Gigi and the Poolside BBQ

Gigi and the Poolside BBQ

Gigi and the poolside BBQ party

“Hey!” My name is Gigi and I want to tell you about a spontaneous pool party my husband and I had during last summer. First of all, I am 4’11”, 90 lbs, and have a 34C-24-34 figure. The guys and I all love my butt. They love my tits too. It was Sunday morning and Jerry and I were headed to the pool to cool off. I had on my tiny black string Brazilian-cut bikini. He loved it when I became topless or even nude when we went tubing, or sunbathing or swimming at the river beaches or the pool. Before we moved into the apartments over the winter, this had only happened when he was sharing me with a friend or two of his while we went tubing. I loved people floating past me while I was screwing one or the other of them or afterwards, since I was so mellow. After spring arrived the year we moved into this huge complex, The Oaks of Kingsbridge, Jerry absolutely loved to untie my top and let it fall off where it would. Since I was uncomfortable with nudity, especially in a crowded pool during the day, I usually resisted. He finally made it clear that he would have none of this by the simple method of whenever I resisted his untying my top, he would simply take it off and throw it somewhere a long ways off or drop it into the deep end of the pool no matter how many people were present. Other times he would rub lotion into my back and walk away with my top while my bottoms were untied or pulled down below my butt. That was in April and May. Pretty soon, I was looking forward to this, since when I left things alone and just stayed topless, when we got home, he would always screw me for an hour or more. No one ever complained, not even an old man who usually swam every Sunday morning. In fact he became a real regular after I began going topless before the pool filled up with kids by about noon to two By the middle to end of May, I didn’t even worry about my top, as long as the kids were at least eight years old or above. I would just leave it wherever it happened to fall off and only go get it about fifteen minutes I noticed after younger kids showed up.
The First Saturday morning in June, the old man passed out a flyer with directions to a barbeque he and some friends were putting the next Sunday. Jerry and I decided to go after we talked about something I had wanted to do ever since he had shared me with several of his friends over this past year, the first year we had been married. I had no problem screwing around; I just was shy about being nude in public. I wanted four kids, buts I wanted at least one or two of them to be by other guys and I wanted to have at least one who I had no idea who the father was, because of the sheer number of guys I screwed to get it.. He surprised me by not getting angry or anything. He just said, “All right, but there’ll be a few conditions.”
“OK, what are they?”
“One, you work on getting comfortable with being nude in public. As you get comfortable with nudity, you will wear less and less. By July, I expect you to not even bring a top to the pool, much less wear one. By then, you will also only wear a bottom when you are on your monthly. You will walk nude and uncovered to the pool.”
“For the babies, I can do that.”
“Two, I love to see you squeezed. You will encourage guys to feel you up and kiss your tits and pussy whenever I am around. If they also fuck you, that is fine, but I want to see hands and tongues all over you. One good place for this is rubbing suntan lotion on you. I will stop rubbing you down. You will ask other guys, and not the same guy twice in a row. Whenever you ask a guy to rub you down, if you have you bottom on, lose it. Before he begins, pull his face to your tits and his hand to your pussy, that kind of thing. After you are satisfied or have given a good show, then get him to rub you down.”
I got wet, just thinking about that. “I guess I could do that too.”
“You know those three or four guys, you have been sitting with?”
“Uh huh.”
“I have been very pleased to see you sit there for hours, topless. Next, I want you to become very touchy-feely with them. Have them stroke your knee or the side of your butt while you stand beside them. If no kids too young for you are looking, have them stroke the inside of your thigh, including fingering you. When you first greet them, give them a big hug and stick your tit in their mouth and sit on their leg, so that they have easy access to your pussy and butt. Needless to say, I do not, absolutely do not want to wear anything at all within ten feet of them. Have you fucked any of them yet?”
“Uh, well. Only two of them.”
“Good. If they are there early Saturday, I want you to get them all to feel you up like we just talked about and then get him to rub you down. But, and this is important if you want those babies, fuck him on your towel, first. Before many people are there, I want you to have sex every Saturday and Sunday morning at the pool. Agreed?”
“Uh, OK.” I was getting wetter and wetter just thinking about these demands of his.
“Three, you’ll have to get off the pill for three months before you really try to get pregnant for safety’s sake, so for the next three months, you will get your pussy used to getting fucked even more than it is now. Stop taking the pill after this weekend party and use a rubber after that, but fuck everything in sight.”
“You don’t think our three to five times a day is enough?”
