Raped! by Pep Pt 1

Raped! by Pep Pt 1

I felt the pain before I could protest the girth I felt pressing against my pussyhole. I thought I was dreaming at first. I laid there frozen, on my stomach as I felt my pussy being stretched beyond its capacity. Short, quick strokes, each one ripping my hole open, each time the huge thing went deeper. I felt it ponding against my cervix, each time causing a sharp pain deep in my gut. My pussy is dripping blood and precum from the monster dick hammering. I squirmed to get away scurrying up the bed. Then I felt it! A sharp pair of teeth sunk deep into my back holding me in place. The smell of dog breath permeated the air. I felt the fur rub against my back as I let out a gurgling scream. I was being raped. By a dog. I couldn’t believe it.
“ahhhhhhh. Pep heel boy.” I managed thru clenched teeth. This command only seemed to excite him. He sunk his teeth deeper into my back and pounded harder. The pain was unbearable. It felt as if the huge monsterdick was getting bigger, and my back was on fire. Stretching my hole wider, ripping the opening. The room starts to spin.
“Arggggggg. Please heel Pep” I cried. Pep pumped as hard as he could while letting out an ear piercing howl as he exploded deep in my womb. Cum mixed with blood gushed out of my pussy pushing Peps shriveling dick out with it. Darkness consumed me as I passed out!
Five Hours Later
“Superfreak, Superfreak superfreaky now, “ my cellphone sang again for the 100th time in a row. My pussy was on fire and my sheets were bloody. Snatching my phone off the nightstand, the ringing stopped.
Boom boom boom boom. “Come on now, first the phone now the door, I can’t. “
“Superfreak, Superfreak, superfreaky now”
“Yes” I huffed
“Janie, Where are you? I’ve been banging on the door for the last 20 minutes. I Told you I would be here by 8pm.” Mike asked.
“I’m sorry, I had a long day, and I fell asleep. Mike I’m coming to open the door but I don’t feel up to going out anymore.”
“That’s fine baby. Maybe we can watch a movie and have a few glasses of wine. Just come open the door.”
Climbing out of bed, Pep stood and began growling. He barked each time I attempted to limp pass him out of the room.
“Come on Pep, heel. I gotta get the door. “
Pep stood on his hind legs and tried humping on My leg as I walk by him. I could feel the slimy wet dick slide from its sheath as he humped.
“Down Boy”
Boom Boom Boom. “I’m coming” I said knocking Pep to the side and speed walking for the front door. I opened the door feeling a little spooked by Peps behavior.
” I guess you can say it’s my fault that he’s acting like I am his sexslave all of a sudden. You see I love to watch pornos and masturbate. The kinkier the porno the better. Some days I masturbate three or four times a day and I’m still not satisfied. I surf chat lines and dating sites and participate in a lot of phonesex. Mike doesn’t know this side of me. He wouldn’t understand. Sometimes, if I had too much to drink, I have to send Mike home, I can’t let him find out , and having sex with a drunk me would definitely reveal more than intended. Mike thinks the wildest thing I’ve done sexually was to receive oral sex in a car. Shiiiit, that’s probably one of the tamest things I’ve done. He likes to ‘convince’ me to do things like licking his ass and sucking his balls. If only he knew, I could teach him a thing or two” I thought
“Hey baby, a penny for your thoughts” Mike said breaking into my thoughts.
“Nothing just had a bad dream that’s all”
“About what, and why are you limping?”
I quickly attempted to straighten my walk. “My foot fell asleep.” I lied.
“Ruff, ruff ruff.” Pep barked and jumped up ,licking Mike’s face.
“Hey big boy. How’s my big boy? You been keeping mommy safe like I taught you? Has mommy given you any peanut butter today?” Mike asked rubbing Peps head. You see, Pep was a gift from Mike. The Great Dane mixed with a Cane Corso. was only a few months old and he stood as tall as my waist, and weighed over 100 lbs., though he only stood as tall as Mikes lower thighs. When Pep stood on his two back legs, he stood taller than me. He loves peanut butter and is usually a very playful puppy. Mike had trained him thoroughly, teaching him many different commands. He usually obeyed my commands but today was different. He and Mike have this weird sort of communication. Mike could nod his head and Pep will move wherever he needs him. That doesn’t work for me.
