Gloria's Transformation - the Gym

Gloria's Transformation - the Gym

Ed, a remarkably brilliant genetic scientist and doctor, worked diligently for many years at a major genetic research institute with one particular goal in mind - transforming his girlfriend, Gloria, into the woman of his wildest dreams. Finally, he secretively achieves the genetic breakthroughs he needs, the hardest of which is to get genetic modifications to appear in the test subject, rather than just their progeny. He is eager to proceed, even though he doesn’t fully understand the science. He doesn’t consult Gloria because he thinks she would be too scared. So he begins exposing her to viruses carrying the desired genes using a nasal spray as she sleeps.

Soon Gloria deduces the origin of the changes she begins to notice, since she has some familiarity with Ed’s work. But she doesn’t object, because she absolutely loves the changes. She spends hours staring at herself in the mirror and measuring herself, and proudly shows off her naked body to Ed.

It takes over a year before Gloria is transformed as follows: Her face is perfectly gorgeous, with a cute little pussycat nose. Her skin is perfect and wrinkle free. She doesn’t look a day over 21. Her hair is blonde and much thicker and naturally curly. All her other body hair becomes almost invisible, including her pubic hair, so she no longer needs to shave anywhere. Her waist shrinks to 24 inches, and her boobs and ass become huge. Her labia lips are much softer and larger than normal, and upon arousal, they and her clitoris double in size and become pink. Her erogenous zones become immensely more sensitive, with thousands more nerve endings, and her mouth, throat, and her entire bosom become new, highly sensitive erogenous zones. She starts producing copious volumes of milk and vaginal juices. Her vagina grows longer to better accommodate men, and nerve endings evenly cover its entire length. The tissues in her vaginal and large intestinal walls become much softer, thicker, and more yielding, with thousands of additional folds. Her asshole becomes more flexible and able to accommodate large objects.

Her sex drive increases until she can no longer be satisfied by just one man, so she takes on many new lovers. She doesn’t hide them from Ed and drives him crazy with jealousy. She eventually develops hypersexuality – a sex drive that is so obsessively high that sex becomes an addiction. She has orgasms during any form of sex, including fellatio, enemas, and just having her boobs sucked, fondled, or milked. Her orgasms from intercourse are incredibly intense and give her extremely addictive pleasure and far better highs than cocaine. Her orgasms start the instant a man penetrates her, grow in intensity, and continue nonstop, one right after another. If she is fucked for only an hour, she becomes so horny she can’t stand it, and begs her partner to take Cialis or at least a dildo and continue fucking her. It usually takes more than two hours of intercourse to fully satisfy the nymphomaniac she has become, and she is ready for another session six hours later.

Gloria is continually being aroused by the slightest things. Just being close enough to smell or touch a good-looking man makes her wet, and seeing just a bulge in his pants causes her pussy juices to overflow. Just thinking or talking about sex or watching TV easily arouse her. If aroused enough and there are no single men around, she will masturbate, in public, if she must. If she feels lazy or is too tired to masturbate, she can have orgasms without any stimulation, if her arousal becomes high enough. Since she is often aroused enough to make her juices overflow, she wears a Depends pad so she is not continually wiping juices from her legs. She hates panties, but must wear them to support the pad. She carries several pads in her purse. The copious amount of her juice is a bother for her, but she realizes she needs it for her marathon sessions of coitus. During sex, her abundant juices form a large puddle or produce a huge wet spot in a bed and always make slurping sounds.

Gloria’s ass and hips grow until her hip measurement is 48 inches, which gives her an incredible hourglass figure with her 24 inch waist. Her ass tissue is firm, but soft enough to jiggle a lot, and her skin shows no trace of cellulite or lumps. Her hips are twice as wide as her waist, and even more when her ass is spread up against a guy, making a view of her bent over from the rear mind-blowing. The side view of her booty is also highly erotic, since her buttocks suddenly protrude outward a small distance from the small of her back. Her ass looks like that of the booty model, Pebbelz, except Gloria’s is all natural. With her huge booty, many guys prefer to do her from behind and also love to push her ass cheeks together and fuck her butt crack. When she lies naked on her back with her legs apart, her partners can see an incredible amount of ass below her pussy.

