My Two Aunts_(1)

My Two Aunts_(1)

My Two Aunts

Let me tell you how this current story starts by going back to 1966. My grandmother had my mom when she was 20 years old. My uncle came five years later and my Aunt Linda eight years after him. My mom was 13 at the time Aunt Linda was born. My Grandmother got pregnant unexpectedly at age 40 with my Aunt Dee. My mom was pregnant at the same time. I was born in August of 1966 and my Aunt Dee was born six weeks after me. True story. My Aunt Linda, Aunt Dee and I were all close growing up. Especially me and Aunt Dee. I never knew who Victoria Justice was until I saw my son watching a show last year and asked who the girl was on the show, he stated "It's Victoria Justice; doesn't she look like Aunt Dee when she was young"? I was thinking the same thing, she was the spitting image and Aunt Linda was just an older version of Aunt Dee. Aunt Linda and Aunt Dee could have been twins if not for the 7 years separating them. If you don't know who Victoria Justice is, check her out on the internet and get back to my story.

We lived it adjacent towns and went to different schools but saw each other almost every weekend growing up. When we were 13 we played a game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". It was a Holiday weekend and we were in my grandparent’s basement. I coaxed Aunt Dee into lifting up her shirt and eventually pulling it off while I dropped my pants. We fondled each other a little bit but didn't know what to do. To us it was like having sex. I remember her tiny tits and small nipples. They felt so soft and warm. A few moments later I had her pants down to her knees and was fingering her bald pussy. Oh my god you never forget that first sweet slit. It was funny because even though we didn't know what to do, I fingered her pussy and she was stroking my cock. We got a little nervous and got dressed, never to speak of it again, until two years later.

We were both sophomores in High School and wound up at the same party in a different town. Neither of you knew the other was going. We were 15 at the time and I was with my buddy Tony and Aunt Dee was with her friend Jen. We bumped into each other shortly after we arrived. We talked and went our separate ways to see who we could hook up with. After a while we were back to hanging out with each other, but Tony and Jen hooked up and were making out in some room. There was a girl from her school named Jennifer who was a real bitch and I was hitting on her until I realized she thought the world revolved around her. Now Aunt Dee was a complete knock out, with her long brown hair, blue eyes and amazing body. I had the same family genes, just not the blue eyes. Not to brag, but I could have gotten laid anywhere, any place, any time. God gifted me with decent looks, height, slim body and a sense of humor. My Aunt and I were the hottest there and we knew it. Anyway, Jennifer and my Aunt hated each other and Jennifer began to break Aunt Dee's chops in front of everyone. I was getting us a drink and when I came back I put Jennifer in her place to make matters worse no one at the party except Tony and Jen knew we were related. I told Jennifer that Aunt Dee was with me and proved it by making out with her in front of Jennifer. Jennifer walked away with her tail between her legs and Aunt Dee and I kept going. I couldn't help myself and began to feel her ass with one hand and wrap my arm around her hips with the other. After five minutes I used the excuse that it was for effect. She said "I know", wiped her face and said it was time for her to leave. I thought that a good idea before things got out of hand.

Once again, we never mentioned it again unit two more years later when she went off to college. Aunt Dee had dated over the last two years of high school and she even confessed to me when she lost her virginity not to long after our party. Anyway, she was now going to college in a different state, 250 miles away. I was staying at the local college because I was working and playing in a band and was enjoying myself. I eventually graduated from a very prestigious school in my state. My grandfather, her father, didn't want to drive her to school, he said the ride was too much for him, so I loaned him my Dotson and he gave me his station wagon with all her shit in it. Aunt Dee was upset, not because her parents were not going but that her boyfriend dumped her at the end of the school year. It was August and I wasn't sure if grandpa’s car was going to make the round trip, so I packed an overnight bag just in case.

