Dirty Little Secret_(2)

Dirty Little Secret_(2)

Firstly, this is a true story.

I am a 24-year-old man. I am in shape, have a professional career, am successful so far and have a beautiful girlfriend of 4 months. At this point in our relationship, we decided a holiday together would be the icing on a so far sex-filled honeymoon period cake. A quick look online and we found reasonable flights to Europe, fortunately where another friend was on holiday at the same time; within 2 weeks we were off.

Landing in the heat, we quickly made it to our rented apartment, made up for some long overdue, sweaty lovemaking and, after showering, planned our holiday. I fancied a spot of diving, so took the opportunity to book a day visiting the local marine life whilst Rachel would explore the old city. The other days we filled with cultural visits, beach time and eating out amongst the various nearby cities.

What I have not told Rachel or any previous partner is that I have urges beyond heterosexual bounds. Being on the beach, I spend more of my time hunting for men in tight speedos, outlining their cock and imagining slowly peeling back the Lycra prison to release the prize meat. One particular day on the beach with Rachel and a friend who we were visiting on this holiday, we pitched up fairly close to the sea and enjoyed a good roasting from the sun. Within 30 minutes, a group of 3 men, all clad in very tight, brightly coloured Speedos, planted their towels behind and very close to ours (the beach was crowded by this point). One of the men boasted a chiselled body; having smooth tanned skin, firm nipples announcing meaty pecs and a firm, toned, muscular ass. His other friends were slim, some definition, but overtly camp and soon gave away that all 3 were gay friends. My mind went into a spin and I quickly sat up, put my sunglasses on and started to imagine the sort of treasures beneath their suits. My imagination gets very active and coupled with my submissive nature for men, I quickly yearned to be free of Rachel and my friend, free to go and speak to these guys, free to subtly hint that I wanted them to use me for their pleasure, cart me off to some strange place in this foreign land and take turns fucking my face, fucking my ass and cumming heavily into my mouth. ‘STOP’ I thought, feeling the raging hard-on in my swim shorts obviously showing. I had to control myself: this wasn’t the place.

We arrived back at the apartment and that night I downloaded a hook-up App. Instantly, the local meat market loaded onto my screen and I reviewed and assessed. Before long, messages started flowing through thick and fast; “Quick suck?”, “Hook up right now?”, “Hi, how’s your day?”. Nothing interesting. Then I see a big, muscular looking profile picture of someone not far away, aged 45. I go for it, a message of subtle obsequiousness and invitation, with a few pictures in tow: my lightly bearded face, my toned chest, my peach ass and finally my 7” cock. No response that evening, though I spoke to some other potentials, meanwhile always hoping. The next day, we were out all day catching the culture, but my mind was racing through a plan to meet this Adonis, and a thought struck: after diving! I’ll be free for several hours until I meet Rachel for dinner that night, as planned. Diving was the following day, so I needed a reply tonight.

I got home and sure enough, there was a message from this beautiful, tanned hunk of meat; thankfully, he spoke English. “Hi. You’re close and cute. What you looking for, boi”?. My heart set off like a sprinter. I explained to him that I had a girlfriend: “No worries”. I explained how I wanted to be obedient and servile: “Good boi. You lick ass?”. My list of dos and don’t’s impressed: “So you’ll lick my unclean ass, straight after a sweaty day’s work, like a pig, boi?”. I hesitated, thinking how I’d feel after meeting him, knowing how much I liked Rachel: “I’m not gonna wait all day boi. Give me your address and a time and I’ll be there tomorrow. Otherwise it’s off”. My heart beat out the next few minutes: “Good boi, I’ll see you at 15:00, I expect to be serviced”.

All day diving, I achieved little distraction from my planned rendezvous. Everything with Rachel was sorted. I was late arriving back from diving, so rushed home to find messages from him: “Where are you boi? Knew you’d pussy out”. I typed savagely, attempting to claw back lost time: “You’re lucky boi, I’m still around. Give me 10 minutes, get yourself ready”.

I hopped into the bathroom, trimming my facial hair, my ass hole and base of my penis. I tidied things away and swigged on our remaining wine. I kept the App on, monitoring his distance from me, seeing him creep closer and closer.

450 metres.
330 metres.
Pop, a new message: “Outside boi”.

I inhaled deeply. Walking to the door, a smile invaded my face and I knew this was my lot in life. I opened the door and he greeted me, barely fitting through the small, Mediterranean-carved frame, before walking through the lounge area straight to the just-made double bed.

“Nice place. Good to meet you”, he said.

