Chinese Daughter Torture

Chinese Daughter Torture

It was two in the morning on the last night of my weekend pass. I had spent most of the weekend in the bars around Hua-lien, Taiwan, looking for women but striking out every time. It turns out; the Taiwanese don't like Americans either, even if we are their ticket to sovereignty. As I said, it was two in the morning on the last night of my pass...I was desperate for action and stumbling around the streets drunk.

Suddenly, a set of hands reached out from a dark alley and pulled my drunken ass to the ground. In a flash, I saw red...then I was unconscious. When I woke up, my uniform had been stripped off me and I was strapped into a chair. It wasn't really a chair in the traditional sense, and the straps weren't the most unusual aspect of the chair. The seat was shaped like a toilet seat, which completely exposed my asshole. Cold air was being blown in the room like a cold winter day in Colorado. I was freezing and confused.

The room was completely round, and the walls were a dark gray color, which appeared to be metal. The lights in the room were blindingly bright. I didn't want to look up into them because seeing things was all there was between me and being completely fucking scared. I heard a door open behind me. I couldn't move to see who it was, but that didn't matter. A short Asian male walked around the room to face me, but he stayed close to the wall about 10 feet away from me. His green uniform indicated the son-of-a-bitch's Chinese alignment. He was one of the guys we were here to kick the fuck out.

He spoke in Chinese first. I didn't understand a word of it. Then, I felt a sudden stab of pain from my kneecaps to my forehead as thousands of volts of electricity was applied to my bare ass on the seat which I now knew was metal. The Chink bastard repeated himself in Chinese, and I screamed back at him, "I don't fucking speak Chink." The pain lasted about five seconds longer this time as I collapsed into an unconscious blackness.

I couldn't have been out long. I felt a sudden splash of hot water and the rush of cold air that shrank every part of me that could shrink. My nuts were climbing up into my stomach for warmth. I looked around the room as much as I could. That bastard Chink wasn't there anymore. Instead, there was this girl in a school uniform. She spoke softly and in perfect English.

"I apologize for my father. He doesn't really want to torture you, but he needs some information that you might have."

"Did he think to ask me in English."

"He doesn't speak English. I do. That's why he brought me here. Do you know what day of the week it is?"

"It's Monday morning," I replied.

"No, silly. It's Monday afternoon. Why else would I be out of school?"

"How old are you?" I asked. A sudden shock was delivered to my ass.

"You don't ask questions, but I will tell you. I am 15."

She began walking up to the chair, which had become my prison. When she got right up close to me, I felt another sharp pain, but it wasn't the chair this time. She slapped my face with a piece of leather she was holding behind her back.

"Shame on you. The next time I see you start to get an erection in front of a young girl like me, I will be forced to use the electric seat on you. Don't make me be mean."

I could see her clearly now that the light didn't bounce off her and make her shine like an angel. Her 4'10" frame is wonderfully proportioned. Even though she was Asian and 15, her breasts were easily a 32C. I had my doubts about her being 15. A sudden shock got my attention. The pain was more intense this time because I was still wet from the water.

"What is your name, Mr. Pervert American?"

"I am Lance Corporal Tony Watkins of the U.S. Army. My service number is five seven eigghhhht...." The leather hit my face again this time while the electricity flowed freely through my body causing me to spasm and jerk.

"Lance, I only asked for your name," she said. I felt her hand on my chest from behind me. She started caressing my nipples with her left hand and sliding her right hand down my stomach.


As I said it, she stopped caressing me and asked, "What did you say, Lance?"

"My name is To...aaaaagh!" The electricity brought my blood to a boiling point even in the cold room.

"Don't correct me, Lance. You'll find me a lot nicer when you stop trying to control the situation." Once again she started caressing my chest while her other hand found its way to my groin. The tickling sensation was more than I could stand. My erection was beginning to grow when she pulled away, and I felt another painful shock. Each shock caused my cock to go limp. This Chinese bitch was going to make me impotent if this kept up.

"Tell me, Lance, what are you doing in Taiwan?"

"I was getting drunk at the bar when someone knocked me out. That's all I remember." The shock again. And if it was even possible, I felt my cock shrink some more.

