Tamika Pt.2

Tamika Pt.2

For several weeks had been pleasuring my father in every sexual manner possible. Whether it was giving him blow job's, letting my dad tit fuck me, ass fuck me or just plain old fucking we were doing it. It was very hot and so dirty; both of us were enjoying every moment. Needless to say the whole topic of incest was not bothering me at all. I was home with my 16 year old brother; mom and dad were out for the day. I was doing laundry while my brother was out screwing around. While putting away Sean's clothes I came across his secret stash of porno magazines and DVD's. I didn't look at the magazines; I saw the DVD cases, just black cases, nothing on them to mark what they were. One of the cases was empty so I figured it was still in his player. I turned on his TV and hit play on the DVD player.

Yep, it was still in there. He had turned it off right at the end of a great cum shot all over the face of this Asian woman. As I skipped through the chapters it didn't take me long to notice that the entire DVD was Asian women. My curiosity was raised and I put in the other of his three DVD’s he had hidden. All three ended up being nothing but Asian. I remember my dad saying he had caught Sean watching me when I was sunbathing and once he caught him jerking off while watching me. So my younger brother was having dirty, incest driven fantasies about me. I smiled at the thought of him watching these movies, lying on his bed, thinking about me and making himself cum. Probably most sisters' would have been disgusted and outraged that their brothers were fantasying about them, not me. I knew it was natural for hormonal brothers to have sexual thoughts about their mom's or sisters; especially if they were hot. I left the movie playing as I now went back to his secret stash to look at his magazines. They all had Asian women in them. One was just a simple Playboy the other two were graphic magazines; cum shots galore. I noticed that they all had large breasted Asian girls, like me in them. So I knew then that he was dreaming of having sex with me. I thought to myself that perhaps I would let that dream of his come true.

As I was flipping through the magazine Sean came into the room. "TAMIKA!" he yelled out, rushing in and yanking the magazine out of my hand. He was in a panic as he grabbed all the magazines. "I can't believe you are going through my stuff! Get out of here!" I smiled at him, "Calm down Sean. It's not a big deal. All guys your age have stuff like this to jack off to." He grabbed the controller and turned off the DVD. I grabbed it out of his hand and hit play again. "Gimmie that Tamika!"

I then got a very stern tone of voice, "You better stop it Sean or I will tell mom and dad about all of this stuff." That got his attention very quickly. Then I went right into it with him. "You know I noticed that everything you have is Asian related. It seems like you have a thing for Asian women." He turned bright red in embarrassment. I kept going, making him as uncomfortable as I could. "In fact Sean I noticed that they are large breasted Asian women too! Big tits like...hmmm let me think...like your SISTER! ME!" Sean looked like he wanted to crawl under the bed to hide. "Well then I take it you are fantasying about me! Is that it? Are you sitting there jerking off to these magazines and movies thinking about me you fucking pervert. Is that how you like to get yourself off, picturing your own sister sucking you off or letting you fuck her?" He didn't say a word and I knew that was my answer but I figured I would push him even more as I was enjoying this. "Answer me Sean! You better answer me or I will call mom and dad right now! Are you having incestuous thoughts about me?" He finally nodded yes.

Now I had him and I was going to shock the hell out of my own brother. I grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him up against me, making sure his body was pressed against my big tits. He was still looking down and I could tell he was looking at my tits. "DON'T LOOK AT MY TITS SEAN! YOU BETTER FUCKING LOOK AT ME!" He looked me in my eyes. "Dad told me he has caught you watching me while I sunbathe. Does that give you good jack off dreams?" I had one of my thighs pressing up against his crotch and I could feel his cock becoming hard. I loved it! I loved feeling my brother's cock becoming erect as his body was pressed against mine. My dirty younger brother was getting turned on even though I was yelling at him. I pressed my thigh a bit harder against his cock, knowing it would make him even harder. My brother kept looking around, trying to avoid my gaze. He tried pulling away from me but I kept my firm grip on his shirt. "Answer me Sean, are you jerking off and thinking about me?"