Gloria’s breasts grow until she is a 36 S cup. Her breasts have the same size and appearance as those of the 3rd-art model Lisa, except Gloria’s are natural. Her nipples are large and always erect, causing a pronounced protrusion through all her clothes. And her huge areolas bulge out as Lisa’s. Her nipples and areola are dark and show through all her light colored tops. When she wears a sheer top, her nipple protuberances combined with the darkness of her nipples and areola are highly erotic, and few men can take their eyes off her. The size of her bosom does interfere with buying clothes and simple tasks like seeing to put on shoes. And she does have to work out to maintain the strength in her back muscles to support her huge tits. But she thinks those small prices to pay to be incredibly desirable to men.

Gloria’s milk production slowly increases until she is lactating 2 liters of milk every two hours. Unless she has just been milked, milk drips non-stop from her nipples and wets her clothes. Her nipples become even more noticeable when the material around them is wet from her milk. When her boobs are full, the drips come about once a second. The milking of her breasts takes a lot of her time, and the constant leaking is a problem. But she grows to like making so much milk due to the orgasms the milking gives her, and she finds that men are really turned on by her vast quantities of milk. She jokes with her girlfriends that she produces as much milk as a cow. Over a period of just two hours, her breasts become so full that a slight squeeze or quick motion produces a spray of milk, and they start to ache. If neglected, they continue to grow and become painful, and the drips turn into a steady trickle, but not enough to stop the pain. She does not use a pump but just squeezes them to produce sprays of milk that can shoot out over a meter and drain them in about two minutes. She can suck on her own mammaries, but that takes more time, so she only does it for shows. When full and with a male friend, she wants him to suck her milk out, since that gives her bigger orgasms. Before bed, she drains her boobs and puts on a tight bra with holes for her nipples. The expansion of her breasts against the bra as they fill with milk produces enough pressure to force the milk out and prevent their aching from waking her. She lies in bed on a special pad that absorbs her milk.

Her lactation increases her from an S to a U cup every two hours. She intentionally wears S cup bras, which are especially made for her, because she likes the additional cleavage and the overflowing look she gets with the expansion of her breasts by her milk. Her favorites bras are shelf bras that display the entire upper half of her enormous breasts, and of course half her areola and nipples. She loves to dress with a shelf bra, a very short skirt, and either a see-through top or none at all, which drives men to distraction and instant erections. She really doesn’t need bras; her breasts are so firm they need no support. Her transformation enhanced the muscle tissues in her chest, so her boobs sag very little. When lying on her back naked, her breasts spread apart only a small amount. They still jiggle when she walks, especially when braless, and she can jiggle and swing them by shaking her chest or suddenly rising up on the balls of her feet, when she wants to entertain someone. She does wear bras at times to minimize the milk spraying caused by the swaying of her breasts. Plus she looks fabulous in a black bra under a see-through top with her blonde hair. She has bras with material to absorb her milk, but they become heavy and start leaking after only an hour. The absorbent bras are big and make her bosom appear even more gigantic. She also wears sports bras when dancing or exercising, and sometimes wears two. Otherwise, her huge breasts would swing wildly with her moves and spray milk everywhere.

Gloria’s hypersexuality also affects her mind. She retains her high intellect, but completely loses all sexual inhibitions and morals. And she uncontrollably succumbs to numerous perverse sexual behaviors and impulses. She becomes an extreme exhibitionist. She acquires a strong desire to arouse men and adores entertaining them sexually. She is intensely excited by showing off her body and performing sexual acts while being watched. And the bigger and more excited her audience, the more her enjoyment. She also enjoys shocking men with her lack of inhibitions and sexual aggressiveness. She becomes a voyeur to rival any man, and masturbates to porn, whenever she cannot get fucked thrice a day. She has a collection of videos featuring well endowed body builders.

