Living life in the locker room

Living life in the locker room

Lexi awoke to the bell ringing in her 7th period class, the bell was familiar because it always reminds her of dismissal time. Lexi was a star athlete in the high school's volley ball team and every day after school she had to go to practice. She hurried up to her locker, noticing all of her friends saying their goodbyes, she grabbed her uniform out of her locker and her gym bag. and she hurried to the girls locker room. She was usually the first one there and today was no different. She went to her usual locker and started to undress, she pulled off her shirt and unbuckled her bra, she had rather large breasts for girls her age. She unzipped her jeans and her coach came to her locker. She was a woman in her late twenties, a tan brunette that managed the team.

"Hey Lexi, how's my favorite captain?" She said

"Oh fine and dandy coach." She replied sliding off her jeans revealing her pink G-string.

"That's good." She said not caring about the naked teen infront of her.

"Yeah, Coach, do you think I can play center today and me and Kelsey can be in reserves? We have a project we need to finish in chemistry." Lexi replied bending over ass in front of the coach slipping off her G-string

"Hmm, I'm not sure" She said, "We have a big game that we need to really practice for, if we win this then we'll be in the play offs" She replied

"Aww man" Lexi said, "We REALLY need this project done soon and if we don't get it done then Ms. Bridge will definitely put her fist up our asses." She said as she sat down on the bench, bare naked reaching for her bag and grabbing out her uniform, when the bag got caught and dumped out all her things, a long plastic pink wax object, some beads, and a large plug dumped out of the bag, onto the coach's feet.

"Oops!" Lexi said, frantically diving off the bench with her ass in the air trying to pick everything up and put it in the bag. But the coach bent down and picked up some of these objects and inspected them.

"Hmm what have we got here miss Lexi?" She said.

"Umm well..." Lexi tried to explain

"Hmm do you have a boyfriend?" The coach replied

"Well no.. But I do get lonely." She replied

"I see" The coach said, "How much do you use these?"

"Like pretty much every day" Lexi chuckled, gathering all the other items into her bag, girly things. As other girls entered the locker room, Coach handed her, her 'toys' and replied

"I think you can be on reserves today to get your 'Project' done."

"Wow thanks a million coach!" Lexi replied.

All the other girls filed into the locker room, undressing and being careless in the locker room, running around nude, talking about boys, sex, their bodies, Lexi being fully nude walked into the bathroom stall, sat down on the seat and spread her legs and hung them on the toilet paper dispenser and the tampon dispenser and started rubbing her clit which had gotten moist when her coach picked up her toys, she imagined her coach, her name was Julia, she was tan, and had smaller tits then Lexi, but she had a plump ass, she imagined Julia stuffing her butt plug into her tiny brown hole, Lexi then plopped a finger around her anus until taking her whole finger as he furiously rubbed her pussy, letting out growns and moans in pleasure. Until someone knocked on the door, lexi reached her climax and came, Her orgasm sprayed the closed door and her moan was in-hide able, the floor in the stall was covered with that sweet musky smell, She opened the door fully nude and saw her best friend Kelsey who was also fully nude with her perky breasts just centimeters away from Lexi's

"Wow! Someone was horny!" Kelsey said in a shock "Someone needs dick real bad!"

"Shut up kels!" Lexi replied "Oh and Kels by the way Coach said we can cut early to work on our project."

"Okay cool, sounds fun." Kelsey replied sliding her hand to the very top of her clit and scratching it gently before walking away and sitting by her locker

Lexi noticed everyone was naked and not getting dressed. The coach Julia came out of her office naked and gathered the girls around.

"Okay girls, today we're not going to practice as we normally do." She said, and once she did everyone sighed in relief, "Instead I've noticed you girls aren't as limber as you ought to be, so the reason I asked you girls to not get dressed because we're going to be doing naked yoga, it helps strength the soul and limber you up, now I know some of you may not be comfortable about this, but all the boys in the school have off season so we're the only ones here left, and all us girls have the same things going on.

Julia the coach then escorted us all girls to the smaller gym and where she popped in the tape of yoga. The tape was Naked yoga for some reason, we all started following suit I was in the middle of the girls and I was directly in back of Alyssa, our team's guard, she was popular and hot at the same time, I've seen her naked before and I've imagined about her, but the way she moved made my pussy leak like a waterfall. I couldn't keep my eyes off her backside, gazing into that lusious brown tight hole, I wanted her, I then felt moist flowing down my thighs, before I knew it I felt a finger touch my butt hole and roll up my crack. a voice in my ear said

"Want to get out of here?" It was Kelsey asking to do our project.

