Ada's Tattoo part 2

Ada's Tattoo part 2

Ada’s Tattoo part 2

Ada woke in the morning to find herself naked in bed. She didn’t usually sleep in the nude but she remembered why she had and the one memory caused a cascade effect of recollection that held her in place under the covers. Touching her new and inexplicable tattoo she considered the events of the night. Her thoughts were accompanied by the pleasant sensations emanating from her well used pussy. In a way it was reminiscent of beat poetry spoken to the sound of a deft hand on a bongo drum, it made no real sense but there was an under beat that captivated the listener.

She was finally roused from her position by the call of nature, she had to pee. Lifting the blankets aside and attempting to rise two salient facts were presented to her. The first was that she reeked of body odor and sex, the second and greater problem was that her muscles rebelled painfully. Ada rose from bed nevertheless albeit carefully. Her bathroom visit was a repeat of her two AM visit, ending with the same sense of wonder before the mirror. ‘There will be time for this later’, she thought at last. Just then she needed to bath and get ready to check out of her motel room. She had slept-in and had to be out by eleven.

The hot water of the shower felt good but the spray was too fine so she washed what was most important then dried herself a bit and began to fill the tub. While it filled she wrapped herself in a towel and laid out her clothes. She wanted to keep moving so as not to stiffen up or find herself in front of the mirror again, gazing and thinking. The more she thought the more questions that she couldn’t answer arose in her mind. It was a little self-defeating and caused her to teeter between the two extremes of horror and delight regarding the satyr she and her geisha tattoo were now host to.

Easing herself into the hot water she tried to relax and simply rest her mind and body but her mind wouldn’t stop. Ada’s calves ached a little and her thighs ached more but her abdomen, well that hurt. It hurt more than it would have if she had done a few too many sit-ups and less than it would have if she had taken psilocybin mushrooms and laughed all night long. Experimentally she flexed her hips up in the water and instantly knew why and how she had become so sore. It seemed she had fucked Mike from below much more forcefully than he had fucked her from above. It had been mind-blowing sex, just as he had suggested it would. The only reason her pussy wasn’t sore is that it was made for that kind of workout, it loved it as long as there was sufficient lubrication and she had certainly had that, she had been sloppy wet and maddeningly turned on. Her fingers drifted under the water to her clit while she thought and toyed lightly with it. Surprisingly her clit responded more readily than usual and then she felt a tickle at her shoulder. Looking there she was shocked to see the horned head of her guest risen from the edge of the large dot he had made of her tattoo. In her amazement she withdrew her hand and stopped touching herself and a second later the head also withdrew. It was as if he had been checking to see if his services were required and decided not.

“I really wish you had come with an owner’s manual but since it’s going to be trial and error we had better schedule our next play time more carefully don’t you think?” she said aloud.

The typical bathroom acoustics that echoed her voice seemed somewhat appropriate considering the spookiness of it all. She let it rest at that and got to the business of checking out, she was famished.

In the lobby there was coffee and doughnuts. Ada selected a pastry, placed it on one of the small paper plates, and pumped some coffee from the thermos into a paper cup. The desk man watched intently as she did this which wasn’t unusual, she was accustomed to the eyes of men. What was uncharacteristic though was that he didn’t look away so as to not be caught looking at her when she looked his way. Instead he smiled at her until it became somewhat awkward for her. He looked to be about fifty and wore an un-pressed flannel shirt. She wondered just how much noise she had made the previous night but he wasn’t giving her that kind of look, it wasn’t degrading or judgmental, it was closer to being salacious. An “I can’t take my eyes off of you look”, the kind of look she had gotten from schoolboys. ‘That is probably what I looked like with Mike!’ she suddenly thought and then she remembered her thought in the night, that she would be as irresistible as Mike had been. Ada realized that in giving her the satyr Mike had given her the ability to influence men. More than that though she could have this man if she wanted. It was kind of a turn on to think about it.

“This is a nice place you have here.” She said, walking to the front desk with her cup and plate.

“It has its moments” he said, still smiling.

