Becoming Daddy's Good Girl 7: Bratty Sister Gets Spanked

Becoming Daddy's Good Girl 7: Bratty Sister Gets Spanked

Becoming Daddy's Good Girl
Chapter Seven: Bratty Sister Gets Spanked
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

A hand shook my shoulder as I slept. I didn't want to wake up. I was still so tired from yesterday. So much had happened yesterday. I went on a roller coaster of emotions. It started off with Daddy taking me to a private dungeon to show off how much of a good girl I was. My eighteen-year-old body was on display for the other Master's and their submissive sex slaves, some as young as me, others older. There were even mother/daughter teams of submissives.

That should have been a clue for what happened when we returned home.

I was flogged, canned, and spanked by Daddy at the dungeon. Then I was fucked by every master in there. A Black man, with his huge cock, even fucked my ass. They all came on me, painting me with cum. I had so many orgasms, from the pain and the pleasure, that I hit subspace. I was lost, time passing as ecstasy gripped me. I did not know hours had passed when I came out of it, my body covered in so much jizz.

But I had proved myself that I was Daddy&#039;s good girl. That I would submit do <em>any</em> of his desires. I was excited despite how tired I was. Daddy would reward me when we returned home, giving me the choker I wore about my neck, a gold chain with a dolphin charm. Inscribed on the charm was: “Melody, Daddy&#039;s Good Girl.”

I was his good girl.

The hand shook me harder. I let out a soft groan, not wanting to give up sleep as I remembered yesterday. When we returned home, instead of getting my choker right away, we were caught by Mommy. Or, I should say, Mommy was waiting for us. I thought she was out of town for another week with my bratty, fraternal twin sister Alice. When I saw her, fear shot through me.

She knew I was Daddy&#039;s sex slave and lover. That we had committed incest. That Daddy had fucked my barely legal cunt.

But she wasn&#039;t mad. She knew about everything already. I was in shock, confused. She took me upstairs and bathed me. It was so sensual and loving. She told me all about how her daddy, my grandfather, had trained Mommy to be a good girl, and how she met my daddy at a dungeon. They fell in love, and grandfather sold her to Daddy as part of their wedding ceremony. When my sister and I were born, Mommy was eager to raise us to be good girls.

I was far more submissive than Alice.

Then Daddy showed up and we had a hot threesome last night. He gave me his choker, claiming me as his second sex slave to serve with Mommy. And then we pleased Daddy all night. Mom licked his cum off my tits, I licked his cum out of her cunt. We shared lesbian passion while Daddy watched, getting him hard for another round with our bodies.

So I was exhausted and did not want to wake up this morning. My youthful body was drained.

“Melody,” Mommy whispered in my ear, “you need to get up and be a good girl. Daddy needs us.”

Those words cut through the fog lingering on my thoughts. My eyes shot open. I was in their bed, sleeping between them. We had fallen asleep like that, both of them hugging me, sharing this moment of familial, forbidden love. I leaned back into Mommy&#039;s tits, moaning softly as I realized what she meant.

“Sorry, Mommy. I&#039;m...” A yawn broke off my words. “...sooo tired.”

“It&#039;s okay,” she smiled. “He&#039;s still asleep. But we need to wake him up properly. And I believe you know how to do that.”

I smiled, squirming, feeling her nipples hard against my back. The nipples I had suckled on as a baby. It was so wicked. My pussy flushed instantly with my excitement. A rush of tingling delight rippled up my body as I stared at Daddy&#039;s muscular chest.

He was so handsome. Barbwire tattoos crisscrossed him. Fire burned around his arms, sleeve tattoos, and a naked, submissive woman with a collar and leash knelt on his upper arm. It was Mommy. I never realized it before. It was romantic and sweet. I always knew my parents loved each other. It was in the little things between them, not just the great deal of satisfaction Mommy took in cleaning and cooking and taking care of him, but in their shared glances and brushing hands.

True intimacy.

I had deluded myself in thinking I could take Mommy&#039;s place. Daddy didn&#039;t want me to replace her, he wanted to include me. He loved us both, and Alice, I guess. I didn&#039;t want to think of my bratty sister right now. She was at a slumber party at Donna&#039;s. When she came home, her training would begin.

I hoped she wouldn&#039;t be too stubborn.

I pushed down the blanket as I moved on the bed, my brown hair—still in a braid since I fell asleep before undoing it—slipped off my shoulder as I kissed down his stomach. I exposed his dick, lying half-hard across his crotch, dark pubic hair curling around the base.

“Mmm, wake Daddy up in style,” Mommy purred, her hands sliding up to cup her breasts.

I paused. “I&#039;ve been doing this the last two weeks.” I grasped Daddy&#039;s cock, offering it to her. “You should do it, Mommy.”

