Carla's Fantasy Fulfilled

Carla's Fantasy Fulfilled

I walked into the store a saw Richard looking really down and asked him what was wrong. Richard told me that he just found out his wife was cheating on him and didn't know what to do. I told him how sorry I was and invited him over for some drinks and a movie so my wife Carla and I could take his mind of everything. I told him the kids were at their aunt's so he would not have to worry about being around a bunch of screaming kids.
Richard knocked on the door and my wife answered the door and gave him a big hug and told him "don't hesitate to ask if you ever needed anything." I offered him a drink which he eagerly took. We talked for a while about what had happened and had many drinks when my wife asked Richard if he would like to watch a movie? Before my anyone could make a suggestion I yelled out lets watch Burlesque! Carla said that was one of her favorite movies and she was sure Richard would really like it. Richard said why not I am not planning on going home tonight.
Carla sat by me on the couch and Rich sat on the other couch. Half way into the movie I was getting hot and I could tell my wife was too. I started to slowly caress her and then starting kissing her neck. Richard looked over a couple of times but seemed to be looking at my wife. It must have been the alcohol or the sexy women of burlesque but I started to kiss my wife passionately and with both lost ourselves in the moment. I had undone her bra and was caressing her beautiful full breasts while she was rubbing my dick on the outside of my jeans when I heard a glass break and turned my head around and saw Richard with his jaw open and a broken glass on the floor.
The movie credits were on so I asked him how did he like the show? He said the movie was good but the last 15 minutes of the show was the hottest thing he had ever seen. I smiled and told him what a great dancer my wife was and how people used to give us money at the clubs because of how good she is. He said, "I really wish I could see that." I looked at my wife and saw excitement in her eyes and then saw the lust in Richard face. I asked my wife if she would like to dance for us they way she used to? Without a word she put on some music and started to move. At the end of the first song I could see the bulge in Richard pants. The second song Carla came over to me a started to grind on my lap moving expertly and then she started to slowly remove her shirt. She put her breast in my face and grinded against me until I almost could not take any more. She stopped suddenly and stood looking at me and Rich while she slowly slid down her pants. She was now only wearing a pair of sexy panties. She came back over to me and finished the song. She looked at me and I knew she was asking if she could go give Richard the same dance she gave me, and I smiled and nodded. The third song came on and she walked over to Richard and started to grind on him with her tits in his face.
I was watching my wife grinding on another man and I know I should have been upset or angry but all I felt was excitement. My wife has always wanted a threesome with another man but up until now it was only a fantasy. All of our porn videos were of 2 or more males and one female and she always would cum when the women in the movie was double perpetrated. Until this moment I never thought I would be able to watch my wife with another man, but at that moment I had never been so excited. I watched her hips moving with the music and Rich's hands on her body moving over her back. The expression on his face showed a deep desire while his hands moved to her breasts. He first touched and then kissed those beautiful breasts while she pulled him toward her. Carla turned around so he could watch her ass grind against him. Her ass was mesmerizing the way it moved and by the look on his face and his breathing I could tell he was getting ready to cum, but that was when the song ended. My wife came back over to me and knelt down in from of me unzipping my straining cock. She wrapped her lips around it and begin to move up and down my shaft while using her hand to stroke my cock. I sat there watching her head move up down which I had seen many times before but this experience seems new and exciting because another man was watching. My wife can always tell when I am about to cum and seconds before I would have exploded she stopped and looked up at me with that question in her eyes. I could barely mange to nod my head after the sucking she just gave me. I saw Richard already had his cock out and had been stroking it while Carla was sucking me. Carla asked Rich to come over and set by her husband on the couch.
When he sat down my wife knelt in front of him on her knees and told me to fuck her doggy style. I stood and knelt behind her and pushed my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I almost exploded the moment I pushed into her but I wanted to give her the fantasy she always wanted. She moaned and looked back at me and smiled then but Richard’s cock in her mouth. I watched her sucking and stroking Rich's cock while I slowly fucked her from behind. I started thrusting into her with my balls slapping her ass while she was giving Richard the blowjob of his life. Her paced quicken on Rich's cock and then I had to stop or Richard and I would cum to soon. Carla took the opportunity to tell us to go to the bedroom.
When I walked in she told me to lay down on the bed, so I quickly got into position. She faced me and slowly slid her pussy on to my cock and started to move up and down. She looked at me and gave me a kiss and told Richard to get behind her and put his dick in her ass. I never saw a man move any faster. She looked me in the eyes as Richard's dick slid into her ass. She let out a scream of ecstasy and told us to fuck her. Within 30 seconds she was screaming I am cumming and I had never felt such ecstasy before. I looked up and saw the raw excitement on my wife's face and the two of us pounded her. She was moving and grinding as Rich was pounding her from behind and I was pounding her pussy from below and she started to cum again. I knew I was getting ready to cum when Richard yelled out "O my God I am going to cum in your wife's ass" and at that moment I lost it and came harder than I ever had before filling my wife's pussy with cum.
We all laid there for a while catching our breath and recovering. My wife went to get cleaned up and Richard told me your wife is amazing. Yes, she is I am the luckiest man alive.