“Might I stay over another day?”

“I’d Love to have you.” He answered.

Ada caught the Freudian slip and smiled back at him. She lifted the flap of her shoulder strap purse to access her cardholder. With her head down she raised just her eyes and asked, “Same rate?”

“Oh we can do better than that.”

She got a twenty five dollar discount for the day and went to breakfast while the room was being cleaned.

In the diner across the way from the motel she again drew more than the usual looks, she was certain of it. She still had some doubts though, wondering if it was only her imagination or perhaps the result of feeling so sexy. ‘Why do I feel so sexy’, she asked herself. There was no doubt that she did. It made her wonder about her mental state. It was one thing for the satyr to affect others, it was another when he affected her as well. The looks and glances continued while she ate, it seemed that the closer they were to her the more they checked her out and when she went to pay she was told that the bill had been seen to. The waitress’s eyes moved to a rather heavy and perspiring man sitting at the counter, the look of admiration he was giving her was akin to what she might get if she was wearing a skimpy bikini. Ada gave him her most genuine smile and thanking him left before it could go any farther. She was certain that she had felt an inexplicable urge toward the normally repulsive man. That frightened her and reminded her that she had almost no understanding of what she was in for or might expect from the satyr.

After that she drove the old familiar streets of and around the campus while she thought. Mike had been very willing and eager to part with the satyr yet he must have been able to have any woman he wanted, he certainly had not had any trouble having her. She had assumed that he had been in control of himself though and now she wasn’t so certain. There was so much she needed to know, so much he could have and should have told her. A plan was forming in her head, it had been since just before she had decided to stay in town. She couldn’t wait though, she had to know more and she was nervous about it. What she really wanted was a backup, someone to spot for her, but only Mike could do that and he was not likely to be available.

It wasn’t like she was twenty one and at the peak of her sex drive, yet it was. In her mind it was an experiment to learn more about what she had gotten herself into but the thought of it along with all of the attention of the morning had her randy as a cheerleader. When she finally got back to her room she actually considered rushing to the bed to get her clothes off and dealing with her luggage later. As it was she barely had the door closed but she was stripping. Throwing back the covers she leapt onto the bed despite her still uncomfortable abdomen. She took the time to turn on the table lamp and prop the pillows against the headboard so she could see her tattoo then spreading her thighs she began to touch herself with both hands. Normally if she were to masturbate she would begin tentatively perhaps with some music but this time there was no sneaking up on it.

“Let’s get a look at you shall we? Let’s see what you can do without Mike here?” She had a notion that Mike had been the lesser of her two partners of the night but nothing was certain. Goading the thing wasn’t on her mind though, it just came out that way. As she spoke she was already drawing her wetness up to slick her eager clit. There was that tickle at the tattoo again and this time she kept right at it, inviting whatever might happen. The satyr emerged and grinning pulled the geisha out of the dot as Ada might have predicted but there was no spreading of the dot to reveal the tea, table, and backdrop of paper panels decorated with floral patterns. Instead the geisha pushed him away and ran, leaving a thinned out dot behind. The satyr bounded after her on the instant and the chase was on. Ada’s eyes went wide in surprise and she left off pleasuring herself to feel the hooves chase down her back and over her hip. There across her stomach came the geisha, who did not have the magic to impress Ada with her foot fall as the satyr did. She was running but looking over her shoulder as well and smiling, she was also naked which was not how she had started out. Amazed, Ada realized that they were playing. Changing direction the geisha went south, between Ada’s legs with the satyr less than an arm’s length behind. The tread of his hooves over Ada’s pussy lips as he passed was all it took, Ada was going to play too and she went at herself with a will. The hooves reached her ass and stopped there, a second later there was the familiar and unbelievably intense touch of hands on her breasts followed shortly by the most exquisite and sublime feeling of penetration Ada had ever felt. She slid down the pillows until she was flat on her back and soaked up the sensation of a beautiful fuck. It wasn’t as frenetic as the night before, it was paced and she rose to it moaning with pleasure. Along with everything else was the feel of coarse hair on her hips and down the insides of her legs as her rapture continued to spiral upward. The cadence of the ghostly yet palpable thrusting increased and then increased again. Ada was more than ready each time and keeping the same tempo with her fingers she received her orgasm gratefully. She came down a little at the end of her spasms, enough to wonder how long this time. Soon enough though the potential duration of and her available stamina to endure the yet increasing roughness of the sex was of no concern. It still wasn’t as riotous as the night before and it could go there too for all of her. Her ardor increased apace as time stretched out. Eventually she felt her imminent release approaching again, though yet out of reach. Suddenly the hands came away from her breasts and her scalp felt the hair at the back of her head being pulled hard. Ada threw her head back only to feel a rough tongue at her neck and cheek and as if that weren’t enough her breast was bitten, bitten again, and then the other was as well. She was propelled into orgasm like being shot out of a cannon. She shook and came. She went rigid and clutched at her crotch with both hands. Just as she may have begun to regain herself there was the unmistakable sensation of semen jetting at her cervix and that reignited her. Back to back orgasms were something out of erotic stories for her before that moment. There was a voice in the room crying out in ecstasy but Ada was the only one there.

