Aria's New Life Pt3

Aria's New Life Pt3


I woke with a startle in my father’s arms.
“What’s wrong, Aria?” he asked me with concern.
“Just an ‘odd’ dream, I guess.” I was sweating and shaking. The King must have noticed.
“You came while you were sleeping. You’ve come a lot these past couple of days.” He pulled me in his arms and held me tight.
The moment I was back in his arms I started to wrap my body around his, looking for more.
“Daddy, please,” I begged.
“Absolutely, Aria.” With that he began kissing me and laid me on my back, grinding into me. His kisses started to trail down my neck, to my tits, then my belly, making his way down to my pussy. I didn’t want that. I suddenly wanted him inside of me. To take me, and now.
“No daddy, I want you inside of me.”
“Not yet love, I need you wet and open for me.” And he continued down to my pussy and began licking me slowly that caused me to groan and place my hand on his head, involuntarily encouraging him to continue. I wanted him inside of me but I wanted him to continue eating me.
Just then, one finger was inserted deep inside of me, massaging inside of my core. Daddy’s mouth continued its mission on my clit and I was soon coming hard.
“Daddy!” I screamed as I came yet again all over his face.
The next I knew my father was cradling my body underneath him and he started to kiss me passionately. My own taste started to become familiar and I enjoyed that he shared that with me. I moaned in his mouth and daddy began to grind against me.
“No more teasing daddy please.” I had this urge to have him come deep inside of me and to feel filled by him.
In an instant the king’s clothes were off, my legs were open for him, and I could feel the tip of his cock touching my entrance.
Holding me still, my father looked into my eyes. “look at me as I enter you, Aria.” I stared back into his eyes, holding him, awaiting for pain that every girl knew would happen when their virginity was taken.
As if reading my mind, my father said softly, “it will hurt at first, but don’t worry, my love, I’ll make it feel better, I promise. Thank you, my dearest daughter, for this gift of virtue.” With that, my father thrust his cock deep inside my awaiting pussy. I cried out in pain.
“it’s okay, Aria. I will wait until you are no longer in pain to continue. Just breathe.” I tried as best as I could, but the pain felt excruciating. As promised, my father stayed still deep inside of me. Soon, I started to whimper instead of cry, my father kissing my tears and cooing me to relax. The pain subsided and I was finally ready for more.
“Okay, daddy, I’m ready.”
“Good girl.” With that, the king started to slowly exit my pussy, then slowly push back in until he was deep inside and there was no more to enter me. It was so big, I swear I could feel it in my belly.
“I feel so full, daddy.” I moaned as my father began to pick up the pace.
“Good, beautiful, as you should.”
His thrusting continued to get faster and faster, as well as my breathing as I drew closer and closer to coming all over my father’s cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but everything about me-my body, mind and soul, wanted this.
“Daddy, I’m going to come.”
“Go ahead baby, come for daddy. Come all over my cock. It’s okay.” I could tell he was close as his words were labored.
I felt full and release at the same time, as I came. I couldn’t see straight, or at all, for that matter, as my pussy spasmed all over my father’s thick cock. I held on to my father tighter than I had ever held anyone in my life. My orgasm lasted what seemed an eternity, and as it started to subside, my father said,
“Aria, I am about to come inside of you. Take my seed and your womb will prosper and procreate.” Then he said something in what I think was another language but I couldn’t understand. Then he came deep inside of me. I could feel his seed fill me, and I felt I could take more and more of this for the rest of my life.
As my father’s own orgasm began to subdue, he pulled me with him, so that he was on his back, and I was laying on his chest, his cock still inside of me, and he kissed me lovingly. When the kiss ended, I rested my head on his chest, trying to catch my breath. My father began to run his fingers through my hair.
“I could get used to this,” I said breathlessly.
My father chuckled. “good, there’s plenty more where that came from.” And he thrust back up into me. His hands went to my ass and held me there, as he pulled back out and thrust back into me again. I moaned into his chest, and he repeated the ministration again and again until he was violently fucking me. Earlier, he had made sweet love to his virtuous daughter. Now, he was taking me as his own and marking his territory.
I bit down on my father’s chest and an orgasm hit me out of nowhere. I screamed in his chest as my pussy clamped on his cock, my orgasm riding and riding until another wave hit me. It seemed the more I drank his blood, the harder-and more- I came. I couldn’t stop, nor did my father want to. Then, I had an idea. I leaned up, took my own wrist, bit it and shoved it on my father’s mouth. Instantly, he clamped my ass down on his cock with his hands so that he was the deepest he had been in me so far, and came. Again I felt his seed spill inside of my pussy, and could feel it oozing out of me and down my legs. I continued to drink from him as he drank from me and our orgasm continued together.
My father pulled me up to him, and pulled me down for a kiss. He shoved his tongue in my mouth, and I reciprocated, tasting our blood together. I thought I was going to come again, right there. I couldn’t understand how I thought this was hot, but I followed my father’s directions and felt instead of using my mind to cloud my body’s wants and needs.
Daddy pulled out of me and cradled me on his chest; I was exhausted. I had never been through so much body extravagance before, and never knew I could even handle this much. The last thing I remember was biting back into my father’s chest, and his hands back in my hair, gently scratching my scalp.


