Life Ain't A Bowl of Cherries, Unless...

Life Ain't A Bowl of Cherries, Unless...


By aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.

I had a great job and better than most salaries. I also learned too late, I had the most wonderful husband in the world. I fucked up, I was reduced to tending bar and watching women sitting at the tables with fingers of strangers in their pussies, or they are masturbating a strangers cock under the table. A woman in my early thirties and better looking than many of the women that come in here, I really fucked up my life. I went home to my small cheap lonely apartment each night. After masturbating, I’d cry myself asleep.

Yes, I had been married and was married to a great man. I had no complaints in our sexual energy, two or three loving sessions each week. Even though I was satisfied, I thought I had to liven up our sex life and tried everything I could imagine. I amassed a drawer of sexy lingerie and sheer rompers for around the house, I just wished my husband would make love to me more often.

And One day it happened, the flirting with a handsome man at work turned into a lunch date, a dinner date and then several hours in a cheap motel with his cock buried in my pussy and ass. After a month, I was caught cheating. The divorce was bad enough. Everything escalated from the divorce. My lover’s wife filed for a divorce. He never wanting to see me again, and we both lost our jobs for violating the company policies. I was without a husband, lover, employment and money.

During my time in court, trying to get my husband to forgive me and drop the divorce, did I finally realize what I really had. In one day, it was all over. With the clap of the Judges gavel, I was declared a slut and my perfect life was over. My world had crashed and I was alone. Now, the only job I thought I could get was working in a bar watching other women seducing strangers. Maybe they are smart, not messing with co-workers, but they were still cheating.

I learned which women were hookers and those that were lonely married sluts. The women who make their living on their backs were in the bar every night seducing men. The married women looking to spice up their lives either still wore their wedding rings or had a faint faded ring impression around their finger and they were only in the bar on the weekends. Those that can live with the guilt of cheating, get a parked car or cheap motel fuck every Friday or Saturday night.

Many times it was two women together looking for strangers. Probably if they were together, they had less guilt telling their husbands that it was a ‘girls night out’. Many husbands bought the tales, ‘girls night out’, or ‘employees getting together for a drink after work’, the common excuses for the cheaters.

I’m not saying that I haven’t had any offers. The boss and all the men working in the bar have tried to get me to fuck them. Sorry, but I learned the hard way. This really wasn’t the husband involved and no company policies against employees dating at the bar but It was the principal I learned, don’t fuck with your co-workers or boss.

It’s been six months going home with wet panties watching other women prepping strange men to fuck them or having my boss feeling me up during work. Believe me, my boss had wandering hands for my ass, pussy and breasts. I tried to avoid him, but what can you do working behind the bar, barely enough room for one person to pass without getting felt up. But, I was stead fast on my rule, not with those you work with.

By accident, I found a solution to my problem. One night I had to use the restroom and confronted a woman getting royally fucked. Right in the women’s restroom. She just continued pushing back on a cock as I watched. She even offered to share her date as she smiled at me. I finished my bodily functions as I watched them continue through the open stall door. I did see his ass clinch as he thrust forward, holding her ass to him. I knew the signs, she was being filled with his ejaculating sperm. I left as they were still coupled and breathing hard.

About an hour later, I noted that she was now sitting with two men, both with their hands under the table fingering her pussy. I had to go to the restroom for my hand to relieve my sexual frustration. While I sat on the toilet, finger buried in my pussy, the door to the stall opened and there was the second man she was with. I started to object to his intrusion when I saw his erect cock poking out of his trousers. It was a nice large cock as he approached me.

I was mesmerized as I watched the end of his penis oozing his juices. I quickly licked the bulbous end of his cock to taste and enjoy his pre-cum. I sucked his cock in deep causing me to choke before entering my throat. I pulled back to get air, then thrust forward to engulf his cock again. In a short time, he said he was going to cum. I then stood up, turned and bent over the toilet. I reached back and pulled his cock to my pussy and said, “FUCK ME, SHOOT YOUR CUM DEEP INTO ME”. He did just that. After his cock stopped pulsing and throbbing, he whispered, “My wife saw you leave for the bathroom and said that you needed a cock”. She must have been the woman fucking the stranger as her husband was waiting.