When we got to the college we found her dorm and unpacked. I decided to stay the night because her roommate wasn't to arrive for another two days. We walk around campus and fund a party at a frat house. No one cared who you were as long as you paid the five bucks to get in. While we were there and drinking, Aunt Dee confessed that she had been doing Coke for the past six months and asked if we could score. Coke wasn't my thing, but I asked around and sure as hell for $75 bucks, I got her a gram. I couldn't believe my Aunt was doing coke. It was only 1984, but what the fuck. She disappeared for a few minutes and came out like a new woman. We started dancing at this VFW hall and before I knew it my leg was between hers and we were bumping and grinding like crazy. My hand was on her tight as jeans and we were sweating to the August heat and booze. Aunt Dee leaned in and whispered in my ear that coke made her horny as hell. I looked back at her and said me too. She laughed threw her head back, arms in the air and her 34 AA tits sticking straight up in my face. She dropped her arms around my neck and planted her lips on mine and soon our tongues were dancing faster than us. I had both hands on her tiny ass and wanted to fuck my Aunt right there on the dance floor. We stopped kissing and dancing and got another drink. While sitting there saying nothing, Aunt Dee spoke first and said, "If you don't mind, can you just be my friend tonight and not my nephew, I just need a friend tonight, I don't want to be alone". I said sure and that I never really looked at her as my Aunt anyway. We just laughed and left the party shortly after that.

We made out a few times on the way back to the dorm and got lost some too. When we made it back to the dorm, we both pee'd and lay down on the bed. She set out two lines and I did my first coke with her that night. I never really liked it much, but she did and holy shit did it make her horny. After we did the coke, we had some beer that I brought up and before we knew it we were back to sucking face and groping each other, this time was different. While I was lying on top of her, I began to squeeze her tits, I reached up under her shirt and began to massage be breast through her bra. Her hands found their way to my crotch and she began to rub her hands on the outside of my pants. I couldn't take it any longer and had to have her .I had sit up and removed her shirt and bra. My dreams had come true. All those years of jerking off thinking about fucking my Aunt Dee were finally coming true. While I began to suck her tits I told her I wanted to do that since we were 13. She surprised me by saying her too but kept avoiding it because she knew this would happen. I sucked and pulled on her nipples while she was sitting on my lap. The more I pulled on her nipples, the hotter she got and began to order me to pull on them harder and slap her tits. I couldn't believe a girl this gorgeous was such a slut. After a while she jumped back and began to undo my pants. She kept saying "I want to suck this sweet cock, take this fucking thing out now". No sooner had my cock gotten out of my pants, and her mouth was all over it. God she was good too. Not the best I ever had, but she was good. I laid back and watched the entire show. I didn't want to miss a sight or miss the feeling of her mouth around my cock. I thought I was going to blow a load in her mouth, so I pushed her back onto the bed and grabbed her pants. I needed to see and taste her pussy. Once I got her jeans off, I looked upon the most perfect pussy in the world. It was bald, smelled of perfume and that nice young musky odor. I began to kiss her inner thighs and inserted a finger in her cunt. She moaned and said "eat my fucking pussy, god I want you tongue on my fucking clit, make me come, I want to cum so fucking bad". I was only happy to oblige. I inserted two fingers and found her G spot. She began to slide her ass back and forth while I licked her clit; suddenly she stopped, tightened up and held my head in place as I licked. She said "Oh God I'm Cumming, I fucking Cumming" and with that her body began to spasm until she was finished.

I worked my way up next to her and lay there for a moment. We were sweating like we were in a sauna, even though the A/C was on. I moved between her legs and grabbed the back of her knees and without a word, slid my cock inside her pussy. I fucked her for the good part of 20 minutes. Missionary, sideways, doggie style, you name it. She stopped once to do a line, but I didn't care if it kept her fucking me the more the merrier. It wasn’t long before she was riding me and playing with her clit until she came. As she was having her spasm attack from coming, I shot my load deep into her cunt. I was scared at first, but after she told me she was on the pill. We feel asleep shortly after that. The next morning I woke up to her perfect ass staring me in the face. I inserted a finger in her cunt and began to finger her. She leaned her head back and said good morning. I rolled her over onto her stomach and inserted my cock in her cunt. I could feel her fingers working on her clit as I banged her as hard as I could. We both came again, this time I shot my load all over her back and long brown hair, and it was an awesome sight.

I had to leave and get my grandpa’s car back to him, but promised to come once a month on the one weekend my band didn't play somewhere. I held my promise, and from September till April I showed up with an ounce of Coke, made myself a few bucks by selling all the cut stuff and giving her the uncut coke. In return she fucked my brains out. Around April she told me she had a boyfriend, and didn't want to explain our relationship. I understood, and that was the last time I fucked her until......

I returned my grandfathers car and when I got to his house my Aunt Linda was there visiting from the city. My grandfather was waiting for me to come home to drive her back. He asked me how Aunt Dee was and I assured her she was fine. Not having anything else to do I got my car back and offered to drive my older gorgeous Aunt Linda back to the city. That’s where this story starts to get good. To be continued....

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