Second adventure with my daughter

Second adventure with my daughter

The next real chance I got to have sex with Karen was over the Christmas period. We had some quiet times together but they weren’t very long, like the time Karen sucked me off in the car on her way to work.
She asked me to park up in a side street close to the hotel as she wanted to chat. But I was surprised when, instead of chatting, she got my prick out of my trousers and started sucking it there and then in the car. I was that scared that someone might see I didn’t last very long. But Karen had a wicked teasing manner and just before I started to cum, she took my prick out of her mouth and wanked me very fast aiming my prick at the steering wheel. I said “no Karen, use some tissues” but she kept going and my cum shot out and landed on the steering wheel, about 5 spurts landed altogether on the wheel and while I sat there regaining my senses of what had happened, Karen leant over, kissed me and said “thanks for the lift dad” then got out of the car and walked the rest of the way to the hotel.

Another time was when we were shopping, Karen kept bending over to look at items she had no interest in but in so doing Karen was displaying to me, and anyone else who cared to look, that she did not have any panties on. I had to stand close behind her so not to give anyone a free look at my daughters pussy. But in so doing Karen thought I was playing along as now she began grinding and wiggling her ass into my crotch every time I leant into her.

I was thankful that Susan had gone in front of us, as I didn’t think I could have explained to her what was going on without it looking like I was some kind of pervert trying to dry hump his daughter. Though I’m sure the girl at the checkout must have guessed what had been going on because she kept glancing up at me and Karen then down towards the crotch of my trousers, which to my embarrassment showed the outline of my rock hard cock, then back up at me and smiling. I was very embarrassed but horny, this checkout girl looked only a few years older than Karen and here I stood in front of her with a hard on. Though in the car going back home Susan commented on how friendly the girl seemed and she teased me on when we were meeting up with her.

When we got home Karen went up to her room and left myself and Susan to put the shopping away. I was still horny from the games that had been played, so when I caught sight of Susan bending over to put some bleach away under the sink, I walked up and stood behind her and slid my hand up her skirt and along to her panties, when I found them I pushed them to one side and continued moving my hand until my fingers made contact with her pussy.
Susan gasped as my fingers made contact with her pussy, and then she turned her head toward me and said “I was right, that checkout girl did get you horny.” By this time my hormones were in overdrive so I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my hard prick, I just needed to fuck someone so I pulled Susan up until she was leaning over the sink; I lifted her skirt over her waist, pulled her panties to one side, aimed my cock at her pussy and thrust into her.

Susan yelped at the sudden penetration as she was still quite dry down there, but I didn’t care. I gripped hold of her waist with my hands and began fucking my wife as hard and fast as I was able to. I was so worked up that it only took a couple of minutes before I began cumming into Susan’s pussy.
While we recovered from the unexpected quickie Susan said that “if shopping made me that horny we should do it together more often.” It was a good job she didn’t know what had caused me to be that horny.

On the Christmas Eve Susan and I had been invited out to attend a party put on by some of her work friends. Susan was dressed in a short skirt, loose blouse, stockings and ankle strap heels. The night was good but one thing stood out for me more than anything else.
It was seeing Susan dancing with, then kissing and groping with, a gorgeous looking young girl colleague. It was so erotic to see them feeling each other up on the dance floor. When we got home I was horny as hell and I wanted to know all the details of how and why also did she enjoy the groping. I got my answers in bed that night.
Susan was as horny as I was so we went straight up to our bed and had what I can only describe as the best sex we have had in ages.

Susan was so wet that I was able to penetrate her without any difficulty, we were so worked up that not long after I had started fucking Susan she started cumming, her pussy squeezing my prick as she orgasmed. This set me off and a couple of deep thrusts later I too was cumming. 5 or 6 spurts of warm cum shot out of my prick into Susan’s warm pussy.