I got off work and was walking to my car when I was approached my the same woman and her husband. She said that she saw the look of lust in my eyes when watching her fucking the stranger. She explained that her husband got off knowing that strange men fucked her. He always wanted to feel the cum in her pussy when she had been fucked. She then decided that I needed relief and sent her husband to fuck me. That sounded like a treat for him when she would send him to fuck another woman. She was not jealous of sharing her husband, they were both turned on by sharing each other with strangers. I assumed that they were weekend swingers.

As she was talking, I noticed that her husband had his cock exposed and it was as hard as a rock. She told me to lift up my skirt, turn and lean over the hood of the car. I was surprised and excited that I might be seen, but did as she said. Her husband then came up and pulled the leg of my panties aside and thrust his cock deep into my pussy. I was in a sexual daze as my orgasm built. My legs were shaking as my pussy was pulsing and constricting around his cock as he pumped in and out.

I heard a noise and turned my head to the side and I saw a couple walking toward us. They got within ten feet and stopped and watched. The cock kept fucking me deep as I watched the woman eyes become glassy and then I saw the man had her skirt up and his hand in her pussy. The prospect of being watched by total strangers heightened my quivering body to a fantastic orgasm. I began to scream, “FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME.” I watched the woman begin to wobble and then leaned into the man as his hand kept fingering her pussy. She then quietly said, “God, yes, yes. Hurry and take me home, I want your cock”. They hurried off with her skirt still around her waist.

My lust built again for a second orgasm. Soon, he pushed hard and held my hips tight as I felt it. His cock began to throb as I felt it pulse pumping cum deep into my womb. My friend and her husband then disappeared like a shadow in the night. I laid over the hood for a few minutes as cum was running down my legs. I gained my composure and slowly drove home with fond memories of two great fucks by a stranger. With the presence of an audience, that was a plus causing my body to tremble and shake as I drove.

The following Friday, I saw the same woman enter the bar. Her husband was not with her as she found a booth facing the bar. I watched her as she gave her order to Jack. She had her legs spread with her skirt up high. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She smiled at me and kept eye contact while she took her time giving Jack her order. I started to wonder if she was coming on to me, no husband with her and her actions were directed toward me.

A few hours passed, and I saw that she acquired two strange men, both black and they each had their hands under the table finger fucking her. She caught my eye and smiled knowing I would have to soon use the restroom. I still didn’t see her husband anywhere in the bar. It was only fifteen minutes and I just had to relieve myself. I told Jack to watch the bar as I had to pee.

I entered the restroom and shed my panties as I sat on the toilet. My fingers were soon buried deep in my pussy when the stall door opened. This time, it was not her husband, but both of those big black men. Both had their cocks hard and exposed as they pulled me from the toilet out into the bathroom. I was then bent over the sink as I felt a very large cock, much like the husband of my friend, begin to enter my pussy. My pussy expanded to accept the large phallus as another was pushed against my cheek. I turned my head to see a large blood engorged mons oozing pre-cum. My mouth automatically opened to accept this second monster and began to suck the shaft. I then saw my female friend smiling as she watched me being voluntarily violated by two large black men.

My pussy was being stretched as a long fat cock was being pushed into my cervix. My legs were shaking, my nose flared as my hands grasped the edge of the counter top. Soon, I felt a finger strumming my clit and I realized that it was my friend pleasuring me as my orgasm built to an earth shattering crescendo. The cock deep in my throat began to swell, then pulsed several times as his cum was delivered to my stomach.

The man behind me then said, “I’m going to fill your pussy. Do you want my black baby seed pumped into you?” “YES,” I yelled, “FUCK YOUR BABY CUM INTO MY WHITE PUSSY. FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” I then felt his cock swell larger and then he flooded me with his cum, his black baby making cum. I smiled at my friend, and she smiled back as she left the restroom. I cleaned up and went back to the bar. The rest of the shift, I didn’t see my ‘no name’ friend or her two black strangers.

At 2:00 am, we closed the bar. I took a last look to be sure lights were out and the usual cleaning was done, I walked out and locked the door. As I walked to my car, I still felt cum leaking into my panties.

I reached my car and heard a noise behind me. I fumbled with my keys trying to safely get into and lock my car. My arm was grabbed before I could get in. I turned and saw my ‘no name’ friend smiling at me. She said, “I want you to come home with me. I want to show my husband your well fucked pussy”. I agreed to follow her as I hoped I was going to be fucked again by her husband. Just like those nice black cocks, her husbands cock was equally oversized, impressive and enjoyable.