She smiled and shook her head. “No, no, honey. Wake him up. Show me how much of a good girl you are for Daddy.”

My pussy clenched at her words. I leaned down, breathing in Daddy&#039;s musk, thick with the scent of dried cum. I licked up his cock, gathering the traces of silvery, dry jizz, wetting his dick as I rose to the spongy tip, I swirled around it, stroking his dick, feeling it harden in my hand. Rising firm because of my touch.

My hips shook, my pussy growing wetter as my tongue drove lazy circles about his cock. I loved the texture of his crown on my tongue. He grew harder and bigger, swelling in my stroking hand. My lips widened, sucking his throbbing tip into my mouth.

Daddy groaned in his sleep.

The masculine sound sent a shiver through me. I popped my mouth off the tip so I could lick him again. I started at the base, loving the taste of him, how he throbbed as my tongue ran higher and higher up his cock until I reached the tip again. He groaned again as my tongue swiped across his crown, gathering the bead of precum.

“That&#039;s it,” praised Mommy. “Oh, you&#039;re just turning into a little cocksucker.”

“I am, Mommy,” I beamed. “I&#039;m just a slut like you are.”

She laughed, her large tits jiggling. Like me, she had fallen asleep with her brown hair in a braid. It fell over her shoulder and dangled down to brush her right nipple. I stared at the strand of hair tickling her nub, wanting to tease her myself. To suckle.

But I had Daddy&#039;s cock to suck on first.

I engulfed his dick again, sucking as hard as I could. My cheeks hollowed from the force. My tongue swirled around the tip while my right hand fisted his dick. My left hand massaged his balls, heavy with a night&#039;s worth of cum to spurt into my mouth.

Yummy, delicious, creamy cum.

I bobbed my mouth as he groaned again. He moved, his hips twitching. My tits dangled beneath me, my braid swaying as it hung off my shoulder. I stroked his dick, brushing my lips on the upstroke, his curly pubes on the downstroke. I took more and more of his cock into my mouth, letting him wake up to heaven.

Mommy moved on the bed, crawling behind me, those large tits dangling, My eyes followed them until she moved behind me. Her hand stroked my ass. I groaned, her tongue sending naughty flutters down to my pussy.

“Ooh, you are such a delicious thing,” purred Mommy. “Your ass is a a beautiful shade of purple.”

She prodded it and I winced, my pussy clenching. Memory of Daddy&#039;s love shuddered through me. I would feel those bruises all week. Every time I sat down it would be a reminder of how I was Daddy&#039;s good girl. I loved it. I was so glad I was his.

Mommy&#039;s hands stroked down to my thighs. Her lips brushed my burning ass, kissing me. I moaned about Daddy&#039;s dick as her lips moved about my ass, leaving fluttering kisses behind. They were so soothing, so full of her motherly love. It was beautiful as she kissed my bruised flesh.

“Mmm,” Daddy groaned.

My eyes flicked up to his face. He was awake, watching me. He groaned, his cock throbbing. “Well, well, well, I see you&#039;re still Daddy&#039;s good girl.”

“Sir, nothing would change that,” laughed Mommy. “She loves you.”

“I love you, too, slave.” His hand reached down and seized my braid, holding it like a leash. “Now please your daddy.”

“Yes, yes, suck his cock. Our Master deserves to dump his cum in your mouth, slut. You&#039;re <em>his</em> slutty daughter.”

I sucked harder, loving the words, squirming as Mommy&#039;s lips kissed lower to my thighs. Then she moved to the right, nearing my pussy. I moaned about Daddy&#039;s cock as she nuzzled into my shaved folds, her tongue licking, teasing.

“Mmm, she is dripping wet, Sir. Our daughter is such a slut for your cock.”

“Yes, she is,” Daddy said, his voice so strong.

My pussy clenched as Mommy licked again. Delicious pleasure tingled through me as I bobbed my mouth up and down Daddy&#039;s cock. His salty precum flooded my mouth. My hands massaged his balls, feeling how heavy and warm they were, how full of his cum, eager to erupted into my mouth.

Oh, it was wonderful.

I sucked harder, louder. My saliva dribbled down his dick. I bobbed, slurping and sucking. Daddy groaned, his hand gripping my braid, pulling my mouth down farther and farther down his cock while Mommy licked and nuzzled at my clit.

Pleasure shuddered through me. Her tongue probed into my pussy folds as Daddy&#039;s cock pressed into the back of my throat. I relaxed, swallowing his cock as he pulled my head down. His dick slid down my throat. I grew hard to breathe. His dick was so huge, stretching out my throat. I moaned and swallowed, my hips shaking as the pleasure built in my pussy.