We all got cleaned up and got into bed naked. Carla was in the middle with her head on my chest and Rich was on his side holding her. Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke to my wife stroking my already hard cock and knew what was going to happen next. She turned around and starting stroking Rich's cock until he woke up. While she was waking up Rich I put my cock into her pussy in the spooning position and she started sucking Rich's cock. I was moving in and out enjoying my wife sweet pussy when Carla asked me "are you ready" I looked puzzled and she went on to say "it is your turn to fuck my ass!" She got on top of Rich and put his cock in her pussy and told me "your turn big boy." I knelt behind her and rubbed the head of my cock over her tight butthole and couple of times and then slowly slid in. Her ass was so tight and felt so good. I did not get to fuck her ass that often because she told me I was just a little too big so I was really enjoying this. We were both pounding her and she said "Yes fuck me just like that, faster, harder and then “Yes, I am cumming." The tightness of her ass and the overwhelming ecstasy I was feeling caused me to shoot a huge load in her ass. Moments later Rich screamed out and shoot his second load of the night into my wife.
A week later my wife wanted to get a new ceiling fan so we headed to Ace. We walked in and Rich was helping a customer when he looked up and saw us. He quickly told his customer that another employee would help them and walked over to us looking at Carla. It is so good to see you I wanted to tell you how awesome the movie was the other night. Carla told him it was a great movie and we should see another one soon. Rich said I have one in my office why don't we take a look and see if you like it. Carla said “ok, let's take a look.” We walked into Richard’s office and he came in behind us and locked the door. Richard told her he cannot stop thinking about her and he has not touched his wife because of what she did. He feels ready to explode thinking of her dancing and how good she feels when he is inside of her. “Really” my wife said. We did come in for a new ceiling fan, how about a discount? He told her she could have it for free if he could just have her again.
My wife walked to the both of us and said drop your pants. We happily obliged and we were both already hard. My wife took of her shirt then got down on her knees and started slowly sucking and stroking our cocks. It was really exciting being in his office with other people in the store. Carla then stood up and took her pants off and leaned over the desk. “ok you two a quickie but do not cum inside of me. Richard jumped forward and slid his aching cock inside of my wife. I went around the desk and put my cock in her mouth. I was watching Rich pound her from behind with a look of pure excitement as Carla looked up at me while my cock was moving in and out of her mouth. God, she was so hot and beautiful. I could tell it caught her by surprise but she came hard a fast shoving my cock deeper in her mouth to contain her scream. Rich told me “your turn.” Rich and I changed places and I slid into my wife warm pussy. It was not long before my balls started to pull up starting my climax when I saw Rich shoot is load on her tits. I watched until he was spent then I pulled out and shoot a large load of cum all over her ass.
Richard walked over to get some paper towels and we cleaned our cum off of my wife. Wow I really needed that Rich told us now let me get someone to get that fan.
We walked out of the office and Carla told us that was a great movie and we needed to get together and watch it soon. He said how about tonight? Carla laughed if you think you're up for it!
Later that night there was a knock at the door and Carla got up to answer it. Carla opened the door and was surprised to see Rich with another man. Rich saw her face and said do not worry Jack wanted to come over for dinner but would leave before the movie. Carla looked Jack from head to toe and marveled and the man before her. He was a tall physically fit and incredibly handsome man in his late 20's. Carla told Rich that Jack could stay for a movie anytime he wants.
After dinner Carla asked who wants to watch a movie and who wants to see a show? What type of show Rich asked? We will all have a part in the show but everyone has to do what I tell them. We all eagerly voted for the show. Carla went to change and came wearing a sexy teddy that made her look amazing. I had started a fire and loved to see the way the fire danced on her skin. Carla said “ok everyone take off your clothes and sit on the big sofa.” We when were all ready I saw that we all had major erections. Carla told us to start stroking or cocks as she started to dance. I was slowly stroking my cock while she moved her body in the fire light. Her dance was beautiful and sexy and I saw everyone was mesmerized. She removed her teddy and ordered all of us to jack off until right before we cum. She started moving again and it was not long before I had to stop. My cock was throbbing and bouncing with precum dripping from head. I looked over and Rich and Jack and there cocks looked the same. A half hour later I had almost cum 6 times and never needed to cum so badly. Carla was dancing for us the whole time and telling how hot it was for all of us to be jacking off to her. Finally she walked up to Rich and said to all of us “when I am with you your hands can not touch me and the other two need to keeping jacking off. My wife straddled Rich facing him and lowered down on his cock. She moved up and down then grinding for a while before moving over to Jack. She straddle Jack facing him and said “you are a big boy” as she lowered down his cock she gasped and said fuck yeah. She moved up and down as I watched this big cock fucking my wife and I almost forgot to stop stroking my cock in time. She started grinding him and quickly came yelling out “fuck me.” My wife moved to me and also straddled me facing me but as she slid down on my big cock she kissed me deeply and passionately. She started grinding and came all over my cock. She stood up and ordered us to get the mattress out of the pull out couch and put it on the floor in front of the fire. She told Jack to lay down on his back and jumped on his cock. After a couple of minutes she told me to stick my cock in her ass. Jake and I started fucking her faster than Rich came up standing in front of her placing his cock in her mouth. She stated that our two big dicks were huge in her but felt fucking fantastic. I could tell she was getting ready to cum again when she told Jack to shoot his load in her and seconds later jack moaned as he came. Carla then came again with a shutter. “Ok Rich your turn, on your back.” Carla slid down on Rich and pressed back on my dick with her ass. You two fuck me as fast and hard as you can. It was not long before I could feel a huge orgasm getting ready to let go when Carla yelled “both of you cum in my now. Almost instantly we screamed and shoot our huge loads into my wife. We all laid down on the mattress catching our breath when Jack said that was the most intense orgasm of his life. Carla smiled and looked to be glowing with satisfaction.

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