Angelas NIghtmare Part 3

Angelas NIghtmare Part 3

Angela lay on the wooden block just a gutter torso. Her mother had cut round her daughters pubic mound and was about to tease the skin off so I could have Angelas pubes as a trophy. I had put a ring gag into Angelas mouth as the peep show watchers had left glasses of cum for her to drink and it was easier this way. It would also be easier to cut out her tongue as she choked in her last few minutes.

Right now Angelas eyes were wide open as she squealed as she watched her pubes being ripped from her body. I reached inside her and cut free her arsehole so that would come out as well as an extra thing to remember this once sexy woman by, Her mother pulled harder at the flesh tearing her daughters pubes from what was left of her body, till finally they came free. Breathing hard now as the garott was restricting her throat Angela looked in horror as her mother showed her the neatly trimmed pubes that were once hers.

The butcher returned and asked if during her last 15 minutes we would like to put Angela into one of their ovens to roast. They had one already at 200 degrees and it was a special one in that her head would go through a hole in the door so she would still be alive when it was time to remove her tongue, but of course she would suffer even more in the last few minutes that she had and we would also be able to take away the rest of her cooked meat.

We of course agreed as Angela started to cry again, looking at us with pleading eyes, but of course it made no difference. We slid her onto a roasting dish and carried her to the ovens,whilst her dad brought a few extra glasses of cum so Angela would still have something to drink.

Groaning and crying Angela watched the door to the oven open and felt the heat over her body, she shook her head and tried to speak but it made no difference. We slid the tray into the oven and closed the door allowing angelas head through the gap to rest on the shelf outside the door. Already she was trying to scream as the heat hit her devastated body, starting to cook her almost immediately. Her mouth was dry so I poured a glass of cum into it she had to swallow or choke, so she swallowed, and as her face was getting hotter I tipped another glass over her face, she was really suffering now and the garrot was getting tighter so she could just breath. One more click and she would start to choke. The butcher said she would choke for 5 minutes so we should wait at least half that time before cutting out her tongue, she would then suffer right to the last.

Looking at Angela now we were standing over her, we decided it would be bukkake time, so as she choked her mouth would fill with our cum too so the three men stood over her and wanked against her face. Rubbing cocks against her skin soon caused waves of sperm to coat her face again. This time her mum didnt wipe it into Angelas mout but left it there as a final humiliation. The pain from the oven must have been unbearable now, and we were only minutes away from Angelas final moments, her eyes were wide and she looked as though she had seen a ghost she was so scared.

There was a click and I didnt think it was possible but Angelas eyes opened even wider as she started to choke, first she coughed a bit then she took a deep breath and groaned as she couldnt breath out. Her face started to go red and she managed a few small gasps. In a panic she turned to me ans was rewarded with another stream of sperm hitting her face, then her mothers hands were on her head and a clamp was pushed into her mouth pulling her tongue forward.

Angela was choking now her eyes watering and her eyes fixed on her mother and the knife she had in her hand. As her mum placed it against her daughters tongue Angela howled. The knife cutting through Angelas tongue, finally slicing it free from her mouth. As she saw it being handed to her brother he laughed and showed it to her. Her eyes were getting fixed now the garrot had clicked a final time and Angela had taken her final breath.

Twisting her head from side to side in obvious pain and shock she lasted another 4 minutes before her eyes stopped focusing and she lay still. The butcher returned and removed Angelas head and sent it away to be cleaned and mounted as an extra souvenir as we had given so many people a good show.

Angelas remains were removed from the over where her meat from her back was cut off and we also got two cooked shoulder joints as well.

If you have read all three of the installments to this story please feel free to leave comments on your thoughts as I am always looking for ways to improve things and I am new to story writing like this. I see there are some negative feedbacks but no comments so please leave your thoughts good and bad as I am happy to try and improve on what we have here so far.

For those who liked the first 2 parts I hope you enjoy this as much as those and I will be writing more in the future. Many thanks and happy reading, remember to leave some comments please

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