My amazing trip to Sydney

My amazing trip to Sydney

This is my first story – I’ve read a few but its a bit different writing them, so feedback would be good. Particularly about how much introduction people like. I like a bit to set the scene, but no so much that it takes ages, I’m not sure if I got it right or not.

My name is Matt, I’m 22 years old and studying at university in Adelaide. I have a girlfriend called Kate, she is a short blonde 20 year old who is great in the sack, but unfortunately she likes me more than I like her. Kate has a friend in Sydney who was having her 21st birthday, and she asked me to come along for the weekend. I agreed but said that I would stay at a family friend’s place, whom I had not seen for a few years.

We arrived in Sydney on Friday morning, and I said goodbye to Kate and caught the train out into the suburbs to my friend’s place. Kate and I would meet up the following day before the party. The family who I was staying with were a married couple called Mary and her Italian husband Giorgio. They have two kids, a 13 year old son Jeremy, and a 15 year old daughter, Sarah; the last time I had seen them they were still just little kids.

Giorgio met me at the train station and gave me a lift while on his lunch break, he drove me back to their place, let me in and told me to make myself at home before heading back to work. I jumped in the shower then sat down to watch tv for a few hours. By the time I heard voices approaching the front door I was pretty bored and glad for the company, I was expecting the two little kids Sarah and Jeremy, but the girl who walked through that door didn’t look like a little kid any more.

Sarah was about 150-160cm tall, with beautiful wavy brown hair that went well below her shoulders. She was still wearing her one piece school uniform, a chequered blue and white dress that left plenty of leg visible, even above her knees, and her legs were surprisingly toned. I’m not a good judge of breast size, but they were probably a little bigger than my girlfriend’s (my girlfriend has pretty small tits, I’m not really that fussy about breast size). They weren’t particularly big, but perfect on a 15 year old girl. And her face, wow, she had always been cute, but now she was both hot and cute, I was transfixed.

As I stood up sarah broke into a big smile, dropped her school bag on the floor, and ran towards me, almost jumping at me and giving me a big hug. I’m a decent sized guy, maybe 185cm and pretty athletic from playing football, and I’ve got broad shoulders, so I basically engulfed her small body, picking her up in the process of the hug. I probably held onto this beautiful girl for a little too long, but she didn’t seem to mind.

After putting her down and releasing her from the hug, I remembered that Jeremy was there, I had basically forgotten (even though only about 20 seconds had passed since they entered the house). I decided to give him a quick hug as well, before they took their bags to their rooms.

The tv stayed on but we spent the next hour or two just chatting on the couches, I asked about both of their lives but I was more interested in Sarah, I couldn’t really help it. It turned out Sarah was into dancing, which explained her amazing and fit body. I spent the whole time fighting with myself, I just couldn’t help looking at her, but I knew it was both wrong and I didn’t want her to notice me staring too much. At this point I discovered that she had beautiful blue eyes, which go so well with her brown hair (I have no idea what colour Jeremy’s eyes are, surprise surprise). By the time the parents got home I had discovered that the kids were far from innocent, it would appear that kids start drinking and messing around younger than when I was 15... or maybe I just missed out.

We had dinner and then decided to watch a movie, I made sure to sit down next to Sarah, I didn’t expect anything to happen, particularly with the whole family around, but I couldn’t help it. Throughout the movie we ended up pretty close, first our legs touching, then an arm. At first I thought it was just me, but by the end of the movie I was pretty sure she was trying to get close to me as well.

Luckily the kids did not have a bedtime, so after the movie the parents started getting ready for bed while we kept chatting. I steered the conversation back towards their drinking, and asked Jeremy what he had done with girls. This was just a subtle way of finding out more about Sarah, because of course after Jeremy each of us had to talk. Throughout the conversation Sarah and I made a lot of eye contact, and when she said that she had not had sex, she looked at me and then down at her hand, where she had her fingers crossed. Evidently she didn’t want her brother to know. I was enjoying flirting with Sarah, but Jeremy was just hanging around, and it was getting late, close to midnight, so I said that I was going to go to bed (I didn’t think Jeremy would leave otherwise).

I brushed my teeth, put my boxers on and lay down on the couch where I was set up to sleep, the house was dark and quite, and I could not get my mind away from Sarah, who would be in her room just down the hall. I was touching my raging hard cock, which is just over 7 inches long, and pretty thick. I was pretty happy about my cock, which was actually a little bit too big for my girlfriend, she could take all of it most of the time, but in some positions when I wanted to fuck her hard, it started to hurt her.