“Such a hot cunt, Sir. Ooh, I love the way she&#039;s shaking her hips.”

“Such a bad Mommy. Licking our daughter&#039;s cunt. You&#039;re such a slut, June.”

“I am, Sir.”

Her tongue rammed into my pussy, fucking deep into me. I gasped and bucked, wanting to slide my mouth up Daddy&#039;s cock. But his grip was strong, holding my head down. Pain flared in my scalp. I stopped squirming, relaxing, taking more and more of Daddy&#039;s cock while rapture swelled out of my pussy.

My lips pressed into Daddy&#039;s pubic hair. Only then would he let me slide back up his throat. I sucked hard the entire way, my hips wiggling. My pussy clenched on Mommy&#039;s tongue. She groaned and slurped, drinking my juices as they poured out.

Her fingers found my clit. She rubbed it while she nuzzled. My toes curled. The pleasure built in my core, a growing orgasm. My mouth reached the top of Daddy&#039;s cock, only the crown remaining in my lips. I tried to pop my head off to ask permission to cum.

But Daddy didn&#039;t give me any slack.

He yanked on my braid, pulling me back down his cock. He groaned as I slid down it. His eyes burned with pleasure. I saw it. He knew I wanted to ask permission to cum, to give into Mommy&#039;s sweet tonguing, and he denied me the opportunity.

“Her ass is wiggling,” Daddy groaned. “Is she getting hot? Does the little slut want to cum on her mommy&#039;s face?”

“Mmm, I think she does.” Mommy licked up at my slit, starting at my clit and ending at my sheath She probed it before moaning, “But she&#039;s a good girl. She won&#039;t cum without your permission.”

I wanted to grit my teeth, but that was impossible with Daddy&#039;s cock stuffed into it. I let go his balls and grabbed the comforter with both hands. I clenched, grunting against the pleasure Mommy&#039;s tongue created while I savored the thrill of bobbing my mouth on Daddy&#039;s dick.

My pussy clenched over and over. I squirmed. The hot itch grew in my core. It needed to be released. To explode through me. But I wouldn&#039;t let it. No matter how hard Mommy rubbed at my clit or tongued at my pussy.

“Such a sweet cunt,” Mommy moaned as she pleasured me. “Oh, Sir, we created such a delicious daughter together.”

“Yes, we did,” he groaned, voice thick with pleasure.

Both his hands gripped my head. He fucked my mouth up and down his cock, his dick slamming down my throat. His hips thrust up from the bed as he slammed me down, crushing my lips into his pubic hair, his balls slapping my chin. He grunted each time. I moaned about his dick, focusing on pleasing him, trying to ignore Mommy&#039;s wonderful tongue in my cunt.

But it was so hard.

My entire body clenched as I fought against it. A low, throaty groan rose as Daddy fucked my mouth. It was so hard. My toes curled. I tore at the comforter, struggling to rip it to pieces with my fingernails as the pleasure swelled. Her lips nibbled on my labia and clit. Her tongue caressed me. She fucked a pair of fingers in and out of my depth.

“What a fucking slut,” groaned Daddy. “The way she sucks. Oh, yes, she&#039;s being such a good girl.”

“She is,” moaned Mommy, delight in her voice. She savored my squirming hips. “Cum down her throat. Pour it right into the little whore&#039;s stomach. That&#039;s why we raised her. To be your cum dump.”

“Yes,” groaned Daddy.

His fingers dug into the sides of my head. He slammed my moth down his cock. I was so helpless, so at his mercy. Those wonderful feelings swelled the orgasm in my depths. My mother&#039;s tongue flailed through my cunt&#039;s folds. I held back the explosion with every ounce of my will.


Daddy&#039;s cock erupted. It throbbed in my throat. He dumped his cum straight into my stomach. A warm, hot flood. My orgasm demanded to explode. To fill me with bliss. I squeezed my eyes shut as he grunted over and over.

Then he fell back into the pillows, satiated.

His hands let go of my braid. I popped my lips off his dick and moaned, “May I cum, Daddy?”

“No,” he said, his eyes on mine, so strong, so hard.

Mine widened. “Please, Daddy? Please? I need it. Mommy&#039;s tongue... Oh, god, Daddy. I can&#039;t... I can&#039;t.”

“You can&#039;t cum until your sister Alice makes you,” Daddy commanded. “June, stop licking the slut&#039;s cunt. If she cums, I&#039;m spanking you both.”

“Wouldn&#039;t that be fun,” Mommy giggled. Then she took a last lick up my pussy, nice and slow. I gasped my hips rising with her. She slid up through my taint and brushed my sphincter before rising. I collapsed on the bed, a ball of trembling frenzy.