After we had calmed down I asked Susan “what caused you to kiss and grope the girl colleague?” Susan told me that it had just happened when they were dancing, the girl, whose name is Emma, was laughing and playing about the kissing seemed to be the right thing to do, the groping just happened. Susan said “Emma was keen and made it clear that she was interested in playing.” This surprised me as Susan had never said anything about that she had played with or shown any interest in playing with another female.
When I asked her had she done anything like this before Susan said “yes, the first time was while I was at boarding school, with a girl the same age as me. The next time was with a fellow student at college. We had a full year playing with each other. She taught me a lot of things, and seeing Emma made me remember Helen and I was strangely attracted to her and I wanted to know if the attraction was mutual, this was shown to me on the dance floor.”

When Emma and Susan were kissing on the dance floor, Susan started sliding her hand across Emma’s ass and Emma responded by moving her hand up Susan's skirt and rubbing Susan’s panty-clad pussy. Then Emma slid two of her fingers under Susan’s panties and into her pussy, Susan said that she responded by sliding her hand under Emma’s skirt and found that Emma was not wearing any panties, so she slid a couple of fingers into Emma’s pussy and the both of them fingered each other on the dance floor. Susan said that both she and Emma had orgasmed while out there on the dance floor.

All this had got me hard again so I rolled Susan on to her back and moved on top of her and eased my prick into her warm pussy. This time the fuck we had was slow and sensual. Each thrust I did was deep and slow prolonging the feelings I was having of my prick sliding in and out of Susan’s hot and wet pussy. After about 20 minutes of slow fucking I was ready to cum again, I asked if Susan had any thoughts about doing something like that again, to which she replied “Emma and I have swapped numbers so you never know.” On hearing this comment I got so excited that I quickly pulled out of her pussy, pushed myself up to a kneeling position just by her head and I quickly wanked myself to orgasm. It took only about 10 strokes then I shot cum onto Susan’s face, 6 jets of cum splattered onto her face covering her eyes, nose and even landing on her chin. I then got her a towel to clean herself up with while I used the toilet. We then snuggled up and I fell into a deep but restful sleep.

Christmas day passed off quietly, Susan’s gift was some outfits from Ann Summers, she got me a cheeky posing pouch and a couple of pair’s of silk boxer shorts. We got Karen a package of driving lessons as she had always wanted to learn to drive but couldn’t yet afford the cost of the lessons. I gave my personal present to Karen on Boxing Day.

We normally all went to Susan’s parents on boxing day but this time, because Susan’s dad had not been well, we had a family get together and we thought it was best that Susan went while Karen and I stayed home and did the tidying up.
So after lunch Susan drove off to her parents, Karen and I did the dishes and tidied up. Then it was time for me to give Karen my present.
I made a reason for going upstairs into my bedroom and then I called down to Karen to come up as I needed a hand getting some boxes down from on top of the wardrobe.

When Karen entered the bedroom I handed her a box with a gift tag on it and said “Merry Christmas my special girl.” When she opened the box and saw what was inside she whispered “thank you dad” and then hugged me and I saw that she had tears in her eyes. She asked if I would like her to put it on, to which I said “yes darling.” Her present was a shiny red silk baby-doll nightie. Karen went into her own room to put it on, when she appeared back in my bedroom wearing just the baby-doll, I could not believe how beautiful and sexy she looked and I became very hard.

Karen handed me a small box and said “open it dad” I found inside a bottle of cologne which was not my usual brand. Karen asked if I could only wear this one for her. I held out my hand to her and she grasped it and as I pulled her to me, our lips met in a loving kiss, our tongues dancing with each other. I gently pushed her onto the bed and as she laid there I quickly undressed and then got onto the bed with her, positioning myself so I could taste her pussy.
Karen must have been very turned on as her pussy was so wet and her clit was erect, I started tonguing her pussy with long slow strokes from the bottom and working my way up to her clit, each time I got to her clit I would tease it by gently flicking it then working my way back down her pussy probing my tongue deep inside her wetness.

