"Just one Picture, OK Daddy?"

"Just one Picture, OK Daddy?"

“Just one Picture, OK Daddy?”

__We have two very horny females in this family. Mom and daughter. Can the dad handle them and find harmony between them all?…
let’s find out….

___My daddy (Ben) and I ( Millie) had our ‘super secret‘. I was a real daddy’s girl and would do anything for him. I was his little spoiled brat, and we both liked it. I started doing little sexy things to get his attention. Mom (Lena) would get pissed and tell me to go get a bra on…or close your robe. Daddy would smile at me when she was not looking.

When mom was gone to grandma’s , like she did every weekend, …..oh my….

I loved to pull up my dress and ’pretend’ to be adjusting my panties in front of him. I would leave my bedroom and the bathroom doors always open and let him see me half naked. I always had him help me with any buttons and back zippers. I would ask him if this or that looked good on me, and hold them in front of me naked. I could tell by his breathing or the little tremble in his hands if it was turning him on….and it was…

I always pushed my small tits into him, and my pussy when we hugged, and held on to make them long hugs. I loved to feel him get a half a hardon and would wiggle my pussy across it. I would whisper in his ear something sexy like: (“..daddy, your aftershave makes me horny.”) , and (“…daddy, why does my vagina get wet sometimes?“)…then breath in his ear and kiss his neck.

I would take his hand and let it rub across my tits or ass as I walked away. I would lay on top of him every chance I got when mom was gone, even for 20 minutes.

Poor daddy didn’t stand a chance, but still no sex moves on me. I had to get him more turned on, because…. I was determined to try and have sex with my daddy….I wanted it so bad…

I fingered myself thinking about it. I had wonderful dreams about it and when mom stayed the night at grandma’s house….I would use my hair brush handle to simulate daddy’s cock in me at night. With my bedroom door open, I would moan so daddy could hear me as I would have a glorious orgasm….and say…”Oh Daddy”…

I could hear him and mom having sex sometimes. I envied her moaning so bad, getting to feel his cock in her. She could just damn well share,…. that’s all.

Daddy’s tortured thoughts….

My daughter Millie was getting to be a real handful. Her sexy tricks to get my attention were getting way out of hand. The wife Lena of course noticed and said she didn’t know what to do, so for me to ‘handle it’. She only was aware of the things Millie did when she was around. God, if she knew what Millie did when she was gone, she’d go crazy.

Mom Lena thought back….

I was glad I had never told Ben about how I grew up much. Millie was just like me. I went after my daddy too and…oh how I love the memories of that time… Daddy built me a big play house out back and we fucked in there all the time….so hot and exciting …and…that’s where I first had sex with a girl….equally hot and exciting. I just know Millie is going to have sex with Ben.

I wonder if I should tell Ben about my past, so he’ll be prepared for what I ‘just know’ is going to happen. I better break it to Ben easy about that first girl I had sex with ….,
it was my mom.

…yes it happens. If the public only knew what goes on behind closed doors, they would go into shock. I wasn’t the first girl to have this happen. I had talked to other girls who this had happened to. We compared notes, and every one of them said they enjoyed it.

My mom started fondling me as a teen and well one thing led to another. We enjoyed it and well…still do. Now….I fought the urges to fondle Millie. That sexy body of hers drives me wild at times. I wanted to keep Ben happy and so decided not to mess with Millie…but things began to change.

Millie started coming on to me recently. She was at that age when anything to do with sex, interested her, and I just couldn’t resist her sexual interest in me.

It started with her watching me undress and making comments about how she hoped her tits would grow to be a big as mine. She ask me something one afternoon when Ben was at work. I was naked and just out of the shower. She asked if she could touch my tits. I got a hot flash in my pussy and couldn’t say no. She took advantage of this and soon began to suck on my nipples.

I couldn’t take that and carefully felt her tits in return. Soon I felt her feeling my bush and one of her fingers traced my wet slit. I went for it and now I found my hand fingering her slit. I said to her out of breath, that Ben must never know about this, and we slowly laid on our bed. Every afternoon after school we played with each others bodies. I just let it happen and we went further each time. We advanced and now got into a 69 position and found ourselves licking our pussy‘s until we both orgasmed. We were both in girl sex heaven.

We still had girl sex, but told me she wanted sex from Ben real bad. I told her I’ll just stay out of it, and let you guys ‘handle it’.

Ben pondered….

