Alice in Training

Alice in Training

We had had enough. Sally and I tried so hard and so many times to get Alice to pay attention — to anything. At 12 years old now, she still didn’t get it. “Maybe she is just stupid,” Sally said to me. I just shook my head.
Then, when we got her last report card, it all hit home. Nothing better than a D. “How come?” we asked ourselves and each other. Our son, Billy, seemed bright, intelligent and focused. At 10 years-old, he seemed to make up for his small frame with his desire to please his parents.
We found ourselves in Alice’s bedroom, with her laying across my lap as I sat on the edge of her bed. Sally was sitting across the small room on a stool in front of her daughter’s vanity. We had never resorted to this before. We never had spanked our children to correct them. But we felt there was no choice. It looked like the only option open to us. Maybe the physical pain would some how get her attention.
Sally told her to pull down her jeans and bend over my lap. I had my belt doubled over with the buckle in my hand. I felt her jump as I brought the strap down across her butt cheeks. I felt awkward though. Here was my daughter, nearly naked across my lap and I was thinking how sexy this situation was.
She jumped and squealed out as I brought the belt down again across both panty covered cheeks. Her movements felt good on my thighs. Maybe I was imagining the slight warmth I felt from the V of her groin. She wiggled again and cried out harsher as I brought the belt down again, harder than before. Her hip brushed against the tip of my cock, which was tucked up against my thigh under my jeans and starting to fill with blood. I looked down and could see the bulge it created. Oh my God!
Her movements were turning me on. Again I spanked her young firm ass, harder than ever, perhaps with a slight bit of anger at her. Damn her for turning me on like this. I looked over to Sally. She gave me and oddly understanding nod of her lovely head and smiled. Did she somehow know what this was doing to me?
The next time I struck my daughter’s tender ass I got a surprise. I felt something much warmer than her sex spreading across my thigh. When I realized that she had lost control of her bladder and pissed on my leg, I stood up violently and shoved her off me. She landed with a thud on the floor and I looked at her furiously and tried to shout out my anger. No words would come to my lips, I was that dumbfounded.
“You nasty little bitch,” I heard Sally say. “Look what you did to your father.” She was at Alice’s head in an instant, grabbing her daughter’s chin and guiding her head to look up at me. “Look at what you did,” she screamed again.
I couldn’t believe it. I just sat back down on the edge of Alice’s bed and stared at the scene before me, almost not comprehending what took place next. Sally grabbed her daughter by the back of her neck and forced her to crawl between my knees. “You will lick your nasty pee from your daddy’s thigh, you little pig.”
Sally forced Alice’s mouth to my jean covered thigh. “Lick it up, pig,” she commanded. Sally ground her daughter’s face into my thigh over and over again until she was satisfied that Alice was obeying her. Alice's tongue licked at her piss and again I felt and saw the bulge crawling down my thigh towards her tongue.
“See what a nasty little slut you are, bitch? Look how you are making your daddy’s cock hard. Is that what you want, slut? Do you want to suck your daddy’s cock?” I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my wife’s mouth. And she was smiling with a certain evil and a hint of lust in her eyes. Never would I have expected something like this. Sally looked at me and smiled her love to me. “Stand up baby.”
I couldn’t resist. I stood up dumbly. “Now take down your daddy’s pants, slut.” I watched as my daughter unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. “Now his boxers,” she commanded. My cock was stiff and throbbing, harder than I could ever remember. “Now kiss the place where you pissed on him.”
Obediently, Alice did as she was told. “Now kiss your daddy’s cock, you nasty whore,” her mom ordered. I nearly fainted with nasty pleasure as my daughter’s young lips touched the head of my cock. Her hot young lips burned where they had briefly been. I nearly came right then.
“Now suck your daddy’s hard cock, bitch. It’s your fault it got that way, now you have to fix it.” Sally moved close to where our daughter knelt between my knees. She wanted to get a good view of this it seemed. As Alice licked at my cock head I saw my wife’s hand move between her own legs, her long slim fingers rubbing her jean and panty covered slit. She was smiling as she watched our daughter take my thick throbbing cockhead into her young mouth.
“I think we have found a use for our stupid little daughter here, honey,” she said, smiling at me. I smiled back, finally realizing that she had been planning this whole scene. “I think the only thing our little slut here is good for is sucking cock. What do you think?” She smiled that evil smile again, and I returned it.