What a beautiful house, I thought, as I parked in their driveway. We went inside and the living room was dimly lit. As my eyes became accustomed to the light, I saw her husband and both of the black men from the bar. All three of them were naked and smiling as I walked to the middle of the living room. I felt my friend unzipping my skirt. My skirt fell to the floor as my friend reached around me to unbutton my blouse, then unfasten my bra. I was now standing in front of three naked men in only my panties and shoes. I was leaking vaginal fluids knowing there was an impending all night gang bang. My legs were trembling as my friend walked me toward the three men.

My friend then knelt in front of me and slowly inched my panties down my legs. Her face and nose were close to my pussy as I could feel her hot breath as she helped me step out of my panties.

Hands were all over me as I was laid on the ottoman, my feet on the floor and my legs spread wide. My friends husband was now on his knees, his face between my legs and his mouth and tongue sucking and licking what cum was left in my pussy. His wife was now fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples. Both large black men were standing on either side of me with their huge hard cocks in their hands as they watched the lust in my eyes as my orgasm was building.

Yes, they knew I wanted their cocks again, over and over, all night long. I longed to feel the sperm pumped into me from all three, flooding my womb. My sexual desire was soon met when my friends husband positioned his cock head between my vaginal lips and began to enter me. Both black men were now on their knees fondling and sucking my breasts.

My friend was now naked on the couch, legs spread wide and her entire fist pumping into her pussy. She was staring at me with glazed over eyes, her mouth open and her body trembling as she was working toward an orgasm.

The large cock fucking in and out of my pussy was building a fantastic climax. As I felt the cock stimulating my nerve endings, my pussy constricted around his cock. He kept asking me if I liked his cock and I screamed, “YES, YES, FUCK ME...FUCK... M...E...H...ARD.” I felt his cock swell as he pushed hard. I knew he was going to empty his balls of their seminal fluids, something I craved. I also knew I would want more to flood my womb. I was in my second or third climax as my legs were shaking and my hands wrapped around his ass, I tried to pull him into me. He finally thrust hard and held his groin to my wide spread legs. He yelled, “I’M GOING TO CUM.” I said, “Yes, fuck me and fill my pussy with your hot seed. FUCK ME HARD, CUM IN ME.”

He started grunting like a stag in heat as his cock began to pulse and throb. I felt each pulse pumping his cum deep into my womb as I was screaming for more of his liquid. It was too soon as I felt his cock only twitching but my pussy continued to constrict around his cock trying to milk more cum from him. I looked up and saw the smile on one of the black men as he was pulling on his hard cock. I knew he was next to pump his cock into my craving pussy.

The cock inside me began to soften and then pulled out as a mixture of our fluids followed from my expanded vaginal opening. Immediately a large black cock was inching into me and expelling the overflow left by the last cock. He looked at the lust in my eyes as he pumped in and out. He began fucking me harder and faster as I was in the throws of another exceptional orgasm. My moans grew louder as my friend reached in between us and strummed my clit like before. The moon and earth spun fast that night at the screaming orgasms I was having.

I watched the black man’s eyes enlarge as he pushed his cock deeper and faster into my wanting pussy. I knew he was ready and I screamed, “FUCK ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM.” I then heard him yell, “YES, HERE IT COMES. AGGGAH, TAKE IT BITCH, TAKE MY CUM.” I felt his cock swell as my muscles squeezed his cock. Then the pulsing as he pumped his cum deep into me. I was half conscious as I saw the other black man grinning knowing it would soon be his turn to fill my pussy. It was total rapture knowing another cock would soon be filling my canal and flooding my womb with more cum.

When the cock stopped throbbing and pulsing, it was slowly pulled out and I was pulled up from the ottoman as the other black man laid down on his back. I was held straddling him and then my friend positioned his cock at my labia as her husband lowered me on to his hard cock. I sank as his entire cock pushed upward to my cervix. I began to rise and fall on his blood engorged cock and then hands were on my back pushing me forward onto his chest.

His hands then wrapped around my back as another pair of hands were felt on my ass and pulling me apart exposing my anus. I then felt warm liquid being poured down the crack of my ass as several fingers directed the liquid into my opening. I then felt several fingers entering my rectum pumping the liquid into me. I was now breathing heavy as I knew I was being greased for another cock. Yes, I had often fantasized about the feeling of being double penetrated. An anal orgasm overwhelmed me even before a cock entered my ass. Just as I felt the head of a penis touch my ass, I pushed back to expedite the entry. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD,” I continued to yell as I felt both cocks deep inside me.