"Come on Tamika, let me go!" my brother said to me in an almost panic. I could feel his cock was fully erect now. I thought to myself it was time to have some fun with my younger brother. "You don't want me to let you go Sean. I know you are enjoying having my big tits pressed up against you, I can feel how hard your cock is." My brother's eyes shot wide open as I said that to him. In a panic, squirming around he responded by telling me he was not getting hard. I gave him a dirty smile then with my free hand I rubbed it up on down on the crotch of his pants, stroking his rock hard shaft. I could tell my brother had no idea what to do or what to say as I rubbed his cock. "There Sean, I can feel how hard you are."

"Tami, (that was the short version to my name that my brothers and dad would sometime use), don't..." I smirked at him. "Don't? You don't want me rubbing your cock? The cock you use to jerk off with thinking about me." Then I had a thought to really push my brother of the edge, I let go of his cock and very quickly slid my hand down the front of his pants. I slipped it right under his underwear; his hard pre cum oozing cock was now in my hand. I quickly ran my fingers up and down his prick as I did I could feel it twitching. "So then I shouldn't do this then? I grabbed his cock and began to stroke his nice hard prick.

“Tell me you don't like having me rub your nice, warm, hard cock." My brother didn't protest he just moaned a bit still not knowing if he should be enjoying this or if he should be allowing me to do this to him. I could see his eyes glazing over and judging by how quickly my fingers were getting covered with his sticky pre cum I knew he loved it. We looked into each other eyes, both of us had burning incest lust building up. I pulled my hand out from his pants and let go of his shirt. I smiled at him as I undid his pants allowing them to fall to the floor around his ankles. Keeping eye contact with my younger brother I pushed his underwear down to his ankles. His prick jumped straight out at me, a very nice long hard cock too. I grabbed his prick and very slowly began to give Sean a very sensual hand job. He just looked at me almost in a complete trance. "You can look down and watch me stroking your nice long prick."

Sean did just as I said he could, he watched me stroking his hard shaft for the next few minutes. When his eyes diverted back up to look at me I gave him a dirty smile, "Are you enjoying having your nice, hard, throbbing cock stroked by your sister?" He just nodded still at a lost for words. I knew he never thought he would actually get his prick jerked on by his own sister. It was apparent from all of his Asian porn that he wished it would happen but that look on his face told me he never thought his dream would come true and now it was time for me to make another dark, dirty fantasy of his come true. I licked my lips very slowly. "Have you ever had a blow job?" My brother stared at me blankly, "Come on Sean, you can tell your sister. Have you ever had a blow job?"

He stuttered no as jerked on his cock hard and fast. I stopped holding his prick in my hand. I gave him the most wicked smile I could before speaking again. "I love sucking cock. Sean, I know a sister is not supposed to do this to her own brother but do you mind if I suck your cock?" His eyes nearly popped out of his head and I could tell he didn't know if I was kidding or not so he said nothing. "No answer Sean? Ok, well I will just get down on my knees and start sucking on your nice hard prick. If you want me to stop you just tell me." I thought to myself ‘as if my brother was going to tell me to stop giving him a blow job.’

I went down on my knees in front of my shocked younger brother. I placed one hand on his stomach while holding his cock with my other hand. I stuck my tongue out and very slowly ran the tip of it up and down his shaft. I thought he was going to shoot his wad! I rubbed the head of prick all over my lips in a very sloppy way humming softly and enjoying the taste of his pre cum. I looked up at Sean, "I love giving head." After I said that I ran my lips all over his throbbing shaft before just letting his prick head slip between my lips, giving it a nice slow suck. Then I ran his pre cum, saliva covered cock head over my lips and cheeks. "Oh yes that feels so good. I saw that you like movies and magazines with very messy cum shots on Asian girls faces and in their mouths. That's good! I love messy, very messy blow jobs. I love the feel of hot sticky cum all over my face and I love swallowing gobs and gobs of salty spunk." His face light up when he heard that and now I felt it was time to stop talking and to sucking, like a good older sister.