Part of her hypersexuality is an increased sensitivity to sexual stimulation. She develops an extreme love of masculinity – the scent and taste of a man’s body, the taste and smell of semen and precum, a man’s sweat, the feel of his hard muscles, his body hair, even a man’s body odor - all are intoxicatingly exciting for her. Her lovers are always surprised when she asks them not to shower before sex. And of course, the sight, taste, smell, and feel of a man’s cock and balls are overwhelmingly exciting to her. Her excessive love of masculinity and hypersexuality cause her to enjoy some quite perverted acts. She takes pleasure in rimming a man’s anus, even dirty ones. She enjoys the taste and odor of smegma under foreskin and dried urine on a cock. And she enjoys a man pissing on her or in her mouth and drinking his urine, provided she is aroused at the time. She considers rimming and receiving golden showers just another form of sex rather than humiliation.

The only part of BDSM she likes is mild submissiveness and masochism. She is too independent to be a slave or have a master. Pain and discomfort during sex become arousing for her. But she avoids sadists, never agrees to any act that might affect her looks or health, and never lets things get completely out of her control. She does enjoy being submissive to her partner and performing any sexual act he asks, and letting him do whatever he wants to her, provided no real harm comes to her. She lets him control their love making, unless she has a compelling perversion she wants to satisfy. Another of her abnormal sexual impulses, that reinforces her submissiveness and exhibitionism, is an irresistible compulsion to sexually please her partner. She is highly aroused knowing men are enjoying her sexually.

Another of her perversions is an overwhelming size fetish for men with large endowments. Her extra long vagina does have nerve endings at its very end that are only stimulated by large cocks, but the main cause of her extreme size fetish derives from her hypersexuality. She absolutely adores making love to big balls and cocks. Men with big balls often get frustrated with her, since she much prefers getting them off by making love to their oversized testicles rather than letting them fuck her. She is definitely a size queen, and her favorite lovers are all well endowed, but she never gets stretched permanently by them due to the thicker and more compliant vaginal and anal tissues her transformation has given her.

She loves both money and sex and has no morals, so naturally she becomes a highly paid call girl and private entertainer. Many of her best clients have, of course, boob and ass fetishes or love her excessive lactation. Others love her wild personality, her nymphomania, her totally uninhibited attitude, her genuine enjoyment of sex with even a poor partner, her genuine desire to please, and not just for the money, and her willingness to do almost anything. She is really popular, charges outrageous fees, and easily earns a six figure monthly income. Her reputation grows and her clients include the rich and famous. She adores the opulent lifestyle her new wealth and rich clients afford her. She enjoys sexually servicing famous men and charges them nothing. She also gives free sex to the men who connect her to the very rich and famous. Countless men want her as their sugarbabe or mistress, but she does not want to be tied down to one man.

When clients ask for a rimming or to give her a golden shower, they are amazed when she doesn’t charge more and are astonished when she actually enjoys it. To deal with all her clients, she hires a secretary, who keeps track of all their desires and what she charges them. Her secretary is a body builder and martial arts expert who, when needed, also serves as a bodyguard and lover.

She understandably becomes highly promiscuous, with hundreds of lovers in her not-so-little black book, where she lists the size of their genitals, their fetishes, stamina, and loving making ability. She likes group sex and sex with complete strangers for the possibility of discovering a really great lover. She enjoys variety and rarely fucks a guy more than a dozen times before moving on. But she doesn’t break many hearts, because in a serious relationship, most men cannot handle her promiscuity.

Ed is a nerd, not a stud, and is now out of her league in looks. Plus, he also cannot handle her promiscuity, so their relationship ends. So he created the woman of his wildest dreams, for the most part, but she is not his anymore. But they remain good friends, and she is terribly grateful to him for her transformation. So she lets him fuck her when she can fit him into her schedule to pay him back. He loves seeing her for the sex and because he is still in love with her, but also because he wants to study the results of his experiment. She happily lets him examine her body and describes her life and sexuality in vivid detail. He loses his jealously and gets so excited by her stories that he must use a recorder to take notes. He is particularly fascinated by the mental changes caused her hypersexuality, which he did not intentionally give her. He asks if she is completely satisfied with all the changes in her.

