A Surprise Thank You 2

A Surprise Thank You 2

Daughter and Stepdad Share

Lisa was first to notice their camera was streaming them live on the web, but she could only shriek a warning to Dan as she was having a momentous orgasm at the time. Dan then saw it too and was so far into dry-humping Lisa he couldn't stop to turn the camera off. He soon followed Lisa and climaxed, with cum shooting up all over her pussy and belly. They both moaned with satisfaction and slowed their humping to a gentle rocking.

Oh My God, was all Lisa could say as she read some of the comments from viewers watching their 'show'. That was huge, I've never felt so horny and you didn't even fuck me she told Dan. Several viewers then posted for them to complete the show and fuck each other online. Dan and Lisa looked at each other with trepidation as they full well realised the consequences of going further. Another viewer posted that they must go all the way and post the video on site with their pics.

Not really thinking about where they were and that they were being live broadcast, Lisa and Dan kissed deeply and silently committed to taking it all the way. Dan leaned forward and ***********ed record on the camera. Lisa watched and knowing there was no turning back now, she wiggled her arse into Dan's lap and took his cock in her hand. Dan was hard again and felt so good with Lisa masturbating his cock gently. He leaned into her and put one hand on her breast and squeezed a nipple hard, with the other hand he sunk three fingers deep into her dripping pussy.

Lisa shocked shot up off his lap and moaned deeply with sexual pleasure. She could only get a short distance off Dan as his hands were locked on her pussy and boob. As she sat back down on Dan's lap his cock impaled her pussy and she sank down slowly until he was completely inside her. The feeling was momentous for her, Dan's cock was so hard and big she felt her insides being stretched like never before.

Both of them humped away at each other with increasing speed, only slightly aware their broadcast fucking was attracting viewers from around the globe. Lisa was trying to read the comments from viewers as she rode Dan like there would be no tomorrow. The lewd comments and pics of cocks posted by viewers were turning Lisa on more and more. Only minutes later Dan yelled he was going to cum again. Lisa moaned she was about to cum as well. They climaxed together as Dan pushed even harder and deeper into Lisa's engorged pussy. Lisa felt water running down her legs, she realised after a brief moment that she had squirted as they both climaxed. It was a first, Lisa had never before squirted with a man or woman. She felt so wanton, the comments coming through on the website were equally wanton with viewers claiming that theirs was the best fuck online.

After catching their breath back, they turned the cam off, logged off the site and dressed each other with intimate care. What do we do now Lisa asked. Dan said they must tell Lisa's mother Alison. He felt she would be okay with what they did as she had really set it up in the first place. Lisa was not so sure, she had cheated on her mother and betrayed her trust, even if Alison had suggested the idea of helping with the website.

Next day, Lisa felt very uncomfortable as Dan was explaining to Alison the full details of what had happened the previous day with the website. Alison held Lisa's hand and said she understood why it happened and wasn't angry. In fact she wanted to login to the site and see for herself. Lisa was still concerned about the ultimate consequences of her mother seeing her and Dan fucking but could not find a way to divert the inevitable.

Dan had logged in and was linking into their entry as Alison and Lisa watched. Alison and Lisa both gasped as they saw the number of comments and requests for contact with them. They gradually warmed to the attention and were soon feeling quite horny.

Alison asked Dan to play the video they had posted. As they watched Alison saw for the first time her daughter having sex and enjoying her husbands cock buried deep in her juicy pussy. The video clip finished and Lisa couldn't stop herself from asking they read some of the comments. Many commented about how horny her body was and how sexy they both were together.

Some even went as far as to ask for their contact details and invite them for a hookup online or in person. Startling them all a text message popped up on the scene from Jeff. The message in instant messenger simply told them he loved their bodies and wanted to chat. Jeff's profile pic showed a naked well built male of around 30 with a friendly face and big cock.

Lisa suggested Alison and Dan should meet up with Jeff over coffee first and see if they really wanted to go through with their first threesome. Alison wasn't so sure, she felt Jeff would notice she wasn't the woman in the profile pics or the video. She also wasn't convinced she wanted to go through with a threesome. What do we do then said Lisa, we set this all up for you both and now you have a real chance to get into it you become cautious.

They made coffee and continued reading the comments. Alison then asked if Lisa felt she could stand in for her in a meet with Jeff, just see what it was all about and she could then help Alison to participate. Lisa felt Alison was too trusting of her and would be missing out on all the thrill and fun of a first meeting and perhaps sexual encounter. Nothing was decided then but they did reply to Jeff saying they would get back to him soon.

Later that evening in bed Dan sought assurance from Alison that she was not angry with him or Lisa for what they had done, and that a threesome meeting would not make her jealous. She took Dan's cock in her hand and masturbated it until it was huge and throbbing for release. She raised herself off the bed and took his cock deep into her mouth. Dan had not had such a great head-job from Alison in years. He was able to deep throat her with only a few choking interludes, Alison was so horny she fingered her own pussy climaxing as Dan shot cum deep down her throat. Well Alison said does that answer your fears. They kissed lovingly and Dan assured her he loved her deeply.

An arrangement was made online with Jeff to meet him at a local cafe, a few days afterwards. Lisa was nervous she had dressed quiet conservatively but did not wear a bra or panties to give her an extra edge keeping her aroused. Dan sat opposite her watching the door for Jeff's arrival, he's here Lisa stuttered as Jeff entered. She squeezed Dan's hand and whispered don't be surprised at whatever happens from here on in, and just go with the flow, I'm feeling this is going to be much more than just a coffee and chat.

Dan could see sexual excitement in Lisa's eyes as she watched Jeff stride towards them. Lisa noticed the bulge in his trousers as his cock struggled with being restrained. In just a few seconds Lisa's eyes changed to a look of shock and not understanding. For a few moments Dan couldn't see what had so shocked Lisa, then it all became clear as he saw his wife Alison following Jeff into the cafe and walking straight towards them. Neither of them could say anything sitting there with jaws open trying to process it all.

Alison moved passed Jeff and waved to them both saying that this is Jeff we met outside. The sensual smile on her face told much more. Dan stood to shake Jeff's hand and give Alison a peck on the cheek. Why don't we all sit and order said Alison.

Lisa who was dumbstruck couldn't find anything to say. She simply shook Jeff's hand noticing the sparks that their bodies exchanged. Slowly recovering from her shock Lisa asked how her mother had known where and when the meet was happening. Alison said after the time they had been on the website together she got curious as to whether it was real and who Jeff really was. So she opened a chat with him online and they both hit it off immediately, agreeing that she should join in the meet and hopefully something more afterwards.

Alison looked at Dan and said she had a confession to make to him. She and Jeff didn't just meet outside they wanted time to chat in the car before, so they at least knew each other. Dan said that was okay given all the other misdemeanors that had happened lately. Alison took his hand and said it wasn't just a chat. I couldn't resist his bulge and wanted to feel it before Lisa did, so we made out in the car. I sucked Jeff off and he fingered me to a wonderful climax. Lisa leant across and wiped a small drop of cum from her mother's cheek, saying she must have enjoyed herself the evidence was still showing.

Jeff waited until the coffees were served and said as they were somewhat already acquainted, why don't all four of them go back to his apartment which was only walking distance away and perhaps continue where he and Alison had stopped earlier.

Dan looked at Lisa and Alison for a sign of what they wanted to do. The clear sexual hunger in both of their eyes told him his answer.

Part 3 coming soon.

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