My body was shaking and my hips were pushing against both cocks. As one cock was being withdrawn, the other was thrusting. I was in a total sexual euphoria wanting both cocks to continue penetrating my body as nothing else ever had. I now knew what I was missing from my marriage. My husband and I had loving sex, enjoyable sex, but nothing wild as what I was experiencing. My orgasms were ecstatic as I felt their cocks driving deep in my pussy and ass. I smiled as I watched my friend being fucked by her husband and she was looking at me, watching my convulsions as I was consumed in animal lust.

I then felt both cocks swell stretching my rectum and vagina. I knew they were going to cum, fill my ass and pussy with their seed. The thin membrane separating their cocks was causing sensations I had never felt before, a feeling I wanted to feel again, and again. Both black men pushed hard and held me tight as I felt their cocks pulse and throb as they pumped their cum deep into my body. My legs convulsed as my pussy and ass muscles began milking their cocks, wanting more cum, milking their balls dry.

Our sweaty bodies laid still as we were connected together. I was happily sandwiched between two men that just pumped their fluids I craved into me. I was in a state of sexual bliss as my breathing slowed to normal and my eyes focused on my friend as she was standing close, smiling with her legs spread allowing her husband’s cum to run from her pussy.

As I rolled off the man I was laying on, I went onto the floor, my brain wondering if my husband ever had fantasies of me being fucked by other men. He had watched gang bang videos on his computer, but he never said anything to me. Maybe if he had suggested a three some, maybe I would have thought about the possibility. If it was his fantasy, would I have taken him up on his fantasy or just keep up our regular marital coupling? Now that I know what it is like to have more than one man fucking me, I would welcome his idea. Since I have had a sexual awakening, I will always want more than one man in my bed, especially if they have the large cocks like these three men.

During my recuperation on the floor, I now felt my clit being stimulated. Automatically, my legs spread wide as an invitation of any hard cock. Again, I found myself straddling an erect cock as the other black man was laying on the ottoman. I bounced hard on his cock causing the three loads of cum to be displaced along with the ‘squishing’ sounds each time I pounced down on his cock.

My friends husband now pushed me forward on the black mans’ chest as he guided his cock to my ass hole. He thrust into me as the other black man offered his erect cock to my mouth. I ran my tongue around his cock head and then down the length to his balls. As I licked my way back to the purple bulbous cock head, I felt the cock in my pussy begin to throb and fill me with another load of cum. With the cock in my mouth, my orgasmic screams were stifled causing me to vacuum the cock deeper into my throat and push hard against the cock in my ass. When I opened my eyes I saw my naked friend with a video camera capturing my quaking body being entered by three cocks and the lustful gleam in my eyes.

Several hours were spent with the three men changing positions as I kept screaming to be fucked harder and deeper. Eventually we all fell to the floor in exhaustion. I woke with my legs spread and thighs covered with fresh and dried cum. There was still cum oozing from my ass and pussy. I could hear noise from the kitchen and could smell fresh brewed coffee over the stale smells of sex.

I didn’t bother to dress, I just slowly walked on shaky legs to the kitchen. I noticed that it was now 10:00 am. They had seen me naked for the last 10 to 12 hours, exposing my pussy and ass, why dress now? I could feel more cum running down my legs as I entered the kitchen. A fresh cup of coffee was presented to me by my friend, who was also naked. All three of the men were now congregating into the kitchen, and all were naked sporting erect beautiful cocks glistening with pre-cum.

“Phillis”. I heard my friend say. “What?” I asked. She repeated, “My name is Phillis. We haven’t known each others name.” I said, “That’s a nice name, I’m Joan.” Now I heard, “Jack,” from Phillis’s husband. “This is Rollie,” as Phillis placed her hand on the shoulder of one of her black friends. “I’m Lester,” said the other black man. I smiled at them and insured them that I had a wonderful time getting to know them, as I was gazing at their drooling cocks.

Phillis smiled and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed your time here. We would like to know if you want to join us as an ‘owner-employee’? We have a ‘Gentleman's Club’ where we are all equal owners. There are five other females and two more men in our organization. We provide live porn shows for several men who like to watch couples fuck. Most of our shows are white women being fucked by black men, popular with married white men. They seem to fantasize watching their wives being fucked by big black cocks, so our men all have large cocks. You sampled three of them in the last twelve hours and it seemed that you enjoyed them.” I smiled and said, “Oh, yes, I did love the feeling of those cocks fucking me. I think it would be hot to have men watch me being fucked. Do I get a copy of your video, the one you did of me last night?”