“Honey, I want your ‘mystery child’ to have so many potential dads that there is no way we will even be tempted to do a paternity test. The baby will be ours, not ours and someone else’s. During the week of your maximum fertility, I want you fuck at least 75 different guys dry. You’ll need to build up to that.”
“I want my first baby to be yours.”
“Honey, we can fuck all we want to with kids, but going to orgies with a kid will be hard. We have to do your too many dads kid first.”
“I can see that now. 75 guys in one week, that’ll be non-stop fucking.”
“Uh huh. And that’s 75 different guys, with many of them probably fucking you more than once. Are you still up to this? You’ll need to average at least 30-40 fucks per week. ”
“Sounds fun.”
“You’re really going to have to build up. We fuck three, four times a day with five times on Sunday. That’s at least three hours. I’m sure you fuck a couple of other guys every week, right?”
“Well, yes.” I had never realized he had my number so close, wow.
“Last, you will let your favorite guys, at least say ten know two things. One, you only wear strings to have them untied. You don’t want them to take off your clothes, but you agree to not retie them till they hit the ground, no matter where you are. You will wear string tops and bottoms all the time.”
“Even at the grocery store?”
“Even at the grocery store and the mall, and everywhere else you go. They are to know they don’t ask, they just untie you.”
“What if I get in trouble?”
“Do you want this ‘mystery child’ or not? We’ll deal with that if there is a problem.”
“OK, I guess.” This was starting to get out of hand. “You said I had to let my favorites know something else.”
“I want you to let them know that when they hug you anywhere they see you, they are to feel you up before they untie you. If they come up behind you, the first notice you want that they are there is their hands on your tits or ass or crotch. If they can tell you aren’t wearing any underwear in a strategic spot, they are to reach under to squeeze or, better yet, pull your clothes up to squeeze, especially your ass. You don’t have any problem with having your skirt pulled up to your waist while she’s being squeezed, do you?”
“Then it’s settled, if you have no panties on, they finger your pussy or show off your butt when they meet you and if you have on no bra, they kiss your nipples.”
“The bottom is fine, but you want them to kiss my nipples on the street?”
“While they finger you, of course. Yes, you will insist they kiss your bare nipples. If I’m with, I want you to pull your shirt off while they do it. And if they get you hot, don’t pull your clothes back down or put them back on right away. Let them fall into place naturally. And after this gets started, by say August, don’t wear underwear. Oh, if a guy meets you while your clothes are untied and he feels you up right, they should fall off. Let them. Let him do anything he wants to; even fuck you, before you even think about picking up your clothes. If he takes your hand to go for a walk, just leave them where they fall.”
I hesitated, “That’s a lot of stuff you want me to do and I could get into trouble for it.”
“Only misdemeanors. You want to not only have more kids than I do; you want to have several of them by other guys. I want everyone to know what a hot chick I’m married to. Don’t make a decision now, but next weekend either be hot or not. Either way, tomorrow, don’t even bring your top to the pool. Just give up on even wearing a top. You haven’t worn it for the past month much anyway.”
“But the kids…”
“Two Saturdays ago, there were a couple of 8-9 year olds, and you left your top off.”
“But I didn’t notice them.”
“Right, and no one was worried about you or those three other girls either. Just forget about a top no matter what you decide. Put it in the bottom of a drawer and only wear it if we go swim with family. Wear one next weekend, I don’t want to know your decision till I see how hot you do or don’t get.”
“OK, I can do that.”
I was so horny that night,that I woke Jerry up twice to fuck me. The next morning I surprised Jerry by not only not wearing my top, but not draping my towel over myself on the long walk to the pool either way, at 8 AM or at 3 PM. I carried my towel, just like normal, except I had no top on. I was surprised by how relaxed I was about it, once I completely gave in. When I sat with Jim, Alan, and Tom, I did everything all those things Jerry wanted me to with them, even fucking Tom first thing. Then I showed them how I wanted them to always hug me by feeling me up and kissing my body anywhere they wanted to. I kept after them till they did it right too. They were shy with Jerry right there. He’s shorter than me, 4’10”, but so wide and strong that he benches 250 pounds. After we got home, I was so horny from walking home past twenty plus buildings half-nude in broad daylight along a semi-busy road that I attacked Jerry. I told him while he was eating me out (he said I tasted great) that I still hadn’t made up my mind, but I would do all those things at the pool anyway. I tried not to let him know how excited the whole idea was making me, but I think he knew. He always says my pussy gives me away every time.