“Yeah, I gave him Peanut butter today, why are you concerned? It’s not like you’re going to walk him when it’s time to let that funky shit out.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and slipped my tongue into his mouth.
“Interesting” Mike said after sucking my tongue and swirling his tongue around the confines of my mouth. It was almost as if he was tasting my mouth! “What were you eating?”
“Huh? Nothing. I just woke up, I didn’t brush my teeth yet, sorry.”
“Right. Well, I’m going into the kitchen to fix us dinner, while you go shower and get comfortable” Mike said with a weird smirk. “Come on Pep, let’s go have a man talk while the queen primps.” He said taking Pep until the kitchen with him.
Whew. I hurried to my bedroom , with each step pain exploded between my legs. “Pep really put a whooping on me! I will never do that again” I mumbled as I thought about the events that led up to Pep raping me.
Earlier today
……….Rubbing my pussy back and forth with my whole hand, I occasionally dipped my middle finger in the hole. I continued to watch the thick chocolate beauty ‘Raven Zamone’ slide open her fat blueberry black pussylips, revealing the hot pink interior. Stretching her lips wide, the small dark hole opened like a rosebud on a sunny bring day. The German Shepard appeared on screen and dove his long tongue straight into her cotton candy tunnel. He started sliding his tongue in and out as Raven Zamone arched her back and rode the dogs tongue, grinding her hips hard against it. This shit blew me away! She seemed just as surprised as I was by the dog’s decision to join her masturbation session. Her face revealed her internal plight between right and wrong the minute she felt the hot breath on her cunt. Quickly throwing caution to the wind, she squirmed against the dogs tongue until her back arched, eyes rolled to the back of her head and her body spasmed, as multiple orgasms rolled thru her body. The dog slid his tongue out of the girls pussy, and began lapping at the cum dripping from her jet black pussylips.
“What the fuck?” I shoved two fingers as deep as they could go as I watched the computer screen. My pussy was soaked. I bent my fingers forward and pressed against my gspot.
“Oh shit………………………………….ahh, ahh oh my god” I practically yelled as I moved my hips forward to meet the rhythm of the attack on my g-spot and back to meet the pressure of my thumb on my clit. As if on cue, Pep stood from under the bed watching me curiously with his ears back and tail raised.
Slap, slap, slap. I slapped my wet pussy hard. “Oh shit, ahh, ahh oh shit” I moaned thru labored breathing. Pep walked over and sniffed, blowing out his warm breath on my clit before sitting back and watching.
“Oh shit Pep, do that again” I huffed, pressing my hips forward. My pussy gushed. Pep continued to watch.
Slap slap slap. I slapped my pussy hard again. And again Pep slid his nose up the length of my pussy, before blowing his breath on it, then sitting back again. I pulled on my clit and squeezed it tight. My pussy started spasming against the fingers attacking my g-spot.
“Fuck Pep that was hot! I’m still Cumming. But that’s not what I’m looking for Pep. I need the big one. The one that starts at my toes. “ I mumbled while still rubbing my clit. Pep started sniffing my pussy. He sniffed my ass.
“ Let’s try something Pep. You see , I want my pussy ate and since you like this peanut butter so much, I wonder if I rub it on my pussy, would you lick it off.
Grabbing the jar off the end table, I smeared the thick paste like butter on my labia and especially around my clit! “Here boy, you want a treat” I purred as I continued to smear the peanut butter. Hesitant at first, Pep stood and began sniffing the butter. After a few agonizing minutes of sniffing, Pep stuck his long tongue out and began licking around my pussyhole as if he knew the order and was saving the clit for last…………………………………………………………stay tuned for part 2

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