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Lily's awakening - Part 3

I went to the bathroom to freshen up, put on a summer dress so I could enjoy this beautiful day and try to get a tan on. It was a cute little dress my aunt had given me for my 18th birthday and it complimented me well. It was a pale blue halter top dress made of flowing fabric. It covered me up to my neck but the shoulders were bare and it was mid-length which was ‘appropriate’ yet comfortable. I went down to the kitchen certain to find my uncle, aunt and cousins but instead there were about 2 dozen...


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My Sister's Lotion pt. 2

Jack get out of the hallway! My buddy's voice boomed through my headphones a second too late. The next thing I knew my avatar was face down, bullet wounds spraying blood from my face onto the digital carpeting. Jeeze dude what's gotten into you! I just couldn't get my head into the game lately. Too many distractions I supposed. I glanced over at the empty bottles on my desk as I awaited re-spawn, a slight stirring in my boxers as I briefly imagined how violently I would be defiling them later that night. I was distracted by a rapping at my...


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Ashley's discovery - 2

This story is fictional; any resemblance to real life events is coincidence. -------------------------------------------------------------- Yesterday my mother and I came up with a plan for me to seduce my brother, Ryan. She believed it was safer for us to discover and explore with each other, than with someone else. She convinced me that the attraction I felt towards my brother was normal and acting on the attraction was socially unacceptable, but perfectly ok behind closed doors. I had spent most of the morning in my room cleaning and thinking about all the things my mother suggested I do to find out if...


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This is the story of how I lost my virginity to my aunt. My sister and I had it rough as kids as our mother died when we were still very young. As you can imagine, my father wasn’t really coping well as a single parent which ultimately resulted in us moving in with my Aunt (Reinette) and Uncle (Harry) when I was 10 years old. They stayed on a farm just outside Standerton when we moved in with them. We didn’t have much of a choice really as they were the only family members who didn’t have children and who...


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The Office Junior - Part 8

My world fell away from my feet. I stumbled back onto the sofa and stared at Emma's message. Last night in a drunken haze of lust I thought I was fucking Becky. I thought I was doing something that she had given me permission to do. I thought it was her body I was touching. I thought it was her that I was entering. How could I have not known? Did I know? Oh God......did I know? Emma is about a foot shorter than Becky. Becky has blonde hair, Emma is dark. How did I not realize? How could I do...


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Second adventure with my daughter

The next real chance I got to have sex with Karen was over the Christmas period. We had some quiet times together but they weren’t very long, like the time Karen sucked me off in the car on her way to work. She asked me to park up in a side street close to the hotel as she wanted to chat. But I was surprised when, instead of chatting, she got my prick out of my trousers and started sucking it there and then in the car. I was that scared that someone might see I didn’t last very long. But...


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Will This Excite My Boyfriend

Fbailey story number 551 Will This Excite My Boyfriend She entered my bedroom and I got an instant hard-on. Those old thin white tights showed off everything that she had to offer and her arm was across her breasts covering her nipples. Juliette asked, “Will this excite my boyfriend?” I replied, “You bet it will. You are topless and your pussy is clearly visible in those things.” Juliette relied, “You are an asshole. I am not topless, you can’t see my nipples, and you can’t possibly see my pussy that clearly.” I said, “Okay, but I can prove it.” I got...


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A Grandfather's Fuck

I waved to my Grandfather as he stood there smiling in what seemed like anticipation. He had just gotten divorced from my grandmother a few months back, so he was happy when he found out that I was coming to visit. I smiled as I ran up to hug him. I was wearing a pink see-through shirt that showed off my nipples, and a camo miniskirt of different color greens with regular pink flip flops. It was extremely cold considering it was winter time, but I didn't seem to mind. Grandfather looked me up and down. Brrrrr. Aren't you cold in...


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Babysitting Sucks - Chapter One

Babysitting Sucks (Chapter One) Matthew had better plans for a Friday night than to sit in and babysit his younger sister Laura and her best friend Bella. Let's face it, babysitting sucks. Especially considering he was nearly 18, but his mum had other ideas for him. As well as not being able to go out, he also had to tidy the house and cook tea for the three of them. He wasn't going to cook anything fancy, just some burgers and chips or some shit like that. He'd had plans to go and see his girlfriend Lorraine today, but according to...


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