“Maybe you can train her to eat pussy too, honey?” I suggested. Her smile perked up. “Perhaps. She still has to learn to take care of your cock first.” With that, Sally grabbed a handful of her daughter’s thick brown hair, and forced her to take my cock into her mouth at last. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat and I was only halfway buried. Her mom never could take my three inch thick 10 inch long cock into her throat, and I would never force her.
That’s not to say she didn’t try. She tried all the time. She loved licking my hard throbbing shaft and sucking my heavy balls into her hot sweet mouth. Sometimes it seemed she could spend hours between my legs. And perhaps she did as we sixty-nined. God knows I loved eating her pussy as much as she enjoyed my cock.
I soon found out that Sally had other plans for her daughter. She gripped our sexy daughters hair and forced her throat over my cock, deeper and deeper, pulling her off so she could catch her breath. Again Sally would force our young daughter’s throat over my thick cock head, choking and gagging her. The feelings I was getting were beyond incredible. Those young muscles rebelling against the invasion. Her tight throat struggling to accept me. Alice’s moans of pain and humiliation only seemed to drive Sally on.
“Fuck your daddy’s beautiful cock with your throat, bitch. You know you want it, don’t you,” she said again and again as she forced her daughter’s young throat to be ripped open. I could see tears of pain running down Alice’s cheeks, and yet seemed not to feel anything but my own lust and excitement. I didn’t care that this was my daughter I was breaking. In fact, I was thinking that this was a good thing — maybe we wouldn’t have to worry so much about her future now.
Alice was moaning and groaning constantly now from the pain. Her mother seemed determined to bury my huge cock in our daughter’s throat. More and more of my thick shaft disappeared in her mouth. The incredible feelings I was getting finally turned the corner. My own hand went to my daughters head, grabbing her hair roughly and pulling her one last time all the way onto my throbbing cock. I erupted in her throat. I held her on my cock as spasm after spasm wracked my body, shooting my cum right into her belly. I was groaning now with pleasure like I had never experienced before.
Soon my orgasm passed and I released my grip in her hair. Sally pulled her off me and it was all that Alice could do to get her breath back. Sally let go of her grip and watched as her daughter fell to the floor, struggling to breath. Tears were running over her cheeks. It looked as if she was gasping for air like a fish. Her hands went to her young pain filled throat. Her groans were harsh and breathy.
Sally got to her knees between my legs and reached to grasp my still throbbing cock. It was still massive in her hand though only half inflated. I moaned with sweet pleasure as she bent forward to kiss my cock head. “Oh baby, that was sooo hot. I need to cum baby.” Her hand was buried between her legs rubbing at her still clothed cunt.
I sat up and called to Alice. She didn’t respond. I used my foot to poke her side, calling her name again. When she still did not answer, I aimed a kick at her head, yelling, “sit up, bitch.” I saw a line of blood from the corner of her mouth and smiled that I finally had her attention. “From now on, you will pay attention, or you will be punished. Do you understand?” I growled.
“Answer me, bitch.”
“Y-y-yes daddy,” she mumbled horsely through her sobs.
“Stop that crying now or you will know real pain. Now get over here and undress your mother.”
Slowly, painfully, she crawled to her mother’s feet and began to undress her. I watched as my wife's sexy long legs and shaved cunt were revealed. My cock sprang back to life as Sally told her daughter to kiss her feet. This time Alice did not hesitate to obey. She kissed each foot then waited for her next instructions. “Watch how a real woman pleases her man, slut,” Sally instructed. She climbed up onto the bed and straddled my waist. I loved it when she did this.
She reached between her legs and parted her cunt lips for me. I reached down and guided my hard again cock to her hole. It seemed that every time we fucked her pussy was still as tight as the first time. It always seemed to take a while before she could except my cock fully into her womb. Sometimes it would take us an hour or more to complete our lovemaking. She would tease my cock with her cunt. I would tease her full firm breasts with my fingers. She would kiss me passionately as I fingered her swollen clitty.
This time was no different. She kept her pussy poised above my cock until I teasingly thrust upward. As she let my cock head part her lips, a long erotic growling issued from her throat. She fucked up and down on my cock head a few times before allowing herself to take more. She controlled the pace of our movements and I didn’t mind at all. I let her please herself and me, enjoying the way she gave her body up to my touch.
