen Yi where no penis has slid before. Bony guy was exhilarated. He had taken the girl’s virginity! He continued to pump the girl, ignoring her weeping visage. Yen Yi felt desecrated, her sacred confines breached as a monster lunged hungrily in and out of her, causing her immense pain. The lack of lubricant had caused friction and she had not felt the slightest sense of the hypnotic feel Amelia had felt but rather just pain and disgust. Then the time came. The penis inside her swelled uncomfortably inside the tight space and exploded deep into her. She knew that this was only the beginning, but she could not help but feel that lost something so precious to her, something she had been defending for nearly 16 years, gone, in a moment. She just lay there and cried as the bony man wiped his sticky penis onto her thigh and as the warm semen trickled down her vagina and onto the cushion.

To be continued. The best part’s next because I think this might have caused you to cum multiple times already. And multiple cumming is painful. So I’ll save it and submit part 2 if you guys like this one.

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College Town – Part 4 – Mean Teens

Adam could barely look at Jess who was sitting on the bed covered in another man's cum. He sat on the edge of the bed wondering why he hadn't yet fled the room as big white blobs of Jason's juice rolled off of his girlfriend's forehead, down the sides of her nose, and into her left eye. He wasn't quite sure whether or not his girlfriend had intended to humiliate him or if she had just been caught up in the moment and said and done things she shouldn't have. His thoughts were interrupted as she spoke up. “Lay back. ”...


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Lindsay's Dirty Secrets

Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Lindsay is always in heaven when shes got her faviorte long glass dildo with the swirl edge around it going in and out of her tight little pink pussy. She comes home everyday and immediately needs it after a long day of work. Her boss Mr. Franklin drives her crazy everyday to where she comes home and drives that dildo in out moaning his name wishing it was his cock and his desk instead of that dildo and that pillow. She loves rubbing her little clit as she thinks of him throwing her on the desk pushing her...


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Becoming Daddy's Good Girl 7: Bratty Sister Gets Spanked

Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter Seven: Bratty Sister Gets Spanked By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 A hand shook my shoulder as I slept. I didn't want to wake up. I was still so tired from yesterday. So much had happened yesterday. I went on a roller coaster of emotions. It started off with Daddy taking me to a private dungeon to show off how much of a good girl I was. My eighteen-year-old body was on display for the other Master's and their submissive sex slaves, some as young as me, others older. There were even mother/daughter teams of submissives. That should...


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Endless Summer

Desmond had lived an idylic life, and he was well aware of it. He had grown up with caring parents, both working, and each considered succesful in their work. He spent most of his childhood alone, but he understood, he tried to be reasonable. They worked, he went to school, they had family dinners almost every night and their family vacations were always fun and relaxing for everyone. They had petty fights like all families do, but he was blessed. Then he turned 14. The perfect family fell apart around him. He found his mother with a man, who was not...


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