I saw the door to entrance of Jackson’s room open quietly, and the King step out stark naked to see me.
“Ryder, you may enter. She is ready, but asleep. Would you like me to join or leave?”
“The choice is yours. And hers. If you ask me to join and she does not wish both of us, I will leave.”
I could see the blood on his erect cock and balls, from his daughter’s virginity. He was hard as a rock. He wanted to join, and so didn’t I. it was then up to Aria.
I answered honestly, “join, sir, please.”
The king smiled “so be it.” And I followed behind him to his bed chambers, ready to take my mate for the first time with her father’s approval. When we walked in, Aria was sprawled on her stomach on the bed, snoring slightly. I couldn’t help but smile. She was mine. I never would have imagined this would happen. The kings daughter. It was all so surreal.
“Ryder,” the king whispered. “you take her in your arms and hold her on one side, so when she wakes, she will be in your arms. I will be on the other side of her.”
“yes, sir.”
“Please, you are like a brother to me, and my daughter’s mate. We are now closer than we’ve ever been. Call me Jackson, please.”
“Yes sir-I mean Jackson.” The king smiled at me and motioned towards his bed.
I laid with my mate and took her into my arms, awaiting her awakening so that I may take her and come inside of her.


I smiled as my right hand took my sleeping daughter into his arms and held her like he had been waiting for her his whole life. I couldn’t wait for Aria to awake so that both Ryder and I could take her. Of course, I would allow him to enter her first, since I had already come inside of her twice. It was only right for her other mate to have the chance to come as well as many times as I have.
Aria stirred, and Ryder took the opportunity to place light feather kisses on her face and forehead as his hand caressed her ass cheek, waking her gently. He moaned as she wrapped her leg around his and began to grind. Her eyes were still closed. She didn’t know it was him yet.
He looked at me and I gave him a look to let her know it was him or to stop. There was no need to frighten her, she’d already been through enough.