The next weekend, we got to the pool party at a huge house in the country. There four guys from our apartment, but about twenty guys and fifteen girls altogether. Most of the girls were already topless. I thought, “This won’t be so bad. Maybe I can do this.” I had decided to have the baby, but I was still shy. I have always been excited by the thought about fucking guys with strangers watching me from behind the bushes and hoping they would join in. That, not the joining in, but the strangers watching me fuck, had already happened a couple of times as Jerry and one or two of his friend’s fucked me. I loved the time I fucked him and two of his friends while we were tubing on the Comite River and people floated past, but this would be up close and personal, not people just floating past that I never spoke to. Well, if it happened right, it would happen. I wanted to fuck every guy there, they were all cute and I understood what Jerry meant about working myself up to that many guys and why he wanted that many, but still…”
After we set up our towels, Jerry untied my top like I knew he would. I dived into the pool and swam a few laps. My top slowly fell, finally exposing the most of my right nipple. My right breast is smaller than her sister and quite perky. I knew this would excite him, so I got out of the pool and brought him a plate of chicken and potato salad. He kissed me and pulled my right tit completely out of my suit. Then he kissed and squeezed her till she was standing at attention. It was great! He then reached under what was left of my top and squeezed my left tit. He really worked it over while he kissing me. Now my top was just barely on and both tits were hanging completely out.
He then said, “Hand me your top, its not hiding anything anyway.” I did, while he rubbed my pussy through the fabric. As he worked his fingers around my bottom and into my dripping pussy, he said, “Oh you’re so wet. Now don’t even try to tell me that you’re not enjoying yourself.
“Please, everyone’s here.”
His reply was to stick a second finger into me and then, seeing how easily they slid inside, he slid all four fingers inside. I just moaned.
He said again, “Hand me your top.”
“No you take it.” I moaned.
“No, it has to be your choice. Take it off.” His fingers were working magic in my pussy, especially since I noticed several of the guys watching me. I finally shrugged and wiggled my tits so that it fell onto his chest.
“Now you didn’t actually take it off, so now turn around and pick it up.” He tossed it just behind me. I turned around, smiled and waved weakly at everyone, and leaned over to pick it up. He pulled my bottom to my knees. I bolted straight up. I covered my tits, acting like I wanted to run and hide in shame and embarrassment, but he wouldn’t have that. He knew me better than that. He knew that though I am shy about my breasts, but I LOVE showing off my pussy and ass.
“Step out of them and put your top under my chair. I want everyone to see your pussy. Kick your bottoms somewhere else.”
Once I got over the shock of my bottoms being around my knees, I loved it. I let them fall to my foot and kicked them into the pool. I liked the way they floated for a minute before they sunk to the bottom. Again, no one said anything, but I definitely had all the guys’ attention. I leaned over and went to my knees. Spreading my legs wide and I crawled over him and put my top on the far side of his chair. Right on que, he squeezed my ass and fingered my pussy. I enjoyed his fingers in my pussy for a couple of minutes before I sat on his lap over his straining cock. Teasing him, since his cock was rock hard, but inside the suit, I just sat on his lap and rubbed just the tips of my tits over his chest. Then I moved them up to his hungry lips, which promptly engulfed first one, then the other almost painfully erect nipple. The feelings I was having while everyone watched me teasing him while nude, had me so excited, I was ready to do absolutely anything. As he sucked on them, I rocked myself on his cock. Finally, I moaned rather loudly in ecstasy as I came right there in front of everyone.
“Now you go get me a drink and when you come back, put on either your top or your bottom but not both.”
Standing, I patted his cock ever so gently and smiled. I noticed it shrinking quickly and the wet spot where I had leaked my juices all over him as well as the other one where he had cum. As I walked over to stand in line, I put a little sway in my walk.
“OK.” I said, the thought of being bottomless in public was leaving me light-headed, I was so horny. I didn’t mind being totally nude as much as I loved being bottomless. I went to the back of the line of about fifteen people, but a cute guy near the front motioned for me to step in front of him. I kissed him on the cheek. When he hesitantly squeezed my butt, I sighed and took a tiny step forward, spreading my legs the teensiest little bit. He got the wrong idea and reached around me to squeeze my tits. “Oh well,” I thought and left well enough alone. I had hoped he would finger me. His hands never left my tits, though he did alternate rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezing them nicely. When I reached the tea, I turned and kissed him deeply while pulling his hand to my pussy, which his fingers filled most satisfactorily. When I turned around to pour a glass of tea, I leaned over invitingly. He took my invitation and fingered me from behind. I just let him have his way while I slowly poured the tea. I squeezed his fingers with my throbbing pussy so that he wouldn’t stop too soon. After I filled Jerry’s glass, I put it down and wrapped my arms around him for a good kiss. He was definitely a tit man; I had to pull one of his hands back down to my pussy while I kissed him.