"Lance, I'm getting very disappointed. Will you tell me the truth?" She repeated the question as if she were a schoolgirl begging for a piece of candy. Her eyes had that sad expression like I was causing her pain.

"I with a Marine Battle Group. We're here to force a halt to the Chinese invasion or evacuate members of the AIT." As I finished saying that, she smiled and unbuttoned the top button of her school uniform.

"I think its great that you're starting to get the hang of this, Lance. I was starting to worry that you liked pain. Do you like pain, Lance?" She questioned me without punishing me for my growing erection.

"Does anyone?" Dammit! The electricity was causing all the muscles in my body to tense. This time the shock didn't bother me as much, but my erection nevertheless faded again.. "I mean, no. I don't like pain." Again, she smiled and undid another button on her shirt. I could see the ripe round breasts wrapped in soft lace.

"Lance, where do the Americans expect to attack next?" She didn't even wait for the answer. I felt the stab of electricity and the smack of leather on my face. I hesitated a moment and felt the hot water splash me. My cock's growing size quickly faded. "You're right, Lance. That's a big question. We'll save that for later. Tell me: Do you like the way my breasts look?"

"Yes." She rewarded my quick response by grabbing my cock in both hands and licking it as it grew from her touch.

"Lance, I like being nice to you. Will you let me be nice to you?"

"Yes." I could feel my hesitation to her questions begin to drift away. She was cupping my balls with one hand while stroking my six inch cock and licking the violet cap like a girl with her favorite ice cream cone.

"Where are you stationed on Taiwan, Lance?"

"The regiment set up a camp a few miles North of T'ai-tung." My cock was enveloped in silky warm lips. It was a wonderful change to the cold room and my cock responded by getting harder. The lack of punishing electricity was making me very anxious and my balls began to tense up and my cock twitched. She instantly pulled away from me, and volts of electricity sent my arousal plummeting like Icarus complete with a splash of hot water.

"I told you not to try to be in control of this situation, and there you go trying to ejaculate in my mouth. I am in control of this situation," she said as she walked around behind me. "Now, Lance, tell me how many soldiers are at the camp."

"3400 men, 15 Stryker vehicles, 10 M-1 tanks, 20 troop carriers, 20 Hummers, and 6 Apache attack choppers."

"Lance, you are getting very good at this." I felt her hands caress my nipples as her tongue slipped down my spine. Her right hand moved away from me and I heard a humming sound that wasn't there before. "Don't twitch, Lance. I promise this won't hurt." It was small and slippery. At least, I think it was. My asshole puckered at the instant I was touched by the vibrating end, but it still slipped in the backdoor with any hesitation. This woman couldn't be 15. She knew too well how to make a man jump. My cock was throbbing hard in seconds from the vibration on my prostate. As suddenly as it was in, it was out. She walked around in front of me and removed her shirt and bra. I was staring at the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. Her small brown nipples were hard as steel. I didn't know if she was turned on by what she was doing to me, or if it was just the cold air in the room. Suddenly the blowing air stopped. Then, it started again, but this time, it was warmer. I'd say about 100 degrees and humid as a Louisiana swamp. That's when she dropped the schoolgirl skirt. My torturer was standing before me with nothing but a simple pair of white cotton panties drenched at the crotch. So all this was turning her on. I could see the shaped black pubic hair pointing like an arrow right to her moist opening. "Okay, Lance. Now, the big question. Where are the Americans planning to strike next?"

"Hsin-chu. It's right in the middle of the Island on the West side. The officials don't want to use the roads because that would be easy to defend if they tried to go north to Taipei and then South to the Chinese base camp, and they figure the Chinese would never expect an attack from the Southeast because of the mountains in between the camps."

"Thank you, Lance." She walked up close to me and asked, "If I turn loose of the straps will you obey me?"

"Yes." Her kiss was warm and sticky and sweet. I felt like I was falling in love, but I knew that I was just brainwashed. Knowing it didn't mean I rejected it though. She touched my cock gently with her hands and fondled the head. Then, she bent down and sucked the whole thing into her throat. She bobbed her head about three times and I lost complete control emptying my semen into her warm, open mouth.

"Would you like to continue this in a nicer place?"

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