“Oh, yes, I love them and my new life!”

She knows every change in her contributes to giving her a fantastic new lifestyle full of opulence and popularity that she could only dream of before. She absolutely adores her new body and is truly addicted to her immense sexual pleasures.

The following is one episode from her new life.

The Gym

Today is workout day, so Gloria drains her milk, and puts on a sports bra and a skintight top and bottom. By the time she drives to the gym, she has small wet spots around her nipples. As she walks in, the first guys to see her point her out to others, and soon all the guys are looking at her as she mounts a back-strengthening machine. Many guys come over to greet her and stand around her or take a machine near her to stare close up at her swaying, enormous tits. She intentionally moves to the butterfly machine, to put her breasts more on display for them. Her wet spots grow in size since the squeezing of her breasts produces more milk and soon she is leaking drops of milk onto the floor. She returns the stares of the men with a smile, only she is staring at their muscles and crotches. They can see her staring down at their crotches, and their bulges get bigger. Her eyes dart from man to man, and she is excited knowing she is causing their erections. Her arousal increases and a wet spot starts growing between her legs in her tights. She cannot wear a Depends pad in tights. After the motion of her arms squeezes her boobs together a few times, some one in the free weights section drops a weight with a loud thud - a likely comment on her. She moves to the free weights section, lies on her back on a bench, and spreads her legs wide apart so they can see her wet spot and ogle her boobs with their wet spots.

“Give me a couple of two and half pound dumbbells, will you guys?”

Everyone scrambles to offer her the weights, which she lifts up and down with outstretched arms. All the guys gather around her to watch her squeeze her tits together on the up swing.

Finally, a really handsome body builder asks, “Would you come with me to the men’s locker room?”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

They are strangers, but she doesn’t even ask his name. He leads her into the center of the men’s locker room, where everyone stops what they are doing and looks at them. The word gets out and soon every guy in the entire gym, even the guys who work there, are in the locker room staring at her. She says “Hi!” and waves to everyone, whereupon the body builder takes off her clothes. The guys cannot believe her body and many whistle and compliment her tits and ass. They also cannot believe she is dripping milk onto the floor. She is terribly aroused being naked before so many strange men, and her juices start trickling down her legs. She covers her nipples with her hands, not for modesty, but for the erotic look, and slowly turns around to show off her body.

The body builder grabs her, presses her against him, and kisses her passionately. She feels his large cock and how hard his body is, her pussy actually starts dripping, and the stream of juices down her leg reaches the floor. He turns her to face away from him, pushes her legs together, folds them up against her stomach and breasts, grabs her legs, and lifts her up against him above his erect penis. She guides his cock into her pussy and screams loudly with an orgasm the instant he penetrates her. He fucks her slowly at first by moving her up and down on his penis and her orgasms continue. Then he rams his cock hard into her on each down stroke, squirting milk out of her bouncing breasts, giving her one huge orgasm after another, and making her moan loudly each time. When he puts her down, her legs are so weak she starts to fall over before another body builder, without even asking, grabs her. He puts his hands between her legs, and lifts her up onto his cock, while she hangs on to his thick neck and wraps her legs around him. Five body builders fuck her one after another, never bothering to ask permission, by pumping her up and down on their cocks. She loves it, since she feels so helpless in their huge, powerful arms. One guy takes his hands away and briefly supports her on just his cock, although she is hanging onto his neck. Some of the guys simply stand in front of her, grab her ass, and lift her up against them as their hands sink deeply into her ass cheeks. She guides their cocks into her wet pussy and hangs on to their necks. As each body builder puts her down, gobs of semen drop from her pussy unto the floor or run down her legs.