There was no actual lover to cuddle to so Ada drew a pillow to herself and cuddled that in what was close to a fetal position. She hadn’t passed out again but neither had she bothered to see how the two inky lovers gathered themselves to retire. She didn’t bother to do anything, she just drifted in a post orgasmic haze. Soon she got a chill and pulled the covers over herself, eventually she became hungry.

Though she found a small out of the way place to eat she still contended with unwanted attention. Unwanted mostly because it turned her on. It made her afraid that the cycle of interest that became desire and then need could begin again so soon. Besides that, all she could see around her were men who would be only too happy to fill her need. It occurred to her then what it reminded her of. Ada had always heard a female cat in heat referred to as a Queen because of the way she draws the males to herself. That was exactly how she felt and in heat was a fair deor as well.

Ada was beginning to worry that she could not stay satisfied and that the sex was so intense and all-consuming it was like a drug. Could she become addicted? Was she already? How would she work? How would she support herself? Trying not to worry she told herself there would be a way and she would adjust to the new paradigm. If nothing else there would be a way to exploit her new found attractiveness.

Her plan of the morning had been to return to the place where she had met Mike. Not that she expected him to be there, he would figure that she might come looking for him and stay away. She wanted to speak with the young woman who had served her. There had been something there, perhaps she knew him. If she didn’t know him she might be willing to let Ada know if he returned. That though might be tricky. How could Ada explain why she wanted to find him, who would believe her? It occurred to Ada that she had the choice of inventing an excuse to be searching for Mike or go so far as to show the woman why she wanted to find him. She agreed with mike on one score, it couldn’t be explained. There was a secondary benefit to showing her though, she could help Ada learn more about how it all worked.

It was still too early in the day though, the woman worked the late shift. Ada’s last encounter had been after a late breakfast and she found herself at loose ends after late lunch. There was no way she would return to her room, what if she couldn’t resist the temptation? How many orgasms could she withstand in twenty four hours? Ada drove around town to kill time. Guys on bikes who drew abreast of her at traffic stops stared at her and smiled. Women did it too. At last she went to the café that had brought her to Corvallis in the first place. She drove, she wasn’t going to drink as there was no telling what she might do if she drank.

The young woman was there working again. She looked to be about twenty five. She was about five foot five and a size eight. Her brown hair was straight and she wore it off the shoulder. Ada, choosing her moment, approached her.

“Excuse me, I wonder if you remember me from last night?” she asked.

The young woman recognized Ada instantly and had a number of mixed feelings about seeing her. She had been annoyed that Ada had gotten in between her and the male customer but later she had been annoyed at herself for being interested in a customer in the first place and she was still confused as to how that had happened. Seeing Ada again just refreshed both the annoyance and the confusion. She couldn’t know that the reason for her confusion and uncharacteristic response was in her presence yet again and that again she was going to behave uncharacteristically because of it.