“Daddy,” I moaned, my pussy on fire.

“You will have to get your sister to lick your cunt,” he said.

“How?” Tears beaded my eyes. He and Mommy took such delight in my torment.

“You&#039;re a smart girl,” he said. “Now you and your mommy need to shower and get started on breakfast.”


I was a trembling ball of frustration all morning. Mommy teased me more as we showered, working her finger into my ass while she pretended to wash me. She was a master manipulator, bringing me to the edge of orgasm and backing me off. Then we rushed out naked to make breakfast.

“Oh, it&#039;s so nice to be naked around the house,” Mommy said, the pair of us in our aprons to protect us from the grease. “I miss it. When your Daddy and I first married, I always went around naked in the house, often with a butt plug in my ass.”

I blushed, remembering that thrill.

Then we set about cleaning the house. With both of us, it flew by. By noon we were done. We had a light lunch with Daddy. Then, to my surprise, Daddy ordered us to get dressed. He had our outfits laid out. I rushed upstairs and found my red skirt out and a white boob tube. I pulled that on first, my tits molding to it, and then the red skirt. It fell over my bruised ass and a few inches past, leaving most of my legs bare.

Then I rushed downstairs.

Mommy joined us a few minutes later in her normal attire—ankle length, dark-brown skirt, and a beige blouse tucked in and buttoned to the her neck. But I could tell by how her breasts moved and molded to the blouse she wore no bra beneath.

“Alice needs to be picked up,” Daddy said as he sat in his recliner watching a baseball game.

Without being told, I headed to the fridge to get Daddy a beer while Mommy kissed him good by and headed out the door, with a smack applied to her ass. I came back with the beer and perched on the arm of Daddy&#039;s chair, squirming as my ass ached.

It wasn&#039;t long before Mommy and Alice returned. My pussy clenched as I heard them walk up to the house. How could I get Alice to make me cum? My sister and I did not get along. She was such a noisy, obnoxious brat. She never did her chores. She always shirked her responsibility. Her room was a mess—I had to clean it the first day after she left.

Daddy spanked her all the time.

She never learned.

The door opened and Alice trooped in. She looked a lot like me and mom, though her hair wasn&#039;t our dark brown but a tawny shade. It fell loose about her neck, not in a proper braid. She was taller than me, her body slim, her tits small mounds, not nice and round like mine. She wore a pink dress, a single piece, that fell down to her thighs, and knee-high white socks.

“Hey, Dad,” she said. She didn&#039;t so much as walk into the room and slump in. She dropped her backpack onto the middle of the living room floor and then fell back on the couch, musing the pillows I had fluffed and pulling the blanket half off the top of the couch. “Oh, I am tired. We were up all night.” Her eyes flicked to me, widened. “What are you wearing, Melody?”

“My new outfit,” I said, head straight. I hoped she saw the choker about my neck, though I doubt she would understand the significance.

“Jesus, Dad, you never let me wear a skirt that short.”

“You&#039;ve never been a good girl.” He stared at her. “Your mother told me how you behaved at your grandparents.”

Alice shrugged. “It was so boring. I should have stayed home. But I see Melody&#039;s been having fun playing Mommy. You even braided your hair and bought a similar piece of jewelry.” Her smile grew. “Think you can play Mommy in the bedro—”

“Alice Rachel Johnson,” Daddy boomed.

I squeaked in fright and almost fell off his chair. He pushed down the recliner and stood up. I hopped off, the seat rocking. He towered over Alice as she squirmed on the couch, her face paling, the sneer vanishing from her lips. Daddy seized her chin, lifting her gaze.

“You were disobedient to your mother and made it more difficult to care for your grandparents. You will march up to my bedroom, go into my closet, and fetch the black leather belt. Right now, young lady!”

“Yes, Daddy,” she squeaked.

Daddy let go of her neck and she bolted out of the living room for the stairs, skirt swirling about her legs. A smile crossed Daddy&#039;s lips. His cock tented his jeans. He stood with his arms crossed, his muscles stretching his shirt. They were always so tight.

“Did you see how eager she was, June?”

“I did, Sir,” Mommy smiled. “For the last two weeks, I told her you would give her a spanking to remember if she didn&#039;t behave. She kept defying me. I could see it in her eyes. She wants Daddy to spank her hard.”

“She takes after her mother.” Then Daddy glanced at me as I stood by his chair. “And her sister.”

“We&#039;re nothing alike,” I gasped. “She&#039;s such a brat. She never obeys and always is causing trouble. Look, she just left her bag in the middle of the living room and—”

“Quiet, slave.”

I clamped my mouth shut and lowered my head. “Yes, Daddy.”