It didn’t take too long for me to bring Karen to an explosive orgasm, her sweet juices covering my face as she gripped my head and held me tight against her pussy.
When Karen had calmed down I moved myself up and placed my hands just by her shoulders to support my weight, I then shifted my weight onto my left hand and with my right I felt down to hold my now very stiff and pre-cum leaking prick, then with a slow deliberate movement I eased my prick into Karen’s very wet and hot pussy.

This time our fuck was slow, sensuous and loving, I wanted to savour each thrust in and every pull back out I made in Karen’s pussy.
Very quickly Karen moved her legs so they were behind me holding me in place as we made love, not fucked, our mouths seeking out every recess of our faces and our tongue’s lapping and licking everywhere our mouths went.
Soon after entering Karen I was penetrating her with my full length, and then pulling back until only the head stayed inside then thrusting deep into her.

There were a few times when Karen winced as I bottomed out and I felt myself nudge something. I asked if she was o.k. Karen whispered “yes but please not as deep as you are hitting my cervix and it’s a bit uncomfortable.”
We made love for what seemed about ½ hr, when I started to get those I’m going to cum soon feelings so I quickened up my thrusts into Karen, about 5 more minutes went by and those feelings were now I’m ready to cum feelings, so I started fucking Karen hard and fast, each thrust going deep into her pussy, her face wincing as I bottomed out with every other thrust into her pussy.

Then with a final few very fast deep thrusts and words of “I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum…. Here it is Karen, I’m cumming” my orgasm overtook me, my prick felt like it was exploding as jet after jet of cum spurted out and splattered against Karen’s cervix. In all 8 jets of cum had spurted into Karen's pussy bathing its walls with my creamy liquid.

As we recovered we shared long kisses and as I held and cuddled Karen, I realised that we had now well and truly crossed that moral line and in by so doing we would now have to be very careful not to arouse suspicions about our relationship. I looked over to Karen and saw that she was dozing so I gently got off the bed and gathered up my clothes. I then nudged Karen awake so I could gently lift her up and carry her to her own room. I then freshened up and went downstairs, turned the TV on and waited for Susan to get back from her parents.

Nothing of any real importance happened for the next few days but something happened on the 30th that got me very excited.
Susan and I were sat watching TV after finishing our evening meal when suddenly Susan’s mobile rang; she went into the kitchen to have the conversation. When she came back, she was smiling and I asked her “what has made you so happy?” she told me that the call was from Emma and she wanted to know if we would like to join her and her boyfriend, Kevin, out on the town tomorrow night. Like a fool I did ask “what did you tell her?” Susan said “I told her no as we are stopping in... you idiot of course I said yes, it’s all arranged we meet outside Bar Med about 8pm.”
That night was another session of hot sex with Susan, which, at the end of our fuck we were totally exhausted but very happy.

When it was time for us to get ready to meet Emma and Kevin, I saw that Susan was going out wearing a short skirt, stockings and ankle strap heels, I asked “are you going to wear panties tonight?” Susan replied “no.” This got me excited that I moved towards Susan and grabbed hold of her to pull her into the bedroom where I so wanted to fuck her as she was. Susan pulled away saying “we haven’t got time… now finish getting ready; I need to use the loo before we go.”

Susan came out of the bathroom holding the bottle of cologne that Karen had bought me, she said “this is new, where did you get it?” I quickly said that “I bought it while out buying your gifts, I liked the smell but I wasn’t sure if you would like it so I haven’t worn it.” Susan said “well I do like it, wear some tonight.”

We met up with Emma and Kevin, both of them couldn’t take their eyes off Susan, and we all had a really good time. We all danced together, then Susan and Kevin danced, while Emma and I danced, then Emma and Susan danced while Kevin and I went to the bar. At midnight Susan and I was together and Emma was with Kevin. Then I shared a long snog with Emma, our tongues flicking against each other, I looked to my left and saw that Kevin and Susan were kissing passionately, but I noticed that Kevin had his hand between Susan’s legs and he was moving it up and down.

