Saucy Wife Gets a Shock

Saucy Wife Gets a Shock

Shelia Brown was tease and she knew it. She teased her husbands friends, teased her daughters boyfriends, teased her neighbors and teased all the men in the office. As Shelia got older she got worse and her husband Harry would get very annoyed with her often telling her off and complaining about her lack of decorum.

"Sheila your not a young woman anymore you look like mutton dressed as lamb tone things down a bit its just asking for trouble walking around like that people will think your a common tart."

" I don't dress for other people I dress for myself and anyway you men like it well enough I can see by the looks I get," she snapped back at her husband. Harry snorted "Do you realize that Janets boyfriend could almost see your knickers in that short skirt its embarrassing."

" He shouldn't be looking up my skirt then, anyway its your dirty mind Harry his a very nice quiet boy the best Janets had for a long time."

"Its no good talking to you but mark my words it will come to no good Jim next door is always looking over when you hang out the washing its not decent when you bend over in that skirt."

Things were just as bad at work lecherous males young and old making comments and sometimes touching her up. It quickly spread all over the office when Shelia slapped old Mr Barnet around the face after he pinched her bottom when she was filing.

"Im not sorry I did it," said shelia indignantly " It serves the dirty old man right and if he touches me again I will slap him harder."

To her she was blameless in all this it was the men's fault she could not help it if they had filthy minds. In her innermost thoughts she liked the attention she got, and the stir she caused, it pleased her to be the centre of attraction. She had an image of herself as looking very young and trendy and when young men eyed her it boosted her ego. They thought she may be easy prey as she was well past her prime but still appeared to want to attract males.

An incident occurred about this time which surprised and worried Shelia; Janets boyfriend followed her upstairs and on the landing he put his arm around her waist pulling her towards him he attempted to kiss her on the lips. She pushed him away but he persisted and whispered into her ear, "Mrs Brown your so gorgeous I'm sorry but I just could not resist you."

She was very flattered, "You naughty boy Brian what would Janet say?" Shelia never mentioned this to anyone and a few days later it happened again and this time she gave in and let him kiss her. "When can you come out with me," he whispered "I adore you please make a date."

At this point we must digress to a conversation between Brian and Alan one of his friends at work.

"Hey Bri I bet your giving her mum a good seeing to as well she's always flashing it around the old slag."
"I'm working on the old lady I think she may come out with me."

" You dirty devil let me know what she's like I wouldn't mind a poke at her?"

" Well I'm going to take her up to the Parrot for a drink then into that forest car park to get her knickers off"

"Really then I will see you there, "said Alan with a wicked wink.

"No funny business Alan don't be a pratt."

Well Alan was a pratt and he intended to spot Brian and surprise him as he shagged Mrs Brown. So Friday night he hung around outside the Browns to see if Alan came out with Mrs Brown he knew that Janet was at her sisters and not due back until tomorrow morning and he felt sure Brian would play for the Mum tonight.

Shelia intrigued and flattered by the attention agreed to go out with him provided he behaved himself and they were not too long. She pretended to herself that she was guarding her daughters interests and finding out what sort of a boy she was going out with.
She had no worries about Harry he was on the 2 -10 pm shift and would not be back until 11pm.

How she preened herself with all the tricks of the trade mascara lipstick, a tight fitting blouse with a cleavage gap, platform leather shoes, and a daring mini-skirt four inches above her knees. When Brian knocked she opened the door and told him to go around the back so she could slip out through the back garden and nosey neighbors would not see her.

Shelia was going to have one little drink but she ended up having three large glasses of wine. She could feel Brians hot hand under the table high up on her leg something clicked and she thought to hell with it why should Janet have all the fun. They were sitting in a dark quiet corner, the wondering hand stretched a finger to stroke her gusset and she felt the juices flow, he was sexy this Brian she wondered if he had fucked Janet.

After all she was really seeing what he was like as a lover surely there was nothing wrong with that, she certainly did not intend to have an affair with the boy, this is the way we justify our selves when we feel a bit uneasy about our own actions.

In her aroused state she allowed him to take her into the car park and start making love in the back seat. Now Brian was enjoying every minute and he soon had his head up her skirt the very smell of her pussy was an enormous arousal for him he felt his luck was in, he had a sexy girl friend and a sexy mum he could fuck. Shelia was stretched out on the back seat while he was lapping at her fanny it felt wonderful she knew she was going to have a memorable orgasm, this young buck had got her going and she was enjoying it.

Then the door above Shelias head opened and in looked the grinning face of Alan. Shelia tensed "Relax Mrs Brown its only an unknown admirer." She immediately recognizes the voice my God it was her office boy his dick was in his hand as he wanked himself above her head.

Now Brian had sat up he pulled her towards him with her legs open he entered her well prepared slit and began to pump, the sensation was marvelous she felt the tension rising and she abandoned herself to lust, now there was no going back. It did not take Brian long to shoot his load he was keyed up and in front of him Alan was wanking furiously, at the open car door. Her legs locked him to her as she began to push with him they formed the beast with two backs as they struggled to consumate the act.

Alan was quick to get his cock up her when Brian had withdrawn, "Oh lovely he moaned as he entered the dripping pussy "Another full load for you Mrs Brown," and as he began to hump her his cock throbbed with expectation. In his fresh fury he aroused her again and she began to climb the sensuous ladder again to a shattering climax.