I slid his whole prick into my mouth, deep throating his shaft. I very slowly worked his prick in and out of my mouth, over and over again. As I did I moaned and hummed giving my brother a very nice feeling threw his prick. Then I bobbed my head up and down half of his long hard cock, moving my hand down from his stomach to fondle his balls and jerking on Sean's cock with my other. I was going to give my brother the best, first time blow job ever! I knew it would be the best coming from his sister. I would glance up at him every once in a while, Sean's eyes were glazed over and fixed on me working his cock in and out of my cock hungry mouth. I was enjoying sucking on my brother's prick; it was as good if not a little more enjoyable than sucking off our dad.

For me, it was better because I was giving my brother his first blow job. I let his prick pop out of mouth a huge saliva, pre cum strand was attached from my lips to his prick head. I didn't realize just how much I was enjoying giving Sean head until I saw how wet I had made his throbbing rod with all of my saliva. I kissed the head of his cock making eye contact with him. "Your cock tastes so good! I could suck on it all day long! Are you enjoying this Sean? Do you want me to stop?" He said 'NO! Keep sucking my cock Tami!' in such a lust filled tone, it made my nipples so hard and my pussy twitch. I went right back orally pleasing my brother.

I licked his whole prick, up and down. I licked his balls and sucked on them as jerked on his prick. Then I ran my tongue all over his prick head as sloppily as I could, rubbing it all over my face and lips at the same time. I wanted my brother to see how much I loved sucking him off and just how cock hungry I was. He finally put his hands on head directing my mouth take his cock back into it. Then I let him slowly fuck my mouth as I sucked away. His balls began to slap against my chin, driving me wild with the sound. I suddenly felt Sean tense up, his shaft went incredibly stiff and I knew what was to follow; his very own money shot on his sister. "Oh shit Tami...I'm gonna cum! Tamika I'm gonna cum all over your beautiful face!" Just hearing my brother say that made my whole body go flush. He pulled his prick out of my face and began to wildly jack off. I opened my mouth and tilted my head back. "Oh yes Sean! Do it sweetie! I want your cum all over my face and in mouth! That’s it Sean show me how much you loved my blow job, cum for me. Cum all over my face! I want to swallow your cum!"

Sean groaned out and exploded at the same time. As I had my head tilted backwards, my eyes closed and my mouth wide open Sean blew his spunk all over my face. I felt his first spurt of cum land on my forehead and in my long dark black hair. Then another spasm of his seed found it way onto my nose and upper lip. After that my brother unleashed the rest of his wad into my very cum hungry mouth. He was almost screaming with delight, yelling out 'Oh yes Tami! I'm cumming! I'm cumming all over your beautiful face! Swallow my jizz, swallow it!' It was a good thing our mom and dad weren't home, they would have been upstairs in a flash; of course our dad would have joined in and jacked off all of my face and mouth as well. I knew was making my younger brother's day, blowing his mind with intense pleasure as he was blowing his wad. I was very surprised by how big of load he unleashed, it was even more than our dad.

I felt him place his prick head on my chin, I could feel him jerking on his cock, milking out spurt after spurt of his hot, sticky salty splooge onto my lower lip, tongue and the back of my throat. I kept my mouth open letting him fill it; I wanted him to see his cum on my tongue. Then I took a big swallow of his salty seed he spurted on my closed lips and chin. When I opened my mouth again I blew some cum bubbles for him, I thought he would enjoy that. I could feel the spunk strands attached to my lips as I opened wide for what ever he had left.