I squeezed her ample breasts. I pulled at them. I pinched the hard nipples till they got harder. Twisting and pulling at them only made my love that much wilder. She loved the pain of my cock opening her cunt and my fingers closing on her nipples. I pushed one hand between our bodies in search of her clit. As soon as I found it I pressed hard against her groin. She moaned nastily, as I knew she would. It always made her want to pee right then, and the pressure she felt only added to her intense feelings of painful pleasure. Secretly, I was always hoping that she would lose control and indeed piss as we fucked. Maybe that would change soon, I hoped. I guess I had plans of my own.
I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my thick throbbing tool and I knew she was close to cumming already. I looked over my shoulder at my daughter, who was watching what was happening, with what looked like full attention. “Come here, slut,” I commanded. As she crawled onto the bed I reached out and took another handful of her hair and forced her to move to the juncture of her mom and dad’s meeting.
When Sally figured out what I was doing she leaned back somewhat, bending my cock back with her. “Lick your mom’s pussy. Find her clit with your slut mouth and suck it,” I commanded.
It didn’t take long for me to know that she was doing it right, that she had found her mom’s swollen clit and was sucking it like a tiny cock. With one long loud harsh sounding moan, Sally came hard and almost violently. I kept Alice's head at her mother’s cunt as we sat up the best we could and wrapped our arms around each other, our breathing ragged, our sweat pouring from our bodies, our love for each other deeper than ever. We kissed passionately as we held our daughter’s head at our groins. Sally would give a little jump now and then as her daughter found a sensitive spot as she continued to lick.
Soon we pulled apart and let Alice get a deep breath. We laid down next to each other on Alice’s bed and just held each other for a while, in silent, fulfilled love. Alice just knelt there, not moving, not knowing what else to do.
After a while, Sally broke the silence. “So, what do we do now, honey?”
“It’s obvious that she can’t go back to school, what would be the point? She’s too stupid to do anything but fail, and would somehow get us into trouble anyway. Maybe we should just keep her at home. Train her to clean house, cook, serve us — you know?”
After a short silence, Sally agreed. “I think you’re right of course. I know a couple of people who we can ask about the legalities of it all. I don’t know if she’s bright enough to teach housecleaning and cooking to, though. I’m thinking just teach her how to fuck and then whore her out.”
I was pretty sure Sally was kidding about that last part. I was wrong, as I found out in the long run. “But, right now, I’m not so sure she has learned her lesson yet. I’m still angry about her pissing on you.” She looked with disgust at Alice, who was cowering at the foot of the bed. “Get on the floor, cunt.” As Alice climbed to the floor Sally stood up over her.
“Look up at me, cunt. I think from now on you will be our toilet.” Sally looked back at me questioningly. I nodded my full agreement, and she turned back to our daughter. “Open your nasty mouth, slut.”
I watched as my wife parted her cunt lips with her fingers and began to piss. I had never seen her pee before and I found it to be as nasty and sexy as I thought. Not only that but for her to be aiming her hot nasty stream at our own daughter was even better. I could feel my staff grow again, but before that happened ...
I stood up and walked over to my wife. I put my hand into her stream making it splash all over our daughter’s well developed chest. I brought my wet fingers to my lips and licked, making sure Sally heard my nasty moan. When her stream finally ended, I told Alice not to move, as I got to my knees. I buried my face between my wife’s legs and began to lick her pussy clean of her piss. She wrapped her hands in my hair and kept my face there. I licked and lapped at her cunt, sucking in all the juices she offered, moaning nastily and greedily. Her grip grew tighter, almost painful as she orgasmed, not letting me pull away until she was completely satisfied. “Ohh God, baby. I never knew that could be so hot. You licked my pee! Ohh, my God, you made me cum again,” she breathed as I pulled away. I could only grin lustfully at her.
Her legs were weak from pleasure as she sat on the edge of the bed to collect herself. I turned my attention now to my piss covered slut daughter and smiled. My cock had relaxed somewhat and I was ready to piss, and I had a big load. “Open that toilet mouth of yours, cunt. And you better swallow it all, or you will be properly punished.” She knelt in front of me, head back, mouth open, looking sexier than any girl had a right to. I relaxed my bladder and let my thick yellow stream pour into her hot mouth.
I watched her struggle to swallow it all, the whole time knowing it would be impossible. I wasn’t nearly done punishing this little bitch for all the grief she had caused for her mom and I. I watched as she feebly tried to obey my last warning. I turned around and smiled at my hot, sexy wife when it became obvious that we weren’t done with Alice yet.
I finished pissing, watching the hot liquid drip onto her heaving chest, down her tummy over her already wet cuntlips, to the floor. There was quite a little puddle under her.
