Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 7

Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 7

Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 7

At the end of Part 6, Brenda and I had decided we were definitely a couple and had celebrated this by spending the night together.

Carol had been a great deal closer to a penis than she had expected to be and was now bracing herself for the final jump (if you will forgive the expression).

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Carol’s Holiday Part 3

September 2013

Carol arrived around 10am the next day. She seemed a little on edge and her first words were tersely spoken:

"I suppose you two are tired out."

Brenda put her arm around Carol's shoulders and asked if there was any reason that this should not be the case. Carol responded by sobbing and saying that she was sorry for sounding so bitchy but she was upset about the events of yesterday. In particular, she objected to her having been subjected to having oral sex with me.

In a very firm voice Brenda pointed out that although she may have done things to her, I certainly hadn't done anything of my own volition.

Carol was still upset until Brenda pointed out that Carol herself had insisting on masturbating me. She had organized everything else. She pointed out that I had merely done as required by both of them and it was Carol who had opened her mouth for me, so what was she complaining about?

"No one is trying to coerce you into having sex with Tim, but I would be a happy mother if you did."

Carol said that she had spent a long time thinking it over and realized that she had wanted reassurance that I would be the right person to take her virginity and that she knew she was now frightened of having a man after so many years.

"You'll never, ever, find another man who won't want to nail you to the bed the moment he gets inside you. I think I'd feel like that myself if I went near you wearing my strap-on. You are a gorgeous woman and it's like a red rag to bull seeing you naked."

"Excuse me; she is like a red rag to a bull in any state of dress. I do realize that this is a mother and daughter thing and I hate to be a cold shower, but I have just spent seven hours with a rampant, demanding, woman and I.......yes love, I'll be quiet."

The 'phone rang, it was Doreen saying that she had got her car back and had been to visit her husband in hospital. His condition had worsened further and he was not expected to last through the week. She is upset and wished to come to us for company.

I told her that she was welcome any time and that she need never ring first for permission to visit. She said that she didn't want to interrupt anything.

"Doreen, after your last visit here just what makes you think you'd be interrupting? I'd make very sure you were involved, come on over."

Brenda said that this sounded like a good time to withdraw as she and Carol had a few things still to sort out and anyway she was too tired and sore for fun and frolics with an obviously needy woman.

Doreen Part 2.

Brenda and Carol left and shortly afterwards Doreen arrived. I checked over her car and agreed that they'd done a good job then I suggested that we go inside so I could check her over. She seemed amenable to this so in we went.

Once inside I faced her and reached forward to feel her breasts. She took a deep breath and sighed as I felt and fondled her soft, ample breasts and tweaked her swelling nipples.

"Oh Tim it so good to have this happen again. My husband used to take me in at the most unexpected moments because he knew that if my nipples were aroused he would be able to anything he wanted with me. I like the fact that you don't pussyfoot around."

I was starting to get an erection as she spoke, and broaching the subject that was uppermost in my mind, I asked her if she was willing to have sex with Brenda and me on a regular basis.

"Before you answer, think about the implications. I am talking about sex with both of us, single or as a threesome on a permanent basis. I know you've had sex with Brenda and even though you've had little experience of sex with another woman she enjoyed it and you appeared to enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed having you, but now we are talking about a long-term association. Are you certain you want to get involved?"

"I can't think of anything I want more. I'm about to lose a husband whom I love dearly and we used to have a very full sex life, both us were sex addicts and I still am. Incidentally his cock was as big as yours and I want it inside me."

"OK my love; you're now officially a sex object. Welcome to Hedonism."

As I spoke, I was undoing buttons and clasps, unzipping zips and divesting her of her clothing. Once I had removed her knickers, I told her that she should never wear underwear when she visited us, as it was certain that she would be fucked. I continued my inspection of her breasts and nipples until she reached for my semi-erect cock.

"Stop teasing me, fuck me."

I led her into the kitchen and told her lie on the table which I had already prepared by covering it with two thick blankets and a sheet. Once she was comfortable on her back, I spread her legs apart and rested her feet on two stools. Pulling up a chair I sat between her legs, my mouth was an inch away from her newly smooth, hairless, vulva.

"Did you enjoy getting that done?"

"I enjoyed paying for it."

I commenced to lick, suck, and nibble her vulva and labia until she reached down and pulled open her sex thus enabling me to suck her clitoris, which visibly swelled at this treatment. Responding to the oral stimulation her round, soft, bottom lifted up off the table and as my tongue invaded her vaginal tunnel, two of my fingers invaded her rectum. This was fun and I had her constantly moaning and bucking and pleading with me to fuck her.

Eventually my own arousal grew to the point that I could no longer ignore it. I removed my fingers from her anus and my mouth from her soaking sex then stood up, guided my cock to her opening, and steadily drove all ten inches of my cock into her. Once fully inside her I reached forward and fondled her breasts, two soft mounds of sexual attraction topped with hard, erect, nipples.

Using her breasts as anchors I withdrew my cock until the helmet was at her opening then I pulled myself forward to thrust into her now oozing vagina. This was repeated for some minutes with my thrusts getting faster by the minute. Loud squelching and slurping noises were emanating from her as her vagina tried to suck my semen from my rigid shaft.