Let it be said now that Sheila enjoyed this debauchery, she shocked even herself and she was quite disgusted with herself when the boys had blown their loads. When back at home she washed and changed with the events of the evening running through her mind.The worrying thing was Alan, she knew she must face him at work and he was an outspoken cheeky Youngman, it was embarrassing to say the least. Brian she knew she could handle but she was uneasy about Alan.

Alan began his taunting the next monday morning. " Good morning Mrs Brown have you had a good weekend I had a marvelous time myself," and he winked at her. Later in the day he followed this with, " Do you know the Parrot its a nice pub for a quiet evening drink," and he sniggered in a most licentious way. Shelia was very angry she tossed her head and walked into her office without replying; what a mean little pervert you are she thought I must have been mad to let you do it to me.

Later in the week the taunting took a more serious tone. " Meet me in the Parrot for a drink to save me giving you a knock we don't want the neighbors talking," his face broke into an ugly lecherous smile. What a dirty ugly little beast your are, thought Shelia.

Nonetheless she was worried about his persistent and threatening behavior, and as a result of this after a lot of thought she resolved to tell Harry what had happened. Naturally she would paint a picture which showed her as rather the innocent party who had been taken advantage of by two youths fired by alcohol. Yes she would throw herself on Harrys mercy and with a few tears and suitably compromising the truth she would turn the tables on this despicable youth.

To Shelias great surprise Harry just sat almost impassively listening hardly raising an eyebrow. She toned down the sexual details in the car and did not mention her blatent enjoyment of the incident. "So both these boys had full intercourse with you then?" He stared at his wife.

She blushed "Yes I'm sure they planned it between them it was so awful Harry they both just used me like animals on the back seat I was helpless," saying this she wiped her eyes and looked at her husband with a pitying face.

"Did they empty themselves into you then?" he asked staring at his wife's tearful face." Yes Brian first and then almost with out stopping Alan began to have his turn he was quite rough and kept going for quite a while I was helpless with Brian watching it was just terrible Harry" and she pretended to cry. "And you say this Alan is pestering you at work?"

" Yes I'm sure he means to have me again he mentioned the Parrot pub."

Harry sat back in thought he expected something like this sooner or later but the thought of his wife being fucked by two hot young bloods strangely excited him, and he pondered the situation wondering how he could twist it to his own advantage. He only partly believed Shelia he knew she was quite capable of lies.

" You do realize you've partly brought this on yourself by dressing like a tart, "he said suddenly. "Anyway why did you go to the Parrot with young Brian it was surely asking for trouble."

"He begged me to go he said he was loney with Janet away and he needed company, besides he is Janets boyfriend its not as if I didn't know him," and she buried her face in her hands. "How was I to know he would start touching my legs when he had some drink.

The next evening Harry sat Shelia down " I've got a plan" he said " That I think would work but it needs your full co-operation." Shelia was all ears she looked quite relieved. "You invite them both back here on friday and I will return early from my shift and catch them in the act, I will then warn them both and throw them out threatening to tell their parents about their disgusting antics."

" We will keep Brian here long after Alan has gone to discuss his future with Janet."

"I'm not to sure about that Harry suppose they use me again," as she said this she felt her juices start to ferment. " Well my dear lets face it the damage is done now they have both plugged you so what's the difference.

"Harry I am your wife" she raised her voice. "Yes and you've been well fucked by two randy young men, do you want me to get you out of a fix or did you enjoy it too much?" he was noticeably angry.

I expect, dear reader, I could leave you to write the juicy conclusion, but no I will not deny myself that pleasure.

Harry lingered on his way back arriving at about 9pm and he crept in very quietly his heart pumping his ears pricked. The noises he heard came from upstairs so he very quietly ascended all expectant for the thrill of his life. Serves the bitch right he thought dressing like that and he peeped through the door crack to see a stark naked male arse mounted on top of his wife. The arse moved in a fucking rhythm up and down as his cock penetrated his wife. He could not see Shelias face but sitting on the bed in front of her was Alan, he was smiling as she took his cock in her mouth.

Alan laughed, "Just imagine if her old man cold see her now enjoying every minute she fucks like a rabbit and sucks like a fish," he laughed again and taking her head in his hands he worked her mouth up and down on his cock. Brian just nodded agreement he was sunk into Mrs brown up to the hilt what a lovely bitch she was he held her breasts tweaking her nipples as he plunged in and out, my this felt good.

Harry was in no hurry to interrupt this little threesome he watched taking it all in and had his camera at the ready. After about five minutes Alan said," Hey Bri I will shoot my load down her throat as you unload in her cunt she deserves a good load shes been a good old girl bringing us back here in the comfort of her own bed.

"Harry watched as the heaving mass of flesh labored and sweated to completion. In the middle of the two youths his wife let out wild prolonged groans, her body quivering under their excertions as they pumped their juices into her with furious gusto.

Click click went the camera and the surprised youths just goggled at Harry. They were speechless and on the bed completely shagged lay Shelia exhausted spunk dripping as she licked her lips. "These will make good pictures boys to show your parents so they can see what their good boys do in their spare time," his voice was louder now as he said "Get out of this house!"

When they had gone Harry addressed his wife, "That was a fine show darling magnificent I did not know you had it in you I just can't wait to see the next one."

"Harry" she stammered I just don't understand you were so long they just used me again like last time."

"Yes and don't think I was fooled I've been watching for sometime you enjoyed it don't lie to me you loved every minute because your a dirty slut at heart. But don't worry darling I enjoyed every minute as well because Im a dirty old man with a good-looking slut wife, and I mean us from now on to enjoy ourselves. As for those two you won't have anymore trouble from them," and he smiled at her and tapped his camera.

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