Sam & Alicia 2

Sam & Alicia 2

Once our families got used to the idea that Alicia and I were fucking at every opportunity that we got, and Alicia was safely on the pill, we settled into a comfortable routine. Alicia ate with my family and slept in my bed every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Fortunately my parents bought me the biggest bed that would fit into my small bedroom. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I was with Alicia's family and in her bed. She also had a bigger bed now, thanks to her mother and father.

My mum and Alicia's mum both insisted that we spent Sunday nights apart, with our own families and in our own beds. I think it was something about making sure that we got our homework done for Monday. In fact we were now so happy that we were both doing very well at school. In the classes that we had in common we came first and second that year, in some classes Alicia was first, in others I was first. In classes that we did not have in common we both topped the class. This academic success just added to the happiness that we already felt.

Almost a year after our first fuck, we both had our 14th birthdays about one week apart. To celebrate, our two families took us to a posh restaurant for dinner. It was a very happy affair, even if there were lots of jokes about us fucking like rabbits. Alicia just grinned at them and answered “You're just jealous because you had to get through adolescence before you started fucking. Have you ever seen two adolescents as happy as we are, or as free from acne?” That shut them up for a while, but not long.

Two weeks later dad dropped a bombshell. He got an offer of a job as a diving instructor at a beach resort in Thailand and he wanted mum and me to abandon our life here in Sydney and move to Thailand with him. By now, mum had worked herself into a very good job, which payed well, and which she really enjoyed doing, so she did not want to give that up. Of course, I was dead set against leaving Alicia. So in the end mum and I stayed and dad went off to his new life in Thailand.

One Sunday afternoon mum and I went to the airport to see dad off to Thailand. At the airport mum hugged dad very tightly “Please don't leave us.” “It's an opportunity that I have to seize. Besides, I'll be coming back often to see you both.” Mum was crying, dad gave her a sloppy kiss, then pulled away from her and disappeared into passport control. I put my arms around mum and tried to comfort her, but she was still crying when we got back to the car. She was very quiet in the car, we ate our meal in silence, and both went to bed early.

I lay awake for ages, listening to mum's sobs. Eventually I could stand it no longer so I got out of my bed walked into her room and slipped into bed beside her so that I could hold her and try to comfort her. She put one arm around me and calmed down a bit. “I wish he didn't have to go. I'm going to be so lonely, especially when you are at Alicia's place.” “Don't worry mum. I'll find ways to keep you company.” Since we were both naked, her body felt really good against mine. Her breasts, which are bigger than Alicia's were pressed against my chest. Then she turned her head and kissed me, not on the cheek as she usually did, but full on the lips. Without thinking I opened my lips and ran my tongue along her lips. She responded and in no time we were in a kiss as passionate as any I'd had with Alicia.

My body responded to the embrace and the kiss by sending extra blood to my dick, which started to press against mum's belly. When she felt this she somehow rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her, and positioned my dick at the entry to her cunt. I slid in easily, and before I even had time to think about what I was doing, I was stroking in and out of my own mother's cunt. Over the year that Alicia and I had been fucking I had learnt to pace myself better than when we first started, so I was able to continue fucking until I felt mum's pussy clamp on my dick as she reached orgasm. I could not hold back any longer and I shot my load deep inside her.

I think that I fell asleep even before my limp dick slipped out. I woke a couple of times through the night and felt mum's body still pressed against me and listened to her steady breathing which told me that she was sleeping soundly. In the morning she was still in bed beside me when I woke up. I woke her by kissing her all over her face, finishing with a loving kiss on the lips. Then I started to slip my hand between us toward her mound, hoping to initiate another fuck, but she stopped me.

“No Sam. What we did last night was very wrong, even though I admit that I enjoyed it enormously and I slept like a lamb afterwards.” “But it made you feel good and it made me feel great, and no one else need ever know.” “But your cheating on Alicia and I'm cheating on Phil.” “I'm only 14, for fuck's sake! Alicia and I don't own each other. We have discussed if we want to make a commitment to each other, and both agreed that we were too young. The only rule we have is that we will tell each other about anyone else that we fuck. As for you cheating on Phil, I think that you should find yourself a boyfriend while dad is away, but until you find someone, let me comfort you.” “So are you going to tell Alicia? If she tells her folks and they tell the police, I'll end up in gaol. Shit Sam! I don't want to go to gaol.” “Yes. I have to tell Alicia. But no. You wont end up in gaol because Alicia wont tell anyone else.”

At lunch time at school I took Alicia aside and told her the whole story. “Of course I wont tell anyone. I love Rosalie for helping us to get together and I don't want her to go to gaol anymore than she does. I'll tell her tonight how much I love her.” Alicia had started calling mum and dad, Rosalie and Phil soon after I started calling Alicia's mum Wendy.

At home after school we were talking to mum in the kitchen while she prepared dinner. “Rosalie, Sam told me about him fucking you last night. I just want to tell you that I love you for the way you have accepted me into your house and Sam's bed. It has been a wonderful year since Sam's and my first fuck and you have had a lot to do with that. So thank you and since I will never tell anyone about you and Sam, you needn't worry about going to gaol.” “Well thank you Alicia. But aren't you jealous?” “Yes. But not in the way that you meant. Sam has fucked two people now, and I have only ever fucked one. I'm jealous of Sam for that.”