“Look at that you nasty pig,” I growled. “Look at all of my piss that you wasted. You don’t get off that easy, slut. Get on your hands and knees and lick it up.” I heard my wife groan nastily with lust as Alice began to lick my piss from the floor. I had to admit it turned me on considerably. I looked back to see Sally fingering her cunt as she watched our daughter.
When I was satisfied with her licking job, I reached down and grabbed her roughly by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She hadn’t said a word since this began and she didn’t start now, other than making some unintelligible noises in her throat. She must have still been in great pain from swallowing my cock earlier. She would soon forget that pain. I grinned to myself.
I looked at Sally and asked her to go to the garage and get some rope and a knife. She grinned excitedly and ran out of the room. As I held my young daughter by her hair, I bent her head back and pressed my lips to hers, my tongue pushing violently into her willing mouth. She went limp in my arms as our kiss became passionate. I knew at that point, from that kiss, that she would do whatever I commanded of her, that she would be our willing slave.
“You know this is right, don’t you Alice,” I asked as kindly as I could. I looked into her eyes and could see the answer. But I wanted to hear her say it. I insisted for an answer, yanking at her hair. She could barely choke out her ‘yes’. I smiled at her pain. “You’re mom and I are going to enjoy this very much, though you might not.” I am sure the evilness of my smile scared her for sure that time. She has hardly looked at me in the eyes since then.
Her mom came back into the room, reminding me that Billy would be home soon. He was a worry. How would such a small boy — small man, when he grew up — ever make his way in this world? I didn’t have that answer right then, so I didn’t worry about it.
I took the rope and knife from Sally and considered the problem beforehand. I realized there was something else I needed, that would work better than my original thoughts. This time I went out to the garage and rummaged around till I found what I was looking for — two heavy duty screw hooks. I also found a light hammer and took that back to Alice's room with me.
She was on the bed between Sally’s open legs. Sally was teaching her how to eat pussy properly, using my belt as incentive when she wasn’t being satisfied. I got to work through the moaning and groaning of my wife’s pleasure, and the occasional sharp slap of the belt on Alice’s back.
Using the hammer, I tapped on the ceiling to find two joists about four feet apart. I took a hook and screwed it up into each of them, then tested them for weight. They were solid. I took the rope and cut two pieces, tying one end of each piece to a hook. Then I waited till Sally was satisfied by my daughter’s mouth. After Sally’s orgasm passed, I roughly grabbed our slut daughter by the hair and drug her under the hooks.
I had her stand on the stool I pulled over from her vanity as I tied each of her wrists above her head. I then commanded her to step off the stool and I took it away. As the weight of her body pulled at her outstretched arms, her toes barely touched the floor.
“Ohh my God,” breathed Sally. “Look at how beautiful she is like that.” She was right. I had never seen such a beautiful sight before. Her young slim body stretched out tightly caused her young, budding chest to stand out. Her mounds pushed straight out, her nipples hard and pebbles. I watched as she struggled against the pain, the muscles of her young body rebelling at the agony she was just starting to feel.
My cock grew hard again as I watched her. Sally grabbed my throbbing tool and started jacking it back and forth, her fingers unable to wrap completely around my shaft. “Take her, baby. Make her your total cock slut. I want to watch your hard throbbing daddy cock break our little girl.” I nearly came as she said this jacking my cock.
I moved over to our helpless girl and reached out to grab both of her nipples. I pinched them hard and mercilessly. I wanted to hurt her. Sally wanted me to hurt her. I couldn’t stop myself now. I was in this the whole way. I let go of her nipples and began slapping young breasts. Back and forth I slapped them wondering at the beauty as the skin turned red. Over and over I whipped her tits with my hand until Sally gave me my leather belt. “Make them bleed, baby,” she smiled at me.
I began spanking her tits hard with the belt. I smiled as I watched long deep red welts appear across the top of her young breasts, the beautiful flesh glowing with blood. I whipped her tummy a few times which brought out fresh screams and moans of pain from her abused throat. I whipped her tummy and tits until my arm grew tired. My cock was throbbing harder than ever and I wanted it in her cunt.
I walked close against her, pressing my cock between our bodies. I kissed her hot nasty mouth. I reached down and squeezed the firm sexy mounds of her ass. I moved around against her until I found what I wanted, my cock head at the opening of her virgin pussy. I didn’t care if she was wet or not. I didn’t care if she was ready for me. I just wanted my cock in her pussy.