I knew it was wrong, having sex with Sarah would be both illegal and cheating on my girlfriend, but I wanted her so badly, logic wasn’t really an option. I also had no idea what to do anyway, but I decided to get up and walk down to her bedroom. I was incredibly nervous; I could feel my heart beating quickly in my chest. Sarah’s room was at the opposite end of the house from Jeremy and her parents, which was lucky.

I reached her door and stood there, freaking out, I almost turned around but I knew I would regret not seeing what would happen. After all, I could just say that I wanted to have more of a chat because I couldn’t sleep.
I knocked.

“Yeah? Who is it?”
“its Matt”
I waited for a few agonizing seconds in the dark hallway before I heard the door handle turn. As she opened the door I could see her silhouette because of the street light which shone through her window. She looked to small, and innocent, and beautiful, the sexiest thing I had ever seen. The shape of her long hair was a little messy from being in bed, she was wearing a loose t-shirt with only underpants covering her amazing legs. I stood in silence looking at her face which was masked in shadow. After a few seconds she raised her hand and gently touch my chest, before slowly, ever so slowly running her fingers down over my abbs, which were showing clearly by the faint light. I knew she could she my cock trying to escape from my boxers.

I leant forward and kissed her.

I felt her lips open slightly to kiss me back, and my chest felt like bursting, it was electric.
We kissed very slowly and I put my arms around her and pulled her against my body. After maybe 30 seconds I walked her into her room, and closed the door behind us. I then put one arm behind her knees, one behind her back, and picked her up. She must have only weighed 40 something kilos, I could lift her so easily. I kissed her again as I gently lay her down on her bed.

I tentatively pushed my tongue into her mouth, and she responded with her own. Within a minute it wasn’t gentle or slow anymore, we were exploring each other’s mouthes while I caressed her body with my hands, and I could feel her hands on my back. I broke of the kiss to pull her shirt over her head, and as she lay back down I got my first glimpse of her perfect tits, casting little shadows across her body from the streetlight. She lay there in the dim light, beautiful young face, smooth flat stomach, and her breasts rising and falling as she breathed. I kissed her left tit, and as I flicked the nipple between my tongue and teeth I heard a quiet gasp escape her lips, so quite that I could barely hear it. I continued, changing from one to the other, until I felt a small hand work its way into my boxers and wrap its fingers around my thick cock.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I stood up and quickly slid my boxers down, and then started to take of her undies. Her hips raised slightly so that I could slide them down with ease. I wanted to kiss her pussy, and shower her sexy body with kissed, but I needed my cock to be inside her too much. I heard a slight intake of breath. “oh my God, its huge”. She had raised her head, and was looking down at my erect cock with her mouth slightly open, “haven’t you ever seen a cock before?”
“yes, I’ve seen a few... but they were no way near that big!”
“is it ok?”
“.... umm, I don’t know, maybe.... please be gentle”

I leant down and kissed her on the lips again, and we continued to kiss as I found her pussy with my hand. It was already wet, so I could easily slip a finger in and find her clit. I rubbed it and Sarah started to moan while kissing me. After only about a minute she stopped kissing me and whispered into my ear, “put it in, I want your cock inside me”. I was more than happy to oblige. I kneeled between her legs and spread them apart, then placed the head of my cock on her pussy, working it around until it was between her pussy lips.

I then slowly pushed forward, just pushing my head into her pussy. She was so tight, not too small, just so amazingly tight! She gasped, but in pleasure not pain, and I leant forward and kissed her while I continued to force my massive cock into her beautiful tight pussy. In about 30 second I was completely inside her, with her knees up at her shoulders. “does it hurt?”
“no, its amazing. Just start slowly, it feels so big”

I pulled most of the way out and then pushed in again, she moaned for me, so I did it again, and again. I fucked her slowly, she was so tight and sexy. I kissed her but each time I pushed my cock into her Sarah’s head went back as she let out an uncontrollable moan.