“Aria,” I whispered as I continued my kisses. Wake up, my love.” I had just about had it when she started grinding her pussy on me. I had taken my clothes off before getting in the bed so that we could begin without hesitation and we were skin to skin. Mates connect better naked.
“Mmmmm,” Aria groaned. Just then, her eyes opened. “Ryder?” she asked sleepily.
“Good morning, beautiful.”
“Good morning,” she stretched her sleep away. When she did this, her arm touched her father and realization hit her. She turned quickly and found her father smiling down at her.
“Aria,” he said gently. “Me being here with you and Ryder is completely up to you. If you do not wish to be touched by both mates right now, that is perfectly fine, and I will provide privacy. Eventually, we will both take you. However, for your first time with Ryder, it is your choice.”
“will you two do things to each other, or just me?” she asked with curiosity and slyness in her voice. She wanted us to. My mate was going to be a very sexual being once she came into herself.
“That is also up to you, sweetheart,” Jackson responded.
With that, Aria turned to me, and kissed me with an urgency I wasn’t expecting. “Ryder,” she said thickly.
“Yes, darling.” I kissed her back.
“you didn’t get me for my first time.”
“No, my love. It wasn’t mine to take.”
“Then take my virginity from my father’s cock with your mouth.”
I couldn’t believe the words came from her mouth! I looked up at Jackson as he smiled and winked. Years ago, when we were coming into ourselves, we had made out just to see if we liked it. We both admitted we were hard, and if the opportunity presented itself, we would do it again. But I wasn’t expecting this by any means.
“Whatever you’d like, my love.” I let my mate go, and went over to where Jackson was, and looked up at him for an approval I already knew I had. His hand rested on my head and encouraged me “Go ahead, Ryder.”
With that, I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck my mate’s blood off of his length, savoring every drop. Her blood tasted amazing, and I loved the sounds Jackson made as I sucked his cock slowly and agonizingly. I looked over and my mate had a look of astonishment on her face. She didn’t think I would have done it. It was a test. But her cheeks were flushed: she was definitely enjoying it.
Jackson pulled her to him and kissed her, then whispered something in her ear that was out of my own earshot and caused Aria to form a wide grin of trouble on her face. Bastard.
She whispered something back and he chuckled then kissed her again.
“What?” I lifted my head from the king’s cock.”
“He wants me to suck your cock, but I’m not sure how. I’ve never before.”
I got up, pulled Aria back into my arms, and shoved my hand between her legs. “That’s okay, you don’t have to yet. My love, I will bend you over, eat your pussy, and then fuck you. When we are finished, if you’d like, you may suck your juices and my cum off of my cock. Your father and I will teach you. But not until I’ve fucked you. Understood?”
My mate nodded. I flipped her over so she was on her knees and pushed her shoulders gently into the bed. I ran my hand down her spine and between her ass cheeks, running my fingers in her ass crack and pussy, eliciting moans from her. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and ran my tongue through her folds to her puckered ass hole and back again. She pushed her body into my face. She loved it.
I lapped her pussy all around and continued to giving her asshole some tongue attention it deserved. I laid underneath her so that my face was under her pussy and my nose was rubbing her clit as I moved my tongue around her vagina hole. I pulled her down to my face by her ass for better access, and she was sitting right on me so that I could look up at her face as I ate her pussy. I then stuck a finger into her vagina, got in nice and sopping wet, then slowly and gently stuck it inside of her asshole. She moaned and pushed farther onto my finger, wanting more.
As I continued to eat her and finger fuck her ass, her father came up behind her, sat on my lap and my hard cock, and began to grind on it. He held his daughter by wrapping his arms around her and massaging her tits, pinching her nipples. As he kissed her neck, he looked down at me and approved that it was time to fuck her. Not until she came on my face first. I needed to taste her cum again. I bit her clit and began to suck the blood from it, and my dearest mate came, screaming my name and falling into her father’s arms.
Hastily, I came out from behind her, bent her back over, and shoved my 7 inch cock deep into her awaiting pussy until I could go no farther. I hooked my arms under her and held her shoulders and I strongly but slowly thrust in and out of her, causing her body to push forward. She found my rhythm and started to push herself into me when I thrust in, causing my balls to slap her clit, and a guttural groan to come from the depths of her body.
“Ryder!” my Queen screamed and her pussy clenched my cock and came, squirting all over my cock and balls. I was in heaven which caused me to come.
I felt my shoulders be pushed down onto Aria, Jackson whispering, “continue.”
I did so, fucking my mate with a new reverence, hard, as I felt Jackson spread my ass open and begin to lick my ass hole as I did Aria before, while fucking her. I moaned into my mate and bit down on her shoulder, tasting her once more. She came again, screaming my name. Jackson placed a finger at my hole and began pushing in as his other hand started to massage by balls. I came, shooting my semen into Aria, drinking her blood and moaning as Jackson continued to finger fuck my ass. To make matters harsher, Jackson bit my ass cheek and began drinking my blood causing me to thrust hard into Aria, beginning another harsh fucking all over again.
“No more!” Aria cried, thinking she could not take any more love from us. Wrong answer.
“Aria, more. You can. Give me one more, baby.” And I thrust hard and fast into her pussy, wanting to get more than one from her, but would not go back on my word. Jackson added another finger in my ass, probing, getting me ready for something I had a feeling would happen once he started to lick my ass in the first place. He was going to give his daughter a show. I pushed harder and faster, trying to get Aria to come so she could watch this happen.
“Come on baby, come for me.” I bit her shoulder again, drawing blood harder, and playing with her clit.
“Ahhhhh!” she screamed and came again, squirting. I loved that she squirt, it was hot and only showed testament that she loved my fucking her. Her coming caused my own orgasm and I came once more, filling her with my seed, Jackson never stopping from finger fucking my ass and fondling my balls as well as drinking from me. I held my mate as I came, and stopped drinking to avoid another rush coming to her. I gently kissed her back and cooed beautiful words to her, caressing her body.
When I came down from my orgasm, I said to Aria gingerly, “get out from under me and watch this, baby.”
She scooted out from under me as instructed, kissed me, and knelt on her knees next to her father so she could see what he was about to do.