When I returned with Jerry’s tea, I put my top on. Now I was in heaven, my tits were covered, but my pussy wasn’t.
“I enjoyed the show, thanks. Now, do you see some cute guy here?”
“Several.” I replied.
“Good, walk over to one of them and hand him your top.”
“But, but what will everyone else say?”
“Gigi, you just walked over nude and let a guy work you over to your very obvious pleasure. No one said a thing and you’ve been topless every weekend for the past month. What has anyone said about that?”
“Exactly. Bring him a plate like you did to me. When you hand him the plate, sit on his lap. You might even pull his shorts down first and sit on his cock and screw him. Don’t stop anything he or anyone else does. Just enjoy it. Is that better?”
“Yes, I could do that.”
“This is how you will get that baby. Remember that anytime you even think about stopping someone. Don’t stop anything, encourage it. Always get the guys to go at least a little further than they would.”
“OK.” He said as he fingered my pussy again and untied my top again, leaving the strings fairly tight, but untied. “That’s good now. Go dive in before you go see him. Let me see how your top does from the diving board. Oh, Gigi.”
“Yes.” I asked.
“If your top falls off in the dive, leave it off.”
I smiled, “No, I’ll go serve him first. But if he leaves my top on and screws me, I’ll will dive and lose it in the pool.”
I was shy as I walked back to the line for food. There were about ten people in line in front of me. Then another cute boy stepped behind me. I tried to avoid him, but when I felt his hand squeezing my butt, I just smiled.
“You don’t mind?”
I just gave him a butterfly kiss and moved his hand to my pussy. Jerry’s hard cock was enjoying the show. The boy responded by reaching his hand all the way into my pussy like Jerry had done, but from the front this time. Then he squeezed my tits. This pushed my top almost off.
“Leave my top on. I want that guy over there to take it off while I fuck him.” I whispered in his ear.
“Who, Tony? Well I guess you won’t mind this.” He said as he squeezed and kissed my tits. I kissed his ear and rubbed his iron hard cock through his suit. I noticed that his mouth had pushed my top far enough over to let him nip my nipple with his teeth. I still couldn’t believe that no one, not even the elderly couple said anything. In fact the old man just smiled at me.
The boy pulled my top strings off and laid them over my shoulders while kissing my shoulders and neck. I moved forward again and the boy pulled me close to him and continued kissing my neck and tits, while playing with my pussy. I reached under his suit to squeeze his pole. It was a solid six inches and thick. Man, was I wet! I wanted that dick inside me.
“What’s your name?’ I asked the boy while was playing with my tits again, from behind this time.
“Harry.” he said. I felt his hard cock sliding against my butt. I reached behind me and slipped the tip out above his suit. It was so hard. I pushed his suit down to half uncover his cock and slipped my butt over it so that he was sliding against my slick labia. He couldn’t get in from that angle, but it sure felt good. No one was saying anything and I was thoroughly enjoying myself, though I still felt shameful.
“Horny little slut aren’t you?” The middle-aged woman serving the food asked me.
“Huh?” I asked distractedly.
“Aren’t you going to get a plate? Or are you just going to keep giving everyone a show?”
“A show? Oh yes, I guess I have been giving you a show.” Harry now handed me a plate and stuck his fingers in my pussy. He finished loosening my back string so that my top fell into the potato salad. I was so enraptured by the wet tip of his cock rubbing my butt cheeks and sliding between them that I never noticed till an hour or two later when the guy fucking me at the time, told me the lady had taken it out and dropped it behind the table. I reached behind and slid his cock all the way free.
“Thank you.” I said to Harry, not noticing how comfortable I had become with his hands all over and inside me. It just seemed natural to allow him to do anything he wanted to do. His cock was teasing my pussy even more with his now freed cock, rubbing my labia and teasing them, even sliding inside an inch or so. They were quickly soaked with my love juices. I began rocking on his cock in time to his slow strokes.