I slowly increased my pace over about 5 minutes, thank fuck I have great stamina, because I could have cum inside her at any moment, but I wanted it to last. If only it could last forever. I was now fucking her amazing cunt at a steady pace, I lifted my body away from hers so that I could fuck her better. I put my hands on her thighs, holding them apart as a repeatedly thrust my cock deep into her pussy. I was making a little noise, but I could barely hear myself as her moans got progressively louder and louder. I kept fucking her while saying “Sarah, you have to be quite or your parents will hear”.

She didn’t respond, she couldn’t even speak, but her moans became a little quieter. I could just see in the dim light that she was biting her lower lip in an attempt to stay quite. I started to fuck her harder, loving her attempts to be quite, but she couldn’t do it. As my cock pummelled away at her tight pussy she started to arch her back, her moans became louder again, and her pussy became just that little bit tighter. I fucked her ferociously and she couldn’t hold it any more, she gave up biting her lip and moaned for me. “oooohhhhhhhh, ah ah ah, yyeessssss, holy fuck!! Yes AAAHHHHH!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Don’t stop! Keep fucking my pussy, MMMMfff, OOOOOHHH, YEEEEEESSSS! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I wanted to cum, but I wanted to make the most of this amazing sex, so I slowed down as her orgasm receded, leaning forward and kissing her again. Finally Sarah was able to get her breath back “oh my God, that was amazing. I’ve never cum before”
“so you like my cock”
“Its amazing, I can’t believe how big it is! I’ve never had anything so deep inside me”
“well I’m not done with you yet”

I pulled out my cock and rolled her onto her front, she wasn’t sure what I was doing, but it was easy to move her little body. When I started to lift her hips she got the idea, picking herself up and kneeling facing away from me on her hands and knees. I aimed my cock at her pussy, and as I started entering her she pushed back into me, taking my whole cock. We both moaned and I knew that this horny little 15 year old wanted more of my cock. I put my hands on her small hips and started to fuck her doggy style.

With every thrust she threw her body backward to meet my cock, our bodies making a slapping sound every time they came together. I was fucking her hard and every time I entered her she let out a moan, not as loud as when she came, she was obviously trying to be quite again, but not doing it well at all, she could only manage one sound with each thrust of my cock. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Hmf.hmf. hmf. Oh. My. God. Yes. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Fuck. My. Oh. Oh. Pussy. Ah. Ah. Ah. Yes. Keep. Going. OH. Fuck. Yes. AH. Don’t. Stop. Oh. Please. Ah. Don’t. Ah. Ah. Stop. OH. OH. YES! AH.

I kept pulling her hips and shoving my cock deep inside Sarah’s tight 15 year old pussy. She had started on her hands and knees, but she had dropped to her forearms and then given up trying to hold herself up completely. She was kneeling with her faced pressed sideways into her bed, mouth open, moaning with every thrust. I had wanted to fuck her for longer, but I couldn’t go any longer. I could hear her orgasm coming, but I was beyond caring now, I just wanted to cum deep inside this 15 year old girl’s amazing tight pussy.

I started fucking her like a maniac, hard and deep and fast, while looking at her young sexy innocent looking face pressed into her bed, moaning loudly every time my cock forced its way into her pussy. She started to yell out in ecstasy and it sent me over the edge. I exploded inside her, stream after stream of cum shooting deep into her pussy. After the most intense orgasm of my life I kept fucking her slowly as our orgasms subsided.

I slowly pulled out my still semi erect cock, and helped her roll onto her back. Where I leaned forward and kissed her, a slow, romantic kiss. I let some of my weight rest on her beautiful little body. After a minute or so of slow kisses, without a single word, I rolled off her and lay next to her. I lay on my back and put my arm around her neck, she rolled over and rested her head on my shoulder where we went to sleep.

The next morning we awoke to a knock on the door, it was Mary. “wake up Sarah, its 9am and we’re going to take Matt out for breakfast”
“okay mum, I’ll be up in a minute”

It was a pretty tense situation, Sarah put some cloths on, went into the lounge, got some cloths and shoes out of my bag, then brought them back to her room. I put them on, climbed out the window, and then knocked on the front door about 5 minutes later, saying that I had gone for a walk.

Over breakfast Jeremy asked if anyone had heard anything last night, Sarah froze, but I laughed and said “yeah! I heard that too haha, are you neighbours always like that?”. Mary and Giorgio both had a little chuckle, and said “no, not usually”, but the tenshion was all gone, they didn’t suspect anything. I looked at Sarah and she gave me a little appreciative smile.

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