Sally urged me on, “Yes, baby, yes. Rape our stupid little daughter. Teach her how to please a man.” And with that I shoved my cock into her virgin pussy with one hard thrust. Her scream of excruciating pain only added to my lust. The tightness just before the breaking of her hymen was intensley wonderful. The feel of her young bleeding cunt wrapped around my throbbing cock was too much, and I came inside her. My jism flooded her pussy and ran down her legs as I rested my head on her shoulder.
My cock was still halfway hard and still buried in her tight cunt. I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to get hard again. I began moving against her, giving small but urgent thrusts with my hips. I knew my cock was still thick and long enough to fill her, and I enjoyed that. Keeping up those movements finally did the job and I began to hear a difference in her moans as my shaft came to full attention again.
I began to fuck her for real this time, knowing it would take a lot longer for me to cum again. I fucked my little girl as she hung from the hooks in the ceiling. She voiced her pain with each thrust I made, my cock ripping her open. I saw her blood on my tool, lubricating my motions. I must have poounded in and out of her for ten minutes, maybe fifteen or twenty, i really don’t remember. But I was getting tired now and I wanted to cum. I pulled out of her pussy and moved around to her backside. I got to my knees and pushed my face between her ass cheeks, my nasty tongue seeking her ass bud.
Finding it, I pushed my tongue into her, drawing a moan of pleasure from her. I smiled to myself as I tasted her hot ass, loving the taste, as I loved the way my wife tasted down there. When I was satisfied, I stood up and pushed my cock against her backside. I reached around to grab her budding tits and positioned my hips against her ass.
Soon the head of my cock found its goal. Sally was on her knees between our daughters feet, her face pushed into the young girls abused cunt. I felt every reaction Alice had to her moms mouth, especially when Sally bit and pulled at the young clit. Then I thrust my hips upward, the head of my cock ripping into my daughters tight virgin asshole. It seemed to slide into her rather easily, what with her pussy juices as lubricant on my cock. She screamed harsher and louder than ever as I drove my cock mercilessly into her tight ass. Again and again I thrust upward until my whole cock was buried in my daughter. In the meantime, Sally had quit licking her daughters cunt and was now whipping it with the leather belt, making her jump around deliciously on my hard pole.
The frenzy of pleasure that was washing through me was almost unbearable, but I didn’t want to cum just yet. Oh no. I wanted to give my slut daughter all the pain she could handle. Me ripping her asshole apart as her mother beat her cunt with the belt. It was about then that I saw Billy’s huge eyes peering into the room. If anything, all that did was make me harder. He watched as I roughly fucked his tie-up sister and his mom tortured her young pussy. I came harder than ever, shooting a huge load of my cum into my daughter’s asshole.
“Billy’s home,” I said casually. Sally threw a startled glance at the door and saw him.
“It’s okay honey. Come on in,” she invited gently. It occurred to me that Sally had always treated Billy a little differently. She didn’t treat him like a boy. And not like a girl either, really. It seemed that maybe, deep down, she had hoped for another girl and was a little disappointed to get a boy. She was always gentle with him. Always loving with him, kind of like the way two females are with each other. I smiled to myself. Maybe she was right. The way I saw it, she had just lost a daughter, in a way. Maybe Billy could take Alice’s place. And, I wouldn’t mind sucking on a little boiclit. I grinned even harder.
I watched as Sally took Billy into her naked arms, assuring him that everything was all right. He looked around somewhat unsure, but Sally just held him close, pressing his head against her ample, naked breasts, as she gave him an explanation. She told him of how we were so disappointed with his sister, and how she never paid attention, the way he did. She told Billy of how her and I decided that the only thing his sister was good for was to be our new pet. When Billy asked what that meant, his mom patiently explained that from now on Alice had to do whatever she was told, no matter what it was. She explained how we were punishing his sister for being stupid and not paying attention. He looked around, still confused. The next words to come out of his mouth nearly floored me. “Who is going to be your little girl now, mommy,” he asked with tears at the edge of his eyes. He was so sincere and honest.
“Billy? Would you like to be our little girl now?” I asked him gently. When his eyes lit up in response, I could see Sally’s shock. He looked me straight in the eye and nodded his head yes. “I thought so, honey,” I said, and took him in my arms. I could feel his relief at finally being allowed to be what he thought he should be. The tears in his sweet eyes were of happiness. Sally came close and embraced us both.
“Come on along you two,” she encouraged. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hungry. And I need strength if we are going to think about a new name for our beautiful little girl here.” She smiled happily down at her new daughter as we walked out of the room. Alice was still tied up.

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