I blushed a little. “I guess I have been giving a show. “ I repeated. “Do you mind?” I asked while turning to face her. I leaned over and timed my push down with his push forward. This corrected the angle so that Harry slid right in. As his cock slid into my, oh so ready, pussy, I gasped and shuttered all the way up from my toenails, it seemed.
“Ohhhh, oh.” I moaned.
“Not really, there’s no little kids around, so enjoy yourself. But Dearie, aren’t you going to make him use a rubber?” She smiled.
I was panting a little from the fucking and spoke loudly enough for anyone on our side of the pool to hear me, “No, not today. I’m having so much fun, I think I may just screw every guy here,” I smiled back as Jim pumped me hard. ”If they use a rubber… mmmmm. That might be nice, I guess. No, when I’m this worked up, I don’t really care. And I do so enjoy a guy exploding inside me. Ohhhhhh.”
“Here. Will you take my plate till he finishes up in me?”
“Sure. Better that than you spilling it. You just stay right there while I move the potato salad down a little.”
With the plate gone, I focused on making Jim cum quickly. I squeezed his cock hard with my pussy at every stroke. I stretched around so that I could kiss him while we made love. I loved him pumping me from behind while his hands worked my tits over. It didn’t take long for Harry to fill me with his burning hot jism. I blushed and smiled at the older lady. After Harry shrunk out of me, she handed me my plate so that I could go see Tony. The feelings going through me as I realized I had just let a total stranger fuck me and not just fuck me, but fuck me in front of people whose names I didn’t even know, just some of their faces, were awesome. It was even better than on the river, since they were still there and smiling at me. I realized I had totally enjoyed myself. I was a slut, a total slut. But that’s what my husband wanted, wasn’t it. Well, he was right. I was having fun. I liked having a total stranger’s jism leaking out of me. I liked being a slut. Well, I had gone this far, it was time to see how much further I could go. I would prove to him how much I wanted that baby!
I spoke just loudly enough that anyone who was listening could hear me, “Bye Harry, and thanks. I loved the way you took control and just entered me and fucked me. You weren’t the shy gentleman; you just took what you wanted. It was fun. I love it when I have nothing covering me and guys just enter me without asking, it’s better for both of us. I want to do it again later. And maybe another day, rubbers would be nice, but not today.” I said loud enough for the whole pool to hear me, “Today, I don’t care who or how many guys I fuck, I want to feel you all explode inside me. I do really hope that every guy here will cum inside me at least once or twice.” I kissed him passionately and said quietly, “Now I’ve got to go see, or rather fuck, Tony.”
With one last squeeze of my butt, he pulled out and said, “Sure.”
I kissed him briefly again. “Thanks. I live at 214 in The Oaks of Kingsbridge. Come see me later today or tonight.”
“214. I can’t wait.”
A little more of his cum leaked out and dropped on his toe. He smiled at me and said, “Leaking aren’t you?”
I followed his eyes down to the bit of white on his toes and smiled. He gathered a little of his jism and rubbed on my tits while giving me some tongue.
The lady said, “Yes, she is. That’s what happens when you fuck a girl while she’s standing up.”
“My favorite position is doggy-style,” I told him. “In a little while, after you’re up again, let’s show everyone how it’s done.” I said as I squeezed and then kissed the tip of his limp cock. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I had always dreamed of being a slut like this. I felt so powerful; knowing the guys there wanted me and knowing that I would deny none of them from having me.
I winked at Jerry and sauntered over to Tony, putting a big sway into my hips.
“Hello gorgeous.” Tony said with a huge shit-eating grin.
“Here you go. I brought you some lunch.”
“Well, I’m not really hungry, but if you sit on my lap and feed me, I suppose I could eat.”
His cock was hard and thick. “I suppose I could do that.” I said as I stroked his cock. I set his lunch down beside his towel. He pulled his bottom down revealing that not only was his cock thick; it must have been nine-inches long. I had never had a cock so long inside of me. I actually had had a thicker cock inside me a month ago, but it wasn’t so long and he was wearing a rubber, a lubricated one. A naughty smile crossed my lips as I remembered that I hadn’t told Jerry about that one. He held it up so that I could mount myself on him. Determined to see how far I could go with all these people around, I licked it and rubbed it gently across my cheeks. Then I moved down to his balls, licking and sucking on them. He just closed his eyes and let me do what I wanted. I rubbed my pussy on his leg smearing Harry’s and my cum all over the hair of his shin as I humped it. I sucked each ball into my mouth, rubbing them with my tongue, and then took the tip of his cock in my mouth. I loved his sigh as I swirled my tongue all over the tip, even sticking my tongue into his slit, like I was Frenching his cock. I pulled off of him and rubbed his little bit of pre-cum across my cheeks and chin. I put his hand into my dripping pussy and rubbed my mixed love juices across my tits. Then I put her into his mouth to clean me off. Again no one said a thing. When I went down on him again, he pulled my head in tighter to his cock, forcing me to swallow more of it. I tried backing off, but he wouldn’t let me. When he came in my mouth or rather my throat, I gagged. He held the coke I had brought him up for me to drink. I drank half of it quickly.