"S-sure." I said in a calm voice before getting up and hiding the moist from my crotch before telling the coach that we where leaving. We walked out of the gym and I stopped for a drink and I told Kels to go on without me. I hunched over to peek at her walking, her plump ass walking freely made my pussy shiver. After my drink I started heading for the locker room when I saw a figure on the edge of my eye. I swung around to see who it was. To my surprise it was this goth kid whose name I really never knew in my English class, he was startled

"Hi there!" I greeted acting like I wasn't fully in the nude.

"Uhhh Hi." He said in a low tone.

"So I guess you where watching us girls?" I said

"Well uhh no I actually uhh missed my bus.." He stuttered.

"Oh okay," I said noticing the bulge in his pants, "Then why do you have that?" pointing to his tent in his pants.

"Umm well I uhh." He stuttered again.

"Alright let's make this quick, I see how you look up my skirt in English." I said bending down and unzipping his pants, working through his boxers and revealing his massive cock.

"Dear god baby, you're huge!" I said in amazement.

"Yeah.. Umm.." He frantically said.

I stroked his rock hard cock, before tasting it, I haven't had dick in a long time, I licked up and down his 9 inch shaft, curressing the veins with my tongue, I got off the floor and faced him backwards, taking his head next to mine as he slid his rock hard dick next to my pussy.

"No-no, Pussy is for serious relationships.. And girls" I chuckled, "But you can put it in my ass if you want."

"Uhmm.. Okay.." He said sliding his cock up my crack.

His massive head rubbed against my tiny hole, my pussy quelled, it felt like someone opened the flood gates, I've never had anyone so big and thick before, as skinny and scrawny he was, he had bigger cocks then any of the other boys that I went for, I always thought jocks had bigger because of their constant workouts. I couldn't stand it, I needed him inside me, I felt one emotion that I haven't felt in a long time towards any human other then lust. I love him. I've always noticed him in English class staring at me, I noticed him undressing me with his eyes, I imagined him getting hard and wanting to fuck me. Personally I liked the attention and the angle was perfect and just for him I often wore skirts, sometimes without panties. I did like him from the first days of school and I was always into the dark goth/emo boys. I always tried to talk to him but he was anti-social. Every time we where doing a group project we and 2 other girls where in a group, him being the only guy, I always tried to make a move but he seemed 'withdrawn' from society. It may have been a cat and mouse type of situation, I've never chased after a guy the way I did with him, and now I was standing butt naked in the school hallway sucking his cock, and I cannot believe what I am about to do, I wanted to be with him forever, if not enough time to know his type, and fall for him. His rock hard cock was slowly pushing into my asshole until I turned around, and taken his lips with mine, throwing my arms around his neck, and creeping my leg behind his, he was in shock and awe and grabbed the back of my legs and lifted me putting my legs behind his ass, I crossed my legs for support and his pants fell to the ground, I broke the kiss and looked deeply into his eyes and whispered.

"I want you to fuck me in my pussy." I said in a serious tone looking into his perfect blue eyes.

"But I thought that was for serious relationships only?" He answered.

"I know, but I want you to be mine." I whispered.

"I never thought you'd say that Lex.. I've always wanted you." He replied.

I took my hand and guided his massive cock into the entrance of my vaginal canal, he pushed slowly inside, my pussy was flooded, it slid right in, his cock expanded me and I reached a point in pleasure I've never gotten, nor have I thought possible, in a brief second he was all inside me, we both moaned in ecstasy, all the oxygen in my body was gone, as he pulled out again and took control, I let him have power. He continued to push in and out and I bounced gently off of him as he held me while gripping my plump ass. We slowly fucked my eyes closed, I couldn't even open them due to the amount of blood rushing to my brain in pleasure, I was in heaven. I felt my pussy beginning to contract, I was a mere few pumps away from climaxing. He threw me faster and harder as my head rolled, until He threw me down on himself, I screamed at the near top of my lungs as my pussy contracted so much, it hurt but I didn't care, I exploded on him, I had never came so hard in my life, it rushed and squirted out on top his pants and all over the floor. panting heavily he reduced his pumping still fucking me,

"Baby, how close are you?" I panted, out of breath.

"Ver.. Very closssee." He replied

"I want you to come inside me." I said confidently.