Alice scampered back down the stairs, her face flushed, a thick, leather belt coiled in her hands. She ran up to Daddy and presented the belt. Then she bent over the arm of the couch, the position she was always spanked in.

I never realized how eager she was to obey Daddy when he spanked her. At no other time would she move with such speed when given a chore or task. She would always drag her feet, whine and complain, throw little fits, anything to get out of doing what she was told.

And here she was, eager to be spanked. I glanced at her face. Her dark eyes twinkled. Her hips gave an eager sway, a movement I knew so well from the many times I had been spanked or flogged, that urge to feel the stinging smack, yearning for the pain that would burn into pleasure.

My sister was a pain slut. Like me.

“No,” Daddy said. “Bare bottom.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“Take off your dress now, young lady.”

“I&#039;m not a child anymore, Dad,” she huffed, straightening up from the couch. Her arms crossed before her, eyes fixed. “No bare bottom spanking.”

“You&#039;ve acted like a child the entire time you were at your grandparents,” growled Daddy. “A spoiled brat. So you&#039;ll be disciplined like one. And now you&#039;re trying to wheedle out of your punishment. An extra five spankings.”

“Five?” she screeched.


Her eyes goggled.

“Fifteen.” Daddy smacked the belt into his hand and Alice flinched. “I&#039;ll keep counting until you take that dress off.”

“I&#039;m not wearing a bra, Daddy.” She hesitated. “You&#039;ll know.”

“I&#039;ve seen tits before, girl. Twenty.”



“Fine,” she pouted and unbuttoned her dress. She glanced at me watching her. “Does Melody have to be here?”


She opened her mouth to complain but whatever look crossed Daddy&#039;s mouth shut her up. She finished unbuttoning and turned away, shyly slipping out of her dress, her back to me and Daddy. It was such a virginal gesture. I didn&#039;t know my sister could act so innocent the way she always talked about sex. It wouldn&#039;t surprise me to learn she had sex.

Her right arm crossed her chest as her skirt fell off her hips revealing a rather daring pair of panties. Cheekies. Part thong part normal panties, digging into the crack of her ass at the bottom but spreading into a full pair of panties as it swept up to the waistband, laving the her lower asscheeks exposed.

“Where did you buy those?” Daddy growled. “I never approved them.”

“With my allowance,” she said.

“For a boy?”

She shook her head violently. Daddy didn&#039;t approve of us dating. I knew why. “Of course not, Daddy. I just...wanted to feel grown up. Okay?”

“Bend over.”

Still covering her small tits, she moved to the couch. I was disappointed. I wanted to see her breasts. I could tell they were small, probably just like Sun&#039;s. Firm mounds bouncing and jiggling, nipples hard, begging to be sucked.

Mommy had a huge smile on her lips as she watched. She moved over to me, sidling close, then nudging me to the right a few steps. “This way we can see her cunt,” whispered Mommy.

I had a perfect view of Alice&#039;s cheekies pressed tight against her pubic mound, a dark, wet spot staining her crotch. Her lips molded to the pussy, tight and plump, virginal. Daddy moved behind her and then yanked her panties down her legs.

“Daddy!” gasped Alice.

“Oh, she&#039;s shaved,” Mommy moaned. “How naughty, Sir.”

“Yes, and why are you shaved, slut? For a boy?”

“Of course not.” Alice squirmed. “Every girl does it. I bet even goody-two-shoes Melody over there has a bald snatch. It&#039;s just what girls do these days, Daddy. Okay?”

I did have a shaved cunt, but not because other girls did it. Daddy liked bare twat. He had a huge grin on his face as he stared at my sister. I licked my lips, my pussy—still aching from my denied orgasm this morning—clenched as I devoured the sight of my twin. Her pussy lips were tighter than mine, and plump with her arousal.

“Beautiful,” whispered Mommy.

I nodded my head, my mouth growing dry.

“Ready?” Daddy asked.

“Yes, Daddy. I&#039;m sorry I was a brat at Grandma and Grandpa&#039;s. I should have helped Mom out instead of being a bitc...brat.”

“Yes, you should have. So you understand why you&#039;re being spanked?”

“For acting like a little girl and...and not following your orders.”

“If you were a good girl, you wouldn&#039;t get punished.” Daddy said those words slowly, letting them sink into my sister. She glanced at me, biting on her lower lip. Then she glared and looked away with a huff.

Ooh, she was such a bitch.

Daddy held the belt coiled in half, the ends gripped in his hand so the metal parts wouldn&#039;t injure her. He drew back the belt and cracked it down hard on her ass. The leather slapped together, making a distinctive, double smack sound. Alice yelped in pain, a broad, red welt rising on her round rear.

