You and Azure, the Winter-Dragon

You and Azure, the Winter-Dragon

It was a cold winter morning, freezing to the bones for sure. You were wandering the streets alone, looking for someone specific, yet unknown. It was pure guts, and the simple knowledge that you knew he would be there. Despite coat, hat and even ear-warmers, you could feel the slashing cold wind slapping you right in the face, freezing your nose that it became totally numb - even the sensation of it falling off any moment crossing your mind.

But then there it was. An apartment building, not different like the others in the block, but it radiated with the knowledge that your goal was within. So you approached, luckily you had not to ring the bell as someone just came home and held the door open for you as you approached - obviously believing you lived here as well. But you glanced at the name-tags at the entrance to make sure you knew which floor to go. Floor 14; out of 30.

You went with the stranger into the elevator, that person already having pressed 14, as you being asked which floor you need to go you simply replied 'the same'. The figure was unrecognizable, covered in winter clothing as much as yourself, but the male figure stood three heads taller than you.

The Elevator doors closed and you felt the hand reach for your butt, you blushed, but only looked at the figure stunned. Then you were pressed against the elevator wall and your hat an scarf were pulled off, revealing your hair and face. The man did the same and revealed a handsome wyvern face. "Azure." Is all you could whisper before the tongue of his made for your mouth.

The cold left your body instantaneously, heat radiating from your inside out, his hands massaging your butt cheeks, your vagina getting wet, you could feel your g-string basically getting soaking wet as he caressed your butt. His tail ripped through his pants, somehow having been hidden before. It slammed against the stop button of the elevator, bringing it to halt.

His strong claws ripping off your clothes, his head sinking in your neck. Teasing you with his long lizard tongue, his right index-claw tapping on your butthole, having pierced the little clothing you had left on you. You feel his bulge against your thigh, but you could do nothing but wrap your legs and arms around him, moan in delight from his devouring you alive. You felt over the back scales of Azure, sinking your nails into it, the sudden heat wave still striking you hard, making you weak to what he has to offer.

And he was not afraid of using his strengths. His penis hardened further and extended from it's sheath like the wyverns had, but instead of bringing it right up to you he grabbed you and twisted you around, making you hang upside down with your legs around his head. He held you with one hand on the back, the other on your butt, while the tail wrapped around your neck. Your face pressed against his massive shaft which you could not resist to devour. First licking in wild anticipation the tip of the penis, before taking it inside your mouth. The reason why you were so hungry for it, being the aroma coming from it and the sensation of his tongue piercing the inside of your anus - surprisingly instead of your vagina.

You moaned muffled from the fact of a penis in your mouth, licking it rapidly while in your mouth as he started thrusting it's massive size of 18cm length and 6cm width in and out of your mouth, it making that dirty wet sound from leaving and entering your mouth.

Eventually he had enough as he put you down back on your legs, needy as you were pressing your hands against one wall of the elevator and offering your behind to him, demanding him to take you doggystyle, you looked over your shoulder - starring at his eyes. "Fuck me." You demanded, truly not wanting love as you were totally caught in the heat, your vagina dripping wet from the arousal you felt.

But he would not give you what he wanted. He approached you and held his penis in one hand, sliding it between your butt cheeks. You could feel your own saliva on it as it grinded in the canyon. So close to your holes - but not inside as you desired. He reached over with one hand, massaging your left breast in his claw - pinching and twisting the nipple occasionally in the process. You moaned and pleaded. "Please, stick it inside, Azure. Love me, love me like you did in Italy!"

He grinned and nodded, pulling a bit back before you could feel his head knocking on your anus, you blushed in embarrassment but you wanted to try it anyway... And so did he. You could feel your tight anus widening around the head, very slowly, but steady. Eventually the head went in and it felt soooo good. Which he was well aware of from the delightful sounds you made.

Slowly your wet butthole and his slippery wet penis were slamming in unison into one another, you thrusting yourself against his shaft, and him holding you by the sides of your body, ramming that massive stick of his over and over inside you. After a minute you could feel it's entirety sliding into you with every single thrust, with a hand on your stomach you could even feel the thrust of it, it was shaking you inside out, oh god was that delightful!

Azure enjoyed your tightness and roared like the dragon he was, accelerating beyond a speed possible for humans, but not impossible for a Wyvern. You reached your second orgasm by now, it being topped by another with a couple of thrusts each time! Three, Four... WHO CARES, DAMN IT WAS SOOO GOOOD!