The biggest muscle bound guy of them all bends her over, enters her pussy from behind, then grabs her legs and lifts her up. He spreads her legs as wide apart as possible and rotates around, giving all his buddies a fantastic view of her pussy and her enormous breasts dripping milk onto the floor. She looks at each guy ogling her, and the exhibitionist in her enjoys the lust she sees in their faces. She becomes more and more excited by being naked and spread wide open before so many men, with a huge cock in her pussy. She rubs her hands over her boobs and squeezes out sprays of milk for their enjoyment. Some guys start masturbating while watching her. He moves to a corner of the locker room and all the men form a semi-circle to gawk at her. He starts pumping her up and down on his cock, and the unbelievable show gets even better when her huge breasts swing up and down, spraying milk, and his 12 inch cock slides in and out of her. The guys can’t believe the size of the bulge in her abdomen when his huge cock is all the way in. She puts a hand on her abdomen so she can feel her expansion with each of his strokes and is lost in the intensity of her orgasms.

The crowd goes wild and encourages him to fuck her harder. So one of the guys sits on the floor and puts his hands on her hips, pulling on her and allowing his buddy to drive his cock even deeper into her pussy. Each stroke yields loud slurping sounds, since four guys have ejaculated inside her already. Each down stroke produces a slap, a loud moan from her, and sprays of milk, as her breasts reach the end of their motion. When he ejaculates, his semen and her juices are splattered onto the floor, the lockers, and his legs on each down stroke. He holds her for everyone to see until his cock falls out of her, and he puts her down on a bench. Semen and juices flow from her vagina as she comes down from her high. After a short while, she sits up, and sees about 2 dozen ordinary and very horny guys surrounding her.

“Everyone get naked!”

Gloria surveys the crowd. Some of the guys she knows, but most are strangers. She spots a black guy with a long, uncircumcised penis and points at him.

“I want you. How big are you?”

“Eleven inches”

He stands directly in front of her, and she takes his penis in her hand. It is semi-erect and thick enough that she cannot wrap her fingers all the way around it. She gets excited as she lifts his head up to her lips and pulls back his foreskin. She sees with delight that he has not cleaned himself for a while, and there is very pungent smegma under his foreskin. She rapidly eats it all off. She finishes cleaning his cock head by sucking on it, looks up into his eyes, and smiles.

“Yummy, I loved your duck butter!”

His huge, black cock grows in her mouth and when it reaches his full size, and she has to force her mouth wide open. He starts moving it in and out of her mouth, just the head at first, and the pool of her pussy juices mixed with semen overflows from the bench onto the floor. She has a huge orgasm and has to grab his legs to keep from falling. She lies down on her back, with her head down hanging over the end of the bench. He kneels in front of her and starts forcing his cock in and out of her throat. Her milk flow increases until it is a steady trickle from her nipples during the series of orgasms caused by his pumping of her throat. Her jaw starts to ache since she has to keep it so wide open, but thanks to her masochism, the aching soon adds to her excitement. He starts thrusting deeper and deeper into her throat, until her nose is buried in his balls and her orgasms intensify. The crowd enjoys watching the swaying of her enormous tits and her throat bulge each time he rams his thick member down her throat. He begins ramming her throat so furiously she cannot breathe, but he continues pumping her throat just as fast and furious. Finally, he starts ejaculating while continuing to pump in and out of her, forcing semen out her nostrils and lips, and down her throat.

After his last ejaculation, he keeps his cock deep in her throat because everyone is enjoying her inability to breathe. She is enjoying it too, and she makes no attempt to get his cock out of her throat. Her arms hang limply down at her side. There are several reasons for her enjoyment and lack of resistance. From the crowd’s comments, she knows they are excited by and reveling in her predicament. Knowing lots of men are enjoying her struggle with a big cock increases her arousal and adds to her pleasure. Her extreme discomfort is actually arousing due to her masochism. She is satisfying her compelling desire to always please her partner and her audience. Her submissiveness makes her want to offer no resistance to being choked. And lastly, she knows and can feel it is a huge cock that is choking her.