I smiled, my pussy on fire. I wanted to finger myself to an orgasm as I watched Daddy draw back the belt and crack it down again. And again. And again. He spanked her harder than she had ever been spanked. She bucked, her loose, tawny hair flying as she gasped and screamed.

“Too hard, Daddy. That hurts.”

“Maybe you&#039;ll start obeying and being a good girl,” Daddy growled and brought the belt down again.

And again.

Mommy&#039;s hips twitched beside me. Her nipples stood out on her blouse, thick and hard. I nudged her and flashed her a horny smile. She winked back at me, her thighs pressing together just like mine were.

I bet her juices trickled down her thighs.

“Ouch, Daddy, so hard! Oww!” Her ass burned. Tears fell down her cheeks. And those weren&#039;t the only drops to trickle down her flesh.

Pussy juices leaked down her thighs. They glistened, adorning her swollen mound. The more Daddy spanked her and the hotter her ass grew, the more juices poured down her thighs. She was a fountain gushing juices as the pleasure turned to agony.

Daddy mastered her body. He controlled the belt. It looked hard, even random, but I knew Daddy&#039;s skill. Every blow fell exactly as hard as he wanted and exactly where he wanted. He striped her ass, adding new welts. He concentrated on her lower ass, right where cheek met thigh.

It was the sweet spot.

“I wish that was me,” I whispered.

Mommy took my hand and squeezed. “Me, too. She loves it. Slut.”

I nodded my head.

Alice kept screaming, her face red, her hair flying, but I could tell by the way her hips wiggled, her back arching her butt up to meet the next swipe, the juices pouring down her thighs. She was growing closer and closer to ecstasy.

And Daddy knew it.

He flicked the belt just right, changing his angle, and landed it between her thighs. It cracked against her pussy. Alice&#039;s back arched. Her head shot out and she screamed. Pain was thick in her voice, but there was something more in the scream. Something primal.

Alice came.

Juices flooded down her thighs. Her face fell into the couch as she bucked and spasmed. Her ass clenched and relaxed. She moaned and gasped, a huge smile on her lips as she writhed in orgasmic delight, savoring her punishmentgasm.

I was so wet. I wanted to fly to her, seize her hair, and make her lick my pussy. I wanted to fall across the couch&#039;s arm and beg Daddy to spank me to a climax. I needed to cum. I needed Alice to make me cum. With her fingers. Her tongue. Anything.

Alice shuddered a final time. And then her eyes shot open. “Oh, god,” she gasped. “No, no, no, no.”

Her face went scarlet, and then she scrambled over the couch arm, feet pressing on the cushions, disturbing them, and ran as fast as she could. She didn&#039;t bother grabbing her clothing. Her panties, which had worked down her hips as she squirmed, fell to her ankles. She kicked hard, freeing her right foot as she hobbled for the stairs. The tiny cloth clung about her left ankle as she vanished up the stairs, sobbing in mortification.

Daddy grinned. “Well, that worked perfectly.”

“Your poor sister needs comfort,” Mommy said. She produced a small tin of ointment from her skirt&#039;s pocket. “She just came in front of the family. She needs you to soothe her. Both the pain and her embarrassment.”

I took the tin, swallowing. “Me? Alice hates me.”

Mommy laughed and gave me a small push at the small of my back. I took a few steps forward, glancing at Daddy. His cock tented his bulge. He was so hard. “Daddy, I could relieve your erection?”
“Your sister needs you. Now.”

His tone brooked no argument. “Yes, Daddy.”

Behind me, Daddy threw Mommy on the couch. She gasped in shock then groaned as he shoved up her skirt. I wanted to stay and watch, envious of Mommy. I trudged up the stairs, Mommy gasping in delight as Daddy fingered her cunt.

Lucky. My pussy dripped beneath my skirt.

I stomped upstairs, a mix of angry and horny. This was pointless. Alice wouldn&#039;t want me to comfort her. Not after the humiliation I saw on her face. She came in front of us, her family, reveling in her fantasy for a single moment, and revealing them to us.

But Daddy commanded.

I reached her door, my bare feet digging into the carpet of the hallway. I raised my arm, hesitated, then took a deep breath. I rapped softly and asked, “Alice?”

“Go away!” Tears choked her voice.

I knocked again. “Please, Alice.”

“I said go away!” she screeched, voice warbling, cracking.

I bit my lip. I wanted to go away. I did. But I had to go in there. So I grabbed the door knob and turned it slowly. I opened the door. Alice lay on her bed face down, her head beneath her pillow. Her bright-red ass glowed in a shaft of sunlight flooding through her open window.

She sat up and glared at me. “Go away.” She seized her pillow and threw it at me. “Now!”