I could not believe what just happened! Earlier, I was taken by my father, no longer a virgin, then taken by my mate, which I did not think would happen since I was exhausted! Where was all of this energy coming from? I wanted more, but I wanted to watch this, too.
My daddy was about to fuck my mate in the ass, and I was in both disbelief and awe.
“Aria, sweetheart, come here and help daddy.” My father cooed.
I scooted over and allowed my father to take my finger and suck it into his mouth, getting it wet.
“Now, take this finger, and place it in your mates ass with my finger. This will help it get stretched enough so it doesn’t hurt him.”
I did as I was told and slowly slid my index finger into Ryder’s ass, moving it around to my father’s rhythm to get it open. It was warm and tight.
“Hook your finger to hit that spot that feels good inside of men.”
Again, I followed instruction and Ryder jumped and moaned, pushing his ass into our fingers, wanting more. So I hooked and rubbed, hooked and rubbed, hooked and rubbed. Stealing more moans from him. It was only fair he made me give him another orgasm when I didn’t think I could. Serves him right.
I smiled up at my father, and he leaned down to kiss me.
“Now, sweetheart, get under Ryder so that your pussy is in his face, and your face at his cock. It’s time you learned to suck it and pleasure him.”
I loved being told what to do, which was weird, since I was a strong and independent woman. I hesitated, at first, and my father smacked my bare ass. “Do as your told or I’ll put you over my knee.” Daddy said sternly. I loved that too and bent over for one more smack before I did as I was told.
Daddy must have known it was what I wanted as he provided my ass a couple more smacks. “Now, Aria, you really don’t want to be over my knee for a punishment. I am not kind.”
Then I did as I was told and got under Ryder in a 69 position, ready to learn how to suck his cock. Immediately, Ryder’s mouth found my pussy, and he began cleaning both of our cum from my lips, pussy hole, and thighs.
“That’s a good girl, now lick his length, and slowly start with his head and engulf it into your mouth as far as you can. Don’t choke.”
It really wasn’t as hard a feat as I thought it would be, and started to become second nature. I took his length to the back of my throat, and I could see what daddy was doing to Ryder’s ass at the same time. His head was close and daddy looked at me, making sure I was paying attention.
Ryder stuck his tongue inside of my hole, and I stopped sucking for a millisecond which caused daddy to look at me sternly.
“If you stop pleasing him, I stop fucking him. That causes a spanking. Also, pay attention. Don’t stop and make sure you’re watching.” I immediately took Ryder’s cock back into my mouth and continued sucking him, my father slowly pushing his cock into my mates ass, his eyes on me the whole time. Ryder never stopped eating my pussy, and I was moaning around his cock, causing vibrations and him to push farther down my throat.
Daddy pushed his cock all the way into Ryder’s ass that caused him to moan into my pussy. Everything at once made an orgasm sneak up on me and I came. Ryder cleaned my pussy out again, spread my ass cheeks, and began to lick there. Daddy started thrusting in and out of Ryder’s ass, never taking his eyes off of me, moaning with lust in his eyes. He loved that I was doing this with him.
Ryder used his tongue to clean my ass of my pussy juices that leaked out from my orgasm, and daddy started to thrust harder into his ass. I continued sucking, avoiding the spanking I actually kind of wanted. But I didn’t want the punishing one per se, I wanted to ask him for one so it was playful and still felt good. So I kept deep throating my mates cock and kept my eyes locked on daddy. I would ask for more fun later. Now it was time to obey.
Never in a million years would I have thought to do anything like this. Girls had definitely turned me on, but watching and being involved in two males fucking? I never thought that to be a reality, never mind a thought process in the first place.
Daddy got harder and faster thrusting into Ryder, and I began fondling daddy’s balls to make him come in my mate’s ass. I wanted to see it happen so badly. When I took Ryder’s cock deep in my throat, I’d swallow. I wanted to try something, and I looked at daddy with a questioning look and he nodded an approval, knowing what I wanted to do.
So I unsheathed my teeth just a little so that I didn’t hurt Ryder, but so that he could feel my teeth a little. This caused him to come deep in my throat. I felt one spasm happen, and wanted to feel him come all over me, so I pulled him out and aimed him first at my face, then my chest. This caused daddy to come with one more hard thrust into Ryder’s tight ass, and hold on to his hips hard.
Ryder collapsed on top of me, and so I tapped his ass a couple of times, causing him to nibble my inner thigh.
“Ryder,” daddy patted his ass, and slowly pulled his cock out. “Get off my daughter for a moment, she wants to go over my knee.”
How the fuck? When-how did he figure that out? Did I say that out loud?
As if reading my mind, he smiled and explained as Ryder got up and rolled over to watch. “Aria, I have the gift of reading what people want. Not their minds, per se, but their bodies. Your mind causes your body to react a certain way and so I can tell what it is you want. You bent over on purpose so I’d smack you on the ass. You want more, no?” he held my chin gently.
I embarrassingly answered, “yes.”
“Do not be coy. Whatever it is you want, sexually or not, it is yours. Ryder and I are your mates, and you are our queen. We will accommodate you.” My reddened cheeks started to come back to its normal color and daddy smiled at me.