She tries to breathe with absolutely no success, again and again, to increase the men’s pleasure in watching her. They can see her throat and chest muscles tighten as she tries to suck in air around his huge cock. She arches her back with every attempt, which further entertains the men by swaying her huge breasts and thrusting them upward. She does succeed in making an “awk” sound and sucking his cock further down into her throat, as the men can see from her throat bulge. Finally his cock goes flaccid enough for her to breathe, but only with great difficulty, since his cock remains big. The entertainment continues with her desperate struggle to breathe. She takes very long breaths, one right after another, but the air passage is so restricted, she still can’t get enough air. Each breath produces gurgling sounds, since there is much semen in her throat. And she makes a loud sucking sound with each breath, since she is breathing with all her might. On many of her breaths, she sucks semen into her trachea, causing her to cough and making her even more desperate for air. She continues this very labored breathing and coughing for several minutes, while her audience is mesmerized. Finally, her face turns blue, and he reluctantly withdraws his cock.

She takes huge, deep breaths, swinging her massive breasts and spraying her milk, and her face returns to normal. She coughs up some of his semen. When her breathing returns to normal, she grabs his cock and sucks on it for a long time. She hears the crowd urging him to choke her again, so she knows what is coming and decides to do some acting to add to the show. She takes his cock out of her mouth.

“Please don’t choke me again with your huge cock! I beg you”, making it sound likes she means it. She is a good actress.

“Okay, guys. Hold her down for me!”

Several guys grab her and hold her down on the bench. Two clever guys grab her tits, increasing her milk flow. She pushes weakly back against them.

His erection is now huge, and she stares at it, repeatedly saying “No, no!” He enters her mouth, and her no’s become more and more garbled as he very slowly pushes farther and farther into her mouth. As his cock enters her throat, she tries to scream, but only a muffled sound can be heard.

He withdraws his cock and speaks to two guys in the crowd who are masterubating.

“She needs more semen. You two guys shoot your wads in her mouth.”

He steps away while the two guys, who don’t need much time, take turns ejaculate into her mouth. She is aroused by being made into a cum dumpster by two complete strangers who neither seek her permission or say a word. She dutifully holds their loads in her mouth and waits for his huge cock to re-enter her. He pushes his their semen down her throat and some comes out her lips and nostrils.

When his cock is all the way in, she again arches her back and attempts to breathe while the crowd cheers her on. She pushes weakly against the blackman and the guys holding her. She pretends to writhe in agony by twisting her body, curling her fingers, opening her eyes wide, and clutching at her throat. He withdraws his cock and immediately rams it back into her as fast as he can, not letting her breathe at all. The suddenness of it makes her gag several times, so he repeats it until she no longer gags, getting a sexual thrill making her gag on his cock.

He watches her struggle until she urgently needs air and then withdraws his cock completely. He and the others delight in watching her gasp violently, moan, and gurgle loudly. Now she has so much semen in her throat and trachea that she makes a death rattle with each breath. Her gasps push her tits against the men’s hands, causing sprays of milk. In her outbreaths, she expels semen foam. She makes her moans harsher this time to fool the crowd into thinking she is in pain, but in reality they are from her orgasms. She pleads between gasps.

“No, please stop!”

While she is still gasping, he unexpectedly rams his cock down her throat again, timing it to coincide with one of her huge inbreaths of air. The semen pushed down her throat is sucked into her trachea. She coughs violently until she runs out of air in her lungs, and the coughs turn to multiple spasms in her throat and chest. Her spasms give him a unique cock massage and move her tits against the guy’s hands. He watches her vain attempts to breathe for a while, and when he withdraws completely, her trachea is still full of semen. She immediately starts coughing violently again while gasping for air and gurgling. She doesn’t swallow the semen she coughs up, but holds it in her mouth for his next penetration, because she is enjoying choking on the men’s semen for their sexual satisfaction. He waits until she stops coughing and forces his cock into her again, but only partially, so that she makes loud wheezing sounds for their perverse amusement. Then he forces his cock all the way in her again to cut off her air and start the whole choking process again.

Semen foam drools from her mouth and flows down into her eyes and hair. She doesn’t wipe it away from her eyes, enjoying the stinging. Tears run out the corner of her eyes. He directs two more guys to ejaculate into her mouth, to keep her coughing and gurgling, and to see more foam flowing over her lips and down her face. These guys fuck her soaked pussy for a while and then climax in her mouth. She likes the taste of her own juices on their cocks.