“I'll tell you a secret. This morning when I woke up with Sam in my bed and wanting to fuck me again there was a strident voice in my head yelling 'I fucked my son. That's incest.' But there was another, gentler voice in my head, that I was trying to ignore until you told me why you were jealous, saying 'Yes. At last I've fucked someone other than Phil.', because until last night I had never fucked anyone else. So who else do you want to fuck?” “I don't know. I really do not want to spoil what I have with Sam, but how do you tell someone that you want to fuck them, but only once? I think my brother would love to fuck me, but if he did I could never get rid of him after that.”

Somehow the conversation drifted to sexual fantasies and desires. Alicia's contribution was“I'm not game to tell you all my fantasies, but one that I'm not too embarrassed about is that I would like to go to a nudist beach.” “That's not all that kinky. We are all nude whenever we are at home.” “Yes. But the reason is that I want to see other men's cocks. I've only ever had a good look at Sam's and Phil's” “Well! Nothing could be easier. If the weather is good we'll all go to Obelisk beach this Sunday. You can stare at the cocks while Sam stares at the bums and tits. You'll both like watching people playing volley ball. Everything bounces when you jump about.”

Then I pressed Alicia to tell us her kinkier fantasies. “Remember when you first came here you had to overcome your embarrassment at taking your clothes off, and wasn't it a good thing that you pushed through that embarrassment? We can't promise that we will do anything to realise your wildest fantasies but I promise you that I wont think any the worse of you, no matter what they are, and I hope that mum will make the same promise.” “Of course I promise. I think we have always benefited from being totally open about everything to do with sex.”

“Well... I hope that you wont hate me? You know already that I want to fuck someone else, but what would really turn me on would be to have Sam watch me and then fuck me afterwards.” “Judging by Sam's fresh erection Sam doesn't have a problem with that one. All you lack is another cock with a man attached. What else?”

“Oh dear! Why me? OK, I'd really like to watch Sam and you fucking, and I'd really like to try sex with another woman, preferably you, Rosalie.” “And would you want Sam to watch that too?” “Oh! Yes please!”

“I don't know how I feel about having sex with you. I have always thought of myself as pure heterosexual, not bi-sexual. I need to think about that one.” “Go on mum. At least it's not incest. If you don't find that you like it you don't have to do it more than once.” “Mmmm. Maybe.”

After dinner, with which we each had a glass of wine, mum seemed pretty relaxed. “So mum. Are you going to do a 69 with Alicia.” “What now?” “Why not? I'd really like to watch and then fuck both of you afterwards.” “Oh dear! My pussy is getting wet. I think I'll have to do it.”

We all went up to mum's bedroom and pulled all the covers off her big bed. Mum lay on her back, leaving space at the head of the bed for Alicia's legs Then Alicia lay on top of mum, face down with her cunt over mum's face and her face over mum's cunt. They proceeded to lick and suck, as if they had always done this. I was so turned on that I could not hold back. Mum's cunt was there in front of me so I pressed my cock into her cunt while Alicia was sucking her clit. Almost at once mum went into sexual overload and had a massive orgasm. This triggered me off and I dumped my load deep inside her. Alicia started moaning in turn as the obscenity of our activity struck her. We all collapsed on the bed all tangled up together and rested for a time.

“Alicia, Sam, you two are so uninhibited and so very sexy. I love you both.” “I'm sure that I can speak for Sam when I say that we love you too, Rosalie, and we love fucking and sucking you. Want to do it again?” “OK. But this time Sam should fuck you while we suck each other. It's only fair.”

So the girls moved around so that I now had access to Alicia's cunt, the girls started sucking again and I plunged into her. We all lasted a little bit longer, but not much, before we were all a quivering mass of flesh again.

“So, Alicia, that is one of your fantasies that you have tried. How did you enjoy it? And, by the way, I think maybe I am bi. I really enjoyed that.” “Me too. I guess everyone is more or less bi.”

“Now. When Sam can get it up again, I think he and I should fuck while you watch, since that is another of your fantasies that we can make reality. I don't know what it is about being with you two, but I am so fucking horny tonight. I hope you are both comfortable with this?” “Mum. We both love you and we love the way that you are so open with us and we can be so open with you. I have a fantasy that I think I can tell you. I would like you both to get piercings in your nipples and your navels. I don't know why but the idea really turns me on.” “Oh! Yes! Can we Rosalie?” “Alicia, you would have to get your mother's permission. If you do then I will go with you and have mine done too.”

“You could pretend to be my mother and give your permission.” “That would be really stupid. Your mother has been incredibly tolerant, allowing you to spend half your time here and Sam half his time there. When your mother found out that you had gone behind her back and had piercings without her permission she would be really pissed off, and would certainly be tempted to withdraw all the privileges that you two currently enjoy.”

“She needn't find out.” “Alicia. You haven't worn a bra in nearly a year. I bet you haven't got a bra that fits you anymore, since your boobs have developed nicely over the past year. When you first get a piercing you have to keep something in it all the time until it heals, otherwise it will close over. So how are you going to explain to your mother the funny shape of your nipples when she sees you with new piercings under the thin shirts that you wear?” “Fuck!” “You could ask her permission. She has been incredibly accepting of your precocious sexuality so far. Why not try?”

By now I was aroused again, so I fucked mum while Alicia watched. Mum came fairly quickly, but, as I had already shot two loads, first in mum then in Alicia, I lasted quite a long time. Alicia started urging me on. “Come on Sam, fill her cunt with your load. Fuck her Sam. Make her cum again.” Hearing my girlfriend urging me on with such obscenities finally pushed me over the edge, spurting my baby juice deep inside mum's cunt.

We all fell asleep on top of mum's bed without any covers. Sometime in the night I woke enough to realise that mum was pulling her bed covers over us, which was good because I was feeling pretty cold.

To be continued

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