I had to find something to take Millie’s aim off of me and onto a boyfriend or something. She was already masturbating, I could hear her do it! She knew how to arouse me and I’m only a human male.

Secretly?…..I tried not to think about having sex with her…. I was losing that battle and fast. I found myself pretending I was fucking Millie when I had sex with the wife. Damn, it really enhanced our sex life. Millie was like a young version of Lena and I really got turned on by that. I even had wet dreams about fucking Millie while sleeping right next to the Lena. So far,…. Lena didn’t know it.

I had to find a way to have sex with my daddy.
The next event kinda started with him giving me a back rub one night. Mom was gone somewhere and I ‘claimed’ I couldn’t go to sleep. I really just wanted him to sit on my bed and be with me. His big warm hands rubbed my back so good, it made me real horny. I was on my tummy and slowly rolled over on my back. I was hoping he would rub my front. He rubbed my legs, arms and tummy but nothing else. I had tits now and I dreamed of him massaging them. I ask him to massage a spot just on the side of my one tit. He took one finger and rubbed where I pointed.

(“No daddy, use your whole hand.”) I requested. He smiled and slowly started feeling my whole tit. I closed my eyes and gave out a ‘purr’ of satisfaction. I took my hand and felt my other tit just the way he was. Now I felt both my tits being felt up. I rolled toward him and said in my little spoiled brat voice…”Would you rub them both daddy…please?”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I pulled my nightgown off my shoulders and laid on my back with my bare titties exposed. I was sure he would rub my titties.

Dad thought….

Damn she is so cute and I do love feeling those tits. I had a gut feeling where this was going to lead. I leaned over to her sweet face and whispered: (“…I’ll rub your titties if you do me a favor.”) (“…anything for you daddy.”) she replied. (“…I want to take a private picture of your beautiful body tomorrow, Ok?”) I said.

“Just one picture daddy?, she asked. I said ‘Yes’. “I don’t want anyone else to ever see it, ok daddy.” I assured her it would stay right here at home. At her school a picture of a girl naked went around, and the girl ended up leaving that school.

She reached up and started kissing me, but not like a daughter, but like very sexy girlfriend. I couldn’t, and didn’t, want to stop her. She had the power to make me very aroused, and she knew it. She wanted sex play from me and was very determined to get it. I hoped by taking a picture of her would satisfy her. I secretly wanted a picture of her to look at before having sex with Lena. I figured this would cool my urge to have hot sex with Millie.

Let’s just see if this works for me.

The next night Lena was gone for a few days visiting relatives. I got Millie to wear a long night gown, with no bra and no panties. She got all excited and did it. I took her in the den where my camera was set up. I had been a professional photographer and I had her pose in a chair. I had her take off her gown and put one leg up showing just a peek of her slit.

I had her arch her back to show off her beautiful tits. She was loving this and was getting excited real fast. I put the camera right where I wanted it. She was breathing fast as I was too. I snapped the picture.

She was disappointed that, that was all, but couldn’t wait to see the picture. I said: “Come with me to the computer, and we’ll see it together. I removed the chip from the camera as she sat by me at the computer. She held my arm and watched as I got it all ready. I noticed she kept rubbing her pussy a little. I was all ready to show it.

The picture was hot showing her legs, that hot slit of hers, just peeking out and her tits with nipples showing over her arm. She came over and sat between my legs. She leaned back on me as I photo shopped every detail of it to perfection. I enhanced everything. I added hot make up on her eyes and her nipples looked harder now. Her slit now glowed with glistening moisture.

She grabbed my hand and put one finger down on her slit.

This was not…what I had in mind as she guided my finger into her pussy. She got hotter. She could feel my hardon on her butt and she wiggled back on it. She felt her own tits over and over. She was a hot girl in between my legs and apparently she wanted some kind of sexual satisfaction.

She was all hyper and turned on. “Oh daddy…. , that’s is a wonderful picture, when can we do more?, please soon.” she said out of breath. I said ’soon’ and got her up. I told her this picture was our ‘super secret’, ok? She wrapped her arms around me and pushed her pussy into my hardon and started rubbing her pussy on it. She kept it up and got faster.

I realized….she was going to make herself orgasm on me. My hardon was ready to burst thru my pants. She rubbed and rubbed and then her body jolted as she moaned and held on to me tight. Her legs began to go weak as she savored the action. She did slow grinds on my hardon, with little moans.