His jizz was running down my face and especially down my chin onto my blouse making a very apparent cum stain on it. When he was done jerking his prick to emptiness I grabbed it and rub it all over my lips then on my cheeks making a huge cum mess. As I did this I now opened my eyes and looked up at my brother. He had such a strange look of delight on his face; he was almost glowing with lust as his eyes were still glazed over. I spent the next five minutes sucking him dry and then using his cock to wipe off his jizz and of course I swallowed every bit of it. When I was done cleaning off my face I stood up and without a word I left his room; leaving my brother standing there, his pants down around his ankles and his semi-erect cock hanging there. I thought that would really get him and leave him in happy wonderment as to what just happened between us.

I went into my room still tasting his spunk in my mouth, feeling very horny and naughty I decided to text message our dad. This is what we texted to each other.

Tamika: 'Hey daddy. I just gave Sean a blow job.'
Dad: 'I bet he luv'd that. You give great head & I'm sure he loved getting sucked off by his older sister. Wish I was there.'
Tamika: 'I know he loved it considering how much cum he blew all over my face. Wish u were here 2. I would have sucked u off 2.'
Dad: 'R u going to fuck your brother?'
Tamika: 'If he wants 2. Sometime u & Sean will have to fuck me together.'
Dad: ‘Absolutely. Nothing like a father/son moment fucking a very hot, very willing daughter/sister.'
Dad: ‘I will be home later. You remember Megan from high school.’
Tamika: ‘Oh yes, for sure.’
Dad: ‘Her and her brother & father are fucking. Her dad asked me if I wanted to fuck her too. I did. I said he could fuck you sometime too. Sound good?’
Tamika: ‘So Megan is fucking her family. Cool. Yep anytime bring them over and you can all gang bang me.’

After my text conversation with my dad I changed out of my cum stained shirt and just put on a T-shirt. Now the waiting began, waiting to see if Sean paid me a visit or not. About two hours went buy as my brother stayed locked up in his room. I was beginning to wonder if I had freaked my brother out too much by giving him a blow job. Then I heard a light knocking on my door. I gave a big smile as I knew it was Sean. I told him to come in and he did looking a bit nervous. He was the shy one of my two brothers. "What's up Sean?" He gave me the 'nothing' answer as he seemed almost embarrassed to look at me. "Is there something you want my sex toy?" I thought that would get him to talk, instead it got him to blush. I pried at him a bit more until he finally spoke up.

"Was that a one time thing or would you give me another blow job?" Then he quickly added 'sometime?' I got up out of my desk chair, went over to my brother and gave him a big hug, squishing my big tits against him. I held him close to me as I ran one hand up and down his shirt. I had my leg pressed against his crotch again and I could feel how hard he was. "So you enjoyed getting head from me? You didn't mind getting sucked off by your own sister." He wouldn't make eye contact with me until I placed my hand lightly under his chin gently raising his head up. "It's ok Sean if you enjoyed it. You were supposed to. And don't worry that it was me. I know that it is taboo for a brother and sister to do what we did but I didn't mind. I wanted to give you pleasure."

He finally smiled at me, "I did enjoy it Tamika; I enjoyed it a lot! I still can't believe you did that though. But would give me another blow job?" I rubbed his cock with my thigh, "I can tell you are ready to have your cock sucked again." Then I looked at him with a disappointed look and I let my arm slowly release him from my embrace. I looked down at the ground looking a bit upset myself. "What's...what's wrong Tami? If you don't want to I...I understand."

I looked at Sean, "Oh it's not that Sean. I will give you head if you want. It's just that I thought maybe you wanted to see my tits." His eyes bugged out, as I continued looking upset. "I saw from your video's you like Asian women with large tits and here I am; ready and willing. I just thought you would like to see them and maybe play with them." I glanced up at my brother, he was beaming with delight and I knew I had him. I grabbed him by the front of jeans and lead him over to my bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed, spreading my legs and pulling my brother between them. I leaned back onto my hands, thrusting my large tits at my brother. He wasted no time in very gently touching them through my shirt, rubbing them then squeezing them. I giggled a bit and he stopped. "You can pull my shirt up if you want silly." His hand shot to my shirt and he pulled it up over my tits leaving it there. He let out a gasp of approval as he was now getting to see his own sister's tits up close and personal.