Her pillow hit my legs and bounced to the floor. I kept walking. I held up the ointment. “I have something to soothe your ass. It will make you feel a lot better.”

“Like you would know,” she said, still lying on her belly. Her face was a tear-stained mess. “You&#039;re such a perfect girl. You never get in trouble. When was the last time Dad even spanked you?”


I slipped onto her bed, lying down next to her. She just put her face between her hands and cried again. “Please, Melody. Just let me die in peace.”

“Because you had an orgasm while Daddy spanked you?”

She stiffened. I unscrewed the top. The ointment had a bitter, medical smell. I scooped up a handful and rubbed it into her burning ass. I could feel the heat radiating thorough her skin. She stiffened and sucked in a breath.

“See,” I purred, “isn&#039;t that nice?”

“You&#039;re touching my butt, Melody,” she groaned.

“So? We&#039;re sisters.” I scooped up another dollop and worked it into her ass as I lay down beside her. “I know how well this works.”

Alice looked at me. She sniffed. “How? When have you ever been punished?”

My fingers moved across her butt-cheek, nearing her crack. I squirmed, biting my lip, debating if I should do it. Daddy wanted this. I had to seduce her. He told me I would only cum if Alice made me. “Flip up my skirt.”

“Why?” She gave me a look.

“Just do it,” I sighed, massaging more ointment into her. I rolled onto my belly, which made it a little awkward to massage her ass with my left hand.

She sighed and flipped up my skirt. She gasped. “Holy shit. You&#039;re black and blue. Daddy did this?”

I nodded my head.

“It looks like it hurts.”

“It does. So much.” I wiggled my ass. “Maybe you me out.”

Alice bit her lip. “That&#039;s so weird.”

“We&#039;re sister&#039;s. We&#039;re just rubbing ointment on each other&#039;s butts. What&#039;s so weird about that?”

“You&#039;ve changed.” She narrowed her eyes. “Something is very different about you. And not just the hair.”

I smiled at her, my fingers still massaging her ass, the ointment pot resting between us. Alice sighed and then scooped up a dollop of the white cream and reached past my left arm and smeared it onto my ass.

I groaned as the tingling ointment soothed the bruising ache. Her fingers were nice, delicate, slimmer than Mommy&#039;s. I liked her touch. She smeared the ointment into my ass as we lay our heads on the bed facing each other, relieving the other of pain, touching each other. It was so intimate. My heart beat up and color spotted Alice&#039;s cheeks.

I sighed. “Nice.”

“I guess,” she said, squirming as she rubbed her thighs together.

I smiled. I bet she had a hot pussy, still juicy from her orgasm, and now aroused by my touch. I rubbed my fingers towards her crack, reaching. “So, what was it like cumming while Daddy spanked you?”

She bit her lip. “Embarrassing.”

“It didn&#039;t sound embarrassing. It sounded like you had the orgasm of your life.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Have you ever had an orgasm, Melody?”

I nodded my head. “Many. I love cumming.”

“Wow, the things I&#039;m learning about my sister today. Fine, yes, it was amazing. For one moment it was everything I wanted.”

“Because you like being spanked,” I grinned. “You get off on it.”

“Melody,” she groaned, but a smile played on her lips. “You make it sound so weird.”

“I don&#039;t think it&#039;s weird.” My fingers dipped into her crack, caressing her flesh, sliding lower. “I think it&#039;s hot. I fantasize about Daddy spanking me, too. And cumming.”

“So were you bad on purpose?”

“Like you were on the trip?”

She blushed and nodded her head.

I grinned as my finger traced across her taint, reaching for her pussy. “Maybe. I like being naughty sometimes. It&#039;s fun.”

Alice&#039;s eyes widened when she felt my finger brush her pussy slit. I stroked up and down her, arching my eyebrows. She shuddered as her slick juices coated my finger. I brushed her clit, circling it before sliding back up.

“See, being naughty sometimes can be fun.”

“Wow,” she groaned. “You...and me?”

I wiggled closer to her, my finger touching her wet snatch. “It was so hot watching you getting spanked. Did it make you wet? All of us staring at your shaved twat? Watching? Hearing you gasp and moan? And then you came. Did that make it more exciting?”

“Yes, “she groaned, her fingers digging into my ass. I loved the pain. “Holy shit, my sister is a budding dyke. You&#039;ve fooled around before. With Sun?”

I nodded my head and dipped my fingers into her folds. She shuddered, squirming more, her pussy so hot on my fingers. She licked her lips, eyes wide, then she shoved her hand lower between my legs, brushing my shaved pussy.

“You&#039;re bald.” She giggled. “Knew it. Knew this goody-two-shoe act was fake. You&#039;re a naughty slut.” Her fingers brushed through my folds and dipped inside of me. “You don&#039;t have a hymen. You&#039;re not a virgin.”