“Sorry,” he said. “I hadn’t realized you didn’t swallow. I mean you just fucked Harry in front of everyone and came over here and started sucking on me.”
“No, no. It’s all right. I’ve never had someone cum in my mouth before and it was so salty. I don’t like salty things. But the coke helped, thanks. Harry said your name was Tony. Mine is Gigi.”
He held his hand out for me to shake, “I’m Tony. Glad to meet you.”
“Just a minute,” I said as I pulled his rather loose suit off. I grabbed his finger and used it to wipe off the jism that escaped my mouth and did a repeat of what we had done with Harry’s cum. I went to stroking his cock, finally resorting to licking it again till it stood to attention. This time I focused on the taste and realized it wasn’t so bad. I vowed that today I would learn to like or at least pretend to like jism.
I sat down on his lap, taking care to guide that throbbing cock into my hungry pussy lips. With Harry’s cum still filling me, I slid over him easily and took him all the way in, all nine inches of him in one fast slide. It didn’t hurt at all. It just felt wonderful. Tony’s hands slid around to my butt and as he lifted and lowered me onto his huge pole, I glanced back at Jerry. I had his total attention. He had even put his book down. I squeezed Tony’s cock with my pussy. I rocked on that huge cock enjoying the feel of it deep within me. I smiled at Tony and laid my hands on his chest as I rode him while he squeezed my butt and helped me to ride him hard.
Then I took a small piece of the barbeque, rubbed it all over my tit, and stuffed it in his mouth. Then I stuffed my tit in afterward so that he could suck her clean. As he vacuumed her, I rocked back and forth for a minute, fucking him. I couldn’t believe this. I was fucking a second total stranger in front of thirty-five people I barely knew! This was great.
His hands were on my tits now, kneading them like bread doe. I rubbed up some potato salad on my left tit and leaned forward again. He sucked it out of my hand, then off my fingers, and then off my nipple. We continued like this until he finished his plate. Then he grabbed my ass and really pumped me. It was wonderful! Finally, he unloaded in my pussy. I swear I came each time he spurted inside me again. I was groaning in I leaned over and kissed him for a long time and told him to come visit me that evening as well. He got hard and fucked me again while I was still mounted on him. He rolled me over and did me doggy-style. I was in heaven! He fucked me for a good half hour while I groaned till I was hoarse. At last! He came in me and I collapsed. He got up and jumped into the pool while I just lay there, thinking how good that was. Everyone was going to be talking about me, saying what a slut I was. Well that was just fine. I looked over at Jerry. He smiled at me and gave me the thumbs up.
“Tony, I’m going to suck you off again. Would you get someone to come fuck me while I suck you?”
I was still working on his balls when I felt someone slide inside me. I didn’t look to see who it was, I enjoyed the feel of two cocks in me at once. This guy gave me a pretty good fuck, but came long before Tony, since Tony had already cum a couple of times. He outlasted two other guys as well, before filling me with his hot salty jism. This time I was ready for the taste and enjoyed it. Of course it helped that I was getting banged pretty hard by another guy. I pulled off him to lay on my side for a little change of position. Another guy, I don’t know who, filled my mouth again, so I got to taste a different semen. I hadn’t realized that they all were different. I was so mellow, I was definitely getting to enjoy this. And Jerry said I needed to fuck an average of thirty or more guys a week! Wow. This was going to be great!
Finally, after two or three other guys filled me on both ends, I got up and dived into the pool. After swimming for about ten minutes, I pulled myself up on the side of the pool and asked Jerry, “Did you like the show?”
“Wonderful. Don’t get out yet. Someone else is coming to visit you.”
Just then I felt the water move as someone swam up behind me.
“Don’t say anything to him or look at him until after he cums in you. Then introduce yourself.”