Phillis laughed and answered, “Yes, but we edit it and use it as a promo for the men to choose the women they want to watch. With your screaming orgasms, your video will be a hit.” I smiled at Phillis and asked, “What do you mean when you said ‘owner-employee’?” Phillis said, “Each show we put on, the funds are equally divided between us after expenses are paid. Usually on a weekend, we make between $2,000 to $5,000 each. More when we provide private shows, like stag or bachelor parties, and some specials.”

I was then led to a large bathroom to shower and freshen up. Phillis then laid out some very sexy clothes for me to wear. There weren’t any panties or bra, but that didn’t matter. She seemed to have a good guess at my size, even though one size smaller to show my curves and pussy lips. I was shown some of the video‘s they made. By late afternoon, Phillis then took me for a ride to another large mansion where I met up with her husband and the two black men again.

Phillis and the boys took me for a tour of this beautiful house. I had guessed there were at least six bedrooms. I then learned that each bedroom had attached private bathrooms. They introduced me to the large ‘entertainment’ room on the first floor. It was arraigned like a theater with tier seating facing a large bed. Then to the full basement with three tiers of couches arraigned around the four walls and a five foot round bed like item in the center. It had a 1 foot shelf like projection around the base. They showed a video system where the shows were taped and edited for sale on the internet, bonus income for the ‘actors’ in the DVDs. There were large video monitors placed on the walls.

I was told that I could move into one of the bedrooms, but it was not required. Phillis told me that two of the other women were married and lived at home. I asked, “What about their husbands, do they know what their wives do?” Phillis, said, “Yes, we don’t want any conflicts. In fact their husbands attend many of our parties at no charge. They are cuckolds and enjoy watching their wives being fucked by other men.” I then wondered about my marriage. Would my husband want to watch me being gang banged like the video’s he watched? It has been over six months since the divorce and I had missed being fucked by my husband. Being horny got me into this situation and I was very open to the idea of being gang banged and watched by strangers as I was fucked. My pussy was beginning to flow with my juices as I thought about this new job prospect.

The thought of being on exhibition as I was thoroughly being fucked by several men caused my pussy to flow heavier. Knowing that strangers would be watching me almost caused a mental orgasm. Yes, I thought, I want this as I began fondling Rollie’s cock during the house tour. I was ready for another five or six hours with these three hung men.

As we were standing in the basement ‘entertainment’ room, another man entered and I learned that he was their video director, he chose what camera and angle would be the best as the show was in progress. He talked for a while with Phillis and then went into a room that had a large one-way mirror to view the activity. Phillis then smiled at me and asked, “Are you ready for your first party?” My eyes enlarged and I felt my mouth salivate as I said, “Oh, God, yes.”

Jack, Lester and Rollie moved me to the round bed and began to fondle my body. My eyes shut as I felt their six hands roaming my body. I heard some shuffling and opened my eyes to see several men enter the room and take seats surrounding the round bed. A hand began to rub my pussy through the tight shorts and my juices were happily flowing. Then hands were fondling my breasts as another hand was unbuttoning my blouse. Rollie then went to his knees in front of me as he unzipped my shorts and began to inch them down my legs.

I looked at my audience as most of them already had their cocks out as they slowly masturbated. They were looking at me, they wanted to see me naked, they wanted to see me being fucked in all my holes. Yes, I wanted this too. I wanted them to see my holes flooded with cum. I wanted them to hear me scream to be fucked, screaming for more cum pumped into my body. The anticipation to see their cocks spew cum, masturbating as they watched me being debauched in a public show. It wasn't long before the room was packed with horny men, watching me be used.

My pussy was flowing as Rollie lowered my shorts to the floor, exposing my pussy to the audience pumping their cocks. Soon my blouse was discarded and I was totally exposed knowing that many strange men were now fantasizing of fucking me. Lester led me to the round bed placing me on my back and legs spread wide. He then buried his face deep in my crouch as his tongue was lapping at my clit. I was so stimulated by that time, I screamed loud at my first orgasm as my legs shook, my back arched and head threw back. A hand began to fondle my left breast as a mouth sucked hard on the right breast.