“Nope.” Then I kissed her.

Her finger pumped in and out of my pussy as we kissed. I clenched down on her, squirming in delight as I stroked her pussy lips. We turned, rolling on our sides to face each other. Our hands came away from each other&#039;s pussies—it was too hard to reach around. Our tongues danced, sharing our budding, sisterly love as we shoved our hands between the other&#039;s thighs.

And fingered the other&#039;s cunt.

My sister&#039;s flesh was so hot and juicy. I stroked her. She moaned into my mouth, her tongue fluttering against mine. She shoved two fingers into my cunt this time while our bodies pressed tight. She was so warm and silky. Her tits were small and firm. They rubbed against my mounds. I savored how they felt against me. I moaned into the kiss, savoring her two fingers pumping in and out of my cunt.

“Oh, damn, Melody,” moaned Alice, her eyes blinking. “Wow, this is a surprise. You feel good against me.”

“So do you.”

We kissed again. Our tongues danced, caressing each other. Her nipples brushed. Tingles shot down to my pussy. My sheath clenched about her probing fingers while I rubbed faster and faster on her clit, stimulating her. I savored the taste of her lips. The feel of her pussy.

I had to taste that pussy.

“Let&#039;s sixty-nine,” I moaned, breaking the kiss.

“Oh, you are naughty.” She nodded her head, enthusiastic.

I flipped around and grabbed her ass. She moaned in pain and returned the favor, seizing my bruised cheeks. I groaned against the stab of agony as we pulled each other tight. We lay on our sides, legs spread wide, and devoured us.

Alice was unskilled but enthusiastic. Her tongue licked and flailed across my pussy lips, desperate to enjoy me. I had lots of practice with Sun. I knew where to lick my sister to drive her wild. Her fingers clenched into my ass as I licked and nuzzled.

And her taste...


My sister tasted sweet and fresh, not the tart flavor of Mommy or the spicy flavor of Sun, or even my tangy flavor. Alice tasted wonderful. I licked and tongued her. I attacked her, pulling her pussy tight against my mouth.

It was wonderful to be caressed by her tongue. I didn&#039;t have to fight the pleasure—Daddy had given me permission to cum with my sister. The horny itch that had afflicted me all day was finally scratched. By my sister. My bratty, annoying, wonderful sister. We could have been doing this forever. Loving each other instead of fighting.

This was so much better.

“Yes, yes, yes, Melody, oh, you taste better than me. I fantasized about this.”

“Me?” I gasped.

“You, Daddy, even Mommy. I masturbated to everyone. I&#039;m such a freak. I wanted you all to spank me and make me cum.”

“Oh, that sounds so hot,” I moaned and buried my face back into her pussy.

My fingers dipped into her asscheeks as I licked at her hymen—another Cherry to pluck for Daddy. I brushed her sphincter. She gasped into my pussy as I pressed at her puckered backdoor. She resisted and then I was in her.

She stiffened and bucked in my arms. Her juices flooded sweet and delicious out of her cunt. I made my sister cum. Her thighs tightened about my head. She thrust her tongue deep into my pussy as her fingers clenched on my ass.

“That&#039;s it, cum,” I moaned to her. “You naughty slut. You&#039;re cumming on your sister&#039;s mouth.”

“Yes,” she hissed. “Oh, Melody, yes. You need to cum, too. Feed me your juices.”

She flicked her tongue up to my clit. My nub shuddered. A spark of pleasure shot through me. My cunt convulsed. I moaned into her pussy as the pleasure surged through my body. Powerful rapture crashed into my mind. I gasped and moaned, my sister drinking every drop of my pleasure while stars danced before my eyes.

It was so wicked. So bad and naughty.

I loved it.

“Alice,” I moaned.


We both trembled as our pleasure burned through us, sharing our sisterly passion. It was so wrong, so taboo. I loved it. As much as I loved submitting to Daddy and playing with Mommy. Alice would soon be a part of the fun.

Once she learned to be a good girl.

Alice groaned, rolled onto her back, and passed out from the ecstasy. I grinned, licking my lips, and left her lying there. I slipped out only to find Mommy and Daddy waiting, Mommy sucking his cock. I moved to Daddy, lifting my pussy smeared face.

He ripped his cock out of Mommy&#039;s mouth and pinned me to the wall. He kissed me, tasting the proof that I had seduced my sister. Then he slammed his cock into me. Three pumps and he exploded into my depths. He grunted into our kiss as he erupted into my pussy. I shuddered, my toes curling as I savored his cum flooding my cunt.

I was Daddy&#039;s good girl. And soon Alice would be, too.

To be continued...

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