"How...how big are they Tamika!?" I giggled them back and forth. "A nice, mouth watering 34D. I guess I just lucked out with large natural tits." He stared at my tan tits and hard nipples. "Go on Sean. You can touch them, fondle them, kiss them, lick them and suck on them. They are all your's to play with." I thought I would have to coax my brother a bit more but I guess he finally realized he could do whatever he wanted to do to my tits.

And that’s when he went wild, like a kid in a candy store. I knew this was the first time he had ever played with a woman's tits. He held them in his hands, fondled them, and ran his tongue all over them before getting really serious. As he held my tits he licked at my nipples, flicking his tongue back and forth on them. Then he began to suck on them and boy did he ever! If he was a baby he would have sucked my tits dry! In his enthusiastic, in-experienced way he gave me the best tit foreplay pleasure ever! It was so great, I just sat back and basked in the erotic pleasure my younger brother was giving to me through my tits. I sat straight up for a bit, running my hands through his hair as he lapped away at my nipples.

Then I told my brother to stop for a moment. I held both of my breast’s in my hands, looked at them then at my brother. I smiled at him and returned the smile. I offered my right breast to him saying, “Sean, why don’t you suck on this one, I will suck on the other one.” No word from my brother and none was needed as his lips made contact with my nipple and he began to lightly suck on my tit, intermittently flicking his tongue across my nipple. I angled my left tit up, bent my head down and began licking my other nipple. The pleasure was so intense, my pussy was soaking wet.

I was really enjoying having my brother play with my tits. I felt so dirty letting him do it even more so than my dad and I loved every second. After maybe 10 minutes of him sucking on my tits, fondling them and playing with my nipples he raised his head up.

"Ok Tami...will you give me a blow job now or um, could I fuck your tits?" He looked so sad when he asked me if he fuck my tits. I figured he would ask that since a lot of his Asian porn mags showed the women in them getting tit fucked. I thought about for a second and then shocked him with my response.

"I guess you can fuck my tits but only if you will go down on me afterwards. I am so wet and horny I need to get off too." My brother's eyes nearly popped out of his head. He looked like a little boy on his birthday opening up his gifts.

"Oh yes Tami...do you really mean that? I can go down on you?" I nodded yes as I pulled myself all the way up on my bed and laid down on my back. I massaged my tits as my brother stripped off his clothes then my brother got up on the bed and straddled my body.

"Ok ----. Are you ready to give my tits a nice good fuck? I'll be you have been dreaming about doing this to me?" My brother nodded yes as he gently laid his hard cock between my large tits. I pressed them together around his hot hard cock. I knew I was giving my brother the best present ever, allowing him to live out his dark, taboo incestuous fantasies with me was something I could never top. I also knew that I was popping his cherry on the sexual realm which made it even better; just knowing I was his first blow job, the first pussy he would taste and the first tits he would fuck made my pussy even wetter. My brother started slowly pushing his prick between my tits. I could tell by the look on his face that was a great sensation for him. I told him he could fuck my tits harder if he wanted, they wouldn't fall off. He reached down, pulled my hands off of my tits and replaced them with his own. Once he did that he went wild fucking hard and fast. In the mean time I reached down to my shorts, unbuttoned them and slid my hand down inside. Wow was I wet! I fingered myself for a minute before pulling my fingers out of my wet pussy. I grinned at my brother who was already getting a glazed look on his face.

"My pussy is so wet! Would you like to get a small taste of my pussy?" My brother gave me a quizzical look before he said hesitated and said 'um yes Tamika'. I held my two fingers up in front of his mouth and told him to lick them clean. He stuck his tongue out and ran it all over my pussy wet fingers. I could tell he enjoyed the taste.

"Did you like that Sean?"

"Shit yes! I can't wait to go down on you!"

Then I said to my brother, “I think sisters should willingly be the first, whether it is giving their brothers their first blow job, tit job, hand job or anything else. There is nothing hotter than a sister giving her brother hot first time sexual pleasure."