As always with these things, he grabbed me behind the neck and we embraced our tongues in a rough, slippery, exquisite kiss, soaked in cologne and a hint of smoke, with the atmosphere of tense muscle and the day’s sweat. His big, strong tongue easily invaded my mouth, forcing my tongue sideways into his, as his big slug lashed at the base of my tongue, depositing his thick, masculine spit into my gob in copious globules so that I was forced to swallow his juices. After barely a minute of this intense, forbidden passion, he pulled us apart.

“Take your clothes off”. I obliged, as did he.

“On your knees, boi”. I fell instantly.

“Who’s a good little ass slave?”

“Me… sir”

His cock unfurled to 7.5”. It was immediately pressing hard onto my lips, soon forcing them apart with the powerful, glistening cock helmet, allowing his warm, rubbery cock to meet my earnest tongue. A few courtesy strokes, he then clutched at my hair and forced his cock right to the back of my throat, beginning my first face fucking.

“Open your mouth boi, get that tongue licking those balls with my dick in there”

He used the spit from the first few deep poundings into my face to lubricate his big, muscled member, before he jammed the whole 7.5” into my throat, smashing his hairy, heavy ball sack into my chin. I immediately gagged, losing myself in the prolonged spasm of my diaphragm and throat muscles, as his cock remained lodged deep in my pharynx.

“Lick those balls boi”

Beyond the gagging, I managed to worm my tongue passed his meat and caress his hairy sack, feeling the loose skin covering his big, juicy balls, surely pregnant with his hot spunk. He gave me a few more seconds of asphyxiating pleasure, before releasing and allowing me to inhale.

“This is getting very intense”, I thought, sensing that familiar feeling of a loss of control at the hands of someone stronger and more dominant. I felt like I would do anything for him because he was more powerful, more sure of himself, more commanding than I would ever be, and I offered myself up willingly for that service, like a drug abuser to the needle.

He replaced his thick rod firmly into my gullet several more times, waiting for me to gag each time and holding me onto him until I ardently pushed away before fainting. Then, he clamoured onto the bed in the all 4s position, leaving his fleshy ass hanging over the corner of the bed, just at my head height when kneeling.

“Get in there and clean it, boi. You’re made to lick and clean my ass”

His large, muscular nates spoke and dominated me, leading me centrally toward his hole. His ass hole was a puckered, tense rosebud, lined with sweat, pale to a point from lack of sun and stained a pale brown around the hole from his daily releases. It gave off a faint scent of his perspiration mixed with an earlier opening of his bowels: an echo of his daily evacuation and his power through the day. I buried my long tongue deep into this abyss of pleasure, slurping around the opening, then darting in and lashing as far into his anus as I could stretch.

“Get deep in there boi. Now, slowly lick up and down the ass crack, make sure you use your whole tongue”

I obliged, feeling his stray ass hairs brush against my tongue, as I went back and forth over his quickly loosening anus. He moaned a deep sigh, like a bear.

“Good, now get in there. You like it boi, you like that dirty ass?”

I immediately jousted my tongue right up into his anus again, searching for his rectum, hoping I could please him.

“Huh boi, you like the dirty ass?”

“Yes sir. The dirtier the better, sir”. Why had I said this? I knew what I was leading him to, but I wasn’t ready for that. I wasn’t ready, but I had no control. Had I really said it? Was it really me speaking?

“Good boi. You like shit, boi?”

I hesitated. My mind was racing. I’d fantasized and watched guys being fed and made to eat shit before, but I was always turned off by the smell. There was only one answer that I allowed myself to give.

“Well boi, do you like shit!?”

“Yes sir. I like shit”

He immediately tensed his powerful thighs and I felt the walls of his rosebud protrude forth, bulging and straining with the thick brown passenger travelling along within. I kept licking, picking up the first sour, peppery notes of something, feeling as if I could handle this small insult.

“Stretch my ass open, boi”

I pulled apart his large cheeks and felt his puckering hole tense and release, tense and release. He groaned and tensed and in a moment he deposited a thick dollop of peppery, sour shit into my waiting mouth, as I remained attached to his hole, sucking and licking, feeling the gloopy paste surround my tongue, introducing the disgusting, wretched flavours of his daily digestion.

“Eat it boi, then lick me clean. Keep going!”

I focused and licked, plucking up the courage to swallow my mouthful. His powerful muscles filled my mind and a purpose of slavery and toilet duty took over me, allowing me to gulp down his creamy brown waste, which coated my food pipe and fell as a steamy pile into my pathetic, secondary stomach.