“Sure, you went home with that guy.” She said. Ada thought she sounded peevish, confirming her impression of the night before but her eyes didn’t draw away and neither did she move away to go back to her work.

“Do you know him? Is he a regular?”

“No, I don’t know him. He was just some flirty guy. Why? You mean he didn’t give you his number?” The way she asked left the unspoken question, do you want mine? Hanging in the air.

“He gave me something.” Ada said. “Something I think he might have meant to give to you. What’s your name?” As Ada spoke she casually took the woman’s hand in hers.

“Really? I’m Diana.” She said squeezing Ada’s hand, very pleased to be holding it.

Ada lifted the woman’s hand and opening it placed it flat upon the tattoo that was hidden beneath her clothing and said, “My name is Ada and I’d love to show it to you but not here.”

When Diana’s hand came to rest over the tattoo she inhaled sharply, caught her lower lip in her teeth and silently sighed out her exhale. She had some interest in the gift Ada spoke of until then but with her hand in such close proximity to the satyr her whole focus shifted to Ada herself.

When the moment drew out and it was apparent that Diana had nothing left to say, Ada said, “Why don’t you seat me in your area and we can visit during your next break?”

Diana smiled but didn’t reclaim her hand. “I’d like that, come-on, over here.” She said and led Ada to a nearby table, withdrawing her hand at last to do so.

Ada sipped black tea as Diana worked, they kept making eye contact and smiling at each other. Later, during Diana’s break they walked around the block holding hands.

“This is so weird, I’m not into women, at least not till now.” Diana laughed.

Ada drew the woman to herself and kissed her. She only meant to reinforce her new found attraction with the young woman and perhaps to see what it was like to kiss a woman but she lost herself in it and pressing her lips to Diana’s she opened her mouth and offered Diana her tongue. The young woman followed Ada’s lead and moaned into Ada’s mouth while she leaned her body into Ada’s. Ada suddenly began to worry that she might feel that telltale tickle and broke off the kiss before either of them could lose control. The young woman laid her head on the tattooed shoulder though and hugged Ada tightly. “Let’s get you back, you only have a ten minute break.” Ada spoke into her ear when they could speak again.

Diana was almost dizzy following the passionate kiss, her knees had tried to go out from under her.

“I’m not sure I can go back to work tonight” she told Ada with her eyes closed. Her head was so close to the satyr that Ada, who didn’t really know what could or couldn’t happen, remained concerned that the satyr might emerge or worse transfer to Diana right there on the sidewalk.

“I’ll want to stay a while longer and eat, you’re going to serve me dinner aren’t you?” she said while taking hold of Diana’s shoulders to move her away enough to look into her eyes.

“OK but can you stay till closing? I want you to stay.”

“I’ll come back. Does the place still close at midnight? Come-on, let’s start back.”

“Yeah but I don’t leave till twelve thirty.”

They returned to the café where Diana made certain that Ada’s dinner was perfect. After that she departed while Diana worked.

After Ada was gone Diana’s mood leveled out a little and she was kind of embarrassed about the passionate kiss but between her curiosities, both about being with a woman and the existence of a gift, and the remnant sexual tension that she felt, she looked forward to Ada’s return and had no trouble working the rest of her shift.

By the time Diana emerged from the kitchen door with her bike at twelve thirty she was cooled off enough to consider just riding to her apartment but she reasoned that Ada would return and there would be awkwardness so she went around front to see if the woman was there. Ada saw her and stepping out of her car went to where Diana was standing.

“I’m not so sure about this.” Diana said as Ada approached her. Ada took note that the compulsion definitely wore off.

“That’s OK, you should go with your instincts.” Ada told her. She stepped very close to the young woman though and added, “I’ll settle for a kiss goodnight.”

Ada was learning that proximity was important but touch was required to set the compulsion. The longer and more intimate the touch the stronger the bond. Standing as close as she was Diana couldn’t refuse the kiss, one kiss though quickly led to another and soon Ada began to worry again about what could happen if she wasn’t careful.