The man came up behind me and entered me. He was good sized, but seemed tiny after Tony and another one of the guys who had just had me. I let him fuck me for quite awhile. Finally, I said, “Would you mind if I tanned? I want to lie down and sunbathe while you finish me.”
“All right.”
I got out of the pool, taking care to not look at him. I lay on my belly so that he could enter me in favorite position, doggy-style.
After he got into the rhythm again, he said, “I’m about to cum. Is it all right if I cum inside you?”
“Are you clean?”
“Yes,” he said.
“Then please do. Like I said earlier, feeling hot cum inside me just puts me over the edge. It’s the best part of fucking. I hate rubbers”
Man, when he said he was about to come, he really meant it. He came in load after load, filling me to overflowing. It felt like he had pumped gallons in me. I came and came and came.
I said, while still on my belly, “I loved how much you came in me. Come over and screw me again, later. Room 214. Oh, from now on, whenever you see me, I want you to feel me up. If I have no panties on, pull my skirt up to my waist to finger me or pull my shorts down. Whatever it takes to get to my pussy. Let her be seen. Drop my skirt or shorts to the ground and I’ll step out of them while you greet me properly. If I have on no bra; pull my top off and toss it away, far away. Then I want you to thoroughly enjoy them in public while you finger my pussy or even fuck me.”
He said, “Not just at the pool?”
“No, anywhere you see me, anywhere at all. At the pool, just take off my bottom, I won’t even bring my top after last weekend, and, actually I just decided I won’t wear a bottom again except on my period, but if I do, I want you to feel me up and fill me up as often as you can. I insist that you fuck me at the pool at least twice a day when we’re both there. You fuck so good, I want you to feel free to fuck my anytime you want to.”
“Sounds good to me. I’m glad I invited you here today.”
“I just realized, I don’t even know your name.”
Then I finally turned around and saw who it was. It was that old man who had always enjoyed seeing me topless! Well, the way he fucked, he could have me anytime. I remembered the rest of the deal with Jerry. I had gone this far, I wasn’t going to mess things up now.
“Name’s Rod. I know that you’re Gigi.”
“Well, I am certainly glad to have finally met you and been fucked by you. Oh, I forgot, you know how my husband used to untie my top till it fell off?”
“Anytime I wear strings, anywhere, I want you to untie me. I won’t retie my clothes till the fall off. That’s anywhere, the mall, the grocery store, anywhere.”
I glanced over at Jerry, five feet away. He smiled and gave me a big thumbs up.
The next thing I said made him look shocked and smile even more, “And, at least if Jerry’s around, ask some other guys to do that too. Preferably someone new to me. Tell them that I won’t ever stop someone from entering my pussy if she’s not covered. If they get my bottom off, they can fuck me. But they can’t just take my bottom off, it has to fall off unless someone else untied it, then they can just pull it off, right Jerry?”
“Right, as long as it is untied, the next guy, should just toss it at least ten feet from you and do whatever he wants. You need to tell new guys that, as long as the skin is bare, you will not stop them, no matter what they do, including fucking you. I want you to always mention the fucking you part, in case some of them are slow.”
“It’ll be a pleasure. After today, I’m ready to fuck anyone, anytime, anywhere.”
“My, my. You have really come a long way since April when I thought you were going to slap Jerry for pulling your top off at the pool.”
“Uh huh. Do you like the changes?”
“How could I not like them? You’ve invited me to fuck you whenever I want, feel you up whenever I see you, and invite other guys to do the same. Even my wife liked how bold you were today when she took your plate while the first guy fucked you. You’ve made this party into a true orgy, thanks.”
After he kissed me appreciatively, I rolled over and a lot of the cum filling me just oozed out. I started to wipe it off with my towel, but Jerry said, “Sweet pea, just leave it. Ask someone else to come rub suntan lotion into your breasts.”
I looked around to find another guy, but one was already kneeling beside me. I pushed the lotion aside and pulled his lips to my tits. He kissed and squeezed them while I pulled off his bikini type swim trunks. Then I handed him the lotion and pulled him into me. He was thick, really thick, but the huge load of come from the old man really made it easy for him to enter me. He sat up, leaving the sun on my tits. I loved him rubbing me down while he very slowly fucked me. I wrapped my legs around him to pull him even deeper into me. He pulled my legs up one at a time to rub them down. That was wonderful! As he finished with them, I wrapped them back around him and pulled him into me in rhythm with his strokes. I tightened my pussy down as much as I could. Jerry is small, so I practice that a lot. Being so tight made him come after only a few minutes. I held him inside me and said, “Come in me again.” I pleaded while pulling him down to devour his lips and neck.