Before even realising what I had achieved, his hole engorged again and a firm, powerful squirt of his thick shit filled my mouth, more than the last offering and the taste amplified. I gagged and nearly spat out the waste, but I held onto it, letting it rest on my tongue. Another strained moment and I swallowed his putrid mess like a pig, but this time I was resolved to take back some control, fearing how much I would be made to eat.

“Please sir, no more shit”

He moved me onto the bed, lying me face up as he mounted me, holding my arms down and placing his huge cock back into my mouth. A few cursory plunges and then straight down deep, sinking it passed my tongue until his ball sack buried itself onto my chin, his thick sausage firmly lodged where his shit had moments before slimed down into my belly. I further convulsed under the reflex gagging, coughing and splattering shit-flecked spit onto his cock, which he jack-hammered into my slave throat, creating a slimy lubrication to ease it deeper and deeper.

I felt comfortable I could enjoy the final powerful strokes before he inevitably erupts into my mouth, knowing my torment of swallowing his foul mess was over. He removed his dripping rod from my abused throat and lowered his foul hole onto my mouth again, this time having complete power to press down onto my mouth, forcing his hole to suffocate both mouth and nose, making sure every lick and breath were filled with the smell of his waste chute.

“Good boi. You are made to eat my shit and lick my ass, slave pig”

I was confused. I thought he understood the shit eating had passed and he was on his way to cumming. Suddenly, his pucker grew in size again, his hole opened, and as I tried to pull back to have room to close my mouth, he unleashed a fresh torrent of putrid brown shit into my mouth, with small chunks of formed shit that fell down toward the back of my throat. This forced my swallow, leading me to gulp down this 3rd heavy mouthful of waste.

“Clean it boi, clean that shit up, pig”

He forced his ass round in circles on my face, smearing a late spurt of shit onto my chin, not allowing me time to lick it off, almost as if painting me with his colours to lay claim to this reluctant pig slave.

“Deeper, come on pig. I want it perfectly clean”.

I could hear him furiously greasing his huge member, readying himself to cum. I thought a few more good, deep licks might get him there, and my shit eating might cease, replaced by the sweet, salty prize from his huge bollocks. Feeling his loose, fleshy hole open easily at the prying of my tongue, I whipped across a firm structure, nobbly and greasy. He suddenly grasped my head between his thighs, forced himself down onto my mouth with his powerful buttocks, and released a huge groan. Into my mouth came tumbling a 6 inch, firm, peppery, thick, manly shit, surrounded my some sloppy, greasy shit that had lubricated its passage.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, that felt good. I’m going to stay sitting on your mouth until you eat that boi, that’s my final word”

How did I get to this situation? I had tried to lay down the law, and he had abandoned all reason, making the rules and forcing me to follow. I began to close my teeth around the steaming log, swallowing the loose shit that trickled down my throat. Biting into the beast, I felt it break off and the most intense flavour of sourness and spice absorbed my tongue. I retched and felt his weight pushing down on me, hearing his hard cock being milked. I thought of his big piss hole pouring creamy gold into my mouth and I struggled through swallowing the first thick nugget.

“Good boi. Nearly there, keep going, shit pig”

I again bit into the log, splitting it into the final two pieces of waste to be deposited in my crowded stomach. I felt another retch coming on, this time bringing up a fowl, shit-tasting brown paste, which I swallowed down alongside one of the chunks of formed shit.

“Tell me you like the taste of my shit boi. Tell me you are here to be my fucking toilet”

“Your shit tastes amazing sir. I am here to be your toilet and nothing more”, mumbling past the remaining turd.

He quickly moved up and grabbed my hair, signalling he was to shoot his load. I immediately sunk down the last of his shit and opened my mouth, right in line with his huge helmet, which was now engorged and mighty.

He passionately performed his last few strokes, no doubt in his head reliving the feeling of having his shit swallowed by another human being, being worshipped by a lower person. With a final deep growl, he pulled my head up close and let forth a showering of gloopy, salty, creamy cum, most of which landed in my mouth and a significant majority on my face. He used his cock to stroke the facial cum into my mouth, where I also sucked clean any baby paste that may not have made the leap.

“Show me, boi”

With his shit smeared on my chin, I gargled his hot, gooey jizz in my mouth for him to see. He bent over and hacked up a glob of phlegm-loaded spit and deposited this right into the mess of cream. Needless to say, I swallowed every last drop of this tangy nectar, genuinely enjoying the salty taste and the utter degradation of it, evidenced by my solidly erect cock.

He stood and went to wash. I stood and waited. He walked passed me, nodded and left. I washed and met Rachel and our friend for dinner, thoroughly satisfied, yet ardently trying to remove the taste of shit from the back of my throat. To this day, I still get moments when that taste comes back, and my cock always twitches.

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