“We need to take this indoors, I’m staying close to here can you follow me?”

“Give me a minute.” Diana replied, then running her bike back to the kitchen door she secured it inside and was back in less than a minute.

“Come-on then.” Ada said, taking her hand and running the fifty or so feet to her car. She wanted to see her plan through but she also knew that she was once again becoming very excited. Curiosity about being with a woman was no longer preeminent in Diana’s head, she had reached an anticipatory state where acts superseded thoughts. In not very long at all Ada was entering her room with Diana in tow. Locking the door behind them she turned and taking Diana into her arms began to kiss her once more. Still kissing she led Diana to the bed and they fell onto it together. Diana was responding to the satyr’s charm in all of it but being led by Ada as to the escalation of their foreplay. She wanted some kind of sex to go with all this kissing, not that she knew what to expect. This slow progress was wearing thin though, if things didn’t move along soon she didn’t know what she might do.

Ada was struggling to stay focused, to use the opportunity. Diana began to fondle Ada’s breast out of her need to expedite things but Ada took her hand and moved it away. She wanted to know if the satyr would react to kissing only or if actual sexual contact was required to awaken him. Diana had no idea there was any agenda beyond gratuitous sex. She was on her back while Ada laid prone beside her, touching Diana’s face and hair with her hands. Diana had no choice anymore, she had to initiate some kind of union and began to undress. She kicked off her shoes and undid the buttons of her blouse. Soon she was kissing Ada while wiggling out of her jeans and panties. Having gone that far she took hold of Ada’s hand and put it behind her while rolling her shoulder up. Ada got the message and undid Diana’s bra clasp and then helped her to draw her arm out of one sleeve leaving the blouse and bra on the side closest to Ada as it was. At that point Diana took Ada’s hand again and held it to her pussy while she spread her thighs to give Ada access. Ada had come to believe that they could kiss all night and the satyr would sleep right through it so she allowed it to go to the next level. She would see if touching Diana would bring him out or if she needed to be the one being touched. At some point she knew he was going to come out and fuck the geisha and that was when she would undress so Diana could understand. She didn’t have to explore very much to find Diana’s wetness. Neither did it take much experimentation to make the young woman begin to moan. It was becoming more and more difficult for Ada to focus. Her mouth found Diana’s tight nipple without Ada knowing it was going to happen as her two fingers slid into warm slick snugness. ‘Finally!’ Diana thought as she lifted her hips to meet the desired invasion. Ada was too far gone to feel the tickle at her tattoo but not so far gone as to miss the feel of his hooves. ‘It’s happening!’ her mind echoed Mikes words. The satyr’s hooves were there at her shoulder and Ada mentally prepared to disrobe so Diana could see the thing that couldn’t possibly happen. A moment passed as the satyr spread Ada’s tattoo and restored the geisha. Ada, in her anticipation, didn’t realize the significance of the pause. Inexplicably the thing started moving down her arm, then it was simply gone. At first Ada thought the geisha was on the run again but where was his touch when he stopped? Her breasts felt denied, they wanted him.

Diana’s lust that had begun with the first kiss was still gaining momentum. Ada’s mouth and hands on her body felt wonderful but only made her want more. What she wanted was sex, real sex and she wanted it immediately. Out of nowhere something was suddenly moving on her arm, it moved like a big bug but with not so many legs.

“Something’s in the bed with us!” she yelled. Sex was thrust aside, she wanted to get off of the bed. Ada was on her though.

Ada rose in time to see the thing disappear over Diana’s shoulder and in a panic she grabbed the woman and rolled her over abruptly.

“Hey! Not so rough! Let me up.” Diana said to Ada whose hands had frozen on the other woman’s shoulders, holding her down without intending to.