"But what if you... Get pregnant?" He said

"It doesn't matter baby... I love you, I always have. I want to be with you forever." I said, words that I thought I'd never say.

"I love you too Lex..." He said

In a few more pumps I felt his veiny cock like a heartbeat inside me, his veins rubbing my inner walls. I felt the warm sticky liquid feeling of his seed leaking out of me. We stood there, for a few moments, my head resting on his, our bodies where sweating perfusely. Our bodies red as lobsters, before I lifted myself off of him and kissing him again, our seed was joined together inside me and on the floor. In my heart I knew I did the right thing, I loved him and I knew we would be together forever,

"Baby you're the best thing that happened to me." He said

"No, you're the best thing that's happened to me." I replied.

"Do you think it will work Lexi?" He said confused.

"It will work baby, I want you forever." I replied

"I love your confidence." He said.

"Mmm, and I love you. Can you do me a favor baby?" I said

"Anything." He replied in a deep tone

"Carry me inside the girls locker room, I need a cleanup." I said "And give me your number baby, and tell me where you live so we can do this again."

He picked me up and walked to the locker room, opened the door where a nude Kelsey was sitting and he layed me down on the bench and kissed me one last time, before leaving.

"What was that about Miss Lexi?" Kelsey said with a weird look on her face.

"Oh nothing." I replied

"Then why is there cum leaking out of you?" Kelsey said looking at my package, it wasn't hard to miss because I was spread out on the bench

"Hehehe, It's nothing girl." I said again with a smirk on my face, placing my hand on my heaving breasts trying to catch air.

"Girl, you better be on the pill or something hunny, but in the meantime I might as well take advantage of this situation and clean you off hehe." She said bending down, her cute tight ass in the air

Her head was mearly an inch away from my pulsating pussy, It was throbbing as more and more of my now 'husband's' come pumped out of me, with one straight lick she got the first layer off, but the next second I was leaking again, my back arched and my nerves tingled again as I moaned out.

"Hmm let me get some of this, it might be 'fun' being potentionally preggo." Kels said and she thew one leg over mine, and tucked the other one under my other leg. She aligned her pussy with mine and moved her pelvis around mine, she started to moan, and I let out like a little kitten, his come stuck to her lips but my stomach was still full up with his seed, I needed to get it out of me.

"Oh god kels help me take the pressure away babe." I moaned out in pain

She took her hand and and placed it in between my stomach and top of my clit and gently pushed down, and the rest of the hot sticky cum squirted out like toothpaste, the pressure went down and I moaned again at relief, Kelsey's pussy rubbed against mine and caught every single drop.
She then broke away from me, carefully a small string of sticky cum connected our pussies, she gently rubbed her pussy and taking the larger globs of cum with her finger and stuffing it inside her, quietly moaning,

"Don't you think this will be strange if both of us are carrying his babies?" I said peeking up

"Maybe, but he was hot, this may seem strange but my biological clock has been ticking ever since my sister had her baby a few months ago, I've been yerning to have one." She replied as she continued to stuff more cum inside her, occasionally taking her finger onto my pussy lips and getting the sweet glisening semen and stuffing it inside her.

"Then why don't you find the right guy?" I asked

"I don't think there's ever gonna be one." She said, "Everyone here is too immature and focused on sports and college, not giving a damn about girls in my situation that we need things too. I want a guy who can support me, comfort me, and great sex too."

"Well one day, you'll get that feeling and you'll know he's the one." I said, "Kels, do you love me?"

"More then life itself babygirl." She replied, "Do you love me?"

"Of course I do, I always have and I always will," I said

"Then why did we break up months ago, but we still have sex?" She questioned

"Well Kels, I do love you, more then anything, but like you said, my biological clock is ticking I'm ready to have children. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you, but I want kids." I said in sorrow.

"Yeah me too, I just can't find the right guy." She said "C'mon let's go get a shower, and then go to the store and buy some pregnancy tests."

We walked into the showers and turned them on near full blast in scorching hot water. It felt good against our skin, our bodies rubbed one another, and kelsey began to finger me as our lips ran in sync. Afterwards we went to the store and bought Home pregnancy tests and we decided to wait a few days before taking it. When I got home I texted my sisters and told them that I had sex and I was going to take a test on Sunday when I would be over my older sister's house, and my other big sister was there too, as Sunday came around we acted like little girls and huddled into the bathroom and I preceded to take the test, we waited a few minutes and I closed my eyes and opened them up to the test, my mouth dropped wide open...

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