His cock cooperated. After he came in me again, I just laid back and tanned for a half hour. I woke up when another guy entered me. After a few minutes I asked him to rub my back take me doggy style. I noticed after he finished that most of the girls were fucking one or even two guys and I remembered what the old man had said about an orgy. My first orgy, cool.
“May I?” a girl asked as she picked up my tanning lotion.
“Uh, I’m not sure.”
“Not a lezzie, eh. It’s all right, I just want to eat your pussy and suck out a lot of that cum, you’ve been getting filled up with.”
Jerry said, “Try it, you might like it.”
I looked at him angrily for a second, but lay back and spread my legs.
It felt great! She was so gentle and seemed to know instinctively how to push my buttons. I came within minutes and she kept me cumming. It was incredible. I let her rub me down, front and back. She kissed me. After a startled second, I responded and pulled her tight.
I rolled her over and before I knew it, I was kissing her tits, like she had kissed mine. She put her finger to my lips and said, “Later, tonight, you’re going to be too sore for those guys you invited to your apartment, but I can make you feel better. We’ll spend the night together and I’ll fuck your husband too, if its all right with you. I notice he’s the only guy not fucking every other girl here.”
“Well, all right, but he’s mine. You can fuck him, but he’s mine.”
“Of course, my name’s Jill, by the way.”
“Glad you came today.”
Jerry rolled over as Jill got up. He had already fucked me a couple of times, praising me quietly while he did. Late that afternoon, when he was fucking me for the third or maybe forth time, he pulled out after just a few strokes.
“We’re going to do something new.”
“What’s that?” I asked, not really caring what he did, even entering my butt. Since I had just thought of that, I wasn’t really surprised when I felt him at my backdoor, pushing gently. After working his way a little in, he would go back to dip his cock in my overflowing pussy, before pushing his way deeper into my butthole. After a few minutes, he just popped in. I sucked in breath as he did, it felt so good! He did rip me a little, but he was gentle. When he came, it felt as good as a guy exploding in my pussy.
“I want to see you take three guys a couple of times before we go. OK?”
“Uh huh.” I croaked. I could barely speak anymore, I had cum so many times and I’m a groaner, which is tough on my throat.
The next guy that came over to fuck me had a slim cock, though longer than Jerry’s, so I asked him to buttfuck me. I then invited Tony over to fuck me and Harry to fill my mouth. They really worked me over. That instantly became my favorite way to fuck, three at once. I gave them all the same invitation I had given the old man, Rod.
Jerry handed me a towel, but not my suit. It was still in the pool and beside the food. I realized that Jill was right; I wasn’t going to be able to fuck anymore tonight. I asked her to bring my suit with her when she came over. I went a apologized to each guy for not being able to do anymore tonight and discovered that most of them were all fucked out too. There had been fourteen other girls there as well, after all. I told most of them the same thing I had told Rod and that I wanted them to spread the word. I wanted guys I had never seen to come feel me up and untie, but I told them to stop it there. One guy knowing he had permission to strip and fuck me anywhere, anytime with at least one other guy helping him seemed like enough. Besides, word would get around from that. Within a couple of months, I probably was going to find myself fucked anytime I stepped out of the apartment. Well, there are worse things, I suppose.
I kept my vow to never wear a suit to the pool again that summer. I was stroked and felt up everywhere I went. I loved it. I was fucked by total strangers by the mailboxes many times and by friends even more. At least once per week, I was stripped naked in a parking lot or behind a clothes rack in a store and sometimes gang-banged. I have had sex with my new friends a number of times in all kinds of outrageous places. These are all past tense because best of all, we have a little girl. She is just beginning to walk now. Jerry and I are planning the next out-of-wedlock baby. This one will have fewer fathers, since I can’t get as outrageous. We aren’t sure just yet, how we want to do it. We’ll let you know how it comes out.
This really did happen in Baton Rouge in the 1985. The Oaks of Kingsbridge really is where it all began, but my name is different. Looking back, my only regret is that I was in such a rush to have Christie, it would have been nice to continue fucking everything in sight for several more years. And yes, all four of my kids have seen me screwing a number of different guys, but things toned down a lot with the first baby and then the others that followed. And yes, while I do have four kids, only the fourth is definitely Jerry’s. We continued swinging for several more years after that first unbelievable summer.

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