She loses track of the number of times she is choked for everyone’s sexual gratification. He slowly increases the time he holds his cock all the way in her, making her gasps for air and gurgles louder with deeper breaths. And he shortens the time she is allowed to gasp, making her more and more desperate for air with each session. Finally, most of the semen is pumped into her stomach and he decides they have had enough fun with her and stops. The guys release her. She breathes deeply while moaning for several minutes, relaxes, moves down on the bench, and smiles broadly. The guys laugh, realizing they have been fooled. She makes no effort to clean the semen foam from her face. Her voice is hoarse and sounds funny when she speaks because her nostrils are still full of his semen.

“Wow, that was an awesome throat fuck!”

He moves to between her legs and rams his cock into her sopping pussy, giving her a huge instant orgasm, and she screams hoarsely.

“Oh yeah, I want your huge, black cock!”

Since he has already blown once, he fucks her for 30 long minutes. With each of his powerful strokes, she moans loudly and sprays milk. She adores every inch of his eleven inches and has gigantic orgasms. He has rarely fucked a woman who could take his whole shaft, and he wonders how such a petite woman like her can do it. She doesn’t hold her tits, but lets them swing wildly for the crowd and him. Near the end, he withdraws and tells her to face down on the bench. This splits her breasts apart to each side of the narrow bench and puts her huge ass on display, to everyone’s delight. Her weight on her breasts spreads them out and milk pours out of her tits, draining them in several minutes. Guys empty their water bottles and take turns putting them under her nipples to collect some of her milk. The new position is uncomfortable for her, with her huge breasts split wide apart, but she enjoys submitting to him and the pain. After he blows in her pussy, he turns her over and starts fondling her gigantic tits, which are still covered with milk from her previous position. She enjoys the stroking and groping of her tits. Then he starts sucking on her nipples, but there is little milk for him to drink. She lets him play with her tits as long as he wants, enjoying the orgasms. When he walks away, she is still incredibly horny

She sits up and blows the semen from her nose. The black guy comes back to introduce himself and get her phone number, which she eagerly provides. His name is Terrill, and she plans to take his phone calls. She leaves the dried semen foam on her face, and the milk on her boobs, to make her look sexier, if that is possible. A big glob of Terrill’s semen falls onto the bench, and she scoops it up with her hands and puts it in her mouth, to Terrill’s amusement. She spots a guy with big, hanging balls among the many guys staring at her, and points at him. She talks through a partially closed mouth, to keep the semen from spilling out.

“Hey you, lie down here on the bench!”

First she fondles his balls, then squeezes his scrotum above his balls to tightly stretch the skin over his balls, and pulls them up to her mouth. She likes balls that hang low because they are easier to make love to. She opens her mouth and Terrill’s semen flows down onto this guy’s balls. She doesn’t even know this guy’s name. She uses her lips and tongue to spread the semen all over his balls, then she licks and sucks it all off. She moves his balls across her tongue, kissing and sucking on them.

“Your balls are awesome!”

She sucks both his balls into her mouth, one at a time, and tries to tell everyone to look at her bulging cheeks, but no one can understand her. They do laugh at her trying to talk with a mouth full of balls. The vibrations from her speaking drives the guy crazy and he starts coming. So she pops his testicles from her mouth and starts sucking his cock and swallowing his semen, while having a huge orgasm.

“Who else has big balls?”

A bald man, with a huge belly and thick, dark hair all over his body, steps forward. The crowd thinks there is no way this gorgeous babe is going to do him. Gloria is disgusted by the guy, until she sees the size of his balls. She hurriedly goes to her knees in front of him, and becomes terribly excited by the sight and smell of his huge, very hairy balls. She puts her hands under his balls, and lifts them up.

“Press your legs together!”

He does as commanded, and when she lets go of his balls, they stand proud in front of his legs. She grabs his hairy ass and buries her face in his balls, squashing them against his legs. Their aroma fills her nostrils and excites her more. She grabs his balls and kisses and licks them all over, enjoying their pungent taste, and is happy that he has apparently not taken a shower for days and he is sweaty from his workout.