There on Diana’s back was her namesake dropping her bow and quiver. The satyr was adjusting his size to match Diana’s tattoo. The scene was appalling to Ada not only because the other woman had no warning and would not know what was happening to her but also because Ada stupidly had not even foreseen the possibility that this could occur. She watched as the tattoo Diana began to face the satyr but he didn’t wait, he pushed her down and pulling her simple tunic off of her he leapt unto her back. Thinking quickly Ada pulled Diana’s blouse and bra off of her other shoulder and got on top of her. She knew one thing for sure, the satyr would grasp Diana’s breasts so wasting no time she reached under Diana and took hold of her breasts. If she could mask the fact that there was a third agent in the sex act Diana might not freak out so much.

became very concerned, she didn’t know anything about Ada and the woman was becoming rough. Then Diana was abruptly penetrated. That certainly got her attention, her lust returned and redoubled. “What the fuck! Were you wearing a strap-on under your pants or is that thing real?! Holy shit you’re not fooling around are you?” Diana yelled from beneath. “Holy fuck! That is the real thing!” Despite her confusion about what was happening she was not confused about wanting it. Her butt automatically began to push back at the shaft to get more of it as the fast paced pounding began. If she didn’t know better she would swear there All Diana knew was that she wanted to get up and was not allowed, then Ada was on her back. She was a really hairy man screwing her like a demon. It was Ada though, it had to be. Those were certainly Ada’s hands that had taken hold of her breasts. So it was Ada that was screwing her. Not that it mattered, she was responding to it earnestly, her lust had taken over. That was when the satyr’s hands finally grasped her breasts. The touch seemed to be magically erotic and every other thought was driven from her mind.

Ada was relieved that Diana wasn’t freaking out, instead she was thrusting her fine round bottom back to meet the phantom phallus as fast as she could. In short order she began to grunt and moan so Ada knew she was beyond questioning what was happening.

She remembered how she herself had been unable to hold back in the midst of it. She had loved it and wanted to have it. When it had become too much to keep up with and she was at the end of herself her mind had reasserted itself but until then only the sex had mattered.

With Diana truly preoccupied by the rutting the satyr was giving her Ada began to watch the show the pair of tattoos were putting on. She felt terrible about inadvertently giving Diana the satyr but it was a relief to not have the dilemma he created any longer. At the same time she was jealous of him and missed him a little already. While she was watching and thinking the young woman was spreading her legs farther apart, bending her knees slightly, and gathering handfuls of bedding in order to more forcefully drive back into her attendant. The odor of her wetness and exertions began to fill the air.

Ada remained in place on top of Diana with the firm young breasts in her hands and Diana’s bottom butting Ada’s groin. The strenuous sex was so reminiscent of her first time with the satyr and she was shocked to realize it had only been a day, it seemed like so much more time had passed. Diana reached her first climax, it was obvious by the way her head raised up and the sounds she was making reached a higher pitch. She didn’t stop though or even slow down which didn’t surprise Ada at all. The only real change was her breathing, Diana had begun to pant in a way that didn’t allow for such mundane noises as grunting and moaning. Ada knew all too well what that felt like. The satyr was riding Diana at a gallop now, the woman was lost in it and helplessly along for the ride.

Ada hadn’t been able to understand how Mike could hold himself back while she was delirious with sexual urgency once the satyr had touched her. Now with the satyr on Diana she realized how sexually exhausted she was from her time with him.

Diana began to strain and labor as the minutes passed with Ada continuing to watch the two tattoos. Suddenly she screamed into the pillows, ‘That’s number two’. Ada thought. She noticed the satyr’s little goat tail and how it twitched with the rapid movement of his hips. She saw how his horns lifted a little with each thrust into his prone lover. The two dimensional Diana who had also been actively rocking with enthusiasm was barely moving now and like the geisha her hair had come undone to hang in her face. “He will probably have her until she passes out.’ Ada thought. The Diana under him looked as played out as the real Diana was but she was still trying to keep up.

Ada decided to help things along and dragged one hand out from under the young woman. She did the thing that had helped her when she was desperate for it to end, she stroked the satyr down his back and over his woolly ass. She was about to do it again when she noticed that he had stopped. He was grinning at her again. Unexpectedly he rose from the tattoo woman, who like the real woman had by then become less responsive. He moved quickly over Diana’s shoulder and out of sight, still erect as ever.