I eventually released her breasts and asked her if she wanted me to fuck her to an orgasm or would she like to try a different position.

"Please, fuck me, just fuck me, don't stop, please don't stop.”

I got hold of her thick waist just above her hips and pulled her onto my thrusting shaft then pushed her back as I withdrew to repeat the action, thrusting harder and getting faster with each thrust. I was in my heaven, my cock disappearing inside a hot, willing, and wet; vagina with two wonderful mounds of pink-tipped flesh bouncing about in front of me was all that I could ask for.

Finally, Doreen shrieked, her legs wrapped around me with her heels pressing me forward preventing my cock from leaving her tunnel, then she convulsed into the loudest and most intense orgasm I have ever been connected to. I swear her vaginal spasms put a ridge in my cock that took three days to disappear.

When she had finally done clinging to me I gently explained that Brenda and I had been having a very intense sex session for most of the night and I now desperately needed some sleep, Doreen immediately got off the table and told me to get to bed, she would tidy everything up.

I woke up sometime later to find Doreen had climbed into bed with me and lay, fast asleep, beside me.

Carol's Holiday Part 4.

Brenda and Carol returned to my cottage to find us asleep. Not in each other’s arms, just asleep, side by side.

Brenda tells me that what happened next was Carol's idea. All I know is that I was drowsily aware of a hand sliding up and down my cock and this had started to impinge on my brain, which was still under the impression that Doreen was alongside me.

It was wrong! Brenda had roused Doreen by stimulating a nipple and stroking her vulva until she opened her eyes and was immediately beckoned to move off the bed. Carol took her place and started her manipulations. As she stroked me to full arousal, she was gently pressing her body against mine. Her magnificent breasts were now inches from my grasp and I didn't know it!

She had her right hand around my erection and used her left hand to hold my thigh and pull it towards her as she moved her leg away. I was half laying on her and nature took over. I confess I was still hardly awake as my hand pushed her left leg further away so that my body could roll into the space between her now wide open legs and of course she was doing all she could to facilitate my endeavours.

As the head of my cock angled downwards, it was now lodged between her anus and the bed so she took the wise course of deciding to wake me. I heard a voice saying:

"Slowly Tim, go slowly."

Now up to that point my soggy brain was about to fuck Doreen, but even it knew that that wasn't her voice. My eyes flew open and I had an angelic face with a wicked smile about three inches from mine. Honestly, my first thought was, is she naked?

My eyes went down to her breasts and the wait had been worthwhile. She was! They actually jutted up as if placed there by a sex obsessed potter. They were magnificent. Size? I know not. Probably 36C, not that it mattered, they were creamy pyramids of perfection with tight little buds on each peak. I knew that up until now, only female hands had caressed and teased them, so I had to, I just had to feel them, and that was it really.

I fondled; teased, licked, sucked, nibbled and all the while, her knees had been bending and her bottom lifting until she was very nearly an arch. All my birthdays came at once when, in a strangled voice, Carol gave me the one instruction I thought I would never hear.

"Tim, please fuck me, now, please Tim, now."

Carol was desperately trying to get her hand down between us to get hold of my cock. I helped her by lifting myself up and moving forward which enabled her to grasp me and guide the head of my cock to her sex. Slowly my cock slid between her labia and into the opening of her vagina. Pausing to look her in the eye, I asked if she was certain that she wanted me to fuck her.

"Oh Tim, stop asking silly questions and take me before I change my mind and mother hits you."

"Where is your mother?"

"I'm right over here, now get on with it, I'm soaking here."

Oh hell, an audience! That's all I need.

God she was tight. It took some time for her vagina to relax, but eventually I was able to slowly ease myself gently and gratefully into a wet, but very tight, tunnel. I was informed later, by a very watchful pair of lecherous ladies that there was merely a tiny tinge of red after my cock's first insertion and Carol said that she had felt no pain.

I was gentle, but I was insistent, and Carol was a wreck after four hours, but I was not alone in causing this state of affairs. We had been joined by Brenda and Doreen at some point and I know I invaded all three of them during this time and I know that I was not always on top.

Having finally managed to get off the bed, we quickly showered and went downstairs into the kitchen. Brenda then introduced Carol to Doreen. I know this is Topsy-Turvy, but that's life as it happens.

We had a meal, we talked, and we kissed, fondled, caressed, licked, and sucked any part of anybody that came within reach. Carol and Doreen introduced themselves all over again, this time they introduced tongues, fingers, and lips to labia, and nipples.

We had a ball. It was at this point that Carol told us that she has the hots for the ship's navigation officer! That caused a silence. Then she admitted that the post is filled by a 5ft 10ins Swedish woman.

Doreen's husband died the following day, but she was prepared for it, and we made very sure that all the arrangements were done without her having to worry about a thing.

Even during this time, we managed to ensure that we enjoyed some wonderful, relaxed days, full of laughter, sex, walks along the coast, sex, and then more sex until Carol had to return to her ship.

We are unlikely to forget them and I hope we shall repeat them.

End of Chapter 7

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