My brother looked so shock hearing me say that as he worked his prick between my tits. I stopped talking and bent my head to lick his prick head every time it popped out from between the top of my tits. I wanted to get my brother off as quickly as possible, not because I was afraid of us getting caught but because I needed to get off and wanted his head between my legs eating me out. I could taste his warm salty pre cum and I couldn't wait to see his cum spurting out of his cock. Sean’s tit fucking pace increased even more as his breathing got harder and louder. I ran my hands all over his sweaty chest taking my turn to play with his nipples. He let out a small hiss when I played with them and his cock seemed to respond by oozing out more pre cum. He began to moan under his breath 'Tami I'm close to cumming.' I let him fuck my tits for another minute; I wanted to see if he was going to ask if he could cum on them or in my mouth. He didn't say a word but I had feeling by the look on his face he wanted me to tell him where he could cum.

"Sean are you close to cumming?"

"Uh huh...I can't hold it much longer sis."

"I want to jerk you off all over my tits? Is that ok? Can I jerk you off?" My brother's eyes glazed over as they got even wider with my request. Then he suddenly let go of my tits and knelt there, his bright red hard cock bobbed up and down.

"JERK ME OFF! PLEASE TAMI!" He sounded desperate to cum.

I grabbed his cock with my hand and began giving him a very nice hand job; one only a dirty, naughty sister could give. It sure didn't take much to make my brother cum. Just a few strokes on his sticky throbbing prick and he erupted and I loved it! I don't know, maybe I am a freak but I just love watching cum spurt out of a hard cock. I really enjoy it when I make my father do it and it felt a bit different making my younger brother cum but it turned me on just as much. I wasn't ready for his first spurt so he got me right in the face. I quickly aimed his cock downwards as his cock unleashed a huge load of spunk. I was impressed considering I sucked him just a couple of hours ago, I realized then just how horny I made my brother.

Just as I had his cock aimed at my tits a huge stream of jizz shot out of his cock landing all over my right tit, it went across my nipple and areola. I pointed his prick at my left tit as another jet of my brothers cum rocketed out. He was groaning 'don't stop Tami, oh god yes.' as I kept jerking on his cock. That stream of cum landed between my large tits as well as some of it landing on my left tit. I was able to jerk out a few more smaller spurt of cum out of Sean’s prick before I had him drained him. When I was done I had made a huge mess all over my chest. I had cum on my face, all over my tits, cum on my upper chest above my tits and on my neck too. It felt so good, hot and sticky just the way I like it. My brother was breathing heavily as he looked down smiling at the site of his spunk all over me.

"Oh god that felt so good Tamika. Um...I'm sorry for cumming on your face." I didn't say a word as I sat up just enough to slip his prick into my mouth. I looked up into my brothers’ eyes as I sucked his prick dry, he seemed a bit surprised that I did that. But I knew he was enjoying seeing his cock in my mouth and his spunk on my face. I slid his prick out of my mouth and used it to wipe the cum off of my face. I held it in front of my mouth.

"Don't worry bout it Sean. I'm really enjoying giving you pleasure and making you cum." Then I used the tip of my tongue to lick his spunk off of his prick head, swallowing every drop. I let go of his semi erect cock now it was my turn to get off. I ordered him to take my shorts off. He moved down to my feet and pulled them off. He looked so shocked to see my shaved pussy. I spread my legs and used two fingers to pull my wet pussy lips apart.

"Look at how wet you made me! Get your face down there and make me cum!" He nervously got down between my legs he glanced up at me.

"I hope I will do good...I haven't done this before." I gave him an evil grin.