“Can’t believe you finally stopped.” Diana panted.

That was enough distraction for Ada to not act fast enough. Realizing the risk she tried to jerk her arm out from under the dead weight of the exhausted woman. Her perspiration though made their flesh hold together and before Ada could roll Diana over to retrieve her arm the hooves were on her once more.

“No! No! Not again!” she shouted and shook her arm in a vain attempt to dislodge him. In seemingly no time at all the hands were on her breasts again and then he was in her. She hated it and she loved it and she hated that she loved it, finally she only loved it. She lay across the bed in any case and took another grand fucking that as usual went on at length while she kept the tempo as well as she could.

The noise of her first orgasm was what finally roused Diana. The young woman sat up on the bed to watch the woman. She had been certain a hairy man had fucked her from behind but only Ada was there and she was still dressed. Could Ada have dildo fucked her so relentlessly. She had no idea but there was no sign of a strap-on. Where were the rough wool pants? Finally, what was she doing now, screwing nothing face up on the bed fully dressed?

Ada had certainly not meant to call the satyr back to herself but not only was he hers again, she was his. The compulsion was on her and she rocked her hips like she needed it because she did need it while in his thrall. She was in the long stretch between a first and second orgasm with him when she noticed Diana watching. Perhaps it wasn’t too late, she knew that under her clothes something utterly fantastic was transpiring on her skin. It was what she had wanted to show Diana when events had gotten out of control. Ada’s fingers went to her buttons and fumblingly began to undo them.

Seeing that Ada meant to undress herself Diana decided it was time to go. Whatever came next didn’t matter, she and her pussy were too tired to care. All she cared about at that moment was her own hot shower and getting out of Ada’s room. Something and then someone had definitely been in that bed. She dressed as fast as her exhausted body would let her and went out. She heard Ada asking her to wait as the door closed. On the way home she decided that if another woman ever kissed her again she would knock her out. Interestingly, Ada disrupted the satyr before he ejaculated a fragment of his DNA into Diana’s Diana so she went away free of the spell. She would never even know the satyr existed.

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Rite Of Passage

Rite of Passage Chapter 1 Jimmy Smith’s sister's legs were thrown over each of his shoulders as he thrust hard into her tight tunnel. Looking down, he could see the white froth coating his cock and the soft, downy-brown of her pubic hair. The air filled with the squishy sounds of his cock pounding her juicy wet pussy. Her small breasts flew back and forth. Her shoulder-length brown hair surrounded her sweating face. Her eyes locked on his, her mouth open with a soft mewling sound issuing from it. Her full hips thrust up rhythmically, meeting each of his downward thrusts...


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In forest with a teenager

I was on my way to meet the girl. I had never seen her before, only chatted with her a few times in the Internet. But I knew that she was young - only 16, and she knew that I was more than ten years older than she was... Other than that I had never even seen a picture of her, although she had told me that she is very small in size. We had agreed to meet at a bus stop, at the edge of the city central. It was a warm summer day and I was arriving by foot...


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The Boys return!

The boys return! It took a week to arrange a mutually agreeable time for Brad and Mike to return for another get together with my wife Beth. When last the boys were here Beth had a fantastic time and was really looking forward to a repeat performance. She had even told me she was going to take them straight to the bedroom where the y could really go at it. I was a little taken aback when I went to answer the door. There was Brad, Mike and two other good looking guys. Brad induced me to Chad and Dan who...


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John's Dream Come True

John: John woke up around five thirty in the morning with a raging hard on once again. He looked down took his hand slid it down his pants and started rubbing himself. The reason he woke was because of her. Alexandria, although he was only 15 and a freshman in high school he knew he loved her. Everything about her turned him on; The smell of her strawberry shampoo in her rich dark brown hair that went just past her shoulders, Her C cup breasts, her wonderfully tight ass and her long slender legs. He relieved himself and finally woke getting...


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