I whispered to Emma “would you and Kevin like to come back to our place as it’s more private than here?” Emma replied huskily “mmmmmmmm yes sure let’s go.” So I moved over and nudged Susan to say “lets take them home,” though I must admit I got a perverse thrill from seeing Kevin quickly take his hand from between Susan’s legs and go very red trying to act as if nothing was going on.

On our way back home Susan and I agreed to go in through the back door which went into the kitchen rather than use the front door as we didn’t want any nosy neighbours seeing.
So we quietly unlocked the door and went into the kitchen. We motioned for Emma and Kevin to be very still as Susan noticed light under the door connecting the kitchen to the lounge, this was wrong as we understood that Karen was staying the night at the hotel. So I quietly opened the connecting door and moved a few feet into the lounge, Susan had also moved and was stood beside me when I saw this.

Karen was obviously home, what was going on was the surprising bit.
Karen was knelt on the floor, leaning into the seat of our leather sofa, she still had her waitress uniform on but the skirt had been pushed over her waist and her panties were on the floor beside her. Behind Karen there was a young girl, naked from the waist down but wearing a strap-on, which from where we stood it looked like the strap-on had just entered Karen’s pussy.
Susan gasped out loud and both Karen and the girl turned their heads and froze as they realised they now had an audience.

The sight of Karen and the girl, who we knew as Lisa, was a very powerful and erotic one. Susan just stood there so I quickly said to Karen “we have no problem with what you are doing, but please can you go up to your room to carry on as we have brought home some guests.” Karen looked at her mum and saw that she was smiling so Karen said “come on Lisa lets go upstairs where we won’t be disturbed anymore and leave mum and dad to play.”

So while Susan went back into the kitchen to chat with Emma and Kevin, I held the door open for Karen and Lisa to go upstairs while blocking off any chance of them seeing who we had brought home. As Lisa walked past I couldn’t help but notice how hot and sexy she looked, about 21, nearly as tall as myself, slim build with small tits and I could just see a bit of black pubic hair above the strap-on that she was still wearing. Lisa gave me a small peck on the cheek and said “goodnight” as she walked past. As Karen went to go past me I grabbed hold of her and gave her a snog, our tongues touching, and I let my hand wander down her side where I moved it across to fell her wet pussy. I slipped a finger in and gave her a couple of quick rubs before I slapped her ass and said “go on, quick upstairs and try not to make too much noise.” Karen said “thanks dad” but then I saw that the smile had gone from her face as she moved in close to me and whispered “that’s a nice smell dad, where did you get it?” and as she pulled away I thought I saw some tears in her eyes.

The rest of the night was a fun filled time with Emma and Kevin. I managed to cum twice, once into Emma’s sexy mouth while she was being licked by Susan, who was in turn being fucked by Kevin. Then we switched and I got to fuck Emma, her pussy was hot and tight. We fucked doggy-style for about 5 minutes until I was ready to cum, then I pulled out and came all over her sexy ass cheeks.

Emma and Kevin left after about 2 hours of fun so Susan and I went up to bed. Before joining Susan I checked on Karen and was excited to see that she and Lisa were in bed together. I walked over to the side where Karen was lying on her back and I started to feel horny again. So I slowly and gently knelt down and started to move my hand under the duvet and across her body to her pussy.
When I reached her pussy I froze as my fingers touched some-ones hand. This hand grasped my fingers and guided them into Karen’s pussy where they gently moved my fingers up and down along her still wet pussy. I stayed like this allowing my fingers to be guided for a couple of minutes, then I gently moved my hand away and stood up ready to leave the bedroom.

As I did I noticed that the curtains were not fully closed and with the street light shinning in I could see that Lisa was awake and looking straight at me, she whispered “I know,” smiled and then closed her eyes. I then realised that it was Lisa’s hand that had held mine not Karen’s like I thought. I joined Susan in bed but couldn’t sleep as my mind kept going over the events of the night, first Karen’s tears then Lisa’s comment, and I knew now that things had gone out of control and I had some tough choices to make.

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