You moan-screamed in delight as his seed filled your intestines up, at least three squirts. You breathed heavily in exhaustion and trembled from the aftershock of your climaxes, he slided out slowly and embraced you in a hug, kissing you passionate on the lips.

"Let's continue in my apartment..." He offered.

And you agreed. Panting. A mix of exhaustion and excitement, for you still felt his warm seed within, your muscles still relaxing and tightening from the massive thrusting, but whenever it tried to leak, it was kept within, not just you but also your body loving the warm sensation of the Wyvern seed. You grabbed your coat and wrapped it tightly around you, while Azure carried your clothes to the apartment once the Elevator arrived. Luckily nobody was waiting and the apartment right next to the elevator. With lightning quick movement the door was opened and you two found refuge in the heated apartment.

You dropped the coat, not because it was warm, but because it was annoying, just in the way. Azure smiled on you and dropped the clothes on the floor next to the door, locking the door as well before heading over to the bathroom. "I just take a quick shower." He said before disappearing. You nodded, not feeling like a shower, despite being technically dirty, you knew that the wet hair with your long hair would only result in annoyance in the bed and not to forget the danger of pneumonia, you just overcame a high fever - no good idea to provoke disease.

Of course the idea of the naked, blue-scaled wyvern crossing your mind, making you blush, but you shook it off. Instead you went into the living room. Porn Magazines, Hentai Doujinshis and videos laying openly around on the TV stand, you shook your head - he didn't even try to hide it, he was proud of it! Curiously what he was masturbating to, you looked through the various pornographic materials. It was basically everything one could think off. Erotic BDSM, Sex at the beach, teenagers, mid-forties, Oral-Focused works, much other stuff. The curious kitty satisfied you moved on in the apartment, seeing what might be different since the last time you had been here.

The Kitchen, nothing special. You opened the fridge, saw one of your favorite chocolate bars, took it and munched on it as you explored further in the rooms. Nothing too exciting, until you reached the bathroom. You blushed upon the sight, but there was a naked human male laying on top of the sheets. He had an erection and drooled slightly. Uncertain what to do you closed the door again, but not completely as you noticed you woke him up. He didn't spot you. But he spot his own erection.

Without much thought he lowered his right hand to his semi-hard shaft, roughly 14cm long. but as he stroke it slowly, obviously experienced in pleasing himself, it grew. You could see the individual pulses of blood rushing into the penis of the young man, growing centimeter by centimeter. He moaned, perhaps because it aroused himself, perhaps because he believed to summon a Wyvern. Either way. Nobody joined him, only your eyes focused on him as you finished the last piece of chocolate bar.

His stroking started to accelerate, he arched his back, the left hand making for the sheets, grabbing them tightly. Was he about to cum? His eyes were closed and his stroking went faster, until he stopped, but he didn't cum. He just laid there, breathing hard, smiling bright. Why didn't he cum? Why restraining himself? But you saw shortly why.... He put his legs closer to his body, spread wide and angled while he grabbed a lotion on the nightstand. He poured some in his both hands and then rubbed it over his long shaft, massaging it all over it, letting it lubricate completely.

Then..... He let his hand go beyond his balls, it was the right one. It started to rub around his anus while his left palm massaged the head of his penis gently in circles, his right index finger now sliding into his anus. Your eyes widen in surprise, but you make no noise. Instead you lower your left hand between your legs.... But it was denied, it was grabbed. "Watch him." The Wyvern ordered you with a whisper. But there was no complying, for he was still holding you as his tongue was between your neck and shoulder. But his other hand.... Found around your thigh, massaging it. So close to your vagina slit and clit.... But so far...

You watched intently the man on the bed who now basically fucked his anus with his index finger, demanding more, his middle finger joined. He stopped touching his penis and focused on the anal self-penetration, moaning louder. You rub your legs together, barely to hold your need. But finally.... The claw! It was right there on your pussy lips, rubbing it gently before sliding in already as you were wet again... Or still wet? Interestingly Azure fingered you in the same pace the man on the bed pleasured himself.

Now he was at the third finger, furiously penetrating his anus, sliding all of the fingers completely inside. Azure placed a hand on your mouth so your moans would not be heard, you bit his finger to hold it within, the right hand of his masterly inserting into your vagina, penetrating you in pleasurable rhythm and depth, while rubbing your clitoris. He knew your pleasure points too well. And before you knew you were arching your back and sucking on the claw in your mouth. The orgasm was so close....