The moment I smacked her ass when she hesitated, I knew she wanted it for fun. The part that made her like me understood not to piss me off, but to follow direction then ask for what she wanted. My Aria was just like me in so many ways which would make her an amazing Queen.
I sat on the bed and pulled my daughter over my knee and held her down by between her shoulder blades. “I will go until you come, and you will come. I promise. I will start easy and slow, and begin to get harder and pick up my pace. You call me King if it’s too much and I will stop. Understood?”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Good girl.” I started as promised, smacking one cheek at a time, rotating to even out the pang of the smacks. She started to squirm on my lap, and I just would not have it. “Stay still or Ryder will put you over his knee when I’m done with you.”
I continued, Aria doing her absolute best to stay still, but I could tell she was rubbing her clit on my thigh. She was definitely going to come from this. I was a proud father and king. Within a few short days, my daughter went from running away, to asking me with her body to spank her. I could only imagine what she’d want next, and I would be more than happy to oblige.
I got faster and harder as promised, causing Aria to rub harder on my thigh, and I knew she was going to come soon, so I decided to encourage her.
“Come on sweetheart, come on daddy’s leg. Don’t move, just come.” I spanked harder a few more times, getting closer and closer to her pussy and back of her thighs, and she came. As also promised, I stopped spanking when she did and my baby girl dropped on my legs, no longer able to keep herself up. She was exhausted.
I pulled my beautiful daughter into my arms in between Ryder and I, her back to my chest so I could spoon her, and so she could rest on Ryder’s chest.


I have no clue what came over me, but that was by far one of the best feelings ever. I felt daddy’s authority and love all at once, and it caused my body to do things unexplained to me.
I was curled in his arms, facing Ryder who held my face in his hands and began kissing me passionately. After making out with me for a few minutes, my mate said, “you should sleep, baby, we’re not done with you.”
I bit into Ryder’s chest, much like I did my father, and began drinking and drifted off to sleep.

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