I was stunned at what had just happened as I was not prepared for this. She even went so far as to squeeze my hardon in my pants.

I picked her up and took her to her bed. I laid her down and kissed her forehead. She was still moaning with her eyes closed…..

I felt like I needed a drink to calm myself. Damn, she was exciting me to new highs.


Millie secretly just had to tell me about the ’picture session’ and how hot it turned out.
I thought…
…he never wanted to take a sexy picture of me…, but…hmmmmm…a picture of Millie in a sexy pose, oh yeah…I want to see it and get horny too. Millie took me to Ben’s computer and we watched it together one afternoon. It was awesome to me. He had posed her in the most sexy pose I could ever imagine. Her hot legs, young perky tits and her pussy was real hot looking. He had made her look like a very sexy model or movie star to me. I just stared at it and enjoyed my arousement that was building up.

I got real hot as Millie did too. Next thing we knew we were feeling each other up. We couldn’t wait to go in my bedroom and Millie was under my skirt, pulling my panties off. I headed for the floor and pulled her shorts and panties down and off , it was tongue orgasm time for us, in a desperate rush for the excitement.

We moaned and licked until we were fucking our tongues. Oh damn…. she’s so hot and her warm pussy tasted good. She knew just how to get me off and sucked on my clit, with her fingers on my G spot. I licked and finger fucked her hot pussy. We both moaned and bucked our pussy’s as super orgasms hit us. I almost blacked out with pleasure. Millie loved to feel my big tits and kept licking my wide open bush, making me twitch with her licks on my clit. We just lay there in our bliss…..


It was Friday night and Lena was in the shower getting ready to head out to her moms. I heard giggling. Lena and Millie both in the shower together?….I envied lucky Lena getting to see sexy Millie naked and wet in the shower…and a lot more…..


Ben smiled to himself. You see Ben already knew about Lena and her mom having sex together. How?….the Limo driver Arthur. They went back many years and he was loyal to Ben. Ben owned a big company, and Arthur had been his personal family driver for years. He told Ben discreetly about Lena and her mom. They had had sex in the back of the limo. It had blacked out windows and a raised solid divider between them and Arthur…they thought.

They didn’t know about the tiny video camera back there, that Ben had installed for clients. Lena would tell Arthur to ’take a drive’ and then the sex would go wild between Lena and her mom. Ben and Arthur viewed the videos and chuckled about it. “..At least she ain’t cheating on you with no man!” Arthur and Ben laughed.

Ben pondered what to do next. He just knew his horny wife and daughter were having ’girl’ sex in the shower… at this very minute. He decided to make a bold move……

He got naked, went in the big master bathroom, open the shower door, and got in with them. The girls freaked!, and shrieked a loud scream. Ben ignored them and started taking a shower as usual…except…he had a huge hardon. The girls began to calm down and now giggled. “Daddy, you look hot.” Millie said. Lena was in shock and stammered. She tried to say something about…”Dear…your daughter is in here!…I….oh my god…you got an erection….she can see it…oh my god.”

Ben still ignored them, but then, turned and smiled. “We can save water by all showering together, right?” The girls giggled and said: “Oh…right!”, then proceeded to give Ben the shower of a lifetime.

They both soaped him up and Millie went right for Ben’s hardon. Next they were both stroking his soapy hardon as they all began to have a standing hot soapy shower together. Ben felt both their wet soapy tits and they all started a grand kissing and feel up orgy.

Ben got to feel Millie’s tits and pussy along with Lena’s. The girls felt each other along with Ben. The girls got on their knees and took turns sucking on Ben, as he felt 4 of the best tits he had ever felt, ’together’. The girls were so hot they both tried to suck on Ben at the same time. His balls were being felt, Lena and Millie soaped up his ass and started sticking fingers in his ass…..they started jacking him faster.

Ben could take no more…He couldn’t hold it and started shooting cum, huge bursts of cum in both there mouths. Lena and Millie were fingering each other and both had orgasms deluxe. They moaned as Ben slowly sank to the floor in ecstasy. The feel ups continued as Ben now joined them in fingering their pussy’s….


“Good morning Sir, and Miss Millie, how was your weekend?” Arthur said. Ben and Millie got in the back holding hands and both said “Great!”.

Ben said: “Arthur”…..….’take a drive’
Slowly up came the solid divider, (on came the video camera automatically) as Arthur said:

“Yesssss Sir!”

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