I felt something on my cheek and opened my eyes. There was a hard black cock poking and smearing pre-cum on my face. I opened my mouth to swallow his large organ to my throat. I noted that this was a strange black man and then realized that the other two men in the group had joined us. I was going to be fucked my five men, the thought made me orgasm again screaming to be fucked. I was euphoric from this sensual mental and physical stimulation. I wanted all these strange men to witness my naked body being totally used.

I kept seeing video monitors moving around and realized that the bed rotated giving the audience complete views. Lester was kneeling on the projection at the base of the bed, he was rotating along with me. The monitors around the room gave them close up views of the activity, I was on full view to everyone and it seemed that the ‘theater’ was packed.

My show lasted three hours and I was filled with cum, stomach, ass and pussy many times. As I laid getting my breath, Phillis knelt next to me and said, “Now, this is where we make money, a lot of money. Spread your legs and show your cum filled ass and pussy”. I laid back and spread my legs wide lifting them high. I then heard Phillis ask, “How much am I bid for this pussy?” There were roars from the men in the audience as they screamed their bids. My pussy was sold for $5,000. I then watched a man approach me with his erect cock as he was licking his lips.

His cock entered me and it was average size as he began to pump hard. It didn’t take long for his excitement to cum quickly and fill my pussy with another load of sperm. I then heard Phillis, “What am I bid for this ass?” Again the room was wild with bids being screamed. My ass was sold for $8,000 to a black man and I loved his fat cock as he spent over fifteen minutes fucking my ass and filling me with another load of cum.

I laid calm as Phillis came up and pulled me up and had me take a bow. She reminded the men that there would be another live show tomorrow evening. I smiled hoping I would be the star once again. She led me to a large dressing room with a shower and let me leisurely clean up. As I was showering, Phillis and her husband stood next to the shower and asked me if I wanted this ‘job’. With a trembling and loud voice I said, “Hell, oh God yes”.

After my shower and getting dressed, Phillis took me into an office where I was introduced to several other women who clapped and cheered me. They all let me know that my performance for the first time was outstanding and they were glad I was now one of the cast. Phillis handed me an envelope and told me to be back in two days. She said, “You girls work every other day, that way your body can relax. I gave you your first pay, in cash is how we pay.” I opened the envelope and there was $10,000.

It didn’t take long for me to call the bar and tell my lecherous boss that I quit. I had a quick snack and laid back to reflect on my new life and career. I began thinking about the other women I was going to work with, their husbands were ‘cuckolds’ knowing their wives were fucking other men publicly. I gave notice on my dingy apartment and began packing to live in a luxurious mansion.

Thinking back, the way my husband watched porn, he probably had a fantasy of watching me fuck other men. I would have stayed away from fucking a co-worker, and coaxing my husband to be a ‘cuckold’ if I had known. I would be working with Phillis and her husband six months ago. I would still be married and happy with my husband‘s love and cock. My life could have been a bowl of cherries, I still miss my wonderful husband. Yup, I screwed up, but now I have a new exciting life.

Why did I ever accept the 'hum-drum' sex from a co-worker? Why do women feel excitement from quick sex, once a week on their lunch break and have to quickly return to work. I was a real fool to cheat.

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Rite Of Passage

Rite of Passage Chapter 1 Jimmy Smith’s sister's legs were thrown over each of his shoulders as he thrust hard into her tight tunnel. Looking down, he could see the white froth coating his cock and the soft, downy-brown of her pubic hair. The air filled with the squishy sounds of his cock pounding her juicy wet pussy. Her small breasts flew back and forth. Her shoulder-length brown hair surrounded her sweating face. Her eyes locked on his, her mouth open with a soft mewling sound issuing from it. Her full hips thrust up rhythmically, meeting each of his downward thrusts...


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In forest with a teenager

I was on my way to meet the girl. I had never seen her before, only chatted with her a few times in the Internet. But I knew that she was young - only 16, and she knew that I was more than ten years older than she was... Other than that I had never even seen a picture of her, although she had told me that she is very small in size. We had agreed to meet at a bus stop, at the edge of the city central. It was a warm summer day and I was arriving by foot...


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John's Dream Come True

John: John woke up around five thirty in the morning with a raging hard on once again. He looked down took his hand slid it down his pants and started rubbing himself. The reason he woke was because of her. Alexandria, although he was only 15 and a freshman in high school he knew he loved her. Everything about her turned him on; The smell of her strawberry shampoo in her rich dark brown hair that went just past her shoulders, Her C cup breasts, her wonderfully tight ass and her long slender legs. He relieved himself and finally woke getting...


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