“I love your sweaty, hairy balls!”

She runs her tongue and lips all over his balls and up and down the seam along his scrotum sack as far as she can. She sucks as much of his scrotum as she can into her mouth, tongues it, and then moves on to another area. She stops when his balls lose their taste and smell. They glisten with her saliva that drips onto the floor, and his ball hair is matted and all wet. She then struggles to get just one ball in her mouth and finally succeeds by stretching her mouth as wide as possible, sucking hard, and squeezing the ball between her fingers to get it past her lips. She is so aroused at this point, she has a huge orgasm, but her moan is muffled because her mouth is completely full. She starts having multiple orgasms, her legs buckle, and she falls to the floor, taking his ball with her until it pops out of her mouth.

“Give me your balls!”

He kneels at her head and leans over her, covering her face with his hairy balls and scrotum sack. She has orgasm after orgasm sucking on his balls and moving them across her face and tongue until he blows big wads all over her tits. She lies there on the floor for a while, enjoying the after glow of so many orgasms, in a puddle of her juices.

“Looks like I need a shower”, she says, as she picks many of the fat guy’s hairs from of her mouth and teeth.

She picks a handsome, young lad and leads him to the shower room. She enters a handicapped stall since it has more room and handrails. She tries to kiss him, but he turns away and asks her to first clean off her face. He asks to soap up her boobs, and she lets him, even though she is dying to have his cock inside her. Finally, she spreads her legs while standing and guides his cock into her pussy. After he finishes with her, she sees the guys lined up outside her shower stall. So she lets them start fucking her, doggy style, while she bends over and hangs on to a rail.

Many of them are not good looking, and only last a few minutes inside her, but at this point, she is terribly horny and could care less. So many of them want to soap up her boobs that she gets tired of it, because she wants to be fucked. So she doesn’t ever turn around and just hangs on to the rail and looks over her shoulder as each guy mounts her and starts fucking her. Sometimes she doesn’t even look and waits for the surprise when she feels a new cock enter her, moaning loudly. A few of the body builders go to the head of the line to fuck her a second time, to her glee. A few ask to do her anally and she of course submits. Others don’t even ask before ramming their cocks into her asshole. She washes their cum off her legs in the shower. New guys keep coming into the shower room and adding to the line faster than she can fuck them, so the fucking continues for over two hours. About twenty guys have her before she is satisfied and tired. Four guys left in the line start begging her when she walks out of the shower. She looks down at their erections and becomes aroused, which produces a desire to please them.

“Okay, you guys can fuck my tits.”

She sits on a bench in the locker room, spreads her legs wide apart, cups her fingers under her pussy, waits for a blob of semen to fall out, and smears it between her breasts. She lets each guy in turn hold her tits together and fuck her cleavage. Their squeezing produces some milk. When they are ready to come, she leans forward and opens her mouth so they can ejaculate into it. She raises her head, keeping her mouth open to show the semen on her tongue. Then she looks into their eyes to see their reaction and forces their cum out of her mouth, so they can watch it flow down to her chin and into her cleavage, providing lubrication for the next guy. Her cleavage is soon full of foam. Some guys of course miss her mouth, and her cheeks and hair accumulate streaks of semen, which she intentionally does not wipe off. Some more guys walk into the locker room, see what is happening, and immediately take off their pants and join the line. Finally the last guy cums, she shows him his cum, swallows it, opens her mouth to show him it is gone, licks her lips, and smiles. She wipes the spume from her cleavage and hurriedly dresses before more guys show up. She deliberately does not wipe her face, waves goodbye to everyone, and leaves the locker room. She didn’t take the time to put on her bra, so as she is walking through the gym and waving goodbye to everyone, her huge breasts swing and jiggle, giving everyone a good last show. She wipes the shiny cum from her face and neck with her fingers and licks her fingers clean, enjoying the taste and the curious looks from the people seeing her. The semen in her hair she sucks on in her mouth.

“Wow, what a great workout I had today!”

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