"Just start licking, I'll teach you what to do." His tongue hit my clit and I thought I would explode right then and there; that's how horny I was. My brother sure knew how to use his tongue. He licked my wet lips for several minutes. I didn’t know if he was afraid to stick his tongue into my pussy or what but I did enjoy it very much. Sean took his time eating me out, which I loved. He played with my clit with the tip of his tongue. When he did I squealed as my orgasm hit. I nearly strangled my brother with my legs when I wrapped them around his neck holding his face on my pussy. I ground my pussy into his face as writhed around on the bed. As soon as my orgasm subsided my legs slipped off his shoulders. My brother looked shocked and happy. I think I caught him off guard but he knew he had made me get off and that pleased him.

He sat up as I looked up at him while rubbing my wet pussy. “Wow that was really good Sean; if I knew you were that good at licking pussy I would have let you do that to me a long time ago.” We both smiled at each other. Then I asked him if he would like to eat me out again and finger fuck me too. I wanted tease him with the feel of my pussy before I let him fuck me.

“Tami…you’re going to let me fuck you?” I nodded yes and gave him a wicked grin. I saw my brothers prick harden at that thought of getting to fuck his own sister. Needless to say my brother went to work again on my pussy. He licked away like a little boy eating an ice cream cone on a hot day. When he slid his fingers into my pussy I thought we both would explode. Sean let out as gasp at how wet and tight I was and he asked me if he could fuck me right then. I told him no he had to get me off first then he could fuck me. So my brother worked as hard as he could to get me off again. He licked and sucked on my clit as he finger fucked me. I could hear the slurping noise from my pussy telling me how wet I was or how wet my brother had made me. I laid there playing with my tits, sucking on them and massaging them as Sean kept pleasuring me. It took a while for him to make me cum again but finally and to his delight I had another mind blowing orgasm. I writhed around on the bed again; my brothers’ fingers were fucking my pussy. I felt like a sexual hand puppet to my brother wiggling around his fingers as wave after wave of intense pleasure shot through my body like an electric jolt. Now the moment had come for my naughty brother had been dreaming of and jerking off too; his moment to fuck me.

I told him to get down off my bed, I quickly added not to worry I was not done with him yet. I told him to stand next to my bed as I spun myself around to face him. I moved myself forward so that my ass cheeks were barely on the edge of the bed. I spread my legs wide and raised them up into the air giving my brother a wonderful view of my wet pussy. I reached down and pulled my wet pussy lips apart. “Come on Sean. Be a good little brother and put your hard cock into my nice wet tight pussy.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. I watched a huge grin form on his face as he quickly moved between my legs holding his erect cock in his had. He guided right for my pussy pressing his swollen prick head slowly between my wet lips. Then Sean slid his hard cock inside of my wet pussy. The look on his was the best as he felt my tight wet pussy wrap around his hard prick. My brother moaned and gave a groaning 'oh fuck yes'.

"Do you like how my pussy feels?"

"Uh huh...I do."

"Well then come and fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me the way I know you want to."

I spread my legs wide giving my brother plenty of room to slam his cock inside of me. He grabbed my waist as he began to ram his prick in and out of me. I rubbed my clit with one hand as I played with my big tits with my other. I kept moaning 'fuck me' over and over again. I could see the wild look in my brothers' eyes as he took out his animalistic lust on me. I held one tit up to my mouth I stuck my tongue out flicking it around on my hard nipple then a started to suck on it. I kept my eyes focused on my brothers. All my young brother did was grunt as he fucked me hard and fast. He didn't say a word as he was too lost in the incestuous moment of getting to fuck me; his own sister. I knew he was living out his dirty dark jerk off fantasies at that moment.

I let go of my tit and stopped rubbing my clit and just laid my arms back on my bed. I laid there enjoying the nice hard fuck my brother was giving me. I saw my brothers eyes fix on my big tits bouncing around in a mixing motion from his hard pumping of my pussy.

"Look at what you are doing to my tits Sean." He grinned a little. I moaned a bit and then groaned out, 'oh yes fuck me...oh god yes that feels so good.' Then I gave Sean my own wicked grin. "So do you like fucking me? Do you like being a dirty, naughty brother? Do you like fucking your own sister?"