Your eyes focused on the man on the bed once again, thrusting his fingers deep into himself and keeping them there as his other hand wrapped his penis again, furiously jerking it off. From the base of his 20cm shaft to the tip. His movement was incredibly quick, yet the sensation must had been pure delight for him as his moans seemed to increase each time he made they way from bottom to top.

Azure sent you finally over the edge, climaxing in his arms as the male on the bed spurted his own sperm across his chest, the liquid spurting like a projectile all across himself. He pulled his fingers slowly out of his anus and sighed relaxed, just laying there, panting, with eyes closed. You breathe heavily, still in aftershock from your voyeurism and the skilled claws of the Wyvern. The man on the bed turned his head around and grinned as he spotted the two of you.

"Will you join me?" He inquired with quite a relaxed voice, smiling from one lip to the other, his penis still pulsating from the sensation, but not shrinking in size. Was this just foreplay for him? .... You could find out soon.

You nodded, but instead of getting right into the action, a blindfold was wrapped around your head by Azure. Knotted at the back of your head, blinding you completely. Almost instantly your hearing and smelling senses improved. You felt to be carried and then laid down... It was soft, so probably the bed? Soon, hands were upon you. You could tell the difference between the human and the wyvern from the lack of scales, or their existence respectively.

They caressed you in unison. Your feet, working up slowly your ankles and knees, to your thighs, so close to your genitals, before the hands retreated back to your thighs and knees. Giving you quite an intense massage, eventually the human pair disappears. You feel a cold liquid on various parts of your body, even capable of hearing the squirts of the bottle. It smelled nice... Asian.... Cherry Blossom!

The cold soon became warm as it was massaged into your skin, not just heating up... But making it more sensitive too. You sighed in relaxation from their amazing work. Your entire body being oily at this point from shoulders to feet. Your breasts were now treated by human hands, while the wyvern had disappeared. Your nipples squeezed gently, twisted, then the entire breasts as wholes massaged again before the hands slided lower. The heat on top of your skin starting to burn your insides in an inferno of desire.

You reached out for his penis but were denied as he pressed it away. In frustration you growled, but stopped soon as you were partially pleased.... Finally.... The humans hand was on your clitoris, rubbing it in slow circles... It gave a good relief and you arched your back in the sensation. What was relief before, slowly already grew into teasing.... "More...." you already pleaded.

But you got less. Breathing heavily in the heat that overcame your body. But hope glimmered in your eye as you felt something rather hard on your vagina, rubbing against it. The mans penis? Yes.... You could definitely tell it was the human as it penetrated into you. And you let out a relaxed sigh that turned into a moan as he rapidly started to increase his pace, as both you and him were already well lubricated. Then his hands on yours, pressing them into the pillow above your head as he fucked the living hell out of you.

You started continuously moaning in ecstasy of the sensation, thrusting your thighs into the man as his mighty and thick shaft conquered your insides, but then you were muffled as Azures own penis made for your mouth, holding your head and fucking it as your vagina was dominated. The males continued controlling your body until they both stopped. They moved you on your fours and changed positions, you could hear a slap-like sound... Did they just high-fived each other?

Claws grabbed your thighs as your legs were widened further and that massive cock that grew between the legs of the Wyvern slowly entered your lair. In the meanwhile your ponytail was grabbed by the human and his penis rubbed on your lips, you willingly welcomed it, the smell and taste both combined of his and your genitals, giving it an even naughtier edge.

As the Wyvern managed to shove his entire penis into you, he let it rest there, so did the human. Irritated but not enough to come to a halt, actually in the quite opposite your needs flared up further and you started rocking your entire body back and forth. As you went back, your vagina got pleased with the Wyverns shaft. As you moved forward, you could taste the human - and make him moan quite good. They stood perfectly still, allowing you to speed up your progress and increasing the force with each thrust.

Both, your mouth and your vagina made a dirty wet sound as you pleased both men tat the same time. They were moaning loudly and arched their backs, incapable anymore of resisting your talented lovemaking, they returned into thrusting into you as well. You could feel the pulsing as your mouth wrapped tightly around the human penis in your mouth and your vagina constricted the dragon-born spear in your lower lair, a climax showering your body.

The males withdrew their penises and turned you quick around so you laid on your back, jerking themselves off to the edge and showering you in their cum. The Human came all over your face, hair and a bit on your chest. While Azure sprayed his Wyvern-seed over your lower stomach up to your breasts. You were bathed in their seed and never felt this good ever before.

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