He fucked me even harder burring his cock deep inside of me. "Oh yes I love it! I love fucking you Tami! I'm gonna fuck you every day!"

I smiled back at him, moaning a little. I could feel my own orgasm building so I knew Sean must be close too. The pleasure was intensifying and I knew I couldn't hold back how much I was enjoying this much longer. Deep down I was loving it! It felt so great getting fucked by my dad but something about getting fucked my brother was even better. "I want you to cum all over my tits. Ok?"

My brother gave me a dirty grin and gave me a nod. I figured I better reassure my brother of something. "Don't worry I will let you cum inside of me next time you fuck me. I just love how your cum feels on my skin and it tastes so good. I want to watch it spurt out of your cock." He fucked me faster in response. Now I let go and allowed all my pleasure to come to the surface. Now I writhed around on my bed, arching my back and screaming out 'oh god yes' over and over again as my brother fucked me to my orgasm. It hit almost unexpectedly, my pussy tightened up and I felt my wetness was all over my brothers’ prick. The look on his face was the best when he felt my orgasm and the way my pussy clamped down on his prick. Then as my orgasm wracked my body I wiggled all over just screaming out 'oh yes! Oh yes!'

Sean started to grunt "I'm gonna cum! Tamika I'm gonna cum!" He yanked his cock out of my pussy, just like a good brother. I was going to slide off the bed down onto my knees so he could jerk off all over my tits. But my horny brother began jerking off like a wild man in front of me. I barely had time to get up onto my elbows to watch him as my brother exploded. His cock spat his jizz all over my stomach and right where my pubic hair would have been if I didn’t shave. He angled his cock up a bit more or it was just the wild jerking motion that made his next spurt of sticky cum shoot out and land between my tits.

I went wild on my own, rubbing his spunk into my skin as if it was lotion. “Yeah that’s it Sean! Keep cumming! Cum all over me you dirty nasty boy!” He jerked off a couple more strokes of his salty spunk before he was dry. I rubbed his cum all over my stomach, all over my pussy lips and all over tits. Then I slowly ran my tongue over the palm of my hand, licking off his sticky spunk. My brother just stood there breathing hard and smiling away as he watched me playing with his cum. When I was done licking my hand I grabbed his hand licked it clean before I slipped off the bed, down on to my knees and sucked his cock dry.

I knew he was spent and would not be able to get off again for some time. I played with his prick with my tongue for a few minutes before standing up. I gave him a nice embrace rubbing my sweaty sticky body against his. I kept my arms on his shoulders as I looked into his eyes, smiling away.

“Did you enjoy that Sean? Was it everything you hoped it would be?”

“Oh god Tamika it was fucking great! Better than the movies I watch. Can we do it again…sometime?”

I giggled a bit before answering. “Of course silly. I’m the kind of dirty, naughty sister so many brothers would love to have. One who enjoys giving sexual pleasure to her brother.” I rubbed my nose on his and then I added, “Don’t you worry Sean. You won’t need those DVD’s or magazines anymore. Any jacking off you do will be for me!”

I told him he better go shower just in case our dad came home. I knew our dad wouldn’t be home for awhile. While my brother was in the shower I text messaged my dad again. I told him I just let Sean fuck me, I let him go down on me and he fucked me tits. My dad sent back he knew my brother must have loved that and he wished he was there so he could have joined in. Then he told me how hard he was just thinking about my brother and I fucking. I told him I would take care of him when he came home. My dad responded back by saying I could come by his office, nobody was there. I smiled as I read that and I told him I needed clean up first then I would stop by. He asked if it would be ok if Megan’s dad joined too. He knew that her dad wanted to fuck me and since he had let my dad fuck Megan; my dad wanted to return the favor.

I thought about it and said sure; I wanted to hear more about how Megan’s dad got her to fuck him. I never would have thought Megan would be into incest, she was such a good girl in high school. Once my brother was done I was ready for my shower. I told Sean I had some errands to run and I left the house heading over to my dad’s office for another family fuck.

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